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March 15, 2012
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March 27, 2012

Indigos Who Don’t Want To Be Labelled Indigo

A lot of indigo adults and children I’ve met – to a greater or lesser degree I’d say 50% of them – have a big resistence to being labelled “indigo”. I take twisted pleasure in saying, “Yes, and that’s why I’m even more sure you are indigo.”

Indigos by their nature dislike labels. They see through them; they know that people are more than just their label. They dislike how society is built around labels and rigid categories. They rebel against that.

They also dislike the way accepting a label can often form a mental cage. If you identify with something you often stop being able to do things that would go against your identification.

But indigo is more than just a label, because it’s for people who are in some way “special”. Both indigos and non-indigos can dislike this.

I have a t-shirt which says “indigo” on it. I wear it because it starts interesting conversations and I also have the hope of meeting new indigo friends that way. One time someone got angry at me and said “A real indigo wouldn’t flaunt his specialness!” A good answer would have been, “And how do you know what a real indigo would or wouldn’t do?”, but in the event I just made a sharp turn and went somewhere else to avoid this guy’s negativity.

People don’t like saying someone is more special than others because it triggers their insecurities. They either don’t want to feel inferior, or they want to avoid making people feel inferior.

That’s a problem because not everyone has the same capabilities. It’s fine that you want to avoid a feeling of inferiority, but if you start pretending everyone is the same just to do that, you’ve turned your back on reality.

The real solution is to heal the inferiority complex. If you dislike being called special because you don’t want to make people feel inferior, learn to not feel like people are inferior. Learn to be able to recognise your gifts and still recognise that everyone else has the same One Life in their eyes when they look back at you.

If you don’t like calling other people special, learn to see the same One Life as your own in the eyes of even your greatest idol. Learn to see that our individual breath of life is all part of the same flow and connects us, body to body, soul to soul. Then, even the greatest person, the person you’ve held in the greatest esteem, is part of you.

I resisted being called “indigo” for a long time, but it did fit, it did explain a lot, and my desire to accept the Truth drew me to healing my inferiority complex. Now, while I admit I have more ways to go, I don’t worry that being indigo is going to seperate me from others. What’s more, I’ve finally come to accept and embrace the full extent of my power. I know I have a LOT of gifts, a lot of ability, and above all a force of will, an intensity of being, which is staggering. I know most people don’t have that.

That’s not a problem; it’s just the truth, a truth which I needed to accept.

To deny this truth would be to deny my power. Therefore, to accept this truth is an opportunity to take the reins of my power; take it away from cycles of self-destruction; apply it to what I came here to do. And that’s precious.

This article is dedicated to Rosine Caplot, who hates me for insisting she’s indigo. 😉


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  1. Mirela says:

    I know I haven’t properly accepted it yet but I know that when I do I’ll be happy with who I am 🙂
    Why shouldn’t I be? I know I have the ability to do anything!!! I just need to remember……I’m nearly there (you all understand what I mean, right?)…I know that when I…awaken…? – I’ll be able to do anything because I can FEEL it! I KNOW! and I’m so powerful! but I don’t mean that in an, ‘I’m superior to you all’ sort of way but in a, ‘that’s just who I am :)’, way.
    I show love – therefore I’d never want to be above others (but not inferior either – NEVER!)
    People have always denied my ideas, my ambitions and dreams, but screw them cause I always show them! Why should I have to listen? Why should I be knocked down by their stupid words or what they call ‘acceptable’?
    It’s just so stupid -_-‘
    Why can’t people just see?

    I don’t mind being called an indigo 🙂
    I’ve been labelled millions of times before but Indigo’s okay, cause society ain’t got a say in the matter 😛

    Thank you for this article!
    Love and Light,
    Mirela xx

  2. antonio says:

    Thank you for your indigo words, i mean, special :)…

    I’m having some kind of troubles around here because i’ve never meet someone like me, either way i always thought there are no indigo people, we are all the same, i’m sure about it, there is only people who have accepted a truth and there are others that just dont really want to do it. But, hey! they might have they’re reasons. I mean in they’re hearts, i mean in the past, i mean, inside they’re feelings.

    It might be the same reason why i sometime in the past desired to ‘be normal’. But that was just for a second when i felt a little alone, but then suddenly it came to mi mind that there is no such thing. We are all normal, there is no one normal. Everyone is special, and discovering that is just a big reason to make new friends, no matter what they are, because, really, we all are humans.

