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March 31, 2009
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April 7, 2009

I Have a Dream

A huge part of my learning process is being catalysed right now by the lovely Akemi whose purpose is to help people find their purposes. A little while ago she started a meme about this topic. The idea is to write out your own “I have a dream” speech along the lines of Martin Luther King:

There is an old word in Japanese that means Spirit of Words (kotodama). People believed that spoken words have power to manifest by this Spirit. Make an inspiring speech and it has the power to bring it to reality, beyond the logical mechanics of persuasion and instruction.

So, in honor of the mysterious Spirit and late MLK, I am suggesting a meme called “I Have A Dream. . .”

I have a dream. I dream that one day we’ll wake up with excitement to live in a world with no boundaries. Where sharing is default and theft practically impossible. Where people greet strangers like friends.

I dream that one day we’ll stop putting up façades. One day we won’t need to fear being disowned by our loved ones if we break a social convention – any social convention. There will be no shame for sex, for passions, for our creative fruits, or for our actions – not even if our actions are foolish and bring back karmic repercussions. That’s just between us and God. One day, the only rule will be, “Don’t limit the freedom of others.”

I dream of a world where music is played, where paintings are painted, where jokes are made – abundantly and for free. People will know that they are all geniuses and that to be able to create this sort of dazzling light in the world they need only the application of the passion which was given to them free when they came into the world. It wasn’t even given to them, it’s what they are. So people will express what they are, openly, fully, in the streets, at work, at school, and there won’t be any fear of some sort of violence to hold them in line. Life will be a matter of self-expression. Everyone will be recognised as individual, and this will be considered one of the most incredible and beautiful aspects of life. The first thing a stranger will ask another stranger will be, out of true fascination, “so what is the unique jewel that you give to the world?”

I dream of a day when people begin parties in the streets spontaneously. Where there is no such thing as an “adult” or a “child”. One day socialising won’t be an action but a way of being, and people will sing, dance, laugh, joke, tell stories, hug, kiss, compete, play, and sex — just because. They won’t ask why, and they won’t ask other people why. If anyone asked a question, it would be “why not?” and it would seem truly strange that anyone would choose not to live in this state of joy. What would be the point?

I dream of a day when there is no such thing as undesireable solitude, insecurity or sexual frustration. People will just give what they have to give to each other, just because. No-one will use their love or lack of it as a weapon of control. No-one will have anything to control, when they are in love with life. Differences will be seen as beauty and unpredictability as excitement.

One day people are going to be themselves!


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Comments from before the website change:

I love this! This is exactly how I envision the New World to be.
I think our life purpose is our authentic self expression. We also came to learn life lessons, but with Ascension, we are completing that — we are graduating. After graduation, we express ourselves, which is immediately the best service we can do.

Thank you for the mention. I feel honored.

Akemi Gaines

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  1. ana teresa says:

    thank you so much! you are a beautifull soul… i’ve been reading your blog and… i’m really exciting because that’s exactly what i was looking for!! it’s so inspiring and see my self in lots of things you write! but this post particularly touched my heart! i’m hungry for things like this. i’m hungry for things that touch me deeply. i’m hungry for freedom and truth and this post is all about that!

    i have this dream, too…

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