5 Myths About Indigo Children
February 5, 2010
Poems by Indigo Children: God… The One And Only True Love by Graha Ramadhan
February 20, 2010

How to Tell if You Are Indigo

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Here is an in-depth article describing what traits to look for in determining if you or someone you know is an indigo child or adult.

When talking to people about indigos I often hear that the characteristics are not specific and practically anyone could consider themselves an indigo. Therefore in this article I’m going try to be as clear as possible in describing the things that make indigos DIFFERENT from other people.

In the first part of the article I’ll try to define indigos, and in the second part I’ll get into listing their particular characteristics.

This is now the second edition of this article, as it has been rewritten and expanded since 24/10/2011. I’ve evolved a lot as a person in this time and have tried to update some of the slightly negative attitudes that got into my writing back then. I’ve also added new insights about indigo children / adults from this time.

Note that I now also have a book out about indigos. If this article touches you in some way, I strongly suggest checking it out.

About The Term “Indigo”

The actual term “indigo” may have come from the colour of the sixth chakra (energy center) or third eye chakra. There’s a theory that indigos are largely governed by the third eye chakra which explains several of their traits. Personally I tend towards thinking that “indigo” has no special significance for us and is just a name.

Note that indigo in this context is not the colour of the aura. It has been called the “life colour”, which contrasts with the aura in that it’s supposedly the colour of a person’s deeper being and not simply their general state at this point in their life.

I don’t know how much meaning any of these ideas have but I’ve offered them for your consideration.

Indigo Children / Adults As A Spiritual Concept

The concept of indigo children or adults is tied to spirituality and I think there are some very good reasons for that; however I wanted to mention that if what I say conflicts with the way you understand the world, you always can take what works for you and leave the rest. The fact that there are people who have certain, unusual personalities is fact.  From there, you can work out what these personalities mean for you in the context of your worldview. On that note, if you want to read about this personality profile from a more scientific/atheistic/skeptical viewpoint, you may want to Google “gifted children”. They are the same thing, but the term doesn’t have any of the spiritual implications.

Now, what’s the point of knowing how to spot an indigo? Self understanding – which leads to self acceptance. Or, if the indigo in your life happens to be someone other than you, the goal is to understand her or him as best you can and again, be better equipped to accept them as they are.

Indigos have been called sick, falsely diagnosed with ADD and other things. They are not sick, they are special. They have been called supernatural. They are not supernatural, they are natural. They are very natural: super-natural, if you will. I think they are very special beings that are worth understanding, respecting, and taking care of.

What Is An Indigo?

What is an indigo? The non-spiritual version is just that indigo people (children and adults) are gifted souls. They have a lot of creativity, a lot of intelligence, and a sense of mission.

While we’re on the non spiritual version, we can also list all of their traits, which is what is going to happen in the next half of this article.

Aside from that, though, we can define indigos in a more exact way from a spiritual perspective.

The spiritual version, then, is that indigos are, in general, old souls or at least souls with great spiritual depth.

I think this definition is the most telling because an indigo is really defined by his or her soul and not necessarily how they express it. An indigo is born with a deep soul and will always have it, but, like other people, they can be connected or disconnected from that soul, and can express to a greater or lesser extent what they have inside. So sometimes you might get an indigo who doesn’t look like an indigo, or someone who isn’t an indigo who looks like one; but it’s what they have inside that truly defines them. The indigo who doesn’t look like an indigo will, deep down, have that wisdom, that depth, that power you expect from a normal indigo. It will come out in unexpected ways. Someone who looks like an indigo but isn’t will seem deep but when you look closer there won’t be so much substance to them. It’ll be a false depth — or maybe an authentic one, but just not so much of it.

So indigo people are considered to be “old souls”.

The standard depiction of spiritual evolution shows a soul starting out from a very basic, caveperson-like consciousness, and going through the horrible birthing pain centuries of confusion and war, eventually evolving into a modern human, eventually becoming enlightened or a saint. Being a saint in this case just means that they fully realise the fact that Love is their essence, and that Love is the only thing worth living for, and they become that. At this stage humanity doesn’t work as a collection of isolated fragments but becomes a single being with all its parts working together for the common wellbeing.

I think that evolution isn’t always as linear as that, but still, it seems that most souls do go through this kind of process. On Earth, then, a lot of souls have started out millenia ago as cavepeople and have evolved to where they are now.

Indigo souls started before that time, on other planets, and eventually came over to Earth to share what they have learned. In fact, most of the great visionaries or spiritual teachers were likely of this profile (indigo, crystal, or rainbow souls). They come to Earth with the special intention of helping with its spiritual development.

Other indigos may have originated from less linear evolution processes. They may have been angels or high-vibration spirits, not used to incarnating, before they decided to come down. Some may have also come from other dimensions. What distinguishes indigos, anyway, is the depth and power of their spirits. Given their special role here, they will also tend to have a very strong instinct that they are meant to help out in some way. More on that later.

Indigo Children/Adults And The Indigo Label

Indigos being somehow “more spiritual” than other people is a sensitive topic, which is why I’m rewriting this article to clarify this point.

I know that when I first heard about the indigo label, my first reaction was negative. I didn’t want to label myself, to start with, and I didn’t like the idea of being better or worse than other people. Out of pure principle, I disagreed with ideas of superiority and inferiority. I was also scared of the part of me that *wanted* to be better or worse than people.

This is pretty common in indigos. To underline where the error is in this, I should point out that there is a difference between thinking that you are better than someone and making a comparison purely for the sake of understanding.

Indigos do have wisdom and depth inside of them. They have great potential in their souls which, as time goes on, they will tap and bring into their current incarnation.

I think that this is not a reason to feel better or worse, but an opportunity to share.

Children don’t hate adults because they have more experience. The best way of dealing with adults is to make good use of their knowledge and depth.

In the same way, adults don’t usually look down on children and think how dumb they are. When they realise what the situation calls for, they instead ask themselves how they can share their gift of maturity with the children.

Indigo children and adults have a lot of gifts to share. Instead of thinking that they are better than others, or attempting to deny that they are different in any way, indigos should recognise that they are different and try to make the best use of the situation. Their gifts are much in demand, and it would be crazy to hold them back from the world.

Other people have plenty of gifts too. Indigos aren’t the only people who can help out. I think one of the things an indigo can do is show other people the huge power and brilliance that lies within their own souls. An indigo has learnt to be more of themselves; and they can show others how to be more of themselves, too.

So. One last question before we go into the list of indigo characteristics. Why do we need to have a word for indigo people as opposed to just spiritually advanced people? Apart from what we’ve already explained – including the fact that “indigo” refers more to the soul and the potential of a person, whereas the vaguer “spiritual” is normally used to talk about the external personality – I could say that the term is useful simply because you can look at a set of characteristics or traits and match people up to them. This is the really grounded, practical aspect of the concept. Whether or not you agree, disagree, or aren’t sure about the interpretations about what indigos are, you can still look at a person and say, “oh, she has the indigo traits.” Then you can work out what this means for you.

So without further ado, let me get into the various indigo adult / child traits.

1. Feeling like an alien.

First of all indigo people feel DIFFERENT. Not just different, but DIFFERENT.

Here’s a normal kid thinking he’s different:

“I wish I was cool like the other kids. Why do I get picked on like this? I’m so glad I’m better than all the other kids. No-one is as smart as I am.”

Here’s an indigo thinking he is different:

“I don’t understand. Why is it that I’m the only one who can see the things I see? Am I crazy? Why is everyone so cruel and stupid in the way they live? Why doesn’t anyone love me like I can love them? Why are people wasting their lives so much? Why are they such sadomasochists? Why does everyone try and be better than everyone else and own each other like slaves? Shouldn’t it be obvious that we could all just get together, solve all our problems, and enjoy life? Am I the only person in the world who can see this??

“Why am I the only person who can’t put on a social mask? Why am I unable to be happy with the way things are? Why is it that I feel like no-one else is really happy, either, they just put up with it? Is there something going on here?

“Holy $%&@ – I’m an ALIEN!”

Indigos often feel strongly like they are from another planet or another dimension (see above) or at least just generally “out of place”. They might be travellers and live in different countries, subconsciously or consciously looking for the place they fit in. They’ll relocate to find family that feels like family and a place that feels like home. If they can’t find that, they are prone to depression – even suicide.

2. Anger

The power of the indigo lies in his or her soul, which lies underneath their external personality. This means they go through the same process of waking up to their essence as other people do, although generally at a more accelerated pace. During this time, they often go through some pretty rough times, and can fall into chronic negative emotion.

One of these (famously) is anger. Indigos have a very high self-esteem because they are POWERFUL – at least inside – and some part of their brain remembers a time in their soul’s past when they lived like kings. Guys, that’s what a Oneness world is like – everyone has a vast personal power. Weakness is not divine, it is an illness.

The self esteem is not a negative thing, but when subjected to the standard anti-self esteem processing of our industrial culture, where children are taught that they are powerless and dependent so that their energy can be sucked from them, indigos often react strongly. They know that they are worth more than that.

Here are some of my own thoughts from years ago, now happily transmuted into healthier energy:

You do NOT talk to me like I was shit. You do NOT talk down to me just because I am a child. I am NOT worth less. I am NOT less capable of deciding for myself how I will live. If you try and tell me what to do I will KILL you.

I wrote this a year and a half ago, in my first version of this article. I’ve since got to the point where it’s harder for me to bring back up those feelings and feel identified with them.

Note that in all the years of being possessed by anger and hatred, I never acted on those emotions. I also had an even more powerful underlying desire to do good and avoid causing harm.

Resuming some points:

3. High Self Esteem

Indigos, at least deep down, understand themselves to be powerful and highly valuable. They see through the lie that people are not that.

They can sometimes feel emotions like low self esteem, shame, self hatred and so on. But the proof is in the pudding – when it comes to the crunch, indigos are rarely willing to settle being talked down to or being made part of a machine.

Even if they are so incredibly destroyed that they stop fighting, they will still feel a sense in such situations that things are dreadfully wrong.

This instinct will never let them be at peace with themselves until they recognise it.

Check out my book, a self help guide for indigos – click here.

4. Resistence of Authority, Structure, and Hierarchy

Indigos, seeing through the lie of society, know that the normal concept of “authority” is an illusion. They often dislike or simply evade teachers, doctors and anyone else who seems to look down on them. It’s not like they can’t love those people as people, but they are not willing to accept anyone as “above” them (or “below” them for that matter). When forced to live under imposed authority, indigos usually get rebellious. This can take the form of explosive revolution or perhaps more quiet, passive rebellion depending on the indigo’s particular makeup.

I remember as a child pointedly refusing to do anything my father told me until he learnt not to state things in the form of an order. He eventually stopped trying to get me to do anything, as he couldn’t understand that I just wanted to be treated like a real person. In class, I did everything to make people laugh as I couldn’t stand living like a zombie. I occasionally did things to make a point that the teachers didn’t own my will.

I was one of the revolutionary ones.

5. Seeing Through Lies

Indigos see things as they really are. According to some, this would be because they are currently developing the energy centre of their third eye. Or maybe it’s just because they have enough spiritual depth, intuition and integrity to make deceptions useless on them.

They know society is a lie. They know there are more important things in life than what most people seem to chase after. They have powerful instincts guiding them in many areas of their life, and dismiss ideas or systems which conflict with their instincts. If they are brought up in religion or other dogmatic beliefs, they will eventually come to question them and break them down until they find something that withstands scrutiny.

The more indigos wake up, the more they question everything in their life. But even before the process their instinct to question is strong. As has been said about them in other places, they always say, “WHY?”

6. Breaking Down Structures

Because of this, indigos rarely accept anything that has not been explained to them. They don’t like to do things just because everyone else does or because someone else told them to. They ignore rules unless someone explains to them why they have been put in place, as well as structures, routines, disciplines, rituals, or decorum that doesn’t make sense to them. They often stand out like a sore thumb in society unless they’ve learnt to camouflage themselves. Their presence can often make other people rather nervous.

So most indigos REALLY don’t get on well in school. And without exception they find “normal” jobs very draining and stressful. If they try to live like everyone else lives, they will probably end up suicidal.

Because of this, when they grow up indigos are usually involved in some alternative means of living: entrepreneurship, writing blogs :), art, alternative therapies, freeganism, activism, etc. Because of their disposition they may have a lot of problems in finding their place in life, which can be a factor for depression.

When an indigo is presented a structure which does not serve an authentic purpose, her first reaction is to work to break it down. This of course puts her at odds with school, work and everything. Indigos therefore either work alone or as leaders – they are not willing to accept other people imposing their rules on them. They are rebels and revolutionaries, made to remake the world.

7. Radical Authenticity

Maybe again because of the energy of the third eye in their life which lets them see to the core of themselves and others, indigos have the compulsion to be authentic and express their true selves. Authenticity is not simply a desire for indigos, it’s practically a need. If an indigo can’t express him or herself as he really is, he generally keeps quiet, goes away, or gets really pissed off. 🙂

Indigos have some serious problems in school because of this, where life is all about putting on a social mask. Life generally gets better after school.

Because of this inability to have a social mask, and inability to really connect with people on the level of their social masks (people require of other people approval for their masks, which indigos are not willing to give), indigos feel a very strong desire to find other indigos, people with whom they will be able to express themselves truly and share love on the level of the heart and spirit, not the mask.

8. Love

There is no love like indigo love.

I have often found that the love I express or want to express with people, especially my lovers, is too strong for them. They either take it as coming on too strong, or as commitment and try to marry me. Neither is the case; most people just haven’t experienced such intense, unconditional love before, and they don’t know what to do with it.

When an indigo can’t find another indigo to pair up with, they’ll often be seen with older people who tend to be more sensitive and more capable of seeing the gem in the indigo’s soul. (In general indigos don’t have hang ups about age as they see people for what they are, not what their label is).

Indigos are warm people at heart and enjoy contact. This is because most humans have been infected by a cultural sickness. Indigos express themselves as all humans deep down want to express themselves but don’t have the clarity or bravery to do: lovingly. Touch, hug, kiss, “I love you”. They love for the god damn pleasure of it. And unlove is incomprehensible for them.

However, for the reasons previously described indigos are loners, so they may not actively express this trait.

9. Depression is Common

Kristen Finlayson says that the depression springs from a combination of not actualising their personal power and not connecting with other indigos. Oh, let’s talk about power.

10. A Sense of Mission

Indigos have come here to make a change, and deep in their soul, they feel that. They have huge energy and huge creativity, as well as intelligence – and these things want to be expressed. When they feel trapped in by the limits of this world, or too lost to work out what to do, this can result in some serious depression.

As indigos see the state that the world is really in, they feel an urgency to get things moving around here. They feel things are NOT alright just as they are. (Paradoxically they may be able to see the beauty and perfection in all existence, but that doesn’t make them passive Buddhist monks).

I don’t know where I heard this bit of advice but it rings very true to me – indigos should have an outlet for their creativity while they are waiting to know what their mission is in life. Our energy is strong and will find an outlet whether we want it to or not – and this could be in negative forms such as obsessive thinking or worrying as well as addictions or even excessive spirituality.

11. Power, Creativity and Energy

As I said, indigos have huge energy. Whatever they do, they do intensely. They are often geniuses – or called that – in part I think because of their capability of single-minded focus on what interests them. On the other hand, if something does not interest them they are very good at NOT focusing on it. I’ve seen a pattern of high grades in class followed by low as indigos learn very easily but end up getting uninspired by schoolwork 🙂

Indigos are often classified Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I would like to take the opportunity to flip the bird now to conventional psychiatrists everywhere: we are special, not sick! If anyone gives anyone Ritalin for this “illness”, please shoot them. Or make sure that the patient in question is indigo, and if they are, shoot the perpetrator twice.

(I no longer feel the intensity of frustration as I did when I wrote the last paragraph, but I’ve kept it because it’s funny).

Indigos are usually multitalented. Their interests lie in anything creative, anything that expresses personal power, anything that expresses joy (particularly humour), healing, communication, spirituality and personal growth.

An indigo’s energy can be chanelled into love (see above), pure unconditional joy, intense focused learning or action, personal growth and spirituality, as well as hatred, intense depression, addictions, and drama (“little old me” syndrome). Whatever they do, they do intensely. An indigo isn’t half of anything. Even when they’re living like a zombie, they zombie HARD. No-one has ever been dead inside like an indigo who doesn’t know who she is. They practically vanish from this earth, leaving behind an empty shell.

Indigos are very, very powerful and probably at some level feel this. I know I do. I feel like my body is a poor expression of the size I feel – I am MASSIVE. I can take on the world! There is nothing I can’t do! I’ve also felt the opposite at times when I was zombieing, though. We’ve been brought into a world that trains people to be powerless. I also wonder if any spiritual beings or even non-spiritual beings have a vested interest in keeping indigos down. I never felt like I was particularly targeted, but I have heard from some active indigos that there is this anti-indigo conspiracy, involving implants, energetic manipulation, etc. No idea if that is the case. I’ve definitely seen some pretty destroyed indigos. But in any case when you remember you are powerful – and all it takes is to remember – NOTHING can stop you. You are the one and only creator of your own experience. I recommend all indigos I meet who are having trouble with power read up on the law of attraction. We tend to be especially good at manifesting once we get into the flow of it.

12. Intuition

What with the whole third eye chakra thing it shouldn’t be a surprise that indigo children and adults are intuitive. They are capable of guiding themselves easily by their ability to “just kind of know” what to do, their gut feeling, etc. Whether this perception goes into the supernatural I think is often to do with whether they were brought up to believe in such things or not.

When they are lucky enough not to have shut down their third eye ability, indigos are basically just what the hype about them obsesses about – psychic kids. They see spirits, other planes, talk to angels and spirit guides, and see the future.

Not all indigos are at this level. But they all have the potential, as is evidenced by their strong intuition and their ability to see through to the essence of things.

It might not feel that special to you if you’re an indigo – that’s because it’s so natural. You might say, “Oh, I see how people are inside, but that’s not psychic, that’s just being perceptive, picking up on cues, etc!”

Well, being supernatural IS natural. It’s the zombies who aren’t natural. 🙂

13. Loners

The subject of loner-hood has been touched upon but it needed its own bullet point for emphasis. Indigos, when they don’t find other indigos to be with, are usually loners. They get frustrated by not feeling recognised by others and dislike trying to relate at the relatively superficial level that most non-indigos demand. They tend to have few relationships and prefer one-on-one relationships rather than groups, when they are socialising with non-indigos.

14. Sensitivity

I’m going to wrap this up with one last important trait of indigos. Indigos are highly sensitive. This is part of the reason they are such loners; they see inside people and perceive all the suffering and inauthenticity they’re filled with, and it isn’t pretty. Indigos can get very uncomfortable in crowds and large groups, noisy places, and especially energetically charged atmospheres such as conventional parties.

As I said, indigos feel things more powerfully. Their sensitivity is part of this. In general they FEEL more – more pain and more pleasure – because they are closer to their being.

This is also a part of the reason why they act the way they do. People, deep down, feel the same things indigos do. They often percieve the lie of society to a greater or lesser extent. But indigos really FEEL that. Not acting differently would be like voluntarily impaling themselves. They are just NOT able to do something which is discordant with their being, because they feel it, and damn do they FEEL it.

This is a strength though it can appear a weakness. Don’t listen to people who tell you you have a problem. If you can’t stay in a party because the energy is too heavy, that’s because the poison is in the PARTY, not in you. Other people can’t feel the poison so they just keep on wallowing in it – they become one and the same as the other people – so that’s their strength for them. Have some self-acceptance and don’t do anything your being tells you is not for you – your being is right, even if everyone else in the whole world tells you different. They don’t know what it’s like to be indigo. You are special, child of God.

Other Indigo Child / Adult Traits

Are there any other indigo child / adult traits I can add for the second edition of this article?

There are a lot of small cues you can pick up on for identifying an indigo child or adult. I’ve noticed that indigos often have a strong connection to children and animals, for instance. Or that they defy age classification. They can look like they are thirty when they are twenty (those deep, learned eyes) or they can look twenty when they are thirty (young, playful disposition). In general they age slower on an external level than other people.

They have a tendency towards vegetarianism and often become vegans when they read articles like my Spiritual Perspective On Veganism. I think about 50% of the awake indigos I’ve met have become vegan, especially those who are skilled with finding things out on the Internet. Even when they’re not “officially” vegetarian or vegan, they’ll usually just not like meat much or otherwise not feel attracted to eating much of it. (I was an exception to this as a kid mind – heavy foods were my way of medicating my pain).

They respond strongly to toxins in general and a healthy diet is more important than usual for them.

Indigos have a faster internal rhythm than normal people. This has often been diagnosed as “Attention Deficit Disorder”, although it is not actually a negative thing, just different.

This causes them to be impatient and want to have their desires faster, faster, always faster. They can’t believe how slow life moves.

I think this is because of them coming from worlds where matter is “softer” and the mind has more sway over things. So in those worlds it’s possible to manifest your desires very fast if not instantly, as well as fly, move things with your mind, etc etc. On Earth an indigo does have greater power to manifest their desires than other people and is often also good at telekinesis and so on; however, they still feel inside that they have greater power to create change and they find this world frustrating.

Indigos have very steady gazes. Actually this is one of my favourite measures for an indigo because it’s the hardest to fake. Sometimes they might avoid someone’s gaze because of whatever reason, but their natural tendency if left unhindered will be to look someone very straight, very unwaveringly in the eyes. When two indigos look in each others’ eyes, it’s not unusual for them to end up gazing for minutes at a stretch. It’s in their eyes that you can see that deep down, they have nothing they really wish to hide.

Indigos have a tendency to have harsh childhoods. I think this is because of their sensitivity and simply the shock of adapting to this world which wasn’t made for them. This pain can be lessened by growing up with indigo parents or parents that are otherwise highly conscious.

Indigos often also suffer from some great disability, illness, or other handicap which causes them a lot of anguish; especially, again, in childhood. I don’t know why this is. Maybe they have some spiritual purpose for doing so, or maybe their pain from other sources just manifests itself in this way. I think my own 10-year illness was a manifestation of the emotional turmoil that came from events in my childhood, for instance.

If you are currently going through horrible suffering, I can tell you: it gets better. You just need to harness your incredible indigo power to change your life situation. For that, just read up on the law of attraction and get applying it to your life. Also be aware of your needs (see: Depression Is Common) and don’t fall in the trap of trying to live like a normal person. You are bigger than that and that’s a good thing, OK?


