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Indigo Children Resources

A couple of friends asked me about resources and information on indigo children. I’m going to take the opportunity to write an article that was waiting to be written for a while.

Indigo Children

Firstly, a brief summary of what this is all about.

Indigo children, often just “indigos” to refer to both children and adults, are a breed of people with very unusual traits. Though it takes us a while to “wake up” to who and what we really are, when we are self-realised and walking the path we are a sort of Earth angel. We are gifted with power, intuition, energy, healing ability, talents, creativity, intelligence and passion. We also have the strong desire to use this stuff for good.

However an indigo might not always get recognised for what they are and may not recognise themselves. Stuck in a quagmire of negative energy that is amplified by their high sensitivity, they may think they are just a normal person, or at least not a particularly special one, if bewildered at the insane things that go on in the world.

Indigos have a very different makeup to most people and once the diagnosis is made, you need to find some sort of “user manual” for your indigo-ness. Allow me to provide you with one πŸ™‚

Resources For Indigo Children/Adult Identification

My favourite article on how to tell if you are indigo is my own, which is linked in this sentence πŸ™‚

Tying with me in awesomeness is this article by one of my favourite indigos, Kristen Finlayson.

I also like this forum post written by another indigo, which mentions some interesting stuff about being magnets for animals and children which I resonate with.

Finally, there are the traits which were quoted in Lee Carroll and Jan Tober’s book, “The Indigo Children”. These traits are quoted all over the internet, so I’m going to link just one article which lists them which seemed to be pretty good. Scroll down to the bit with the bullet points.

Beware misinformation: indigos can be of any age and are not every person born after X year. Read this article of mine for more.

Soul Age

All indigos are “Old Souls” but not all Old Souls are indigos. Check this article for information on soul age.

Where To Meet Indigos Online

After trawling the whole internet, my favourite forum for indigos is Indigo Society. I post there quite a lot; it’s a mixed bag because it’s not too well modded, but if you have thick skin and stay open to possibilities it’s a great site to meet people in and share stuff from the indigo perspective. I met some great people there.

I also like the Yahoo group for indigo adults. I don’t like the website it’s affiliated with,, because it distributes misinformation about indigos. However, the forum turned out alright.

Finally, there are lots of groups on Facebook for indigos which you can find by searching for indigo children. Also try searching for indigo + location e.g. “Indigo UK”. My special favourite is I-Nesia, an Indonesian group.

Sites & Other Resources For Indigos

I saw this site a while back and it very strongly resonated with me. If anyone wants some coaching for indigos then check this place out. The blog is also awesome.

I very much like this thread on Indigo Society: “Indigo Starter Kit: What To Do After You Find Out“. I’d like to write a post on the same theme here eventually.

Mirri and Elleke Rocks have a great website geared towards indigos. They are brilliant, beautiful indigos themselves.

Jan‘s website is great to learn about metaphysics. She’s indigo herself and has a lot of interesting viewpoints to share from her patently indigo perspective. πŸ™‚

I don’t like that much – at least it didn’t prove a match to my ADD-like tendencies – but its Spectrum Magazine has some wonderful articles written by and for indigos.

In Spectrum Magazine I found a series of five articles on grounding as applies to indigos, crystals, and so on. We are the individuals most likely to suffer from ungroundedness due to our high sensitivity so I think these articles are very much in demand and worthwhile for me to point out to my readers.

The Da Vinci Method is a great book (even if the heavy marketing can put some off) geared towards the empowerment of indigos.

Indigo Psychics

Indigos make great psychics as we are all blessed with the intuitive gift to some degree. Indigo psychics gave me a huge boost in my growth and were capable of understanding me and giving me the sort of validation my soul craved. I list a few indigo psychics who have helped me and who are all my very good friends.

Caren is an indigo and is a great psychic if you need some guidance. She’ll understand you.

Rosine Caplot used to say about her readings that she “helps people who feel like aliens understand themselves” or something like that. She now has a different mission statement but I feel like a psychic reading with Rosine is a good deal for an indigo or someone who doesn’t understand themselves well. She doesn’t like the indigo label but I think she is πŸ™‚

Rei Williams is a crystal child, previously an indigo child, and is a great psychic and coach. She can help advanced souls empower themselves, heal, and grow spiritually. Her blog also has some lovely messages of light which are free. πŸ™‚

Indigo Children Books

The most popular book about indigo children is the book by Caroll and Tober, “The Indigo Children“. Reading it should help you to understand where a lot of this stuff is coming from.

The first book ever written about indigos, which introduced the term, was “Understanding Your Life through Colour” by Nancy Ann Tappe. However, the observations it has made about indigos don’t match up to how I and most others understand the term. It most definitely doesn’t match up to the information in Caroll and Tober’s book. But I put it there for your reference.

The Law of One has some stuff about indigos too, which it refers to as “Wanderers”. I skimmed some of it and the Wanderers bits are interesting.

The Care And Feeding of Indigo Children is by most accounts an interesting book. (That’s right, I haven’t read it…). I like Doreen Virtue though I do feel she occasionally misrepresents us.

Finally “The Children of Now” brought a lot of value to a friend of mine and I feel I can recommend it.

More Questions About Indigo Children?

If you have any more questions about indigos just ask me and I may well write a post about it. You can also ask a question on either of the forums I’ve posted and are likely to get a lot of good answers. If you need more book recommendations go for Indigo Society.

I hope this has helped some – keep in touch πŸ™‚




2316530206_449de8130d_oNote: Counselling

I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life challenges which they go through. I can help you find solutions in the realms of relationships, work, purpose, spirituality, health, and more. ForΒ more information, check out my counselling page:Β Indigo Child / Adult Counselling


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  1. Fred Tracy says:

    I first heard about Indigo children in a Tool song. I was like, “what on earth are they talking about?”

    When I read up on it, I remember thinking, “hey, I could be indigo!” But honestly, I have no way to know whether or not it’s true. Where did the idea come from? What separates an indigo child from a gifted child? How do you know how old your soul is?

    I’d love to think I’m an earth angel, it would make me quite happy, lol. But I don’t know if the idea of them has any real basis in reality. How did you come to believe in the concept?

  2. Sophia Gubb says:

    Well, a friend told me about it and it seemed to fit me to a T. Try reading “how to tell if you are indigo”, which is linked in this article.

    As for what seperates an indigo child from a gifted child… possibly nothing! I read about the traits of “gifted children” and they were almost a perfect match for the traits of indigo children. Same thing, different name.

    For me I know I’m an indigo because when I read the indigo traits I feel identified and comforted that someone finally seems to “get” me. Some people have told me that they ended up crying when they read my article. Actually, I made someone cry last weekend when I explained to her she was indigo πŸ˜€ It’s powerful stuff.

  3. Fred Tracy says:

    That resonated REALLY strongly with me. You kick major ass for writing that up. πŸ™‚

  4. Sophia Gubb says:

    Thanks my friend! Glad it helped πŸ˜€

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