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May 24, 2010
Male Intimacy
June 14, 2010


A poem for the one I believe is probably my twin flame.


The only name synonymous with “I love you”

The one who’ll never leave me

So long as I stand.

She turned into the haze

Where I couldn’t find her

And today I wonder

If I’ll see her once more.


And blocked

The pain I can’t feel

It lies in me

Longs to be free

To roar and break things

And I sit here quietly

Writing what I don’t feel.


And ore

And coal

And a hole

A pit

Where things disappear into me.

I see

The wings of my loved one

They fly from me

And though she’ll never be gone

I touch her no more.

This gem in my soul will never die

Will never fly

Though I cry

I love her evermore

And I cannot lie

This cannot die

Though I die

Though she dies

This cannot die.

I try

Not to feel her

I try not to see her

Because it hurts

It hurts to know we are apart

And this was gone

Like a dream I woke up from.

I will never be away from her

Not in a single breath I take

Yet let me be clean

Because this heart I give to others now.

And I love you

Forever I love you

I will never stop loving you

So long as I live:

So long as I live…

Just don’t let me down.

I’ll see you the next time we come around.

And I’ll be there for you always

Your angel

Like you are mine

Though you don’t see it this time

You are.

The world needs you

Cries out for you

Like I do


Like a bird

That flies from my heart

To you

Bring down the wall and you’ll see it.




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  1. Kim says:

    just amazing..

  2. Erin says:

    Wow, its emotion ebbs and flows as the ocean. Very beautiful, Sophia. 🙂

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