While going over every major point about the indigo’s character, I tried to paint a picture without necessarily being constrained by talking about only that specific point. The article is a little all over the place, but I think quite complete and useful. I hope you enjoy it, and do share with your indigo friends or anyone who you think might be indigo. Self understanding can be enough to save an indigo’s life – I’ve seen it happen before.

We’re meant to be happy, wherever we live. Don’t fall victim to the pain. Refuse to be a victim. We are pure, unadulterated love – indigos and non indigos – though maybe indigos see that a little more clearly. There is nothing of us that the darkness can touch. Be happy and come save the world with me! 🙂

I so love you.

Sophia Gubb, 16 Febuary 2010. [Updated 24/10/2011].


I now have a book out, a self help guide for indigos! If you are wondering what to do next, or have known yourself to be indigo for a while but need a little help getting forward in life and with your spiritual mission, check it out!

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Appendix: Resources For Indigos

Indigos need three things especially in life. Self-understanding, which I hope I’ve just given you. Connection with people who understand and accept them for who they are (mostly other indigos). And actualisation of their personal power, feeling like they are making a difference in life. I’ll provide you with some resources for each of these in turn.


Kristen Finlayson provides two good articles on indigos: one, her version of the indigo adult characteristics, good for a different perspective on the same, and two, her Q&A for newly identified indigos which you may find useful.

Indigosociety.com is good for meeting new indigos, but also has two particular threads with info I think you might find useful: another page about indigo child / adult traits, and a useful “indigo starter kit“.

If you’ve been diagnosed with any mental illness at all, it’s worth reading this article: Why Anti-Authoritarians Are Diagnosed As Mentally Ill

Also, I wrote an article called How Do I Know If I’m Really Indigo? which could be useful if you’re still unsure after reading his one.


Indigo Society is quite a good forum. There are some nut jobs there but plenty of authentic indigos too who can help you out.

Indigo Adults Moderated is one of the richer forums in terms of civil and interesting discussion.

There are also plenty of interesting groups for indigos on Facebook. Just search for the term “indigo”, “indigo children”, “indigo adults” and maybe “indigo [your city or country]” and see what comes up.

You might also have some success putting up an ad to meet indigos in your area on your local version of craigslist (a website for online classified type ads). It’s worked for me. Just make an eye-catching title and list the characteristics – or link to this article 😉

Even better if you can find something on Meetup.com. It was no good for Barcelona, though.


Read Steve Pavlina’s blog from back to front if you want to become the best you can be in pretty much every area of your life. Also, read my blog 🙂

I also find a psychic reading with a person on the same wavelength as you can really give an awakening soul a kick in the ass for their growth. I recommend Erin Pavlina, Slade Roberson, or Becky Walsh.

I hope this all helps. Good luck!


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    Great article.. you really hit home! Growing up, I never had any idea who I was, or why other people didn’t understand the things I did. Any tips for those of us just waking up to who we are?

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Hey Brandon, thanks 🙂 Tips huh… well I’ve been meaning to write such an article for forever so… definitely stay tuned to my blog, I write mainly focused at indigos and similar. I’ll get writing such an article faster now I know someone wants it 😉 Apart from that – this thread here is good 🙂 http://indigosociety.com/showthread.php?27369-Indigo-Starter-Kit.-What-to-do-after-you-find-out/page4

      Very quickly:

      realise you’re different
      start getting to know and celebrate how you’re different
      if you’re not a party animal don’t force yourself to be one because you think you’re broken somehow
      focus on getting grounded
      find people like you to be with
      find your life purpose / mission / passion
      earn money in a way you don’t feel like you’re a slave
      smile!! 😀

  7. Indigo says:

    Hi Sophia,
    thank you for this amazing article. I’ve been looking for an article like this for ages – all the ones I’ve found on the net about characteristics seem to say the exact same. It was great to read something ‘new’ and learn more about myself and the reason for why I am like I am. Reading your article about characteristics almost made me cry a few times, because I can relate so well to all of them; I have always felt different than my classmates (except for the other indigos, but they didn’t have a clue they were), school life was like torture to me, except for art and activities where I was able to use my creativity and fantasy, have always been extremely sensitive, have a strong intuition, able to “see through” people, am psychic, hate authority etc etc. I have also dealt with depression for many years (which no one believes, not even my family, because it took place at a young age). I have in general had a hard time growing up like most indigos, not only in school, but also at home with my family, because they don’t understand me, until I found out that I was one. All of a sudden I got more calm, happier, less worried etc. I still worry a lot and think way too deeply and too much about things, as people say, but it’s gotten better now, and I have just realized how I can help it (at least a little 🙂 – by being creative. I wish I’d read your blog and found out earlier, because it is really a great help to me.
    Again – thank you for writing this article! I hope it will make many other indigos realize who they are, and help them.
    – the indigo

  8. Sophia Gubb says:

    What a great comment indigo! Thanks so much for your input, it means a lot 😉



  9. Alex Larson says:

    Ive had many wake up call moments l lately where ive sat and thought heavily about my purpose here on earth and in general what our purpose as humans is. People are laying in the dark with a blanket of ignorance over there heads. I am only 21 years old and feel I am going to make a difference in this world. I feel one step ahead of all of my friends that think i am crazy when i talk about any sort of this stuff. I need to surround myself with more indigos. WE ARE the next generation. THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE!

  10. David says:

    Hi Andrew

    I read your article and I cannot even begin to tell how much I it means to me. I feel like I finally found myself. Only if I had known, who I truly was, while growing up, I would have found myself so much more at peace with myself. I was a loner at school and at home. Left home when I was 22, became a Yoga teacher , travelled and lived in 8 countries. I still do not know where I belong. But I know where I live is where I belong.

  11. Sam says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my bubbling heart!

  12. Marisol says:

    Thank you so very much for writing this article!
    I had read a few things describing indigos but nothing so detailed.
    I was crying through most of the letter , except for the seeing spirits and
    such your description fits me like a glove.
    I was totally rebellious and didn´t fit in, in high school, got excellent grades
    if I liked the subject and the teacher or terrible ones if not, at lunch time I would
    eat alone and on many days after eating I would have to leave the cafeteria because
    I would get overwhelmed by the energy and would go to the library, I spent most of my adolescence reading fiction books about people with special powers like psychokinesis etc.
    I am now 44 and still feel out of place most of the time, not even my husband or 2 sons
    understand me(mostly my kids) , they think I´m too sensitive and excentric, because I will hug a tree if I feel like it and don´t care who sees me, or because my feelings get hurt easily, or I´ll defend or help someone even if I don´t know them, the biggest one that freaks them out is when I can FEEL if they´re angry etc..
    I also have mostly worked as a freelancer or on my own, I like variety and creativity in my life, and am mostly inclined to anything to do with arts crafts dance etc. although I cant handle being at parties unless they are outdoors because of the energy.
    It´s good to know I´m not alone and that there are people who understand me because
    you are like me.
    The good side of this is that I can also feel the beautiful energies of the Sea , the forests, the animals etc. thats why I live very close to them and love their company.
    Thank you once again and may you receive all the support you need.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s amazing how I found this article. I logged into the stevepavlina.com forums for the first time since probably April or May of last year and saw that you left me a message in June about indigos. I had no idea that the indigo concept existed, so I thought I would check out your article and see what it was all about.

    I’m not going say that everything in this article has been my life experience, but a huge amount if it did. It was very helpful to me in understanding myself better as I try to figure out my career, relationships, and where I fit in this world. Thank you!

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Hey Jeremy, I’m glad it helped. This is the article I get the best feedback from on my site, so I love it when someone else finds it.

      Thanks a lot! And good luck finding your place 😉


  14. Carmen says:

    OMG!!!!! THIS INFORMATION IS AWESOME!!! And I laugh a lot too. So natural, spiritual, but down to earth at the same time. Thanks.
    This is totally me. The only think is, I never had problems with authority at school. But at work…that is different. I always have to make a comment in meetings when I think something is wrong or need to change.
    Anger. I have high standards concerning to friendship and relationships. Don’t try to touch me in any way. My reputation or myself, because if I don’t physically kill someone, I will make his or her life so miserable. And I did it already. 🙂 Remorse? No.
    Concerning to colors in the Aura. I always have this doubt because most of the time that I make a test for Aura, mine is not Indigo, is like a very deep Royal Blue.But I have all the characteristics of Indigos and I’m also an HSP Empath personality. Can U help me out with this? Thanks for this valuable information.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Well, indigo is supposed to be the “life colour” which is different to the aura. It might be supposed to be a deep layer of the aura — or, my personal theory right now, the colour might not have anything special to do with us, but it works as a name.

      Thanks a lot for the positive comments carmen!

      love and light 🙂

  15. Fred Tracy says:

    This is.. amazing, man. All of the bullet points describe me with peculiar accuracy.

    I used to be on the negative extreme of things. Hated the word and it’s stupidity, hated people, and probably hated myself.

    I’ve made a complete turn around and I often feel incredibly euphoric lately. The world appears so beautiful. People appear so amazing. It’s like I’ve found my life’s purpose.

    This is a fantastic resource. I’m going to share it where I can. Thank you. 🙂

  16. Sophia Gubb says:

    Thankyou, too 🙂

    I get so happy when I read comments like that 🙂

  17. kate says:

    This is fantastic, thanks. I came to your blog after clicking your sig link on Steve Pavlina’s forums.

    When I was about 9, a family friend and indigenous elder of my country, came to me and said I was an indigo, very special, and here to change the world. I never really thought much about it but I am very different! The only thing I don’t do is see spirits, as I intentionally blocked that skill out of fear as a child. I’m very intuitive and have some psychic sensibilities, I’d just rather not run into spirits here and there.

    Thanks for this article and the links. I think my productivity for the day has just slipped but self discovery is up! 🙂

  18. Meghan says:

    Yeah, I’ve been kind of going through your entries and commenting like crazy, but that’s because they’re so dead on! I love this one, too. It really resonates with me. Not so much the “I really really hate school part!” (I hated it because I couldn’t connect with anyone and because I didn’t do my homework or enjoy teacher’s authority.. but I didn’t drop out or fail or think it was useless, but maybe that’s not what you meant), and also the spirit part.. but one thing I notice lately, as I learn to more embrace my intense love and not so much my intense anger (I’ve learned beautifully to deal with that), I can sense my own energy. I “see” mentally how murky it is, and sometimes I feel like I can’t clear it much. I don’t know, it’s odd.

    But yeah, thing about the parties and the cafeteria in high school. In high school, I ate lunch in the back stairway or just browsed the internet aimlessly in the library. I felt like such a loser, but at the same time the places with lots of people were simply overwhelming. I’m glad to be out of high school :p I often wonder where I can meet people like myself in real life, not just on the internet. But the internet is a good place to start. Thank goodness for blogs like this!

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Hey Meghan!!

      It’s really nice to meet you, if only online. Thanks for finding me.

      It seems not everyone was so radical about school as me, but I think you kind of got what I meant anyway.

      I can understand what you mean about your own energy, makes perfect sense to me. I can sense my own too. When I stop to do so I’m reasonably happy with it, except the need to keep clearing some old stuff.

      I wish you luck in your own path and I look forward to talking in future ^^

  19. Shelly says:

    I have always felt this way, rather odd and different from others. Somehow always managed to have a high self esteem. Everything I read in your article made sense. Only one thing did not. I never really had a problem with authority. I was in the military, so does this mean I am not Indigo?

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Hmmm… strange. An indigo in the military… I find it hard to envision that. But I’ve met indigos who have broken all the other “rules” so why not? I’d have to get to know you a bit to really be able to tell.

      Love n Light


  20. Kat says:

    I don’t want to bore everyone with my life story, but let’s just say I have never ever felt normal. School, friends, being small to a teen, and now an adult it’s just never felt right, and I’ve always labeled myself as “stupid, weird, dumb, loser.” I have always had special dreams, premonitions if you will but never really knew how to talk about them to people. Just recently I met a women who is a Reki Master among other things, I had a feeling within myself that she was pure and I was easily able to talk to her and become friends. After months to seeing her she told me one day that I was an indigo child, she could sense my aura (although it changes from clear to indigo and then back). I had never heard of this term, and began a journey of researching Indigo Children and the history of the origin. Taking the good with the bad I read many things , and I cried when I read it. I cried for all the pain I’ve held inside, all the depression, cutting, failed school attempts because literally everything about indigo children is like ripping me open and reading the essence of who I am. Upon reading this info I got my mom into the mix, literally the same reaction except hers were tears and apology for not understanding what I was going through, and not being able to help.

    I loved your article it was well written and I like that you are reaching out to other indigo’s the same it reached out to me.

    I think the only road block I have left is where to go from here, how can I better enlighten myself, better myself to help better this world?

    Sorry for the long post.


  21. Andrew Gubb says:

    Thanks for the comment Katryn, don’t worry about it being long 🙂

    I resonate with you. I don’t know what I can say about where to go from there – except maybe, keep going, and follow your instinct. That’s what I’ve done and it’s lead me to great places so far.

    I’d so love to be able to help more people like you. Perhaps I will go in that direction with this site, in future.



  22. Tami says:

    Oh my goodness I think you nailed every single thing about me to a head!! I am totally vibrating at the moment with pure joy!! I am all of the above and really found it kind of humorous.. I am 5’1″ and feel like I am at least 12′ tall all the time I never realize I am so little in this body until someone brings it up.. Thank you so much for the share and clarity many blessings to you!!!

  23. Steven says:

    Wow, I have never heard of Indigo or crystal or rainbow children until a guy mentioned to me that he thinks i may be indigo and have a blue aura, it interested me because my cousin can see auras, but i researched it and read all the traits of indigo people and every one of them except for 2 or 3 fit. Im hoping i didnt shut out my 3rd eye in my brain, i use to see things but i was put on medication, everyone told me i was doing better over and over until i believed it and once that happened it went away…ive always felt like my family has been hiding something from me too and recently found all of the people in my family have some kind of special ability that isnt of the norm. (the email is an ooold one i still have, i have 2 more but one i cant access and the other will reveal my full name which ive learned is not smart lol)

  24. Andrew Gubb says:

    I see, interesting stuff. You probably are indigo Steven… anyway avoid those drugs if you can.



  25. Steven says:

    Haha i am man ive been off for a very long time and im doing better than ever, they really just slow you down when you dont need them but some people actually do need them, the therapists and such are jsut trained to look for sickness…so they prescribe something to everyone who comes in looking for an answer

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  27. justine says:

    Thank you. You have helped me begin see a itty bitty lighted pathway to helping my son come to terms with himself and his world.

    Also helped me see i am not such a failure at parenting so much as i have failed to enforce upon the children modes of parental control and domination that society expected of me. And therefore i got kids who actaully have to work hard on themselves to know when to zombie well and when to be free. My son is indigo my daughter, unless she is a silent deep brooder, shows no sign of being indigo.

    Parenting has been a difficult and depressing chore… i wonder is it a common trouble with us… to struggle with figureing out how much conforming is least damaging to the children, and removes the social target? Do i care about the social target…….well…….i must for their sake. A son who is 11 prancing about with toy six shooters at the rodeo for the pure fantasy of the excitement, has to be contorted to act his age and settle down. Shamed for being the only one being flamboyant.

    And what is his reward? it is not learning a social grace but feeling self dissapproval.

    i remember my parents making me disapprove of myself. Maybe i am evil for controting my son and harming his spirit…. but then it is his body that is being bullied, it is his body that is being shunned. It is his mind that cant comprehend why kids are mean jsut because he is himself, wild and finds humor in facts. ( i love my little nerd ok)

    I would like to find somethings to read about indigo parenting in a screwed up reality. I struggle with teaching them standard responcibility and self reliance, without a force of wills and psychosis.

    Light and thank you for this thought jerker


  28. Xin says:

    I was recently introduced to the concept of Indigos and identified closely with practically all of the traits (listed by your site and others). However, I do not have an indigo aura, so that probably means I’m not Indigo, right? My aura consists of purple and pink to my right, white and green above my head and it’s colourless (?!) on my left. Please help me figure this out!

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Indigo is the “life colour” and not the aura, so you’re probably indigo then.

      In fact, I think indigo could be considered just a name – I’m not sure if the colour itself has any meaning. (Maybe it does but if so I don’t know what).

  29. Tammie says:

    Andrew, thank you for this awesome piece. I was crying toward the end. I am going to share this with my son, another Indigo (I like capitalizing the word…LOL). I, too, according to your definitions am an Indigo. Ever since I can remember (back to 3 years of age) I felt different from everyone, including most of my family members. Not quite fitting in continued all through my life, and it’s still a big part of how I think of myself at age 46. I truly do love people around me and I express it to them. Needless to say, my outpours are often met with odd looks. I even had a friend tell me once, “You need to tone yourself down…be a little less Tammie.” I found her comment to be the ultimate insult, really. But I still love her. Hmmm…I could go on and on about my Indigo experiences, but you have done such a good job of it, I will just read and re-read your article. Much love to you, Andrew.

  30. Xin says:

    Thank you for clearing up my confusion about auras and Indigos. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.

    My mother sent me to see a psychologist last year because, for some absurd reason, she thought there was “something wrong” with my character. I’ve stopped seeing the psychologist since, but, ironically, I began seeing my school counselor a few months back after I was fed another dose of my mother’s mind-control medicine and was contemplating suicide. I wanted the counselor to tell me what was wrong with me, why I was so different, and perhaps give me some directions to where I would fit in… I now know she doesn’t have any of those answers.

    Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone.

  31. jayne tingle says:

    i have an amazing feeling of shock.i have a very talented little girl,who has never fitted in at school,but has been very successful,as ive nurtured her trates sincce 5 she is now ten.this is the first time ive read anything like this.i myself am a therapist,my son 18 has these treats and me too,he says im mad lol

  32. jayne tingle says:

    at this moment in time,i feel like keeping her away from school for all she has suffered,help,im alone my partner is at sea,he is the same too,but we have never discussed anything like this.this is mind blowing

  33. Lia Marie says:

    OMG hitting the nail on the head!!!! i’m so one i always knew i was something great i knew since a little girl that i had something really important and i would be some kind of warrior and the day would come i would have pave way for those how had great light to bring the universe. my real confirmation on that was after a grandmother sweat (i’m half native american) that night i had a very interesting vistior. it came to me in the form of an old woman at first i guess to not scare me. she turned into a 9 foot tall snakeperson who spoke to me in my mind. i wasnt afrid of it but it’s appernce was alittle too much and too real it wanted to show me something. the room disapired and all i could see around me was light and the absence of light then i was being sucked in like a straw then i was somewhere very far from our earth it was not this planet. it looked like there was a great fallout with diffenet kinds of beings not just this one. things began to crummble then i looked into the sky from what it looked like it was shooting stars but going away from the planet. then i was in the straw again. then i was back here on earth but it was the first of humans first war. this being took me to every war though histroy of man. i remeber everything all the way up to now. then it spoke in my head again and told me i would have to help it. i was mad i told it i was a child of peace and i wanted nothing to do with it’s war. then i’m feeding two baby boys with eyes so clear they shined like crysles and the phone rang. it was the being but in the voice of the old woman she told me it was time . i remember screaming at it telling i had my babies now and i didn’t want it’s war. i then woke up. please if any of you have met anything like this please tell me what do you think it have in mind for me? i also need some kind of support my light is getting to dirty with all the evil put in front of me. i trying to be stronger but it getting to me please someone anyone help me i know i have to do something i just don’t want to give up before it my time to do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lia Marie says:

    oh yeah and for all those parents with adhd kids do them a favor and tell those schools doctors to f#*$ off. my mom did it she held her ground my whole life as a kid and i never took that retalin shit. it’s going to kill your beautiful gift that the universe trusted you with. dont kill us we have great things to pave for the world and trust me they will be greatful to you forever!!! i am 🙂

  35. Carolyn says:

    Thank you so much for this article. This is the best one on Indigos ive read yet and SO TRUE. Ive been suspecting for over a year now, that i’m one of these unique new brand of humans living on the planet at this time.

    I can relate to all of these..seeing through people’s BS, being a loner with few relationships, ulta hyper sensitive and never having had a “normal job” cuz i just can’t. UNBELIEVABLE.

    So glad i’m not alone. All of us must unite in a loving circle of light and find each other.

    Light and Love

  36. Zaur says:

    I think I never have been so interested in reading before seriously, It’s like taken out of my daily life as someone allready commented! Thank you for writing this so people that does not know is able to read this! If I were old enough to pay through internett I would have donated right away! Still I am glad there is anyone out there that wrote this down so punctual, Thank’s a million 🙂

  37. Isabel says:

    Spot on. The popular misconception about this is that some Baby Boomer parents are raising their child to think they’re “special” and behavioral problems naturally follow. I am a walking testament that this isn’t the case. I am every one of these things, despite growing up in less than ideal circumstances. Was never treated like I was special, hardly even a “good job,” even though I excelled at many things. A wildflower growing from a manure heap. The brains and heart of the family, even at the age of five. Some of us are just born this way, and in my mid-thirties, I still struggle with the fact that people seem stuck in a high school way of life, putting on a mask to fit in. I just can’t do it, never could. I see through all of it. I know who people are, just by looking at them. All of society’s pretenses strike me as silly, (and dangerous, if you look at politics) but it alienates me because I don’t follow their customs.
    Just got rid of friends who still act like they’re in a high school clique. In their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I now have busybody neighbors who won’t leave me alone. They eavesdrop and stare, knock on the door. A single female “indigo/empath” in an apartment building who works at home running a business. This arouses suspicion, apparently. I’m not like them, and they need to know why. Where’s her husband? Why doesn’t she leave 8:30 to 5, like the rest of us? It’s like the Salem witch trials, I tell ya. Friggin creepy. I’m officially one of those pissed off “indigos.” And they know it, from the choice words I deliver. Would really like to find some people who are a little more evolved. More like people, less like curious cows chewing cud and waiting to die. Until then, I’m holding my ground. Alone for the most part. Which I don’t have to be, but I am done compromising who I am just to have company. Screw that. I’m here for something better.

  38. Your message is clear.. Sounds very familiar. Many truths in this article which you have mentioned speaks directly to my son… Well written . Thanks for the post it is enlightening.
    Visit us today at our site. I would love to have you on as a guest authour.

  39. The message in this article is very concise. It speaks directly to me. Much of the indigos characteristics mentioned here are directly related to my son. The vision is clear now. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Please visit our site soon!

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  41. Susan says:

    Wow. That is all I have to say. I was looking through the internet for some answers.
    I some time ago, a friend of mine who said she could read/see people’s auras. She said I had an Indigo Aura. At that time I thought it was all for fun and not serious.