  3. Joanne Singleton says:

    Hello 🙂

    I have been reading your articles and want to thank you!! I’m still a little unsure as to whether or not I am an Indigo, but so much of what you wrote makes sense. When I was around 16 I already read a lot about this subject, but as I grew up I forgot about it. Now at 28 I’m going through a tough time trying to figure myself out. So thank you again. 🙂

  4. K. W. says:

    I enjoyed your article, but when I got the part about how not all people have the capability to be certain things, I disagree. I believe all human beings have the capability, but they only lack the belief in themselves to achieve these capabilities. It’s more of a consciousness level issue. At the proper consciousness level, we are capable of anything. We, all of us, have the power to co-create.

    As far as labels go, I recently watched the movie Indigo Evolution and it gave me a better perspective about labeling. Initially, I despise labels. Today, in fact, a friend called me a hippie and it sparked a slight internal outrage in me. Whether or not this person meant the label to be an insult or compliment made no difference to me. It was the fact that it was meant to “define” me. I am ever-changing. I cannot simply be defined by one word and I do not understand why people choose to define themselves when we are infinite. To define, to me, is like putting a limit on something. Once you’re labeled, people expect you to live up to the label and think you cannot be something else because you’re this and if you try to be something else they label you as fake because you’re not living up the label they already attached to you. It’s a closed-minded perspective on someone’s personality. Why does everything have to be singular?

    Also, labels such as “Indigo” presume a sort of status. It sets the bar to certain degree in that it gives the individual something to live up to. What if you can’t make the cut? Does that make you unworthy and less valuable than the ones that do? Thus, it creates more division, continues the game of who’s better than who, when in reality we are all one and no one is better than anyone. It’s all an illusion.

    However, labels are necessary for this day and age where people need labels to categorize. Things have to be put in their place. As described in the movie (which btw can be found on youtube to watch free) Indigo Evolution, Indigoes are often labeled as Autistic, so if we don’t label them, the “special ones,” someone else will and they are. But the reality behind the illusion of the label is that everyone is special, it’s just some are more aware of their specialness than others. But that does not make them any the less special. Remember that we are all one. <3

  5. Mike says:

    Unreal. I was searching yesterday for “why am i different than everyone else?” and it ultimately led me here. I was born in December of 77 and have always felt different, special, but not in a superior way. I feel like I’m normal and everyone else is crazy, but most people see it the other way around. I am an artist by trade, and I love to be creative in all sorts of mediums: drawing, graphic design, leather crafting, music, writing, videography, photography, web design, animation…just whatever medium is handy when that inspiration hits.

    I have been called creative, artistic, talented, attractive, intelligent, anti-social, awkward, withdrawn, moody, aloof, etc. And definitely rebellious (within reason). Of course, my resistance to authority always seems to land me in hot water, and I generally try to avoid conflict and drama whenever possible. But sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut and I say what (I feel) needs to be said. And then I am labeled a malcontent or an a-hole, which leads to frustration and further social withdrawal.

    When reading your articles (which are fantastic), everything seemed to resonate. I questioned my psychic abilities, but upon further reading I see where you elaborate on that and it makes a lot of sense; my intuition always just felt normal. And it’s frustrating to me that everyone else seems to have their heads in the sand. Having a real conversation with “normal” people has always been a challenge for me. It’s inauthentic and exhausting. But sometimes I do find that person who I instantly connect with and can converse with effortlessly about anything and everything; I realize now that those people are probably indigos.

    The other problem I had was making the connection between people in my life that I felt were indigos (once I discovered there was word for it) didn’t seem to fit into a spiritually uplifting model. Again, upon further reading of your work, I learned that indigos can be self-destructive, bitter, and hate-filled (guilty as charged, though not so much these days) if they’re not careful.

    Anyway, I could go on and on about how much everything you wrote resonated with me, but I’ve rambled on long enough.

    Thanks for the insightful words; I now feel slightly less “alien” than I did yesterday. 🙂


  6. zerorayne says:

    Beautiful. I was told I’m an indigo. For weeks, I’ve been confused with whether to agree with this label or not. I even felt disturbed because I felt relieved that I’m not alone. But there was this nagging feeling that maybe the reason he told me and not the others is because he knew that I will question it. Thank you for helping to clarify this. 🙂

  7. Liset says:

    Nobody told
    Annything i have been labelled al my life but i dont let it get me i push trough and let people know who i am and i they cant exept me fore who i am i dont need them in my Life. Bit sad is that in my case this is my whole family its been so hard iv felt alone all my life not strange when you are denied and ignored a a little child just because they dont understand you and now i know i was a beautiful child so wise fore my age i use to draw all day and make paper birds i was so in love with the beautiful moting of a bird spreading its wings and flying i hade to make these paper birds to simulate the birds with their wings flying nobody saw me fore who i was they still dont today mutch of the time i gt misundstood or i push people away when they hurt me iv i want it or not it happening its a defence i learned myself when i was young and its the reason im stil here today

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