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August 26, 2016
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August 27, 2016

I Hate David Wolfe

I generally prefer to avoid inflammatory language in my writing. Philosophically, I try to avoid any sort of violence, which includes psychic violence. But we all need a holiday sometimes, so fuck David Wolfe.

Fuck David Wolfe for stuff like this:

and for stuff like this:

…but most of all, fuck him for being a scam artist.

David Wolfe made huge amounts of money by trying to convince people to buy “Superfoods”. Superfoods are interesting because they are almost all 1) available in dry form and can be sold on the internet, 2) somewhat unique, ensuring a near-monopoly for a while until other sellers catch onto the fad, and 3) expensive.

For instance, goji berries. Or shall we call them… boxthorn berries. I think we should call them boxthorn berries. Why? Because that’s what they were called before the modern fad came along.

Goji berries were relatively unknown before people like David Wolfe renamed them and started selling them at inflated prices. (I believe that David Wolfe might be the culprit, but at the very least he was one of them). You could – and still can – buy them as boxthorn berries in Chinese supermarkets for one third of the price. But few knew or cared until people like Wolfe made up bullshit stories about how goji berries are so unbelievably healthy and that’s why you should buy them from his web store.

This has been done with several other fruits. They started out as obscure, and thus, relatively exclusive. Later on, other shops started stocking them, but Wolfe had made a huge wad of cash by that time and still manages to do quite okay for himself, I’m sure.

David Wolfe also managed to turn salt into an exclusive product by taking pink salt which was not generally on sale, branding it “Himalayan pink salt” (it’s not actually from the Himalayas) and trying to convince us that it’s somehow magical. (In this case I know that Wolfe started the fad). Pink salt is just salt with impurities. Please, please do not pay extra for it, unless you’re just that in love with the colour for some reason. It’s not more nutritious and it doesn’t carry the vibrational echo of Buddha’s enlightenment. It’s mined in Pakistan.

David “Avocasshole” Wolfe even manages to do something similar with that chocolate he’s so crazy about. How? By telling people they need to eat raw cacao beans and then positioning himself as the sole supplier of the same.

A quick look at Wolfe’s site for research purposes reveals that he’s now selling at least three new obscure plants that are visible at a quick scan of his front page. Other people picked up on goji berries but now he’s got maqui berries (more antioxidants than Acai berries!) and Shijalit capsules and will have a monopoly on them until other sellers catch on.

The concept of superfoods is meaningless. All foods have different quantities of different nutrients and toxins, and no food stands out SO very much from the rest. At most, if you have a certain nutrient deficiency you might want to favour one food or another. But be very, very suspicious when such a food is expensive and relatively exclusive. Someone is making a lot of money out of your willingness to believe this bullshit.

OK, rant over.


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