    Now the more I think about it, maybe she was telling the truth? So I looked up online, came to find this article. I’m very impressed. This is dead on how I feel, think, do everything. lol

  42. michelle says:

    thank you…Thank you soo much..I feel like I can be understood. I have felt so alone for the longest time. Thank you. I want to know my purpose…I need to know.

  43. RaulCreed says:

    i wait for purpose, for it must come, or this darkness will be my escape

  44. Joe says:

    So refreshing to read an article on this subject from someone who doesn’t ride unicorns and crap moonbeams. So much of the literature is so caught up in the metaphysical that they miss the point of what it is to exist as an indigo. Thanks so much for your article.

  45. James says:

    I’be been trying to find a websight that acctualy makes sense and didn’t sound like the righter was on drugs while righting it. It’s nice to find someone who rights from personal experience and not from reserch. Thanks to you im now certian that I’m an indigo.

  46. Ginger says:

    This is a great sourse, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. There must be other signs! I mean, I could be ALL of thses things (Which I am) and still not be an Indigo child right? I WANT to be one, but where is the proof? No high IQ? No special junk? I’m not being a hater or discouraging it. I just want solid facts!

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      I think if you’re all of these things you probably are… anyway the proof is when you find out that it just makes you understand yourself more and live in a more intelligent way to know yourself as indigo. When that happens, you say, “either it’s true or it’s not, but it doesn’t even really matter because it works.”

  47. whocares says:

    oh, thank you so much

    when i was in elementary school i often got in to a fights (i didn’t fight, though, i’m physically
    weak), parents took me to psychologist, everyone said i was crazy.
    no one knew why i’m acting the way i do, no one could understand me, and it’s simply hard to explain to people who don’t want to understand.

    i read this article few months ago, and now i don’t feel alone.

    thank you so much

  48. Carolyn says:

    thank you so much for this. There are ALOT of articles about Indigos on the internet…. but none as specific as this one. I think this really nails it. We really are unusual and our lifestyles are far from the “norm” .I know all other indigos will agree with me. I think outside the box on everything and i’m quite dissapointed with how life is lived here. I

  49. ryoko says:

    Thanks Andrew! it made sense on so many things finally. uum.. no wonder what I felt in the past 🙂 Keep up a great job!

  50. ryoko says:

    Hi, Andrew, yep. I am from Japan, but staying out of “dogmatic enviroment” for very long 🙂 Somehow, I don’t fit in there.. Happy to find a better place now!

  51. cinthia says:

    yes we are depressives… and is hard. Ive been looking for help for a long time but no one seems to be up for it, or maybe they dont understand…. this helped alot… thanks.

  52. Poetic Lyric says:

    Hi Andrew,
    WOW. I am so HAPPY I found this article.
    Everything started when I wrote about the poem Illuminated Child on my blog.
    It was 10 days ago and at that time I did not know about the label indigo.
    the day after a close friend of mine sent me a documentary about indigos. That’s the first time I got to know about indigos. So, excited I txted my soulmate and told her.
    She said that her mum and her know that I am indigo. So, I wondered why they did not tell me knowing about my life and my super super rebellious nature etc.
    What I love is the fact that I can give my parents information about us, so that they know at least (or get an idea) that the reality I am talking about is not “bullshit” but real and FELT and REAL ( I say it again – hehe).
    I want to thank you so much and YES UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love with a condition is not love at all.
    Thank u thank u thank u.
    I loved the part where you clarified that everyone is equal, there are no binaries.
    All the is is ONENESS.
    LOVE everywhere.
    Hugs and Love
    from me

  53. Shyloh says:

    Thank you so much for this.

    I suddenly completely understand everything now C:

  54. Teodoro says:

    ANDREW, I need your HELP; First, I don’t think I’m an Indigo. I think that many people, as a matter of vanity, crave for being labelled INDIGO; I am vain, but realistic, LOL. But the reason I’m writing to you is that I feel so many things and behave in such a way that I end up being completely lonely and desperate for affection. I am going to try to give you my profile; tell me what you think ( I need to fit in somewhere):
    1. As a kid I never understood people’s violence and kept wondering what their causes were. 2. I was always longing for a real friend but never had one. 3. I’ve always felt strong love for people and never hated anyone, although I hated people’s ignorance. 4. I can love even those who treat me badly or do me some harm. 5. My mind is always thinking about the future, about how loving people can be one day, how the world will be more beautiful without crimes, pollution, more nature and how backward we are (I’ve always felt that very strongly and all the time). 6. People look at me as if I were an Alien and I feel that way many times. 7. I can’t really explain that, but I feel complete with nature; since I was a kid I’ve loved climbing trees and I find nature irresistible (especially trees, don’t know why). 8.I hate lying and I’ve done that only a few times in my life, and I suffered a lot when I did so. 9. Beauty touches me so deeply that sometimes I keep repeating a beautiful scene, situation, view, gesture in my mind and it can last years. I simple hug can break me (in a good way); but I really know when things are sincere; I can read people from their faces, especially eyes. If you give 3 seconds I can tell you who to trust or not. 10. I live in a world apart, with my imagination and feelings (always deep). 11. I don’t care about material things; you can break everything I have and I won’t hate you or feel offended. 12. My strongest desire is finding people with whom I can connect and identify. 13. I had a strong depression after my early twenties and overcame that without anyone’s help (nobody knew about it). 14. I and a neighbor of mine were always labelled as different, even though no one could ever explain how. 15. I am as lonely as a person can be but everyone likes talking to me (it’s hard to explain how that happens).
    I’m writing because despite all these things I don’t think I’m an Indigo, I’ve never had any supernatural experience and I have no especial talent. Can you help me with some advice? I’ve always felt so lost… I’ve been trying to deal with this feeling of optimism, oversensitivity and melancholy and I don’t have anyone to share it with.
    From Brazil,

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Hey Teodoro, as far as I can see you are definitely indigo – you don’t need to have 100% of the traits to qualify and actually I think the supernatural stuff is very much over-stressed. I never had any interesting supernatural experiences until I was about 19.

      I feel for your loneliness. I know exactly what it’s like. If you like we can chat sometime, or I can try to connect you with one of my indigo friends for you to talk to (as it may be hard for me to find the time, depending).

      Welcome home 🙂

  55. Teodoro says:

    I’m so glad that you read what I wrote! My loneliness is not that tragic as I enjoy my own company; but the only problem (and big one) is that I really like the company of other people. Hey, lately I’ve felt waves of energy around my body (especially on top of my head), how supernatural is that? Tell me about your supernatural experiences, I’m really curious.I’d be really, really happy if you introduced me to some of your friends, regardless of their being Indigo or not (I still doubt I’m one; sometimes I think I want to be one just to satisfy my ego, LOL, I’ve got SO much to learn…) or if you had some time to tell me more about your life, projects, etc.
    Thank you very much Andrew,
    Best Wishes

  56. Thought that I will soon be sixty, and I have often thought, I do not fit, I should have lived my life in a different time period.
    Just as often I have thought that I am here to serve and to help, and even to act as some sort of starter for or to others, this is my general task here on this planet.
    By this I also have had managed to survive at least the last 15 to 20 years or after that I have in a way accepted that it could be the reason?
    Now I wonder, are there others, people who come to the same conclusion? Could there be others who have the desire to explain, develop or discuss my thoughts?
    It could be very interesting if one or several would be so kind to chair their own experience, what problem or troubles they have had trough their lives. Me my selves for an example, could get the guts out of anyone or just make them angry as hell just by enter any room, pure me knowing nothing, or it will take me severel weeks off trying to find out why. I know I’m taking a lot off space just being me, but?

  57. ton says:

    Fantastic article. I believe this has nipped me in a bud. From a long& deceiving childhood of being the “odd one out”, I finally reached my on going conclusion of which about 2 year ago now, and since have became happier with my self knowing, and acceptance of life.

    – I’d love for you to email me about a matter that I consist with information

  58. c.d.s says:

    Hii I’m 13and I feel very strongly that in “indigo” because you just sumed uo my life in that artical. Thank you, yoy gave me answers that I have needed for 5 years.

  59. M says:

    I also quickly want to point out the type of star children (crystal, rainbow, indigo) that the majority of even spiritual people don’t know about –blue rays. I feel the need to point it out because they often get mistaken for indigos. They have most of the same traits but they vary in a few ways.

    They are different, but Indigos are often more obviously different, it is very unlikely for an Indigo to even have the ability to hide or be anything other than they are. Blue rays are super adaptable, the can even exist within an abusive environment for years, um, “successfully” (not happily, but they adapt extremely well). Their missions are the key difference. Indigos are here to break the mold and point out the flaws within the structure of society and, at their least conscious, even mirror it. Blue rays are here to enlighten genetic codes and to be the “voice” of the new age as they operate predominately from their throat chakra, they are the communicators. In short, Indigos lead (often defiantly) by example, Blue rays are empathic observers who lead by communication.

    If you want to know more, search Google with this sequence exactly, so that you’ll utilize the search shortcuts and you won’t get those pesky links to blu-ray players: “Blue” ray -disc

    [You’ll still get unrelated links (not enough info out there), but you can try to do a site search by adding (no quotation marks) “site:lightworkers.org” to the beginning of the above search sequence. (Like this ~ site:lightworkers.org “Blue” ray -disc)] The lightworker website has a few nice posts on it. Good luck, Starseeds!

  60. Bohdan says:

    Thank you Andrew.
    That makes a great deal of sense. What you describe fits me almost perfectly. I do however have some uncertainties.
    I looked this up because a number of people told me that I am such a person. Although I enjoy what is described in this article and find that it fits, I am compelled to question the whole concept of an indigo label, as it perpetuates the idea of a spiritual elite.
    I feel I would find it very difficult to suggest to others that I am an Indigo. I have by no means mastered my ego, however, this whole indigo business feels egotistical and cliquey.
    Anyway, my point is not in opposition to what you’ve written. I am the sort of person you have described and I am glad to have read it (and in honesty, like the idea of being such a person). I feel however, that if the indigo phenomenon is real, then a true indigo would not suggest that they are so, or, that indigo is a condition or state that can be achieved by all.

    One other thing. I am 35, and have had for as long as I can remember, this seemingly useless ability to (for lack of a better word), “flex” something in the middle of my head. I can do this repeatedly anytime, although it does tire me out after a while. More recently as I’ve been playing with it and come to realize that when I “pulse” my head, a wave travels down my spine and through my body. Its somewhat esoteric and makes for an unusual question, but I would love to know if you or anyone you know might have an idea what this is?

    With love and curiosity,


  61. Hey Andrew,

    I can’t believe I waited this long to visit your blog. It’s an understatement to say that I’ve been preoccupied in situations from which I should have released myself a long time go. So glad I finally made my way over here to read your stuff.

    I’ve also struggled with an aversion to “labels” in general, and I think part of the reason I’ve avoided “outing” myself for the past three (or more) years has been connected to an amalgam of related issues, including the whole labeling bit.

    In addition, I have been withholding my best writing (and other creative work) from the world for far too long (again for a combination of reasons), and recently my immune system has kicked my butt to knock some sense into me.

    I really enjoyed this article. It brought tears to my eyes. I can scarcely remember reading such a grounded description of the indigo personality. It’s not something Steve, Erin, or anybody else ever taught me. Maybe they all wanted me to pull the puzzle pieces together for myself. I love them even more for that.

    Do you only offer RSS subscription to your site?

  62. Kanchan Dubey says:

    I dont know how I ended up here but this is a great post! Made me reflect on my life even though im only 23…i really can relate to all you have said. I feel so said that society is so controlled that most of us are living unconciously…every being on this earth should spread love and peace. We need to be more understading…..& take care of our earth!

  63. Karma says:

    Wow thank you for this fantastic article! I had heard the term “indigo child” and didn’t know anything about what it was – I thought it was a label for very extraordinarily gifted spiritual kids.

    You have put into very practical terms what an Indigo is – and I relate to it strongly. I feel so much more at peace with myself now, as I have struggled since I was a child to try to ‘fit in’ but I found the stupid social games that people play (the masks) so silly and annoying. I have never put on a mask, and people don’t seem to like that. Like you said, it seems to make them nervous.

    I have been able to read people (there true intentions) since I was a kid and I can always tell when someone is lying to me. I read peoples eyes and find that very few people can hold my gaze. So that was very interesting.The part about unconditional love was very interesting, as I have felt that people don’t know how to take me and often back away from me like I am coming on too strong – not in romantic situations, just in day-to-day life situations (even over the internet). I have always felt misunderstood and very much a loner.

    I have had a strong feeling (a mission I guess you could say) to help people. In the last year I have been tapping in to my true potential and I know understand that I am able to access healing energy from a higher power and channel that into people. I have never done any courses (like Reiki). I have always wanted to give people ‘massages’ (laying on of hands) and even as a kid the people around me responded very positively to my touch (found it relaxing, soothing, ect). So as I grew up I thought I was meant to be a masseuse. But now I know what I am meant to do.

    I grew up in a very violent and abusive home, and my parents and siblings feel like aliens to me. I abhor violence. I know that I am from another planet and have always felt like an alien on this planet. I have had visions about the planet that I am from. I have told very few people about this.

    I like that you have resources to help Indigo people – I am going to check out a lot of them and see if I can get connected to other Indigo’s.

    Thank you bundles and bundles,
    In eternal gratitude,
    Karma (yes it’s my real name, believe it or not)

  64. angel says:

    iv known for some time tht im ”different ” i see and hear and can heal , theses articles have helped me so much thank you , i would like to grow more and help my indigo child to grow also .

  65. ludwig weber says:

    but what a relief. to be in the company of otherworldlys. thank you, andrew. everything you have written here is right smack on target. however, a question please, if i may… know of any otherworldly in the philippines? i feel so damn alone. and being in the midst of a multitudinous base humanity is plaintively hellish

  66. John says:

    Thanks, but it still can’t really solve my purpose in life but it helps at the most.

  67. Discocat says:

    This article saved my life.
    No part of me is surprised at the exact match up between myself and these words
    In fact, it calms me
    I love you so so much
    You have no idea
    HAHAHA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. juwon banwo says:

    Dear Andrew,

    Reading this helped a lot but has also caused me some confusion though i possess some of the features of an indigo child/adult but it seems like i am moving in a direction that is totally away from finding my true self. I think i need counseling.


  69. DD says:

    I love this article! Thank you so much! I don’ t feel so alone anymore. I have never wanted to label myself, but so much of what you describe applies to me. You are so right about the zombie state. I still struggle with that because I’m in school and its so hard to pay attention to things like angular momentum when people are dying! DYING! out there and it kills ME. I know that either I’m going to do something amazing to help the world, or die, and by that I mean become a zombie. I already am in some ways, but there is a beautiful bubble inside of me that’s like an egg, and it holds a pure person, child, and this is asking me to live. To shed the skin I’ve made to protect it. I have been the outer shell, getting “dirty” out here pretending to be normal, fake like everyone else, but failing because if I can’t express, fulfill that inner purpose Ill die. Ive been depressed for a long time because its hard to conform to get through college to get a degree to have “credibility” in the world so I can DO something… Yes. Its either live to do what you came here to do, or be depressed forever knowing you’re pretending to be so much less than yourself. It’s unbearable. I’m trying, and I hope anyone reading this will feel better knowing you are understood, and we are here together! to do this. We may be spread out, or maybe hiding, but we are not alone, and there is much to do. I love you.

  70. rareorchid says:

    I wish my parents had access to these information. It was quite a struggle growing in an environment where I told I a loner due to the fact I was weird. Never the less did I ever felt that way.

  71. Mike says:

    Oh…My….God…. I’m almost 27 and I had no idea…. I could seriously cry right now. Thank you so much for your blog!! I’ve had some serious thoughts of ending it (Ending it with a capitol razor blade) for the past few years because I seriously thought I was insane (or an alien) and very alone and misunderstood.

    I thought these things made me weird: My wife is 9 years older than me. I want to learn everything about everything, but I don’t want to be taught anything. I feel like I need to change the world – yesterday. I don’t understand why what I understand isn’t understood by everyone else (It’s so simple, right?). I studied film and work as a video producer (Shut up cinema buffs! Video can be creative too :P). Up until very recently I drank entirely too much. I knew the exact times that my gramma and my pet rabbit died before anyone told me (I’ve only told my mom those ones and there’s been other feelings that weren’t as serious). Absolutely hate hate HATE anyone telling me what to do. Besides my wife and dog my best friends are my basement walls. I could on and on, but I’ll spare you all. But I’ve gotten so frustrated recently that I really just wanted to give up!..

    ..However, “coincidences” brought me here and I’m positive now that they’ll take me further. I’m literally 15 minutes into even the concept of an indigo person (heard the term, but never inquired about it) and I already feel like I can breathe again.

    I’m not nuts! I’m ok. And I’m not alone. I guess we’re not alone, huh? 😛 I’ve gots more readings to do’s! Any “beginners guides” anyone can point me to? Never mind I’ll figure it out haha. But any help is appreciated

    Thank you, and yes.. I Love you!!!

  72. AAA says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I have all of these traits. But I do not have any special psychic ability.

    But when I was smaller (when I was doing something) I used To think that I had done this before or I Had seen that before though it was the first time. May be I had seen the future of doing that thing in a dream or something but i forgot.
    Ounce I thought that I was going to fall from the motorbike when I was returning home in that motorbike with my family and truly that accident took place. Ounce I saw ghost in a night and I also had some special dreams which i had confused with reality. when I used to think about the origin of universe and about the creation of god and about time and space I used to feel like a foreign to earth..etc etc…But that was past. now such things stopped happening.
    Eventually I got totally immersed in pc games and i forget to fear ghosts and lost interest in spiritual stuffs. I was gradually turning into a normal person. But recently (about 1 week ago), an external force guided me again to this stuffs. I am a Indian and I hate their extra ordinary lack of knowledge. Hinduism is the most bullshit religion (It believes in 330 millions god and their rituals and ancient stories about gods are the ultimate BULLSHIT). So I believe I have a special mission that I am getting all these knowledge about the truth of life.

    Now I believe that every thing is made of energy. thus all of us are the same since we all are energies. We are the part of the same system of energy. I believe we are one and the same. AND God is also energy (with supreme intelligence).

    We all are interconnected to God.

    Presently I am enjoying the beauty of nature ( though India is more like dumping ground ) and seeking truth and enlightenment.

    I am Trying to enjoy every situations and feelings (even fear and pain).

    At past I used to think loneliness as a hell but now I am trying to enjoy it.

    Loneliness is Important to know oneself. But That does not mean that I do not need company. I am dying for company with like minds. ( presently my best friends are dogs)

    I am trying to gain all the psychic powers. But I feel somehow scared while meditating. I feel that I am very close to activating the 3rd Eye but fear restricts me to do so.

    My present Target is to build up psychic powers to help the people to bring them on the right track and my dream is to live in a beautiful world where there is only love, peace and harmony.

  73. Queen_V says:

    I just wanna say thank u, bless you! I love u too! Lol. It’s crazy how even as u wrote and I read, I felt the knowledge, the humor, wisdom, AND the energy. I just wanna keep opening myself up and digging deep to obtain that authentic me…then I can share me and that whole process with others just as u have done. WooHoo. Here’s to each one doing their part, for themselves and for a greater humanity. One Love allllllllll day & night! We are family…the stars nor oceans or dimensions could keep us apart.

  74. Queen_V says:

    Double freaky how my last post was posted at 11:11 when this same exact numbers woke me up to my full blown journey, which in turn led me to greater awareness, which in turn led me to seek out more answers, which in turn…lol..led me to this blog! So for ally many turns….and seeing that number again, it only convinces me further that I am on the right path. For all of u Indigo employees and self employed lightworkers who at times feel alone, my dream (which is one of many) one day is to be successful enough that I can lead a project to get a large group of Indigos together and build a living complex or gated community similar to the Ommish but more importantly have a living arrangement closer to other Indigos where we can all make business art and spirituality and anything else wonderful a day to day life. If anyone else might be interested in something like this pls discuss or let me know cause its worth an honest chat! I have no children yet but wish I could raise my child in an indigo based community (if I can call it that just for GP) what do u think about it? Maybe that would help a lot of us overcome all that depression we seem to go thru.

  75. AAA says:

    I am starting to see 11:11. Sometimes I force myself to see 11:11. also my third eye was always there kept opened I was just unable to use that.

  76. AAA says:

    Search for the truth , seek for enlightenment , learn about kundalini, try to activate your potential energy, learn about the law of attraction , believe in the oneness, believe in love and your higher self will guide you.
    (remember sex is not a bad thing. Try to control the sexual energy. It is the secret of power. It is that godly energy that can create a life. This fact is hidden through religions (by those who do not want all of us to gain power). ENLIGHTENMENT=HIGHER SEX.(I used to despise sex but I got this fact in a site. people sees sex in the wrong eyes and my indian classmates always talks about sex and makes sexual jokes mainly because they think that sex is an evil thing. This is The situation of world.)
    Follow the signs of the universe. It will guide you.

  77. Zack Harris says:

    I am so shocked this sounds exactly like me, I always wondered why I felt a little different than everyone else.

  78. Preston tackett says:

    I was brought up in religion but resisted it for I felt nothing and I have always felt like an outcast. The only things that i have never had is a out of body Express. I am 14 I don’t understand if I’m special or just a stick in the mud because of these I ask some one please HELP ME UNDER stand.

  79. Armando Posada says:

    Its a bit shocking that i fit every category on this page. I’ve always seen through EVERYTHING and no one can really lie to me. i always seem to see past peoples ego’s and the “not real them”. I feel i need to awaken people right now and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past couple months. I’ve awoken many people, but my job inst over yet. Thank you for this article it was very informational. loved it.

  80. Rakabient??? says:

    anythings possible could be wrong as time goes on and I become more and more aware I will know anyways so for now everything EVERYTHING in this article is me I have more than a hunch that I am truly INDIGO thank you so much for this

  81. Rakabient??? says:

    (correction) is and was me

  82. Kyle Levesque says:

    the past year and a half or so i’ve gone on learning crusade, if you will, soaking in any and everything that actually interested me. and i always react to stimuli in a mirror like manner, seeing myself in it, or being able to relate and connect in with other thoughts or theories. i’ve read about the ‘entity’ in egar cayce readings, i’ve read of ubermench (superman) in Thus spake zarathustra. i felt like they were talking especially to me (especially thus spoke zarathustra); there’s something about the blend of poetic and philosophical that speaks to me, and i’ve just started to read about past life therapy, which has, once again, transformed my philosophy. i’ve reviewed every natal chart, numerology chart and 2 bit psychic reading websites over over, and they’re all saying the same thing. i too suffer from a chronic illness, and i too believe i’m indigo. i would really like to learn more though you could maybe email me.

    ps. i suffer from crohn’s disease, if you have any information on that regarding indigo’s and or subjects related.

