I offer counselling for indigo (and crystal) children and adults, their parents, and those who are otherwise involved with them.

Bear in mind that I don’t have any “official” training. Counselling sessions with me are basically conversations. The power of these conversations is this: as an awakened indigo adult, I am able to hear you out, give you advice unique to your life situation, and clear up any confusions you may have about being indigo.

I get stressed out trying to give an overly professional vibe. I don’t like it when people have too much expectations, or when I imagine that people have too much expectations and try to live up to them. So really, please think of these sessions as conversations. You’ve read my indigo article, you know that I know quite a lot about indigos, and you know that I can understand you. Judging from the number of emails I get from people and requests for correspondence, this is important to people.

You should also note that I occasionally offer intuitive information I pick up but am no way a professional psychic. These counselling sessions are not readings.

As well as being able to hear you out and give validation, I also have some experience overcoming indigo-specific life issues, and can probably give you good advice pertaining to these.

Indigo Life Issues

Indigos most often have issues with:

– Relationships – They find it hard to meet people who truly “get” them, and struggle with their tendency to be loners. They may also have twin flame experiences.

– Work – It seems so hard to find a job which they can deal with. They just can’t stand being treated as inferior or bossed about.

– Purpose – Indigos feel a burning sense of purpose, but often are at a loss to what that purpose is exactly or how to make it happen

– Health – Indigos tend to go through rough awakening experiences in the form of sickness, accidents, disabilities, etc

– Emotional wellbeing – certain people can make indigos feel drained or invisible. One of the hardest times for an indigo is often living with their parents and having no way of getting out of there. Depression is common among indigos.

– Emotional healing – indigos experience traumas much more intensely than most people, but are usually also able to heal much faster and more completely from them if they manage to take the reigns of that process.

– Spiritual realisation – indigos often feel a very strong desire to grow spiritually. Their spiritual path is likely to look very different to that of a non-indigo.

– Self understanding – indigos are very different from non-indigos. Seeing as you’ve probably only ever heard non-indigo perspectives on things, you often have a very confusing vision of yourself when looking at yourself through that lens.

– Self identification as indigo – it’s common for indigos to be unsure about whether they are indigo, or have some issue with the term itself. They may also wonder what to do with the information now that they have self-identified.

– LGBT issues – indigos are more likely than usual to be LGBT and I might be able to give advice from my perspective as a transgender and bisexual indigo person.

Session Structure

The session is loosely structured as a conversation, where I get you talking, hear you out, and give my perspectives and advice when appropriate.

A session usually lasts for about an hour, but I often let it go on for a bit longer if necessary. The idea is to come to a place of resolution, or at the very least, a good ending point. Occasionally, the session might be shorter than an hour if both of us decide that we’ve covered everything we need to. The price, in this case, is still the same.


I have a sliding scale for pricing:

Normal price: 50€

Price for low-income people: 30€

Price for high-income people: 70€

“Low” and “high” income is rather subjective, but as a rule of thumb I would say low would be around 1000€ per month or lower, or if you have an unstable income; and high would be around 2000€ or higher, though that might be different if you’re the sole provider for a family with that money.

As of this writing 50€ is about 70 US dollars, or 40 British pounds. 1000€ is about 1370 US dollars, or 840 British pounds. You can find out the current values easily by Googling e.g. “50€ in $”.

At this time I don’t respond to requests for free counselling. I do very much want to help people, but I have found that giving away many free sessions leaves me feeling drained. This might change one day if my own financial situation becomes more comfortable.

Booking Form

If you’d like to order a session, just go to the booking form:


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“When I try to convey some deep genuine feeling I usually write something very long, but about the counselling with you I am not being able to put it in too many words. While talking with you I felt as if am talking with my own higher self, like I do sometimes…felt as comfortable… as not being judged… only willing to help me in the best way possible, suggesting instead of opinionating… giving as much time as I need… it was… simple… and very helpful too! Feeling much lighter after a long time, also enjoyed cooking after talking with u… For anyone who comes across your blog or you and need help in talking to someone in any way Ill strongly recommend to jump right at availing the opprtunity of taking counselling with you instead of hesitating. The speed at which I could reach you was amazing, had come across your blog just a few hours back, got inspired, contacted you and now am here giving you feedback post-counselling which lasted a few hours.”

“This is review part 2 of the counselling with you. Its almost one month over and when I look back I realise the most helpful thing that you said me was that if I felt that I know nothing then to start with what I know…. This bit of advice has given me the foundation to move ahead, a first step to take from feeling lost, from being confused, from being paralysed or stagnant towards feeling ground under my feet… towards more clarity..”

– Nabanita, India


I’m not really used to writing stuff like this, but Sophia asked me to say something about my impressions of her Indigo consultation service.

I first found my way to her through the way of her article about how to know if you’re an Indigo. I read that and was just extremely moved by it since in so many many ways it described precisely who I was and what I’d experienced in life. So I contacted her via e-mail and after a little back and forth we decided that we would hold a chat session. Which we did.

It’s very hard to explain what it was like, but more than anything i felt it like I was connecting with someone who I had never met before, but that felt like a friend. Someone who for once actually understood all my feelings and thoughts and frustrations. And as funny as it may sound it also awakened a lot of thoughts and a lot of questions in me talking to her.

One thing I want to say though is that I felt she REALLY took the time to listen to me, and to respond in the best way possible. And by that I mean, I got the feeling that she really thought about what to say and how to put it to me for me to get the most out of it if and when she had something to say. She put the things in such ways that it forced me to perhaps examine myself more closely than I had … or just look at the subject from another angle…

As of writing this I have had the opportunity to chat with Sophia on two occasions. For me it feels very comfortable to talk to her, just that feeling of someone understanding, someone who thinks the way I think. The form of the conversations is very friendly, the same kind of talking I would do with any one of my friends, but it can at times go deeper (because of Sophias deeper understanding compared to my friends) … I think that is what she is offering to me. She may be able to assist others with other issues, and if I have another consultation with her, maybe more will come up… She is an absolute pleasure to talk to and so very friendly. 

— A Swedish Indigo.


I recently had a session with Sophia. I had only recently reawakened by spirituality and discovered myself and Indigo’s so wasn’t really sure what to expect or what I hoped to gain. But having followed her blogs and Facebook posts with interest I knew she was a very wise and intelligent being and someone I needed to talk to. I was still very insecure about myself and the whole Indigo Idea. Her blogs resonated with me deeply and there was a lot of synchronicity in play so it felt right to reach out and book session.

Although a brief session (due to my lack of a real agenda for the session) it was immediately apparent to me that one of Sophia’s main assets is her great balance between the spiritual/metaphysical realms and down to earth Human groundedness. I feel this gives her the marvelous ability to connect and articulate with everyone at all evolutionary levels of the spiritual scale and put me at easy immediately.

For me this great balance represents perfectly the spirit of what I feel is the Indigo mission (particularly the adults) -To act as a bridge between the spiritual and no spiritual worlds whilst challenging outdated belief systems as we usher in the new paradigm. Laying the groundwork for the Indigo Children to be accepted and take seriously.

I would keenly recommend a session with Sophia for all Indigo’s, especially those who have recently awakened to who and what they are or have come from less than ideal backgrounds where spirituality was suppressed and could not be easily expressed.

Thank you Sophia <3

–Paul, Hungary

Booking Form

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