  83. Mirela says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I finally understand now and can be on my way to fully accepting myself.
    I’m also an empath, lightworker, medium, telepath and healer but when I learnt about indigo children, it was the hardest on for me to accept…because it explains me so well and that upset me a little bit.
    I don’t think I’ve ever properly met an indigo child before…
    I mean I’ve come across them, I know that but I don’t think I personally know any others…
    It really pisses me off though how you can love someone so much and their love doesn’t match yours.
    All I ever wanted (before I discovered spirituality) was to ‘fit-in’ with everyone else. I did…well I tried…
    it made me so unhappy so when I tried being more like myself I got labelled!!!
    Anyway I don’t really want to say much right now…but could you possibly email me?? I’d really appreciate being able to talk to another person like me 🙂
    Thanks again for the article! I really, really appreciate it!!
    Love and Light,
    Mirela xxx

  84. maddie says:

    well alot of this makes alot of since im just kinda confused and was scaming thro all this wrighting and i just kinda wanted to ask a few questions myself if u could email me at some point maybe who evers websit im on i would like to ask a few questions maybe u can help me find answers

  85. josh says:

    Thank you so much never thought a virtual hug not specifically directed at me could make me feel so good. Just earlier today I figured out what was “wrong” with me. How could I have been foolish enough to waste even one minute not being happy?

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Don’t beat yourself up about it darling, even your unhappiness was for a reason 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found an answer that’s helped you, now keep reaching for the stars 🙂 <3

  86. David Miller says:

    I was going to make a list of key points, even have paper and pen handy, when I started to read but it’s easier to say what wasn’t a key point. Nothing. lol I’ve added this to my favorites and intend to investigate most the links.
    Awesome, absolutely awesome. This is the second article that reads like an autobiography, even better than a book I read.
    Thank you
    Blessed Be

  87. Jarrod Blaine Williams says:

    Oversensitivity. It has driven me to drink, etc. The heavy mountain of hatred of this world makes me so sad at times.. And I know I am not cut out to be the “successful businessman” mold that im supposed to, in order to be “happy”.. If I were given a mission, it would be great to fill the void. Im so suicidal from how hard, and unfathomable this life is. Where is the love? I wish I could fly, or transcend this planet, and its sorrowful way of life-there HAS to be something better.

  88. me raw says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I was reading and it was sooooooooo much like reading about myself…totally…every word..trust me! I am a newly-woken Indigo 😉 (if that’s what I should call) ..So glad to meet another Indigo..Since my ‘self-realisation’, I have been wanting to talk to someone who would understand & believe…& wanting to share soo badly about it…You are soo true about ‘Unconditional Love’, I would say to myself so often- why can’t people love someone unconditionally..& i’ve a;ways known what I feel for others is very pure & strong. I read the ‘Intution’ part & laughed put aloud..Coz that’s exactly what I thought…I have this ability of ‘Seeing’ thru people..I can just read them- but refused to consider it as a psychic ability.
    Very apt blog..This definitely helped me understand myself better. Thank you so much indeed..Bookmarking your blog for future use ..incase I come across another Indigo who needs it 😉

  89. Nikita says:

    Thankx fr d article..its my confirmation! I had certain difficulties fr quite a long tym, bt life’s much easier now.. one suggestion I hv fr evry indigo n all othrz hvng a tough tym s society will accept evrythng but u gotta know hw to make em accept it.. hell, dey accept d worst, y not d better?? We r stronger…if v cnt change things even wid dese spcl gifts, den v r as good as dead..no point us being born special… Stop being self obsessed..d world at large s goin to b d concern..let’s get ovr ourselves n see hw v can help… Buck up,guys!! Lots o love <3 🙂

  90. Winston says:

    Thank you so much for this elaborate article. I often find myself eternally grateful for being born in 89′ along with the advent of the internetz!! Don’t know what I’d do without the hodgepodge of information readily available at the click of a button…. But that’s neither here nor there….

    I’ve recently undergone the (brutally anguishing) transformation from: “You do NOT talk to me like I was shit. You do NOT talk down to me just because I am a child. I am NOT worth less. I am NOT less capable of deciding for myself how I will live. If you try and tell me what to do I will KILL you.”

    To: “Touch, hug, kiss, “I love you”.

    It took 4 years of drug addiction, 3 years of travel through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, countless single serving companions, 2- week long jail stints, suspension of my drivers license, and the near complete draining of my aura resulting in some seriously, parasitically dark thought forms.

    Even at my absolute lowest…. rock bottom… I was still very aware that I was fooling myself as I was very into astral projection as a teenager and would dream lucidly through out my childhood. I had always felt the vibrations of love but somewhere between graduating from high school and doing what I do now working as an activist to stop hydrofracking…. I lost myself.

    Chins up old souls. Do what you FEEL and KNOW is right (i know it’s very cliche; but true)…. Have faith in your purpose and the order of the universe will not only show you the way, but also illuminate the path with left over remnants of wisdom from past lives. I thought I’d never find the way, but here I sit…. 22 years old feeling like I’ve just emerged victorious from a mid-life crisis. PEACE.

  91. Stacey says:

    I have found a sense of comfort in what you have written. Lately I have been feeling very down and misunderstood. Not only by those around me but by myself as well. I have been diagnosed ADHD about 5-6 years ago, and PTSD in the past 3 years. In the past 2 years they have diagnosed me borderline personality disorder with cluster b disorder as well. I hav anxiety and bad spells of depression which I am currently experiencing. I believe I have been an Indigo since birth. By reading what you wrote I now see I need help and not from mental health. The medication and doctors are only going to keep me in a cage, confused. My boyfriend is not understanding at all when I brought up to him that I was getting into crystal healing and attempting to find a teacher/guide. He had major jealousy and control issues and made me feel completely powerless. Right now, I need help, what I have inside me is strong. I don’t know how to control it or use it and my emotions are too strong to do this in my own. I have ALL of the above traits, the majority are so strong that they make me feel out of place. I wish the man I love could accept me and just love me for me. Because I love him like I always tell him ” to the intergalactic moons and back babe”. Where do I go from here? He won’t let me talk to anyone to get guidance on this aspect of my life, he thinks it’s just my DISORDERS that needs to be worked on. Different mess or different doctors. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  92. Stacey says:

    Winston, we sound very much alike… Only I’m 26 and still haven’t founded it to where you have yet. I’m very happy for you.

  93. nicole says:

    Thanks for this. All of these traits describe me; but to put them all together in one place like this is pretty cool. I always knew I was different, powerful, alien, or heavenly. Many others have recognized me as “different,” and pointed out what my differences are, but none could put a finger on why or how I became this way. For me, I find it unbelievable that everyone doesnt see, feel or think the way I do. I believe everyone can, but they are either numb to the world due to their own pain, or they are choosing to ignore it because it IS so painful to be able to absorb all of the energy around you. As you referred to others as “zombies” I tend to call them “empty” or just flat out “stupid.” And this journey is very lonely. People that get close to me become very afraid of my intensity and run away. It’s like they see something in me that mirrors a part of themselves they are afraid of- and they can’t handle it. I have not yet been in an intimate relationship with another who is like me, but I would love to try! I don’t know where to find the “others” 🙂

    But I will keep looking!

    Thanks again,

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      yes, i know that thing about them being scared of your intensity and running away.. keep looking! my life started when i found my soul-family. now i find new members every day.

      it’s kind of a shift you do and they suddenly start coming. though it can’t hurt to have moved to a very “open” city like barcelona. <3

      good luck and thanks!

      sophia (andrew)

  94. Flytap says:

    Everything you said above described me perfectly…but i constantly feel like im not in the right environment and my emotions have started to become depleted. I have also been doing meditation everyday but i never seem to get to the high levels of meditation because when i do i get overly excited and then it snaps me out of the trance. If anyone has any suggestions for what i can do it would help a bunch 🙂 peace to all. Add me on flytrap8@yahoo.com

  95. the moon's gift says:

    Hey you know what, your writing above about “DONT…bla..bla..bla…I KILL YOU” is just like like dream theater’s song “as i am” lyric.. indeed.. and, coincidentaly, that song is my ringtone for years, all my friend said that a weird song/ringtone, but i love it.. maybe the dream theater is indigo too ah?! Hahaa… anyway, im fit all those sign except one, i cant see ghosts or such, am i an indigo too??? Anyway i can “talk” to animals, and i have an IQ of 999 or in general, ONE THOUSAND!!! hahaa.. just kidding… God bless you indigos….

  96. WhoamI says:

    Good read. I thought indigos were “young souls” but yea I’m surprised to find the traits are a 100% accurate when it comes to me, except having adhd and add. I am a very patient guy who’s 25, but look 19. Ever since I was a kid, I always thought i was a loner running around in the Philippines with rest of the kids while trying to fit in playing getting in trouble. I don’t feel comfortable in a group full of people, I be feeling alone like i don’t belong in there so i keep a small crowd. I don’t like to argue with people or joke around, but i let them joke around about me despite of how harsh they hit me with it i let it roll on (now am i looser for that?) Like i said i don’t like to joke around so i chose not clown around thats just not me. And as far as being sensitive, like when i get clowned i know how they play their games with their indirect jokes i just observe it and see it like damn i cant be like that so i accept it instead of trying to hurt their feelings back so to me its an understanding. i use to do that when i was younger now im more spiritual, obsessed with feeling the vibration of my third eye and seeing the waves in the darkness, rebellious to whoever is guiding us to the edge of the cliff, wishing the money, technology is soon to be over so we can live a simple life instead of technical (im prepared for those days) and i think that way life would be more exciting, at least for me it will be. And for being multi talented i got those gifts like their natural to me (not to try to be better than everybody) im sure they got talents that its going to be challenging for me. I love animals, specially American pitbull terriers, i got this connection with them that is really special and i turn them to very good dogs from when their raised as pups to the end (r.i.p Roc and Rocky) Sorry for talking about myself too much, i only did this, because i want to know if im an indigo to others eyes when you read this, although the traits Andrew described is very much like me in my own eyes. PEACE..

  97. Tommy Zdanowicz says:

    Thank you so much I’m age 14 and I just read all off you valuable info last night. You answered all of m lid Lon questions and I just discovered I an indigo child. Thank you so much becaouse if it wasn’t do you I would probably never no who I Realy am. I now no who I truly am and I’m now finding more inner piece an happiness. I now Im not alone now and for thank I’m thankfull.

  98. smoke some dmt and watch

  99. MJ says:

    i was so overcome with joy when i read this article. I only this week even heard about indigo children and immediately suspected that i have finally found an explanation for, well, my entire life.

    here is a question I posted on yahoo this past year when I became desperate for answers: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110906074510AAtUhTR

    uncanny. it all makes sense now. thank you for writing this.

  100. Victoria says:

    Wow. I have just read my personal life story.

    Miserable childhood, a loner through childhood (although I did love school, but I excelled in all my subjects) I’ve enjoyed work but preferred my own company, never really gotten along with people at work except one guy who must be another Indigo, he has aspergers but we ‘clicked’, unfortunately, I’m married with children so we can barely be friends. Anyhow, I’m passionate about many things, flighty, always on the go. I recently quit work to take up photography, creativity! I feel as though I was put here to help people, and have spent a lot of my life doing just that although, my assisting usually ends up in me being left on my own again .. My girls both display traits of Indigo children, my eldest is super creative and also, just her own person – her school teacher told me that she has definitely never come across another like my daughter. My youngest daughter is an old soul without a doubt, I don’t know if she’s indigo but I’ve always felt that whoever she is, she’s higher than me and she’s here to teach me something. I struggled with her as a baby and sank into mild depression but, my unconditional love for her helped me (without use of pills!!) … I wish I could explore this more, but my husband isn’t interested.

  101. Everything in here is accurate, i’ve been looking for answers and i’ve only found it here. I know im positive for ADHD as i have read so many about it and highly achieved scored on online test. Although i found out late about it, im already 21. Symptoms from child to adult ADHD they all match. I even went to Psychiatrist for understanding or explanation but he was just speechless and gave me prescription of Fluoxetine instead.

    I actually cried while reading all the way down coz of the fact that finally someone understands / knows about us.

  102. susan gale says:

    I know you are correct about indigo being primarily about a spiritual connection. I would like to suggest one more thing to consider when considering “indigo” people. It is simply a way of life that has always been, but is coming to the increasing attention of western society. It is the way of life for all indigenous tribes across the world. It is not new, not a result of any evolving (except for the evolution of western thought), not from the star people (although the indigenous people have long interacted with star people). It is simply what a human being can be if s/he listens to his/her spiritual heart.

  103. jorge from uruguay says:

    well, from very far in distance but very close to heart i thank you for your article. in fact, í’ve known all this, all the time, since i was a little, little boy, but you can’t go around showing this tendency to kindness. in fact, though it goes against my nature, i ended up being a loner, protecting and hiding this tender heart of mine from others. and you know why? because a loving heart is not considered a masculine heart. and i protect myself from that general misconception. anyway, i don’t suffer loneliness because my heart is good company, yes it is. people like me in general, but i tend to like them as relatives, and i have even tried to harden me a bit. but i feel that i am reaching a stage of peace and self assurance, feeling glad of being who i am. i think i’ve always been, even through the hardest times, and there is that subtle Presence that never, never leaves you alone. God blessings to every one

  104. danny says:

    See the problem is i believe i am what is listed in thisbut if so would i be questioning it?? Many of these things are what i do daily think about problems that are supposedly “big” on this planet are just very small things in this whole universe and my parents are always angry because i never follow. But if i was one would i questioin it. would i just know?? maybe this is just me breaking down things a little too much but it is a different way to look at it. Or is this just me trying to be an indigo because i fasinates me?

  105. Cee says:

    Thanks for sharing, brother. Love & hugs~

  106. Sofia Rodrigues says:

    Thank you, thank you so much I’m so thrilled because now i understand everything, my personality, others, the universe ( I feel a little bit silly for saying this but its like its all connected and now i can see that). IM NOT THE ONLY ONE, i just want o scream that loud I wait 25 years for this but finally I get it =).

    Now I just need a moment to assimilate all this, because i think my head will explode if dont just stop a minute.

    Thank you again***

    P.s- Sorry about my english Im from Portugal and my english is a little rusty. Do you know how i can find a indigo community in my own country?

  107. Enzo says:

    All these traits as to tell whether you’re an indigo is crazy. This pretty much Described me in every way. I often dream of future events but i always thought it was deja Vu. But from 1-14 is pretty much everything about me. Im 24 now and since i was a kid, i always felt artistic and sort of an outsider. I can sense when something bad will happen or when someone is a bad person just by looking at them. And just recently i became a vegetarian after reading up on it. Strange on everything i just read.

  108. EgyptAnni says:

    Oh JOY!!!! FINALLY I find an article that states the SPECIFIC traits of Indigos!!! NOW, I can explain to my partner exactly what I am and why I act the way I do. Why I never last in convential employment, why I get pissed off when I can find no time to paint, draw, garden, meditate, listen to music, etc….Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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  110. Awakening says:

    This is me exactly! It’s like you are writing every word about me, seriously every single thing you listed explains me perfectly. I always thought there was something wrong with me (ever since I can remember), that I was different in some way but in the last few years I have felt myself awakening and the cloud shifting, if that makes sense? Glad I found your blog, have been “finding” a lot of things lately. I too am looking forward to showing this to my husband so that he will finally understand instead of just labeling me “nuts”. Thank you!

  111. Dawn says:

    This article describes me so much so that I could have written it myself . I remember my mother in her search to find what was ”wrong” with me years ago , saying she thought that I was an indigo child . (now she just tries to convince my that Im bi-polar) I never gave it much thought until recently . Im 28 years old and I have been going through some crazy crisis where I feel like Im not fulfilled in my life . A normally happily married , stay at home mother of 2 , fell head over heals in love with one of my husbands co-workers and have NO IDEA why (Im guessing that love just for the pleasure of it thing ?? Cuz man I feel hard for him and I dont know how to unlove him at this point . Which my husband tried his best to be patient with me about , but doesn’t understand and I cant explain , which I feel horrible for) . This threw me into a huge mess of crazy emotions , feeling lost and wanting things I had no idea how to get my hands on without making the whole world fall apart . A HUGE urge to strengthen my ”physic” abilities (which normally results in me seeing things that terrify me and backing off , but Im trying not to give up this time) . And a HUGE urge to be in nature as much as humanly possible . Does anyone know rather or not Indigo’s tend to be polyamorous ?? This is something I have always struggled with all my life , but especially recently . I cant seem to wrap my mind around that we are only supposed to love ONE person in our life with such passion ! There is a lot more to what’s going on with me recently than I could put here , but my self description as an ”earth child” (I tend to gain great power through nature , so I have always called myself that , to myself of course bc ppl look at me like Im NUTS) is in all actuality that I am an Indigo person . I needed this article so much right now !!!! That intuition really pay’s off sometimes .

  112. zach says:

    this is pretty amazing im 17 and just started digging into this and it really does describe me in almost every point. i wish there was a way to find concrete proof and i plan to keep searching, thank you for the information.

  113. Michelle says:

    All my life, I have never felt as if I fit in anywhere, until I discovered my birth religion as never before. When my father died 4 yrs ago, I felt lost and confused. I started to question my religion and “wandering” in spiritual awakening. I began dating after 12 yrs of being single, and I loved like no one else could love any man, but I could never feel as if was ever right. I now know that I found an indigo man in all of this, but because my own journey was dampened by human emotions to receive love as I wanted, we broke up, but I now believe it happened because he knew it had to end for both our sake. We are now back in communication after almost 2 yrs, as friends. He has taught me so much about myself and led me to who I am, which is all of what is in your words. I am so amazed and so relieved that I finally have some answers to so many questions, even questions I didn’t know that I had. Thank you for putting this together. It obviously means so very much to so many. I have also found what I believe to be 2 other indigos that I’ve been informing about all of this. They are very receptive and relieved also. Thank you from the depth of my heart and soul.

  114. howefrank says:

    Whoa! i fit all the traits …and as i read this …. i was alll yup … that , wow that mmmhm all the way down the page… its incredible…. to finally …well you know…im an empathic and have an inate ability to pick out a liar…ect… find me “samiamrealy” on IMVU.COM….IM THERE ALL THE TIME… PEACE !!!

  115. Schyler says:

    I think my only question would be, do you have to have all of those characteristics to be an Indigo? I have pretty much everything except for the high self-esteem and the resistance to authority. My self-esteem has improved over the years but it’s not as high my best friend (who actually helped me have a higher self-esteem) and I don’t mind structure or authority although recently I’ve had an issue with it but that may have to do with the fact that I don’t like being treated like I’m still a child. I was just wondering if you have to have all the traits to be an Indigo.

  116. Manuel says:

    Just… thank you :’)

  117. danae salyers says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  118. emad sultan says:

    as manuel said …. thank you ! cant find words … rally thanks for the info 🙂

  119. Gage says:

    IM a 19 year old indigo male. IM so happy to finnaly accept myself and improud. But I feel so stunt by this body and world . I have so much love and nowhere to express it I feel like IM about to explode like this body can’t fit all the energy I posses..I wanna help the world but I feel as if IM not . I just want to go where I belong and its not earth

  120. Noah J. says:

    Hi. Great article. I have quick question that I was hoping you could answer or point me in the right direction.

    I have been researching indigos for a couple of months now. All the information I find is usually just traits and characteristics. Your information about the topic was pretty much the best that I have seen. It was pretty spot on. The one thing I cannot find in my studies though is the origins of the indigos. I want to know where we come from. Some people say that we come from some star system, but what one? Also, if we are here on a mission, what is it?

    I keep postulating over these question with no results. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I think it might be you.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Hey there Noah.

      Thanks for your confidence 🙂

      I can’t profess to be totally sure about anything but I think indigos come from all sorts of different star systems, and even other dimensions or just the ether (e.g. souls that mostly developed in non-physical realms before choosing to incarnate / incarnated angels).

      I believe indigos are basically souls with a certain level of power or high vibration. For that reason the place doesn’t define them, except that souls of that level don’t exist native to Earth (by native I mean having done the whole process of incarnating many times starting from the lowest vibration and evolving towards the higher ones). Souls haven’t been incarnating on Earth for long enough for that. So indigos tend to come from elsewhere but apart from that nowhere in particular – there are many places with a high enough vibration to originate indigo souls.

      As for our mission – I’d say it’s pretty simple, raise the vibration of this world. I figure they are arriving more at these times because the world is beginning to have places which are tolerant, aware and open enough to make life more or less livable for them, sensitive as they are. The internet and other developments are making it a lot easier for them to wake up and realise their purpose. Though I also think they’re coming now because the world is also ready for *them*. (As far as I know they’ve always existed here, though. Perhaps I’m even wrong that there are more now, I don’t know). Their intense, warrior-like energy is good to get into the cracks of the old paradigm and force change to happen. People have access to more personal power now, more wealth and reach, and when indigos can get a hold of that they are very nicely placed to make things happen.

      I hope this helps.

  121. Kris says:

    ALL of these traits fit me, I have a hard time finding friends in school, but I feel a very great need to have them.

    I don’t laugh very easily and my sense of humor is not that great, but I very well may be one of the most intelligent student in freshman, I always feel as if they could give us more challange, more difficulty, so I usually do most of my learning when I’m at home because all they do is teach the basics and use overly tedious assignments rather than challanging us to think, rather than work.

    Reading this article has led me further into peace of who I am and why I am like this.

    Thank you.

  122. Luca Rossetti says:

    Just 2 words! THANK U ❤
    U can’t even imagine how many other special souls this articol will be able to help.
    Love Always

  123. Native guy says:

    I almost cried when I read this (im not usually one to cry either :p). My mom is very spiritual and she has told me about indigo/ crystal children. I say i almost cried because almost everything that i read in this article describes who i am to a tee. Ive always had a strong interest in consciousness and the universe, a day doesnt go by that i dont ask questions about the universe. I can sometimes obsess with trying to figure this stuff out. A few months ago i was attempting to astral project and i came extremely close to succeeding but i couldnt handle the feeling of leaving my body (i try to share this experience with friends but they ignore what i say because i dont think they believe me). Im gonna sleep tonight and attempt it tomorrow morning.

    I dont believe in god, or follow any religion. I do know that there is so much that is unknown, we have the answers. We just cant ask the right questions because its not questions that involve words, its a combination of “feelings/emotions” that we havent figured out yet.

    When i was very young, i used to have a reccuring dream of myself in a library in a very peaceful ‘city’. This library was gorgeous, with blue walls covered in yellow stars and crescent moons, with golden book shelves. There were lots of children and older, wise looking ‘wizard’ types. The children were sitting on the laps of the wizards and were reading very large books to each child privately. Every single time in the dream, a wizard would call me over (no words were actually spoken) i would go to him and he would pull out a large book to read to me. No words were spoken but i would get this feeling that what he was about to show me was my life story. The dream would always end before he opens the book. I used to have this dream countless times, until the age of 7ish, i can still remember the whole dream start to finish, vividly…. Oh how i miss it -.-

    Now i dunno if im an indigo child… But i do know that i have a purpose, my goal in life has always been to change atleast one persons perspective on SOMETHING, anything. Whether im making millions, or begging for change, as long as i can make one person feel something different, then im happy.

    Anyways, great article, its late, i need sleep

  124. Debbie says:

    Just got through reading this blog. Good stuff here I can definitely relate, although I am not AD HD, there are times when I have a zinging feeling like a vibration in my blood. I love the feeling, I have a chronic Illness, Crohns disease which is an autoimmune disorder. My oldest son is Indigo like me and my youngest is Crystal. I had piss poor grades in school. I hated the status quo and still do. Authority pisses me off, we are all supposed to be equal in all ways. Thanks so much for helping everyone out with this and letting us know we are not alone or freaks!!

  125. Mark Harries says:

    I can already see that your writing this article has began to help so many others. i messaged you here and facebook. I’ve recently been awakened by two of my now, only until recently, closest friends. Who, upon reading this i have understood to be part of my soul family. Of course inside i knew what they were all along. I just wanted to be another person to say thankyou for making so much sense of it all for me and like almost all of the comments here, Reading this has been like reading my life story, especially as a child.
    SO Thankyou Sophia and thankyou to everybody else that helped you discover this.
    possibly, a fellow Indigo.

  126. Ryan Leath says:

    Thank you for this, explains many things that have gone on in my life and personality.

  127. Beautiful… I feel like if I was meant to read your article today.

    I believe we can really change the world together, no doubt!

    Take care!

    Juan Luis Castellanos

  128. LP Lopes says:

    Hi Sophia…you just CRUSHED ME!
    I came to your website without knowing HOW!!! I was doing a little bit of research on marketing, and suddenlly on my 9 open folder navigator, i starred at one that should not be there, that said : How to Tell if you are an Indigo.
    Curiosity, curiosity…and i saw myself in every f***in word you wrote…i’m still in shock, and this is not a scam…
    I had “some” spiritual knowledge through the years, but never got interested in knowing if i was…Indigo…and now…o_O

    … in a bit of shock now!
    But THANK YOU A LOT for the “revelation”!

  129. aj says:

    Eureka Moment! Thank you for the lovely article, I first found an article through another website regarding characteristics of crystal and indigo children. I just wanted to let you know that this new info has shed more light on me, from the way I’ve grown up to how I’ve reacted towards people and always having a strong sense of duty and an appreciation of life in it’s truer form. Trying to love is a very hard for me as certain things in the past have inhibited it slightly. Having children opened up that possibility and Learning and growing more spiritually has given me purpose in more ways than one. Much Love 🙂

  130. br says:

    I was reading your post and agree with most except the vegan thing… I am not a vegetarian and don’t think I ever could be. But almost everything else I can relate to, and I know that this is definitely something I have inside of me too, just like you.

  131. Alex says:

    I would just like to say thank you I have been rather depressed recently with trying to start a new life I’m trying and will hang in there I know we are here for so much more than this and I can’t wait to see this story unfold I’m very tired of living this ordinary life

  132. Daianna says:

    Thank you for the article, it was very well written. I stumbled upon it when a friend of mine shared it on his Facebook wall, with a caption reading “All this time I was brown, when I’m really Indigo.” Curiosity got the best of me and here I am.
    Though I can say that after reading your blog I see myself in every statement, description, and word, I cannot say that it is exciting to me at all. I have actually been depressed for the past 6 hours as a result, and I don’t see an end in sight. I often wish I was more understood, and I don’t think I ever will be, if I am indeed an indigo adult.
    That is not to say that you haven’t helped others or anything negative about your article. I think I just wish I was enthusiastic about this being the reason I am the way that I am.

  133. Hjalmar says:

    I actually teared up a little after reading this article.
    I have always seen this civilization as a big slavery factory and I see people just used to it and don’t caring about it. But I have always felt this urge to do something about it. The love part is so me, I asked myself the same thing. “Why don’t they love me the way I love them?” But after a while I taught myself to not expect nothing back. I have always known what people are thinking with just looking at them, and I’ve seen things others don’t see. Sadly my childhood was a little harsh, my mom never understood me and always said I wanted to be different when I was a teen. When the truth is that I never considered myself superior nor I ever tried to be different. People have always call me weird -not in a bad way though- I believe that love is the way… and the true religion… I never wanted to eat meat as a child, but ate a lot of veggies. One time a friend of my mother asked me if I wanted to become someone in life, I just laughed and told him I already am someone don’t you see? And he just stared at me. When I was a kid I wrote something about life and my mom and teacher were really impressed. It goes somewhat like this: “When you were born everybody was laughing and celebrating, and you were crying, live your life that at the end of your life everybody will cry and you will laugh.” It was in spanish and kinda different of course I was a kid. I have always dream things that always happen in a near future… Thanks a lot for this article. Blessed be.

  134. Hjalmar says:

    I actually teared up a little after reading this article.
    I have always seen this civilization as a big slavery factory and I see people just used to it and don’t caring about it. But I have always felt this urge to do something about it. The love part is so me, I asked myself the same thing. “Why don’t they love me the way I love them?” But after a while I taught myself to not expect nothing back. I have always known what people are thinking with just looking at them, and I’ve seen things others don’t see. Sadly my childhood was a little harsh, my mom never understood me and always said I wanted to be different when I was a teen. When the truth is that I never considered myself superior nor I ever tried to be different. People have always call me weird -not in a bad way though- I believe that love is the way… and the true religion… I never wanted to eat meat as a child, but ate a lot of veggies. One time a friend of my mother asked me if I wanted to become someone in life, I just laughed and told him I already am someone don’t you see? And he just stared at me. When I was a kid I wrote something about life and my mom and teacher were really impressed. It goes somewhat like this: “When you were born everybody was laughing and celebrating, and you were crying, live your life that at the end of your life everybody will cry and you will laugh.” It was in spanish and kinda different of course I was a kid. I have always dreamt things that always happen in a near future… Thanks a lot for this article. Blessed be.

  135. Jackson says:

    Only question i have is the fact that a lot of these traits seem to coincide with a lot of characteristics i have from being left handed is there any sort of correlation between the two that u know of?

  136. Eddie Djemel says:

    Good artical.
    My mom that is very new age, she is a reiki healer and in to a few more weird things. She is convinced that Im an indigo child (or adult) so I decided to google what an indigo child was, and I stumbled upon this artical. Incredible, it was like I had written this artical my self (with a very few exceptions). I found my self in almost every word.
    So if it is true that I am an indigo child, so what does that mean, more them I understand a little more of my self right now, so what, what now?
    Knowing that I might be an indigo doesnt help me, and it doesnt answer any of my 1000 questions that I have about life. All these questions is actually driving me crazy, and depressed at sometimes. And it only getting worse with time.
    Anyway, thanks for the artical.


  137. Nana says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am from one of former Soviet Union`s republic, named Georgia. Now it is an indipendent country. I am 48, and I belive I am indigo(not because I want to, or it is some kind of privilege, ), just many events in my life proof that ….years ago nobody knew anything about Indigo , ..When i was child, people used to call me tallented,,,i just had incredible memory, and could in age of 2,5 read poems without any mistakes, and even learned Russian language in 3 weeks in kindergarten… and teacher was suprised that never had a child like me , who could learn language so fast..When I came to school i red the BOOK named BUKVAR (this is first book which children have in first grade)I was reading the book in first grade like a teacher. And everybody knew about it. But strange things happend when we start read an another book, which I did not know. Everybody undersood I can not read , I do not know letters…. But what about FIRST book which was for 1 grade(my mother used to read for me before), and I just remember everything without reading (just in memory). I knew book , every page, in memory…… But in that time nobody paid big attention and after a while a started to read like normal person…. But still today I do not understand how little girl in age of 6 could know book in her memory….. I can talk about many things which is hapening in my life later, … I just want to lknow , AM I really indigo , or it is just imigination…. Could you please help me with that?…. Thanks a lot Nana

  138. audrey says:

    wow. i’m not sure i have too many words, but I KNOW i needed to read this. validation is key when you are me – an indigo. thank you for bringing this to light with me so i can accept it and know my path even more. love and light to you!

  139. Halo Griffin says:

    Just touching base!

    I usually don’t sit still long enough to read, I get bored easy! this must be due to the cognitive stages of learning. Fascinated by the tendencies of like minded people. I Know I am an indigo Adult and have been aware of being an Indigo Child ’69, with much enegry & love of life, compassion, open mindedness and most often unique and different when living amoung the general population.However looking at me I blend in, I have mastered the understanding of living amoung the world community. However my eyes give me away “Indigo soul” Most often an over-achiever. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I embrace them as learning the balance of depth and I applaud your efforts with these articles. For the record I am always searching for something much greater. I tend to be fascinated by heavy spiritual energy, often alone by choice! However I have a larger then life presence. I know my ego and without being arrogant. People with eyes are most often blind, people with ears, Hear but don’t listen. Eagles fly in the sky….one at a time, it’s the sparrows, pigeons, seagulls that flock together, and let’s not forget the turkeys who are limited in flight. Eagles mate for life, Indigo’s are like eagles.

    The eyes of an eagle, the heart of a lion and stealth of a Griffin. Warm Smile 🙂

  140. Wow. You couldn’t have discribed me more perfect :*) I got teary eyed. I’m known to be the wierdo bcuz I do not fit in this “normal world” & many times I speak my mind so people label me as crazy. So much of hearing that does lead to lonelyness, shut down & depression. Thankyou for shareing. I now I understand so much & am ready for my new journey 🙂

  141. Lily says:

    If you said all above were true, i think i’m an indigo. I am a bit lucky because i live in a part of world that still believe this kind of things. And i truly found a group of people that could see what i see so we could discuss about it, but they are not exactly indigo.
    What makes different from me and my group was the “unreasoned depression and suicidal” part.
    At first i thought i only have sixth sense until i read this article
    I have lots of friends and tried to fit in, my motto : different group, different topic
    Not that i deny what i am but just not talk about it that much. Nobody want to listen to ghost stories all the time, or the future, right?
    seeing and feeling spirits, saw future (proved several times only), ms. know it all about people’s behavior and personality from first glance, defy ages,
    But again i’m just human….. Got fooled and made mistakes although i have those abilities.

    Having faith in a religion and learn about it was really helpful to decrease your questions.
    Hope all indigos won’t feel left out anymore.

  142. esp says:

    I don’t have ADD or ADHD (though I’ve read from a couple of sources that my nerological abnormalities may also be assocated with indigo’s), and my deit is almost exclusivley meat, and what most people term junk food, but aside from those two traits I could have sworn you were writting about me. Every list of traits that indigo’s regaurdless of what the source of it was seemed to have a minimum of 2 out of every 3 traits were discriptive of me. While I don’t know if I’m an indigo I do know that I’d be more surprised to find out that for sure that I’m not an indigo than that I am an indigo.

  143. Fredy Irawan says:

    nice article by SOPHIA GUBB
    first I have known that I am an indigo from my friend thats a kind of indonesian indigo community and now I became more knowing that I am an indigo from your article.
    thanks for explaining us to the world miss Sophia 🙂

  144. Sheridan says:

    i quite enjoyed this article. i have strong beliefs i am indigo as many of the topics you’ve covered apply to me absolutely. i am a 16 year old female and i believe i have been going through somewhat of a spiritual awakening. i visited a psychic one year ago, and left with a feeling i cannot quite describe. as if all my life i had been asleep, what sedated me was society’s expectations and over all coruption. i have always kind of known was an old old OLD soul, and my psychic reassured that i am much more than some would allow me to believe. however, i have been dealing with feelings of depression within the past month and i believe this is apart of my awakening process. in other words, i feel i have learned greatly from the negativities that surrounded me in that time. i am moving into a new state now and i am realizing that this shift in my mind all pertains to the shift of the world that is happening so rappidly.

  145. Tia says:

    Ok, a friend of mine told me the other day I was an Indigo. He told me to look it up, so here I am, and I am really angry right now. After reading this I cried and now I am just pissed. I feel like someone I do not even know just threw my whole life in my face. My life has been a living hell. What did I do to deserve to be an Indigo? I need to cool down, and then I need to know if there is a support group or forum for this, because I feel like exploding. I am going between tears and rage.
    I also need to know if seasonal affective disorder is a part of this, I suffer severe depression and vivid dreams during season changes. I suffer from severe anxiety on occasion. Also, does anyone else see “black smoke”? Sorry, I am just freaking out soo bad. I do not want to be an indigo. Please do not think I am crazy, this is just really hard for me.

  146. Litsa says:

    Finally an understanding.. proof that certain souls are here to help elevate human consciousness.. to help people wake up to their Higher Selves… yes I have struggled.. but this article has shined the light once again on the infinite power of ME! I have always felt that I came here to make a difference to people’s lives.. to put up a mirror and show them that they too are wonderful, creative beings.. they just need to believe and see the unseen.. that is, to see beyond the matrix in which we live and see people as souls rather than their physical manifestation.. aaah if only we all did that? Thanks again because today something inside me has shifted and I have a feeling that my life is going to take a very different turn.. change your mind change your life.. love and light to allxx

  147. heather says:

    I want to thank you for putting into words my entire life experience – every last bit of it. I have known for a long time that I was “indigo”, but have been lost in a complete state of depression and oppression for nearly 5 years – being drained of my energy and power by a very parasitic person. One day about 6 months ago, I found that inner strength to completely turn my life around, and I know that my indigo-ness is what allowed me to do that. I am much happier, but still have that feeling of missing my true purpose and feeling the intense pain of loneliness, despite the fact that i am surrounded by people. I have no real friends close by that “get” me, so my solitude has led me to once again learn about the indigo experience, and how i can develop special gifts i already know that i possess. This blog has inspired me to focus my energy once again on learning who i am. Thank you.

  148. Lucrecia says:

    My eye’s have been opened, I have finally found “ME”. This is the 100% definition of who I am! My gods! I am at a loss for words right now because your article has given me meaning! Thank you so so very much!

  149. Danilo Dews says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I’m 15, and nearly eveything you said applies to me. I’m glad there are other people like me.

  150. chicXu1ub says:

    could also probably add often switches careers IF they manage to graduate from college at all due to the fact since we excel at everything, love everything we do thus don’t feel like society should be dictating that we can only choose ONE thing as a career when if they didn’t put so many rules on us, we could do it all!

  151. Chayjh says:


  152. Angie says:

    I now understand why I have been so sensitive to the numbers 1 & 2…3 has always been the number that jumps out at me… This year of 2012 has been a difficult one…diagnosed with depression and ADD…many challenges/growing oppurtunities…understanding and applying the law of attraction… and the power I have. I stumbled onto this webpage on 12 22 12…and cant describe the emotion that has hit me.. .a big shift in the universe is taking place…and I have felt it for awhile…now I know and understand…amazing!!!

  153. monica says:

    *Whatever they do, they do intensely. An indigo isn’t half of anything. Even when they’re living like a zombie, they zombie HARD. No-one has ever been dead inside like an indigo who doesn’t know who he is. They practically vanish from this earth, leaving behind an empty shell.*

    I feel like i am a zombie right now to be honest, and it was clear in my mind when as i read this, kinda like i never tought of it but i knew it inside. Anyways, you seem more joyfull and out of the zombieness, what helped you get to this state? How did you find your purpose and who you really were? Just, I know i am not powerless but still i stay there and do nothing, and my mind wont shut up lately too!!! I hope you get what i meant it’s kinda vague i know. Anyway, cyou 🙂

  154. monica says:

    lol, i wrote this message before even reading the rest of the article and you gave some nice advice. Sorry and thanks!

  155. Over says:

    Thank you dear Sophia
    for writing my biography and giving… Well more tools :D.
    Have GREAT life, many blessings and Namaste to you

  156. jtock says:

    a lot of what you said is and was on my mind i hope you keep on doing what your doing because there is a lot of lost people out there i am trying to come to terms with my life from what people said i was wrong for what i said when i did not know better i closed off a lot of my life and now i am seeing things differently for the first time it was not me but them that was wrong and i can start with that again thanks

  157. Maria says:

    Wow, Sophia, thank you, thank you!
    I cannot describe how much this has helped me.I have been battling depression and an overwhelming sense of being lost and at sea and before i went to sleep last night, i asked for guidance. Then this morning, purely by accident and following a really circuitous route i came to your blog. I’d forgotten what I’d forgotten. All starts to make perfect sense and so honestly written, it’s a complete gift, thank you with all my heart, Maria

  158. Fang says:

    Sophia, I am fang from indonesia.
    I have quetions: “I don’t know am I indigo or not”. But I have this story:
    When I was a baby, I saw that someone looked like ghost wanted to take me.
    But I forgot the next. Since then I dreamed a lot. I dreamed that I saw Jesus falling to a burning house and no one help. I just stare and He just stare me and trying to stand.
    I have a lil friends.. but they just used me because I can’t explode myself.
    When I was about high school, I dreamed that my Great-grandma passed away and the next day she did.
    I told my mom that my Great-grandma said her age (number) to me in my dream, and the next couple day the lottere comes from the number I dreamed.
    I did that a lot.
    I have dreamed bout people’s dead day.
    I did that many time.. and the most of it is happen. I dreamed my daddy passed away and he did. But I dreamed my mom dead also, but thanks God.. she didn’t. I dreamed their both dead in one shoot. So I think Mom or Dad will dead.
    When I was working in 2010, I dreamed that the Sun would break into half and the sun fight each other, and then they’re falling to the ground and so many people die. I saw my aunt also get hurt in that dreamed. I even heard the sound of that falling sun clearly!
    I dreamed that my brother falling from the mo-cycle and I knew it will happen.. so I decide to not letting him ride the bike.
    A couple days ago I dreamed my friend told me that I am going to dead.. but before I die, my friend said I will doin some great things.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      @Fang from what you say you could be indigo, but just having visions doesn’t necessarily mean you are… It’s common among indigos but doesn’t define them. And others have visions, too.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Sophia. Words are beyond me too after reading your article. Came across ur site through veganism, the article on leonardo da vinci, as I hadnt earlier successfully found any article on spirituality and veganism. Was praying last few days for an answer to my problems, for a solution, a way of living who I am rather than pretending who am not, a way of finding like minded people. Ur article is part of the answer to my prayer. Never heard the name Indigo before, u introduced it to me. Ur article has already immensely helped many and will continue to do so for ever. Hug u…

  160. Skye says:

    So, what do we do now? No one understands where I live. I just want to have friends. People treat me like some kind of beautiful freak on display. I feel so alone even though so many people love me (at least they think they do). Strangers follow me after taking one look at me just so they can talk to me almost every day. I had to buy a gun just so I would feel safe in public. I could just stay home, but I get so depressed when I’m alone for too long (even if the company is bad). I have so many questions. I don’t how to survive in this world. I guess what I mean to say is.. HELP!

  161. Truly_transcending says:

    Hello all! I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders reading this. Every word of this just spoke to me and my spirit and it feels so good to know that I’m not alone. I’ve never had anyone to help on this path and it has been difficult and confusing to say the least. thank God for the internet, this has helped immensely!

  162. Tikimaniac77 says:

    Anyone else of the Indigo’s feel a need for a Online Community of Indigo’s?

    I would love to start finding and conversing with more Indigo’s. I think we may all be able to help each other in our journey for helping others 🙂

  163. v Johnson says:

    A friend sent me an email asking if I knew what an Indigo was, I had no clue I had never heard the term. I offered perhaps an indication of mood? as in blue?
    He later wrote back stating that his daughter found this (current) link, which he included in his correspondence. I – of course, lol – clicked on the link and ….I recognized my daughter first, then myself! I read her growing up years then as it turned to a more adult description, it became me! it had been me all along, I was just so focused on my daughter I hadn’t noticed.
    As soon as I finish with this, I am sending her this link, I KNOW she will recognize immediately, its who she is. I will then spend the rest of the afternoon back tracking through the relativity of all the info you have provided.
    Its just a little spooky to hear someone you’ve never met, describe you so well

  164. Michelle says:

    Wow….I can’t believe I just realized that I am an Indigo. Everything you wrote hit me really hard. I literally said/wrote a few of the points in the last few days..going through my history of anger, connections with power, felt like an alien growing up, on and on!! I see right through people and have always had the gift/tendency to bring the deep parts out of people…I can sense that part of people and (most) people have it, though many totally unaware, I still bring it out.

    Wow. More is being revealed. Thank you!! I’m off to try and find more of us!

  165. Jake M. says:

    Thank you for this… After putting on a social mask for half my life (I’m 24 now) I finally hit a breaking point about 6 months ago. This site helped explain exactly how/what I’m feeling, and to understand that it is real and I’m not alone. Family is important but no school or parent can teach the inner wisdom/deep rooted intuition within someone. I believe the hardest part is finding like minded friendships (other indigos) because when I go deep it tends to scare away others…. Which is cool but damn annoying. lol Again Thanks 🙂

  166. Paul Duong says:

    Thank you:)

  167. prashant says:

    A friend linked me to your article. She said that you’re an indigo and you should read this.
    I was afraid that she was labeling me or something but I started reading.
    And yes I’m an indigo child.
    I agree with everything and it has bought tears to my eyes to finally read something that defines you.
    I’ve always known I have a mission for this birth and I see that in my dreams. Lucid dreaming,astral projection seemed an easy task because I thought it had something to do with my third eye.
    I enjoy meditation and sometimes I tell people their aura and what their usual traits are and every time I was correct.
    I totally agree with Zombies and I use that term before reading your article.
    By profession In a robotics engineer and new designs and ideas just come to my mind easily. I really feel that’s the reason behind it.
    There should be an indigo community,if there is I want to join and meet my fellow souls.

    I really love you all and I just wanna hug you all so tight and we can just cuddle like little puppies. <3

    God bless.

  168. Luz Blanca says:

    Loners … that’s right. You get around enough harsh energy and enough people who are trying to either mold you into a category where you don’t really fit or feel comfortable or tap into your empathic abilities for their own personal uses, then you tend to isolate or minimize your time with people like that. It’s not worth the energy loss to spend time with them!

  169. Shashank says:

    Hi, I could not stop crying when I saw myself in every line. Even though I am from India, the land where u get answers to everything & people accept everything, I always felt lonely and disconnected with the world. So I started connecting with myself. Even then felt lonely and something was wrong with me. Now that I know I am normal and the world around needs help, I have found new strength I will help change the world around me. I still am not sure if I am having delusions. I have trouble deciding what is real & what isnt. I am not sure if this this article is real or that i am writing this in my head either. Nevertheless I will continue seeking answers. And to make the matter worse I am a Doctor, who is supposed to heal people. Now that I know there are people like in this world, its a huge relief. Thanks for the article. It has given me hope to not stop looking.

  170. Ryan says:

    You just helped me make sense of so much within myself. Thank you.

  171. Keenan says:

    Thankyou so much for this article. To say anything else would just be repeating everyone else’s sentiments but on this day it feels good to know I am not crazy. Thankyou so much.

  172. ann says:

    Everything you have written in your blog hit home. I have felt alone and alienated for years from friends, family and our ‘society’. I don’t feel like one person, i feel like i have already lived a life thousands of years ago. I generally feel people are below me. Or owe me their respect for some undefinable reason unbeknownst to me.I have felt ‘alien’ my purpose for being here is somehow linked to a higher self worth or notion of helping mankind. I have had visions, heard voices, seen other unexplainable objects or people my whole life. I have been seeing a shrink now for years, I have been labeled: Bi-polar, chronic depression, boderline personality disorder and ADD with OCD. I don’t believe in the labels that have been given to me. I’m obsessive by nature whether it is with love, music, education (when I’m interested in a specific topic), or pursuing multiple professions since I am easily bored with the duldrum of life. I have struggled with suicide since I was 8. I thank you for writing this blog, i no longer feel so alone.~ A thankful reader~

  173. Gage says:

    I honestly think Im an indigo, but as far as the intuition is there anyone else who can feel a stare? and I mean you feel the direction look that way and have instant eye contact with anyone??

  174. Sophia Gubb says:

    @Gage – yeah I do that 🙂

  175. William Archer says:

    Hello Sophia,

    Thank you very much, this is the first time i’ve ever heard what i am, i am in high school and constantly struggled with those exact questions as you stated in part one, It took me years to understand that people actually could not see what i could nor could or wanted to understand anything beyond their society. I found myself yesterday struggling controlling an internal explosion that resulted when some people i know called me an idiot for not wanting to fit in. I guess the easiest way to respond to your article is everything you described describes me. i guess it is my good intuition that brought me here before any other site that has false information. My greatest frustration is the limitation i feel here, I constantly feel like my powers have been taken. however as you said we retain some abilities beyond normal, I have many questions about life after school that i feel you would be equipped to answer, if you have time please email me at secrethideoutarchives@gmail.com. thank you. Words are unfortunately inadequate to explain what i want to, a feeling i’m sure you have felt.

  176. jovan says:

    im an indigo and an atheist

  177. edweena says:

    i only the only thing i can say right now is you described me to the T shocked

  178. robert says:

    Thank you

  179. Sophia says:

    Wow…you practically almost fully described me. You mentioned that indigos do not like the party scene. Everything in this article describes me except for that part. I love the party scene most of the time. The main reason why I love it most of the time is because people at parties are usually in a positive mood and I can feel that and when I feel people being in a positive mood I get super hyper and my adrenaline pumps through my veins and then I run around and socialize and dance with practically everybody. But when there is a lot of negativity in the room I feel weird and out of place.

  180. KatieBug says:

    Thank you, Sophia! I have said several times how I feel like an alien and often ask myself, “why the hell do people get so nervous when I talk to them?” Because then it just makes me nervous! Lol This artical was so encouraging on so many levels. Thanks again. xoxo

  181. Leah says:

    Wow. I’m amazed and creeped out how much I found myself in these paragraphs. It’s a wonderful thing. Before reading this, me and my parents already knew I was special. I channel my energy into my art(which my teachers say is wasting my life, but she’s the one who spends her life teaching subjects already taught a thousand times over, and not moving a finger to discovering something new!), I am facinated and intrigued with every animal or elder person I meet, everyone avoids me and makes fun of me(every time they make fun of me, I think of such misrable, boring, regular lives they will have >:D), and I do feel a sense of mission in this life, I feel as though I should spread the word that Humanitiy’s selfish, irresponsible ways are going to freaking kill the enviornmental balance of Earth, ect., ect., ect.

    I would like to thank you, writer of this wonderful blog.
    Thank you for reawakening my full potential! 😀
    (I am 13 by the way! 🙂 )


  182. Kris says:

    THIS is what they should teach in schools! I heard this expression for the first time today and so much of my life is making sense. Thank you with all my heart xx

  183. Jackie says:

    Im sorry if I sound a little negative,but I that u need to look more into these types of ppl,
    there is a lot of misconceptions in this article,and so so true facts. Thank You

  184. seamus says:

    So what do I do now?

  185. Karan says:

    I cant tell you how much relieved I am , after reading this
    I went through a serious depression and often have tendencies of it
    All the traits, every single point you wrote can’t tell you how precise it is
    Basically you have described me to the core
    One more point though , I got to your website , after searching about cause of the street light effect , I’m also a SLIder and among the different reasons for it , I read somewhere was , star seed and indigo child..

  186. Ellie says:

    Everything you have mentioned describes an indigo person perfectly. There isn’t one thing I read that isn’t true or doesn’t describe me perfectly! I am sure myself as well as others will be relieved to read this an finally have it confirmed – “We Are Special and We Are Not Crazy”… Sometimes I find it so frustrating being the way that I am and I start to question myself and after reading an article like this I am put back on my feet…

    I am the owner and creator of http://www.my-words-of-wisdom.com
    And this website is the way I distribute my msg to the world…

    Thank you Sophia!


  187. Sheila Jones says:

    I have aways felt different through my life, i am one of 4 children and everyone of my siblings + my parents had the same blood group “rh possitive,” i on the hand was born with “rh negative” making me an outsider from the very beginning. Memories of childhood are pretty vague now, but possibly they would have diagnosed me with ADH, now i have been labled as either bi-polar or hypermania.I was expelled from Grammer School at 14 and now at 58 am doing a degree in History with the Open University. I am an artist a poet, someone who is totally on a mission to change the World..(or at least would like to). I find conforming is not on my agenda and even my Tutor says my work comes under the title of “Idiocracy”..someone who has their own style and goes against what they are being taught), i know through this i will never recieve high marks, but have not conformed and even though i will stay at the bottom in the Education stakes, the knowledge that i am gaining is immense.I found my own Faith almost 10 years ago after having an emotional breakdown, i came to the conclusion that all religions are there to control people and keep order, people tell me that i am very spiritual, i believe i am quite wise and have learnt enough to know that all actions have consequences, and believe that my own intuition has kept me safe in life, even through all the pain. I have never eaten red meat in my life and gave up all other meats 3 years ago…i do not know if i am an Indigo, what i do know is all the things i want and need to do, do take there toll and there are more negative people than possitive ones surrounding me…i hope one day to write a book to inspire people and to become a lecturer on life itself, for i have had many experiences, natural and supernatural and would love to convey them..”MY WAY”…by the way the information you gave is really helpful thank- you………..

  188. Ashley says:

    I’m not entirely sure if i really am and indigo child. Throughout school, i have felt a little different and alone. In high school i jumped from group to group, trying to find a friend who was kind of like me. However i found one group of people that i could tolerate. but after a little while i started to feel alone again, until i met my boyfriend, i now know that he is an indigo, and after reading this article, i don’t know if i am. Some of the points you have made in this article describe me perfectly… and i say thank you, it’s just i don’t know if i really am.

  189. gitta says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH… I didnt know how to survive this day, but this article really helped me standing up. The most intresting fact is that always had my doubts what I am.. But the thing about gazing people, that is just my thing 😉 and I love doing it ! ;p LOTS OF LOVE, LOTS OF PATIENCE, LOTS OF <3 PEACE

  190. Mary Lourdes says:

    I’ve never really commented much on an article I’ve read before; but your article… Oh. God. It speaks to me…So much… So much that I felt like the article is about me… You’ve enlightened me so much with your words and I’m really grateful to you… I still have doubts on who I really am…lol.. I’ve been thinking waay back them that I probably am a starseed, an earth angel, wise one, lightworker, lightholder, indigo, etc. Lol… XD so many labels but right now, it’s not much of importance… I believe it’s just better to say that I am me…lols; but really… Your article… It spoke to me… Itt resonated with me…I live in a negative environment (parents… *sighs*) that I somehow feel helpless, trapped, imprisoned and had nowhere to go…. Heck if I don’t believe that the Creator, Jesus and my guardian angels exist and that they listen to me whenever I communicate with them… I probably wouldn’t have stayed sane up until now XD… I was reading your article after another intense fight my parents have had and your article made me feel lighter and better… Made me feel that I’m not alone in this… Oh…and yeah.. I’ve been really loving LOA and applying it consciously changed my life a whole lot.(for the better).. Maybe I’m an indigo too… yeah.. I believe so… Still not sure in a way… but thank you… thank you… THANK YOU… You’re such a wonderful person for you’ve helped alot of people with your article…

    ~love and light
    ~many blessings

  191. Skye says:

    There is nothing I can say close enough to thank you wholeheartedly for writing this article.

  192. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much, this is my life xxx The solitary part can be tough for me at times, but we are building new paradigms right now and that is exciting 🙂 Love xx

  193. Inthego says:

    Hi Sophia,

    Great article. I’m happy to see it. I am what you might call a “first waver.” I know for certain that I am indigo and I am relatively older than most in physical terms( though the oldest I know of was born in 65,which is older than me).

    Being indigo can be hard but we have skills and talents as well, these can be very useful and beneficial to yourself and others.

    On another note ever since the end of 2012 I have felt a resurgence for lack of a better term. My mind and my energy are flowing and moving in manner I had since forgotten (to my detriment) .

    I think the answer to “what now” is coming soon.

  194. carol urbina says:

    I’m 73 and have gone through hell mentally all my life. My brother was the same. I used to think can’t these people see the stupidity around and in them and then I thought maybe I’m the stupid one. But I knew I wasn’t. Thank you for opening my intellect. Better late then never.

  195. wendy says:

    Thank you so much, for you have written the words that I have long understood about myself, and didn’t know that there are other people just like me, though I had always hoped I wasn’t alone in my mind 🙂 It’s quite amazing to know that other indigos exist and that, hey, I’m not crazy. It’s been an indescribable journey that I have been on, and as I get to know myself on a deeper level each day, I find myself thinking, when I observe the way some people center their lives in real trivial and pointless ways,: ‘are you kidding me, are you really that concerned about/uptight about …’ I wish that everyone could see the bigger picture of life, of why we are here, what our purpose is. I find myself rolling my eyes inside at people sometimes, but being the way I am has taught me so much about patience , more than I ever wanted to know (there’s that humor). I don’t get mad, I just get quiet while I think, and then I get busy (take the correct action for myself). I know I don’t like to be put in any sort of confining or conforming little box that others say I should be in or act like. I remember one day before I left the ex: ‘No matter what you say to me, no matter how much of me you have tried to destroy over the years, I KNOW I AM A WORTHY HUMAN BEING’!!!!! Also: ‘Why don’t you stop telling me what to do, don’t you get that you don’t get to Tell Me What To Do!’ I was in my zombie stage for a long time, and I cannot begin to tell you what that was like, but I am happy to say that I wouldn’t even recognize my old self now! I have long been a loner, but pushed that so far away too, for a very long time, that it feels like an old friend who has come back now. Now that I have allowed my real self to become what I am meant to be, I find that my intuition is bang-on, it’s like a smooth river flowing out into the ocean – it knows where it’s going and nothing can stop it (me)!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your Indigo insight, you have helped me greatly, in very many ways, blessings 🙂

  196. Mattzen says:

    Hey i just wanted to say that ive been struggling with my feelings and emotions for a long time now. I never understood how different i was until i started recognizing that i FEEL more. that feleing and intuition is not inherent to everyone as much as me and it always seemed like the main source of my action. Thank you for your writing you certainly helped me clarify some things. thank you

  197. Ruth says:

    Love it!

    Thanks heaps for the validation. I don’t know about others, but that’s the bit I got stuck on. I really needed someone to say “It’s OK to be/think/feel ________”.

    I think a lot of the anger comes from being treated disrespectfully/abusively (our boundaries being crossed) and feeling ‘different’ comes from being true in a world that is largely untrue.

    It’s really interesting what you said about maintaining a steady gaze… that was something I had been wondering about too. I’ll have to put it to the test. =)

  198. pryomaniacXweed4life,dontknow-whoiam/INDIGO says:

    You just saved me,shit,THANK YOU ,Thank you Verry much,I just fucking cant explain it,all that mind power,inteligence,that overview of world and today soceity,knowin’ that you’re different Than the others,more superior and knowin’ that you understanstand all that shit of this world,that you see things that no one can,understanding every dimenson of this universe,deep in youre mind,youre psyho,it is just too unexplainible,but now I just understand all that,and know that there is a persons like me on this world,almost every word in this text is describing me,just it.You know what we all should do,we,Indigo persons from all around the world should meet sometes somewere and Get high together,yeah ,Thank you , this text realy helped,

    Pozdrav from Croatia

  199. S says:

    It’s a thought-provoking concept. I would like to explore more about it and figure if it applies to me, though. I used to be a very creative, emotional and spiritually inclined child. Somewhere along the way I feel I lost touch with my true-self, and a dark gloom descended over me. I still fret about it – its as though a part of me has been severed. At about 17, I became very anxious, nervous and lost a self confidence that I knew made me different from others, before. Bad dreams, sleep problems and anxiety became an inescapable part of my existance. My personality underwent a drastic transformation. Emotions dried-up, and I hate that about myself now. I had feelings on tap before this change. I feel alien because I had such an idealistic optimism naturally – and then life turned out so different. My natural response and situations in the material world weren’t attuned, if you know what I mean. I always feel a need to be special, and be exclusive. I hate being ‘common’. So how can I tell if these are just personality disorders or a case of being a disillusioned ‘Indigo’? I feel I may have some spiritual powers because I started yoga sometime back and spontaniously my brow chakra opened up. I didn’t even know much about chakras at that point, and my teacher too was pleasantly surprised.

  200. pdemuliere says:

    This article left me with mixed feelings… I got chills reading about the psychic kids as I used to dream about things before they happened when I was a child. I’ve always felt like the odd-ball and occasionally wondered if I was half retarded (when I was a kid). I’ve begun to accept that I’m a bit of a hermit; but only since I moved to the states. I am now an artist, writer, and political activist. I am also an adult with ADD. I take Concerta, not Ritalin, and it actually does help control my focus. It’s as if I’m a TV, the channels are the subjects of my focus, and the medication is the remote – when I take the medication, I have the remote and therefore have more control over what channels I want to watch; when I don’t have the medication, it’s like I’ve lost the remote, or someone took it from me, and my channels (focus) are constantly changing without warning.
    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that, while I applaud you for highlighting individuals’ differences as positive characteristics, I don’t believe that the negative aspects of a diagnosis should be completely ignored. For those of us who have been diagnosed with ADD, the fact is, if we could actually control our focus just enough to get out of the way the things society expects from us, we might have more time to fulfill our greater purpose. I am in no way suggesting that we conform to society and ignore our own power, I simply believe that ones battles should be picked – if we ignore important responsibilities simply because they don’t interest us enough, we will end up spending more time fighting the consequences of our neglect, than we will fulfilling our purpose.

  201. YanniPhoenix says:

    This makes EVERYTHING make sense…INFINITE THANKS!!!!:-]

  202. Delving Eye says:

    Sophia, caught your blog on Channeling Erik a few days ago, where you answered my comment, which led me here.

    I felt a huge wave of relief while reading this article. I LOVE your feisty-ness. I too get angry with the way some people act; so angry that I’ll think, “Die, asshole.” Yeah, I can relate to spikes of anger, though I’m not a violent person.

    I believe my daughter is even more indigo than I am. Although I have contemplated (nothing more) suicide, she’s the reason I’ve decided to stick around this annoying place, Earth. I want to nurture her crazy-ass talents as an artist and writer, and shield her as much as I can from mean girls, bullies, etc. She’s finally getting a grip on the fact that not everybody’s as sweet as she is.

    I’ve noticed that one thing indigos are unable to do is be mean or a bully. I look at those types and think they’re acting solely on base instinct, a kind of survival of the fittest mentality. It’s hard to take. And such a relief to meet truly kind people. Phew!

    Anyway, that’s my little diatribe. And a BIG THANKS for writing so intelligently, entertainingly and beautifully. I’m an editor, so I know whereof I speak!

    Much love and Cheers!

  203. Anaid Silva says:

    Thank you <3

  204. Kipper Snacks says:

    Thank you for your article, everything is so much clearer now.

  205. I am 15 years old and I always thought I was lone . Reading this and another post on
    http://www.psychic-experiences.com/real-psychic-story.php?story=1351 helped me realize that im not alone .I realize now that I am really and indigo child . And though it scared the crap out of me , I know now that its just who I am .

  206. Desiree says:

    Though I experience and completely appreciate your sharp mind and piercing words, I urge you to exercise caution in your weighted opposition toward education. The primary problem with thoughtlessness is clear in name; there is no thought about lacking awareness, thus inability to change. Indigo must be sensitive and even more understanding in those contexts. You say life gets better after school and that indigo have problems in school and so on ~ I want you to know, there are so many beautiful schools and educators out there and I know many indigo who are able to make school work for them by changing it internally. By listening to their hearts. By telling instructors and administration what they want and need. By not believing authority when they tell them to do things they know are wrong. By doing all of that with the irresistible charm and grace of the actualized indigo. Of all the bullshit structures industries out there, school is the most ubiquitous, the one we first encounter, and the most loving (you think you so easily could change the pharmaceutical industry? politics? corporate dominance? seems as silly as throwing toothpicks at a fortress). It also is really the first opportunity for the like-minded young on this plane to meet each other. I do understand why you speak so lowly of the structure, but I encourage you to spark optimism in the young so that movement can begin earlier. Focusing on the binding side of school only gives weight to it, and suppresses the wonderful access to information and progressive thinking that so many institutes truly give a fuck about.

  207. Chris Gale says:

    My name is Chris, i’m 18 years old, and i was “DIAGNOSED” with ADHD at a very young age (about 4 yrs old) and prescribed to Ritalin which i took untill i was 13, then as time went by after stopping my medication, the speed came back, i was quicker, and thought faster, more energy and hype, i was alive again, but when i was 16 i took some magic mushrooms (phsylio Psybin or some shit) and i seen things, like about my life, and possibly lives my soul may have lived previous to this one, i seen myself as an animal, trying to live, not a human trying to make it, and since then i’ve never felt the same, looked at anything the same,or talked to anyone the same, i feel different, like no matter how much i tell myself im human and alive, i just can’t convince my brain thats what i am. so after intently reading this article, i made connections, and matter of fact is that, 90% of these traits applied to me, in like almost every aspect, ALMOST as if it is telling me about my life,
    I feel different.. Older, like i don’t fit in with my friends, yet i get angry or depressed and have a feeling of anxiety when i’m not around them, and would have their backs in ANY situation, I’m a whiz at school, with this new attendance policy I’ve been failing constantly, and am still in grade 10 with a mere 4 credits, i’m starting to write a book here so ill cut to the point, im like 99.99999% sure i am indigo, but i don’t know what to do about it, i could live my life down this staggery roller-coaster like road, or make a change, but i question wither or not making a move AS an indigo will be a good move, all in all i’m looking for advice, or help.

  208. Kay*Love says:

    everything is on point except i LOVE meat. I have been told twice in my life that i was an indigo child. I had NO idea what an indigo child was. And these were by friends, not even by paranormal professionals… ever since i was younger i had a HUGE imagination and drawing to the spiritual realm. i never saw spirits or anything but i used to play imaginary games by myself and resort to my imagination alot. I was born and raised catholic and i loved learning about Jesus..Then as an adolescent, going into my preteens i found out about wicca and studied that for a long time. Then I found out about Buddhism and dabbled in that, and some yoga, not really knowing what i was doing. JUST DOING IT. Then at 15 i learned about aliens, reptiles and the illuminati and have been studying that ever since. (i am now 24) and since then have severed all ties from myself to the catholic church. I still believe in jesus christ and have no problem with born again christian based churches.. In learning about the different races of aliens i have become very intrigued by the pleiadians and arcturian species. I feel some sort of connection to them, but cant figure out why… 2 years ago I studies massage therapy and learned about tai chi and eastern medicine and now have a strong interest in opening my 3rd eye chakra and meditating. I can never stop wanting to research and learn more and more and more. When I was younger i wanted to be an anthropologist, as an adult i always tell myself that if i didnt have a husband or children i would live with primitive cultures and learn their ways… like in Africa or in Peru or something. My whole life I was always searching for a spiritual teacher to guide me on the right path but never found the right fit. I feel often spurts of inspiration like im on the verge of a major life change but i cant figure it out. it feels like anxiety. I feel like THIS (life, routine) cant be it. I am not rich, or even middle class but I feel in my soul like royalty. and not the kind of royalty that would be snooty or above people but royalty in the sense where i would be down to earth, giving, and of help to people. I dont know if having children has awakened my sensitivity which i have always had to a degree, but i feel soooooo sensitive to things people and situations that if a commercial has the right spunk, it will have me in tears. doctors say its hormones but what if having kids released hormones that opened or evolved me spiritually? I have always wanted to make contact with the other side but never had those kind of psychic experiences. I have had visionary dreams and feelings of deja vu..
    I had a rough childhood, and an even rougher time in school. I “misbehaved” alot, the child study team first labeled me A.D.D. and changed it to other things then finally chopped it down to emotionally disturbed. I was being abused and no one really knew..
    i retaliated by rejecting authority including my parents and the school system. i started acting out in angery ways. fighting (physically and verbally) anyone who tried to control me or authoritize me.i had been to 9 schools kicked out of most… But was always incredibly smart!! Loved to read and write. Been an advanced reader since a little girl.. Been writing poetry since 11 years old. I love art and music and studying the spiritual realm. Now that I am older and have access to the internet I am able to study and acquire the knowledge i seek, but still feel lonely, and still feel thristy for more and more knowledge. I want to open my 3rd eye (which i have been trying to do by various meditative exercises to no avail) which has become an obsession (you stated that indigos are prone to excessive spirituality) . I had to stop myself and give myself a break from trying soo hard and see where things lead me.. I still do not have the guidance. I figure if i open my 3rd eye then maybe i can contact my spirit guide and everything will fall into place from there.. Any advice?
    BTW, I am sorry i just barfed my whole life in this comment but i felt compelled to share (because of the many similarities in your description) with hopes that maybe someone could offer the best advice to my personal situatiation…

  209. Kay*Love says:

    oh and i DO love a good party 😉 I love groups of happy people. Good energy.

  210. aqua says:

    i’ve only just realised in the last week that I may be an Indigo adult. (Born 1969).

    But I believe, too, that my great-grandnmother was too – during the 1920s she studied ‘laws of attraction’ etc…..

    However, I’ve read elsewhere that indigos didn’t arrive until late 60s/early 70s? So just wondered if that’s true? To me, the concept of time is irrelevant to spirit, so how could anyone possibly say that only from ‘this date onwards’ can there be indigos on Earth?
    Thanks 😉

    • Sophia Gubb says:


      I believe there were indigos before the 60s too. I just dont believe the sources that say otherwise – simple as that. There are quite a few contradicting messages about indigos, and I go with the ones that resonate best with my intuition.

  211. Mama Indigo says:

    This is very well written, Sophia. You nailed it.

  212. Reggie Peterson says:

    i have read some stuff on indigo children because a friend of mine actually said he thought i was one and ive done research and i have all the traits but when i showed other people who i knew werent they said they had the same traits. but this article really drew that line between what i think and how they think and i wanna thank you. youll be hearing my name soon one day
    reggie peterson

  213. Selina says:

    Thank you so much! This describes me perfectly! Now I just need to find more Indigos because I am definetly a loner in school. I have people I hang out with, people I sit at the lunch table with, but we don’t talk outside of school; they are not true friends.

  214. J says:

    The day I found out I am an indigo was just a relief. What what leads me to indigo is like a revealation cos I had just ended my first ever real deal corporate job. Had I even know I was an indigo then, I would hav stayed on. Imagine having the whole office judging you and talking openly/politics was just too much. Really hyper sensitive to the energies going around and had to block everything out to maintain composure. I did have really more than awesome coll trying to figure out how is that a fresh grad cldnt get along with her immediate supervisor. Just a very smart Hr lady she put herself in my position, she say the way I think is different.. haha I was so shocked I tot there is smthing really wrong with me I fled without letting her train me as she say she would. I’m like no you are not going to read my piece of brain and assure me I’m mad. I think this lady knows.. I must have be fascinating enough for her to study me. The job haunt me until I thankfully came across de term indigo and piece everything tog… I very much feel I need to go back and change and crack the system down…. Mgt system Thts it..

  215. Sheena Ritchie says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. It’s the best synopsis of the Indigo experience I’ve ever read.

    When you said that our sensitivity appears to be a weakness but is actually a strength, I felt such a relief. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a pampered little princess who is “too good” for shopping malls and busy or loud places. I’ve also wondered if I’m not so “spiritual” after all when I can’t even function in the world like other people who seem to be able to tolerate so much more noise and negativity than I can.

    I love parties in nature with happy, open, loving people – even if the music is so loud that It pounds through my body. But if I go to a pick up bar or a place where people congregate to escape their lives, I can’t get out fast enough and the noise feels like somebody is screaming in my face. I tell my friends “I gotta go. It’s too loud.” But really I’ve always known that it’s the energy of the place that I can’t stand.

    I dropped out of highschool because none of the subject matter interested me. I filled up hundreds of pages of notebooks with journal entries, drawings and poetry but never did my homework EVER unless I wanted to for fun.

    After highschool I decided that I didn’t belong where I grew up in Canada and made a point of travelling to the other side of the world, literally to the point that I could go no further without coming back. I went to the Middle East, lived there for almost 4 years, learned a whole new language, took on a new culture, new religion, new identity and then one day I said “Fuck it. It’s not me” and moved to Thailand a few weeks later.

    My mom told me that my defining character trait since childhood was “willfulness”, which surprised me since I remember being a very shy, gentle and insecure child. I never raised my fist in anger to anyone as a way to assert my will or even in self defense. I wasn’t comfortable standing up for myself, only for a cause. In this way, I’ve found myself rebelling since I can remember, only accepting things as they were presented until something didn’t sit right with me. Then I would go into full power investigative reporter mode until I got to the bottom of it.

    When I feel like I’m onto something, I obsessively and shamelessly dive into it, without any fear of risking my reputation or social status in the process. I’ve never been afraid of losing anyone, only myself. Sometimes this has made me feel like a loner, but I know I’m not anti social because when in the company of other indigos, I become extremely sociable and the life of the party.

    Your article provided me with a lot of fresh insight into myself and I hope that my little contribution will help you in your research as well. Peace brother Indigo 🙂

  216. MicRNS says:

    This was pretty eye opening.

    I’ve been on somewhat of a journey over the course of the last couple months because of — you guessed it — depression. I’ve always carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not only do I have to deal with my own hang ups (family, friend, relationship issues), I’m deeply affected by what’s happening to my fellow man — and the fact that no one seems to care.

    So, i went on a journey to ground myself. And it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve found this inner peace that I never really thought was imaginable — I changed my diet, I’m meditating — essentially, I became a mystic. I wrote an article on my blog announcing that I was going to write a book about my journey and one of my twitter followers told me he’s looking forward to it, and called me a true “indigo child”.

    I didn’t understand what he meant. So I did some research. I was intrigued, but not sold. Then I found your piece. I’m a believer. It explained so much. I’m at a point in my life where it’s hard for me to speak/ congregate with other people because we simply have nothing to talk about. I’m always “on some other shit” so to speak. Hence, why I’ve been somewhat searching for a community of likeminded individuals.

    I’m not a fan of labels myself — but the labels I indentify with “intellectual” “artist” “revolutionary” “scanner” (look it up) “mystic” — all seem to add up to “indigo” — utterly mind blowing.

    Thank you for this.


  217. Pho's says:

    I know I was different since I was child. I cried every night cause I knew I wasn’t from here. And I just wanted to go home. And now that I’m older I still want to go home, but I want to help humanity as much as possible. I have visions, feelings, dreams. Something bad is going to happen to this world. And that is the reason I can’t leave. I spoke to the Pleiadians they gave me choice to stay here or go home. For something is going to happen. I choose to stay here to help. But now things have gotten so dark, and I feel no hope coming. I need help. I see true darkness coming to this planet. And I feel I can’t do anything or no one listens to me. I see darkness rising. Everyone’s hopes and faiths will be tested. I see bad things very bad things and it’s hopeless. But I need to help in anyway I can. Everyone just please try to help for time is running out.

  218. BMS says:

    It is interesting you comment on social order and the “indigo love” I struggle with trying to start relationships because the girl will think I’m coming on too strong. I doesn’t make any sense they will have strong feelings for me then at some point its like they just died. I almost feel like 95% of people don’t know what true love is 🙁 not that they can’t find it, but that their views on it are skewed because of our social media and stuff. Girls that I fall in love with I never end up with, but if my goal is simply sex , they are all mine (not to sound like a douche bag but it’s just the truth). Girls i fall in love with im more interested in their mind and their personality even though their looks are stunning as well to me, sex is almost out of mind. I used to think I was the problem because it was easier for me to tell that to myself. but it think the girls (one in particular who i still love with and haven’t even seen in over a year :(. ) I fall in love with mistake intimacy in sex and the dating game for love. I don’t understand how these girls ive fallen in love with can claim they have been in love with dozens of people and all those relationships end the same (the both of them hating each other) it’s like they never learn! I know I have felt love for maybe 2 girls, that’s it, the rest were just crushes. I almost want to give up on trying to love a woman because Finding someone who can love the way id love someone, it’s hard to find. even when look at some of my close friends relationships it is like they a delusional they say they love each other but their relationships are horrendous, I would never want the type of “love” they experience.

  219. Kaylee says:

    When I got to 1. ‘Feeling like an Alien’, I swear to god it gave me such deja vu. It was like you’ve taken everything I’ve ever said or thought to myself and summed it up perfectly. Especially the “Holy $%&@ – I’m an ALIEN!” thing. 🙂

  220. ME says:

    ++Why do I appear in people’s dreams?++

    I am an indigo and am trying to spread light and help elevate. But, I’m being called names like succubus; fairy; nymph; vampire and am being told by most men and female lover of my past that I show up in their dreams.

    Can anyone reading this can help explain? Please, give me guidance.

  221. Paul says:

    Wow ! I knew I was something special! 🙂 thanks! Now I truly know who I am! positive vibes going to everyone!!<3

  222. Meya says:

    This comment is to sheila jones, your comment sounds exactly like my views, i am 19 and have found it soo difficult to fit in with religion, i seeked islam and christianity trying to become closer to spirit, until i realised that religion was actually pushing me away from what i seeked. I have spent years having emotional breakdowns and feeling very alone in the world. Suicide attempts from the age of 14 to 18 thank god i am still here, but thts when it did all change, sinking the lowest i surrendered myself to god and asked for his help, no religious books no scriptures and for the first time i felt the spiritual presence, and also one of which i believe to be AA michael. So much of this resonated with me but am still slightly unsure, i have no doubt something spiritual is going on with me i feel very intellegent, but not in the way society sees it. More like being able to look deeper into situations and being very wise, sometimes i do not know where the knowledge comes from. I would just like to have a better understanding of what i am

  223. Rosanne says:

    Wow! ……no really wow! Well done well done! Definately resonates with me exactly!
    The only thing that I would change though is to say that I didnt/ dont feel like an ‘alien’ but rather that I was perhaps born to the ‘wrong era’, but definately felt ‘not in the right place at the right time’. I had a rough childhood to say the least. And in adulthood (39 now) am just
    just starting to recover from a 10 year illness. Whether it is mental manifesting into physical I am not completely sure, but I do know that since I have been exploring my spirituality I do seem to be having better control over it. Does anyone else find this?
    I have never met another person like me. I have always felt ‘wrong’
    I can add the following :-
    1) I am crushed when others accuse me of something unfairly (they just dont have any idea and dont know me AT ALL to think I would hurt anyone or do anything that isnt in their and all’s best interests)
    2) I understand children & animals (what they want, what they are trying to say without words) Sometimes it feels like they are the only beings I can trust and be myself with
    3) I have a higher understanding of things in a flash. And I seem to know things without ever have learned or being exposed to the subjects/ issue.
    4) I hold myself back in front of others to not appear arrogant

    Ok I am not desperate to get in touch with other indigo’s ….please help…..

    With Love
    Zan xxx

  224. terri says:

    wow…..i just found out today that i am an indigo…..have been reading all kinds of things online about it today….damn, i always wondered about myself, why i was so different from others…not sure how i feel about all this yet. will need some time to process it all and learn more about what makes me tick, but i just wanted to say thank you for your blog 🙂 years ago i read a book about indigos and none of it seemed to ring true. but at the time i was wondering about my son, not myself. and i have this really intense feeling today that it was just today that i was supposed to learn this about myself. so, today it is! i am 51 years young. hell of a time to find this out about myself, i suppose, but better late than never lol.

  225. Anir says:

    Hi Sophia, thanks so much for this article. I do feel like I do not belong to this planet or might have been better off in some other dimension. It sounds crazy and I’ve never really told anyone about it explicitly. Sadly, my parents can’t understand me neither I have someone whom I can tell how I feel. I had a tumultuous school life and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16. So, I am always reluctant in approaching anyone as a friend lest they know about it and have few of them. I do not like the place I live in and wish to lead a better life. Your article has certainly helped and I hope to find more people like me.

  226. mj says:

    Thank you. You have confirmed a lot for me. God bless you.

  227. rinki says:

    let it be a secret …often truths get adulterated through demonic over-hype and lies; i would like to say something to those who can relate with the above write-up (all of the above traits go with me..)..it is not a good idea to search another indigo..sometimes it could only put an indigo into more depression and sense of loss, because this planet has many frauds out there…we need to be very careful…good luck..if it must be, another indigo will come =) peace

    p.s: personally i feel, there is a good reason that indigos are still separated from each other, maybe because they are not meant to unite until their missions are done and they have imparted the learning needed to others through their actions, presence or martyrdom..

  228. melisa says:

    My bf is an indigo. Sometimes its really hard to understand him. From what i read today, it’s indigo traits. Are there any tips so an indigo didn’t feel they are lonely?

  229. ys says:

    sorry my english is bad.
    i just wanna say thankyou to show me the “name” of this characteristic.
    but i will ignore the power of this indigo thing u mention on your “article”, because almost averyone ive met, if they hear their power from friend or whatever, they become a jerk…. and yes i hate that, and because of that i dont like to hear my power and i dont wanna know, so im just focusing on my weakness….
    sorry english bad, hope u understand what me saying.
    but thankyou.

  230. ys says:

    1 more things, i have a question.
    are indigo often have a strange dream?

  231. LaDameon says:

    Hello Indigos… Going on 6 years I studied what made me different and why I see the world the way I see it. I have to wear shades because I see bright lights all the time even in the dark and can’t wear watches because they stop working in a few weeks. I’ve done and seen supernatural things, and now am happy to contract people like me. Indigos are more powerful then they say and am over looked in what they can do. Once you understand what you are then that is when the fun start because I was believed God only had powers like this. My understanding Indigos have a higher magnetic field or vibrations but when used rite you can truly see your gift? But my heart feels love now because I know this is the first step to finding others like me and making a powerful bond. Indigo’s that know their Indigo’s and meeting them is rare for me but what a beautiful way online to connect. Hope I can meet one in person but for now I love this way…

  232. Michaila says:

    This blog is incredibly accurate. I’ve known for a while now that I am an indigo child. It’s been so long, the term “Indigo Child” has become a bit cliche. I don’t want this to continue, because I know how beautiful the indigo race is. I am 16 years old, and my “abilities” seem to be increasing. But also, I’ve noticed depression and anger have increased as well. I couldn’t understand it. Your article has helped me a lot, but I still feel so helpless. I’ve never actually met another indigo child, and this is something that I have dreamed of doing, since I was 11 years old – the time I found out I had these abilities.

    You can definitely say I’ve had a rough childhood, and it’s made me strong. But as I grow older, my patience with society grows thin. I have no idea how to change things, even though I know I’m supposed to. I’m out of place, and I don’t know how to get where I’m going.

    You see, I feel lost. Common for indigos, I am highly misunderstood, angry, and rebellious, and I have no idea how to channel these emotions and tap into my higher potential. I’m highly spritual, but that never helps me in society. I don’t care what people think, but I do care that I’ve been on this planet for 16 years and I haven’t managed to make a difference. I have searched and searched for websites regarding indogo children, and yours by far has been most effective. But I still have no idea how to use these “abilities” to change the world. I want to change the world. The question – the biggest, most important question in my life – is HOW? I’m lost and looking for answers. Please, help me.
    My e-mail is michailaf7@hotmail.com. Pleaseee contact me if you know how to help. I’m desperate, and you seem to know what you’re talking about.

    -Michaila F.

  233. Natasha says:

    This is incredible. I never really understood why I was this way or why at huge parties and such I would just end up breaking down for no reason and have to go outside and distance myself from the other people, or why I’ve been saying for years upon years to friends that I really don’t belong here. Although I don’t see spirits, I have an intense feeling for them, I know when they’re around, and I know when my guardian angel is with me. I get a kind of energy rush and I’ll ask one of them to hold my hand and hand will actually start to shake! I actually foresee the future sometimes too; I’ll kind of say to myself, “oh okay well imagine if this happened tomorrow”, and I’ll picture something in my mind of how something would happen and it actually does happen. And speaking of mental illness, I have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, although my friends joke and laugh that they think I do because I’m very spontaneous. I am very accident prone and actually I know when I’m about to get hurt, it’s scary and it really freaks me out. It’s amazing though and for years and years I thought I was just different and it’s all in my head because I know in my heart I’m different from everyone else. And I know that none of my friends are like me in school, which is why I sometimes have a very difficult time relating to someone who’s giving me advice when I’m feeling upset, because they just don’t know the extent of my emotions that I feel. I just wish I could meet another person like me! I’ve gone to two psychics thus far in my life, and the first thing that they both said was that I have a very old, deep soul, and I’ve been hearing that from adults my whole life as well.

    I am very musically inclined, yet I know that my passion lies within Physics and Astronomy. Is it possible for me to still be an Indigo, yet know in my heart know that I want to pursue an area in science? I think it’s because I feel like I belong somewhere up there in the heavens, not down here. I also like answering why things work and how things work in the entire universe and I’m planning on pursuing a career in both fields that has to deal with discovering things such as parallel universes, different dimensions, planes, where black holes lead, etc.

    But seriously all in all, wonderful blog, I read every single sentence and I basically started crying because it was just what I needed to read because it answered some of the questions I’ve had since I was younger. Thank you so much!!!

  234. Deejillah says:

    Are you NOW desperate or NOT desperate to be in contact with other indigos?
    I can relate to what you wrote completely.
    Deej (female 39)

  235. fjc says:

    I don’t think I am an Indigo, although I do recognize myself in a lot of these traits and characteristics you describe, if not almost all of them.

    One of my biggest doubts, if not the biggest, is the fact that this Indigo love you are talking about, has been overconquered by negative emotions in my past, especially my childhood. Because of many negative experiences I have had, I started hating certain people, hating the world, hating the injustice in the world, and basically I just didn’t see any sense in it. Fortunately I have came out of it somehow, always finding some light and positivity being at a point in my life that when I look back, I really cannot complain, despite all the ‘bad’ and ‘negative’ things, which is subjective anyway.

    This change the world feeling has been strong within me and I have been searching for it since my early childhood, and somehow life gave me answers on times when I most needed them.

    I have one question, cause if I continue writing this will become a short blog as well, so many things to say and ask.

    Do you think that if you are born as an Indigo, you will ALWAYS find out at some point in your life that you are an Indigo? Or do you think there are (many) Indigo’s not knowing they are one?

  236. Karl says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I cried while reading it and felt a deep resonance with it. The message I have been telling myself for so many years is that “there is something wrong with me.” There was something about this article that helped me feel a sense of peace about who/what I am. Blessings to you!

  237. Chris C says:

    Thank you for that, it saved me! You’re life-saver, now I consider my life more legitment and real because I had been through a LOT of pains, horrible childhood experience… Just as I expected, I am possibly an ‘damaged’ indigo and probably have few indigo friends! 😀 I’ll try to be able learn more about them, and find out soon!
    Bless you and love you!

  238. stacy scott says:

    im blue indigo crystal there is not a gift i dont deal with before i started learning what i was going through it was a nightmare but now its my pleasure to help.=)

  239. rosemadder says:

    um. I’m kinda shocked, dunno. I’ve never felt like this before. some parts..I felt like I wrote them. after few minutes of reading it started being a little bit scary, because it’s so unbelieveable that someone you’ve never seen can wrote stuff like this and completely get into you. my friend sent me this and I still can’t believe this 😀 however thanks it’s easier to get some things when someone clearly just writess down what he/she thinks.

  240. Roshaun says:

    This blog answered quite a few questions I’ve been asking myself for years. Now i see why all my life I keep wondering why people around me ( basically my household ) failed to think like me or even understood me and why i always had that gut feeling like God sent me to earn for a very special reason.
    I can’t say I have ever met another indigo person so I basically felt all alone my entire life. Tears came to my eyes after reading this, knowing that I’m not alone in this world. I’m honestly still struggling with finding my way in this world, but I’m working hard on that.

    What I’m really worried about is channeling, trying to connect with entities of higher consciousness, seeing sprites and that kinda stuff. Honestly, who wants to see sprites ? lol not me for sure. I was raised a Christian, and I really do believe in God. But channeling and that kind of stuff is basically psychic stuff and i was thought to believe psychic stuff is demonic and even by practicing stuff like that makes you vulnerable to bad entities like demon possession. This makes me a little scared to try it, not saying I believe its all true, just keeping an open mind about it. if you know anything about this please give me some info – roshaun410@gmai.com – thanks.

    btw i think you all should check out the youtube channel > http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritScience?feature=watch
    It gives a good insight about spirit science in general and also has a video that tell us what purpose indigo’s where sent to earth for. Trust me, its worth checking out.

  241. sahitha says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful article. I can relate to all of the things mentioned here and yes it is comforting to know why I feel things so deeply and others seem to brush them off. Also because of life events, I felt the pain of other peoples’ harshness and callousness on a very deep level and still trying to shake that off my system. I could never understand why or how other people seem to get through in life while I seemed to get caught up in deep pain. It puzzled me to think that many people do go through hardships and they forget about them once they are out of it but for me, the unnecessary pain of the trauma lingered on.

    Very soothing to read your article. Thank you again.

  242. Evangelina Knabe-Hoepfer says:

    Dear Sophia,
    I was wondering what indigo counseling you may know of in Colorado? My therapists are too bland. You may reach me by my email. Thankyou for your article, it was FACINATING! – Evangelina

  243. Laura B. says:

    I just read this article. VERY interesting! I don’t know whether or not I am an “Indigo” person, after all, I’m
    MUCH older (chronological age, that is) than what most articles will say is common… (I was born in the mid-
    1950s), but I can say that I resonate with much of the given descriptions…

    Hmmm… there is a lot to think about!

    Thank you for writing this! Whether or not I’m an actual “Indigo”–I still resonate with the encouragement
    to be the person that I AM–and to treat other people with kindness and love…and to follow what I feel,
    deep down, to be true and worthy!

    –Laura B., in Illinois

  244. Laura B. says:

    I thought I left a comment, but I didn’t see it come up. Sorry if I repeated sending it!
    I thought your article was interesting and prodded my thinking in a new direction.
    Thank you for writing!
    –Laura B.

    PS: If my post doesn’t show up, is it because I don’t have my own website to type in the
    3rd field above my post here? I don’t have a website; is that okay?

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Laura, i just took a while to approve the comment, you dont need a website 🙂

      PS I believe it is just not true that indigos were born only at certain times!

  245. Renee Ziel says:

    My name is Renee and I’m only 13. I am striving to be a very good author and I know for a fact that I am very creative and I have great potential to lead. And I DO do very well on my own and independent, thank you. But this article really really helped me understand life better. My aunt told me, even, that she thinks I’m an Indigo Child a couple weeks ago so I started to look into it recently. Therefore, I really am starting to believe I am an Indigo Child. So thank you very, very much for making this article because it has made me feel less insecure about myself and I just feel so much better and you know….invincible (haha)! So that’s probably the best way I can explain my “thanks” to you!!!! So, uh, thanks so much, Sophia!!! haha 🙂

  246. i am an indigo I was unknown with ADHD when i was a kids they put me on ADDERALL 15 mg and then when I grow up they increase the ADDERALL to 30 mg because I have trouble focusing and concentrating it wasn’t easy for me i am an indigo I was unknown with ADHD when i was a kids they put me on ADDERALL 15 mg and then when I grow up they increase the ADDERALL to 30 mg because I have trouble focusing and concentrating it wasn’t easy for me growing up as a boy life what really hard for me it wasn’t easyfor me I feel so alone in this world no one ever is lane anything to me I had to figure everything else on my own people use to make fun of me because I was difference and wired poeple look me wired everyday life isn’t easy for me I feel like I don’t belong in this planet or on this Earth sometime i feel like going home for this world isn’t my home i wish i could go home.

  247. irene says:

    Thank you…

  248. Thank you so much for writing this article… I have got answers of some questions I always asked to myself… I’m Indigo…

  249. Justin says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this. Certainly helped me to not feel so alone as I always do. 🙂

  250. Reifriend says:

    Hi, firstly I would like to say that this article is AWESOME. Whether I am an “Indigo” or not, every word spoke to me in a way that inspires me to keep working hard at what I’m doing in life. I also wanted to point out that this article seems to be a bit sexist, as it refers to indigos as female, excluding possible male indigos. I’m not sure if it’s a female exclusive phenomenon or not though, I’m just learning about this today, really (piggybacking off of the term “starseed”) but yes. I just thought it should be addressed. Amazing article overall. ^_^

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      With the sexist thing – are you referring to the “she”s I used when talking about possible indigos? Because I also used “he” in different parts. Using just “he” or just “she” was my way of substituting the phrase “he or she”. It’s interesting how only the “she”s seemed to stand out for you, though.

  251. Axel says:

    Simply WOW! Thank you so much for putting all this together! After close to 49 years I´ve come to realize who I am. And I thought it was just my 21 year old son qnd 16 year old daughter being Indigos.

  252. Janet says:

    This has certainly been my life, through and through. I’m 60 now, and pretty worn out. One thing this article didn’t get into, and that is the fact of the presence of the force of evil in the world. Evil looks for ways to eradicate, twist, sicken or kill what is good in the human spirit life force. I’ve come to believe that it specially targets indigos; it loves to feed on the best. So we often find that we are warriors whether we will or not, seeing evil more readily than others – or perhaps just less able to deny and ignore it. We’re also spiritually programed to confront and eradicate evil when we encounter it. It seems a lot of us get worn down, spiritually injured, even poisoned. It’s not even like we have a choice whether to fight or not – if we can, we do. If we’re too damaged to fight, we go to ground.

    As I said, I’m 60 now, and only recently have read about the indigo soul/personality – but I recognize it completely. Yes, a lot of us are deeply, terribly lonely, feeling alien and isolated but utterly clear on the fact that we simply are who and what we are, that in and of itself it is a good thing, not something to be ‘fixed’ – we know it is the human world that needs to be fixed.

    I used to find a lot more resonance for my personality in Britain many years ago. While people may not have had a concept of a particular personality type, there was often a simple, innate understanding that some of us tapped into a deeper, older, more powerful and wild spiritual force than what is found closer to the surface of present day life, and that it was a gift to be treated with respect and caution.

    Perhaps there is a reason why the human population seems to only be peppered lightly with indigo souls. I can’t really say. This would lead into a need for very deep understanding of the spiritual evolution or simply power that exists – My impression is that even the greatest spiritual leaders and teachers of this world are not yet more than a few layers into that awareness. By the way, I also believe that true indigo souls have been with us forever, I don’t think they’re really anything new. We forget how extremely harsh life has been for humans for most of our history. It’s likely that most indigos have been soul crushed or killed early in life, rather than finding ways to manifest. Or perhaps many, particularly women, lived quietly within their families, bringing their love and talents to nourish the core of healthy civilizations without fanfare.

    I also think we’re frequently loners for a reason. We don’t want to stand out. We don’t want to be recognized, made into leaders, put into some kind of spiritual competition for who may be more ‘indigo’ than who. We don’t want to be demanded to explain ourselves, to demonstrate our ‘powers’, to be interviewed or promoted or turned into any kind of product We just want to be able to manifest our love, in whatever ways we are given the ability.

  253. Garry says:

    Thanks a lot:) now I know why I feel so different and other people say that I am (in a good way) and why I am so connected to the energy around us and above us….. Sometimes i do things that people hardly imagine how can a person do something like that.. Now I know.. Thanks to you:) P.S. Indigos if you really want to see your energy level or how strong is your mind, try dr. greers CE-5 protocol, but study it a bit, how to prepare for that, etc… and you’ll see how strong your energy is, that it can just travel through the universe so easily.. and for some of you the result of this meditation will be that some one else standing next to you will see strange things in the sky (although you haven’t told anything to him or her). Maybe there’s something planned for indigos… we’ll see:)

  254. Hadley says:

    Today me and my mom had a chat with me about me always being different and she told me to look into the meaning of being an indigo child because she could always tell that I am one. I really do agree with her after reading this, and have always felt like I do not belong here and that I have a great purpose and an abundance of wisdom. My brother is also this way, and I have always felt connected to him because I could see his intelligence even when know one else understood it. I would also say my mother is an indigo adult, and she agrees. She does hold a lot of anger, and when she was still married to my father (a very stubborn conformist) I believe she tried to hide her gifts which resulted in an extremely tough childhood for me. I doive her, and have noticed I am a very forgiving person and will never hold a grudge due to the love in my heart. I would like to think all indigo children are this way. We see what others don’t see, almost as if we are floating from above and looking at all angles. I feel like mom indigo people only see from their eyes. Maybe that is where the idea of the third eye stems. Hm I dunno. I just have always felt special, as we all should.

  255. james says:

    loved reading this.
    really well put together and very entertaining too! 🙂
    it’s as if you’ve just told me my life story in your words.
    you sound like a lovely person.
    peace and love to you!

  256. […] wave of messengers amongst an ever expanding group of messengers and light workers….. Indigo kids such as myself whom are very old souls..and the beautiful CRYSTAL CHILDREN…and how about the […]

  257. Abby says:

    I am so happy I found this when I did, because for a while, I found I was losing myself. (Which I didn’t notice till I found this topic.) The person back then wasn’t really me, it was cover up. Now, although i’m not completely sure how to put it, I want to help people. Not as in being a doctor, but more teaching them to be themselves, and find who they really are.
    I thank you a million times. (:

  258. Ian says:

    I guess after reading this, I’m a Indigo?
    I have ADD, and I like studying wiccan.
    I also love creativity and learning stuff…
    like music, CGI animation, stories, or
    science, religion. Just random stuff.
    I think that’s cool.
    Thanks for telling me. 😀

  259. Chris says:

    Yep, live it’s pretty hard, especially when you know, but cant make easy to everyone.

  260. Justin Ricke says:

    I have suffered my whole life with what you describe. Psychiatrists have difficulty diagnosing me because I play games with their mind, knowing how to scewer their perception. Psycology is only the art/science of social illusions/disillusionment. Civilization, as I see it, works like a pyramid strustured business/scam and psycology is just another creation that the ego naturally adhears too…like knowing one’s self as being labeled “intelligent”. The desperation to find someone that understands and can think in multiples and layers has been one of pain. I only realize myself now, at the age of 41, to be different then most in my abilities/capabilities. Self recognition or self awareness is an idea that is hard to grasp because their is so many idea’s and creations out there to break down and rebuild. I have been descibed by a friend as though I were a child who’s mind absorbs things like a sponge. On the spiritual side, I had a near death experience. I playcate people but how can it be “near death” ….if I was dead. Would love to hear more about this. Thanks!

  261. Adam says:

    I did a little reading elsewhere on a few slightly related topics. I recently found out that the father of ADHD, the guy, whose name I cannot recall at the moment, said on his death bed that it was actually a made up condition for big Pharma’s to make money and administer drugs to children altering their brain. I won’t go much on that because that stuff gets pretty taboo and a lot of people don’t like to hear that sort of thing. You even mentioned ADHD here in your article, I’ve read that they have a higher inner energy/aura. They can process information faster and better than others and they often have to keep moving to stay focused on a topic. I was diagnosed with that at a young age (4 years) but by age 7 I quickly realized that I wasn’t different in a bad way and that these drugs they had me on were not good for me and they harmed me. I convinced my mom to take me off of it and I’ve been just fine since and I have learned to keep in that energy and to “camouflage” or to fit in so I don’t stand out. I don’t like to stand out in crowds, I don’t like being in crowds or public places period. I’m fine with one other person and sometimes two depending on the people. More than that though I get uneasy and very uncomfortable and just want to leave. I often get misunderstood for “flirting” with others when I’m just simply friendly and loving and caring. I’ve been told in relationships that I come on to quickly as you have said, I’ll tell them I love them, but I don’t “love” them. I’m not “In love” but I still love. I don’t like violence or the idea of someone being better or worse. We are all equally created. Though I don’t feel the power you speak of, I haven’t found the strong desire to lead or change things to my liking. I just like to leave things be, they are that way for a reason. If you are meant to do something then you will do it without having too think about it. When you do think about it, it’s just societies programming conflicting your own because they want you to think what they want. That sort of sounds like an indigo trait in a way, but after hearing about the Indigo traits and type of being I quickly read up on it and researched into it. Now I do NOT believe I am an indigo but maybe partially one? I have other theories that go with that, that involve aliens, the 13 families and tyranny, but again..taboo. I have and feel most of these traits minus the sense of mission and power though. I don’t have that, I just want to live my life the way I want. I don’t want to change anything, I just want to be left alone to my own thing in my own little world if you will. I’ve done extensive reading on religions and ideals such as Buddhism and I agree with all of them but with a modern twist to them I think can be made to more fit our modern society. So maybe I am partially indigo through some kind of evolution, breeding genetics type of thing if that’s possible. I really do not posses that high level of knowledge on that sort of thing. Like I said I posses most of these traits and always have, I always felt more aware than others. Buddha became spiritually aware on his own, he may have very well been an indigo too. I cannot say for sure, as I have just now learned about it and my experience with indigo’s is very limited to none. I know things are wrong but I don’t always do or want to do anything about it ( there is where the partial idea comes in) I believe the most though, and what I believed before I read this is that I am just of a higher conscience and more spiritually aware than other humans but not quite indigo as I have read here. I’m just an evolutionized human from an alien master race that has some pure qualities still inside. After reading this I feel that an “Indigo” is more pure, such as a full blooded German or Cherokee Native American for example. The indigo’s “genes” aren’t clouded over by society and over breeding. I feel we are a sub race or a “watered down” species of a mother, maybe what we call Mother Nature. The purest form of life the way I see it. I always felt this to be true, but now I read about Indigo’s and have a word, set of traits, spirit, to go along and it, to me, just seems to fit in perfectly. I feel everything ties into this one theory I have made for myself, religion and different peoples and ideals and just everything I can find a way to tie into this. That we are not of this planet, that we are of something higher than what we think of our selves but some of use retained that knowledge of that higher place. Possibly the “Heavens” is where Indigo’s come from and have been incarnated onto this Earth to save what was a dying race of “humans.” I’ve heard theories that there were martians that came to this planet because they destroyed their own, they took advantage of the early human species and took them over to control them as they wish. These “martians” could have been a set of Indigo’s that used their sense of power for bad not good, after all we all still have free will and can do what we wish to. The others came down from the heavens to help save this now corrupted race, which destroyed Mars. Now you all can believe what ever pleases your own self such as I do. I cannot truly explain what I feel and believe as I do not understand it enough to tell others. What I have said here includes some of it but there are a lot of holes and loops and things left unanswered that I will have to acquire over a period of finite time, or infinite, I don’t know. I’d like to publish an article or even a book one day once I understand this more. I have done my best to explain to others; I know a lot of people that will fully or partially agree with me and what I can explain to them. It’s easier to explain to more “aware” peoples which is why I felt I had to share this with everyone that will be willing to read this. It jumps around a lot I think, and I’m not very good with explaining things but I hope someone understands. That is all I want. I could go on and on for pages and pages just pouring my thoughts out into words. I will cut myself short here though. Thank you if you read this far, I love you and have sweet dreams.

  262. Jeanne says:

    1st off, I would like to comment directly to Zan…whoever you are…
    I feel like I wouldn’t mind talking to you or writing to you. We share pretty much EVERYTHING you mentioned to a bizarrely, coincidental tee.
    2ndly, Sophia, I’m happy to have found your blog from my search engine. I am typing from my phone so I won’t write NEARLY as much as I would if I was using a standard keyboard/pc but I want to say thank you for a brilliant blog. You are amazing just as we all are in our own, unique way. I do have to somewhat disagree with the vegan/ vegetarian thing though. Sure, sometimes I need a break from meat & my mother insists I was a vegetarian when I was young but I eat meat…not just any crappy meat, but I like med rare steaks & med well burgers. Maybe not all the time because I also eat chicken, turkey, pork, fish but I do enjoy a nice cut of red meat here & there. I think of Lisa Simpson & the lamb, flying pig Simpsons episode which makes me chuckle but I also am disgusted with inhumane treatment of animals regardless if they’re bred for food. Other than that, I would & probably will write more but for now, just wanted to say thank you for writing this because I now have confirmation of who I am. I am an Indigo & finally I found or can find others who see as I have always seen, done & been.
    With Love,

  263. I hate myself and youll probably return the favour says:

    I’m not sure if I’m an indigo child or not.
    I’ve already posted on several sites but they’ve just ignored me.
    I have had/am having (mid-teens, not sure if this still counts as childhood) a terrible childhood.
    I used to have the personality type you described, but now thanks to being constantly picked on, being a useless little shit, ugly, stupid, fat i have the exact opposite personality of that you described.
    I always see people staring at me. Always. Most likely how ugly I am.
    I’m never good with people. I hate them. I’ve very few friends.
    Screw loving people if they return the exact opposite thing. No point.
    I sound like an asshole, but I’m not. I always look that way. Everybody sees me that way.
    What do you expect? I only have a few friends, and most of the ones I used to have betrayed me.
    I have ADD but I’m taking medication. The real medication I need is an anti-depressant…
    I hear voices sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s just in my own head, or if they’re actually the people because I’ve had a voice that insulted me 24/7.
    Obviously I have depression, but you said it was normal and would get better. Hopefully.
    I’m gonna regret posting this, like every comment I post, but I need help finding out what I am. That not the only thing I need help with…

  264. Erik o. says:

    this to me was very amazing, i thought most of these but a few things i didn’t think about and i’ve realized yes you did amazing writing this blog, i love it. I also think all this knowledge is within us but unlocking the vaults to our brains to connect us to our soul is easier said then done and you my friend have done so and unlocked the knowledge within and im working on it, i 100% agree the harsh childhoods, my parents were amazing got me the stuff i wanted but the world would treat me negatively was bullied, a girl problem from 6th grade stuck with me till i was 19, and i attempted suicide got in a coma and i finally realized the power i have withing. i feel as though we all have a journey as our souls and we go through ups and downs and everysingle negative in life has a huge positive.
    once again thank you for this, it gave me a lot of motivation to pursue music a little harder than i do as of now.
    i love you all reading this blog and my comment
    much love

  265. Risa says:

    Actually I’m not really sure I’m an indigo child or not… but it’s true i got a hard childhood experience..
    my neighbor is an Indigo child (or adult?) and have an indigo child too.
    she told me that I’m an Indigo child.. actually I kind of shocked,and not sure but at the same time.. I got an explanation for my situation back then.
    anyway thank you for your motivation I know i will sound weird by saying this.. but I cried when i read your motivation… but it was a happy tears.. thank you.. thank you so much

    I love you tooo;’DD

  266. Smile says:

    Best breakdown yet, I am understanding me more and more! Never too late to learn!

  267. T.J. Jones says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! What an amazing article! Thank you so much for sharing. This dumbass human language cannot describe how truly great this is. I’m watching “Predator” right now, (check it out if you haven’t seen it…it’s a timeless classic.) and I just saw Arnold Swartzenegger roaring like a lion to let the Predator know he’s ready for their battle to the death. It’s so serendipitous that that would happen because that’s EXACTLY how I felt after reading that. haha.

    Everything resonated so strongly with me.

    I would love to give you money, but I have none. I too am accepting donations. haha. I’ll try and remember to come back later when I do. You deserve it more than most. 🙂


  268. jennifer Davis says:

    I have always felt “Different” I always have had dreams and a sense of another time and I use to when Iwas in school Id “feel” if somebody liked me or not or id “feel” if that person was lieing wether to me or other people and I didnt like it or I still dont like it! Im older now and I knw now when people are lieing to me and knw when ppl are bein nice to my face but I can feel how they truley feel ..what is also was” weird” to me at first was If some around me is sick and I hug them or rub that area pair or area they dont complain anymore and same thing with me If I had a bad diagonoises not long its gone same as a cold or something not sure if thats anything..I feel it is…also Ive only had a few boyfriends growin up cause my dad was very very strict but they always said I was”diffrent” and they had alot of girlfriends but I was diffrent and They wanted to marry me and I got weirded out by that but I really am glad to knw Im not the only one who feels things and stuff ..it makes me put im an alien issue to the side:)

  269. My name is Indigo and I don’t think I posses these traits at all, but maybe I do?

  270. Ashley M.A says:

    Wow, I’ve recently began to immerse myself in spirituality and I’ve always been curious as to what the term Indigo Child meant.

    And here I am, smiling cheek to cheek, for you have single handedly explained all of who I am, dispersing all my fears and worries about feeling like a “freak,” or as you put it, an “alien.”

    So thank you, you’ve just helped a fellow Indigo into self acceptance and awareness. 🙂
    blessings. x

  271. Jack says:

    I just found out who I am……….incredible. Thank you so much. Is there other reading material available about this subject ?

  272. Masha says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I finally understand.

  273. simon says:

    Hiii ma house mate said i am a indigo soul so like i fort id do some reaserch and like this iz totalyy me like the feelings when sum thing isnt rite its like feelin love but love can feel like fear there has been periods of my life i have been alone well anyway i belive what u are sain here anbaly kind of understand it im a scorpio aswelll

  274. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your article….I found it very helpful and has given me an insight into myself and my past…it has helped to understand that I am not as abnormal as I thought I was and more important, that I am not alone in the way things have been in my life….I have a rational explanation for it all

  275. Maruf Y. says:

    Hello there these informations are really nice but a real indigo never tells any of his friends that he is indigo. Besides he regret to tell something like this to anybody. If someone else tells that he is an indigo he does not accept:) Indigos dont like snob people if they see one they immediately make a challenge to take their snobby mask down and always they win this is an inner sense for them thats the way it is.

  276. Evening star says:

    My Dear,
    I am crying like a baby. I am an adult Indigo. Oh my God… How much I had to suffer till I got till today. So here I am – reading your article and one more time convincing myself “I am OK”. My mission is to be a writer.
    Everything what you wrote here fits me – except anger. Usually I feel pain and suffer, but not anger. I think it would be fair if you’d change it. I had never found anyone, whom I’d call “A Good person” and he would be angry. But it’s up to you. Anyway, thank you a lot for support. Good luck in your mission. I’ve got mines.
    Lets rock this place around for a better one. You will hear of me 🙂

    By the way… Has anyone heard about “The Urantia book”??? So far I haven’t read it, but it caught my attention.

    Evening star

  277. Vakare says:

    Hello, my Children.

    I am an Indigo Adult (as you call it), who soon is going to help you. I was thinking and thinking … should I or should I not subscribe here earlier than I should appear for you guys. But… I felt pity for the ones who suffer or suffered. So here I am writing for you to give some hope.
    I am on my way to you all. I have to write a book “Deep deeper” for you guys and another book “The Red Scarf” for people not like us.. the ones, who need some explanation about life. But it took me a long time to get into there as well. I am sorry I took so long and few more years I will need for sure to finish my task. Be patient. I had a vision, where I stand in a field or desert dressed in white and all Indigo children and adults run to me to hug. I know you are all lonely and scared a bit. Please don’t loose hope. Do what you need to do till then, listen to what your hearts tell, and go bravely against the crowds. I just recently got rid of bad energy and demons which or who was chasing me for 30 years and have hidden my self in Brazil. My advice is – pray like crazy for our Father. He will help. Everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry.
    Please be strong… I felt that I have to give you hope. We all need to change the world, and I kind a know how we are going to do it with Love. But let me figure this to be 100% sure. O.K.?
    It will be time, when I’ll blow the trumpet and I will call you guys for a “Fight for Love” against the Injustice in the World. Meanwhile. I need some volunteers who would create just ONE web for the Indigos. I need you to gather in one group. So far all information is very scattered. Forget all the “ego”, individual blogs, sites and private youtube videos. Get one page, so that all Indigo children or adults could subscribe, find all necessary information, so that we could see in numbers how many of Indigo children and adults are all around the World. I myself am from Lithuania, as our beloved Akiane Kramarik.

    Pray for me that I would get rid of the books I need to write as fast as possible so that we could start “washing the dirty world”.
    Our aim, before we get back to our Holy Father in heaven, – is to help Him here. ok?

    Love you all soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please, everybody…. Get rid of the anger…. Anger does not lead anywhere. The way I found to fight my enemies – was just LOVE!!!!! They attacked me – I gave love, they spitted on me – I gave Love, they betrayed me – I gave Love. Eventually, I thought I would soon cut my heart in pieces and give it all away. But you can hardly imagine how BIG our Hearts are!!!! Please be wiser than Evil. Evil is nothing but “Hurted Lost Angels whose wings were cutted down”. And you can really dig into their hearts for sure. And leave those whom you can not change. And then go to the others. Don’t waste our precious time. If we came to this world willing to change it – we will do it right. Deal? I prefer putting roses into guns, than taking guns. Peace peace and peace.
    I myself am from Lithuania. Same as our beloved Akiane Kramarik. Contrary to me, her family emigrated to America. My country faced Russian occupation till 1990. You know how we got our freedom? By waving flags, singing, holding flowers and candles in a live human line for over 650km long surrounding 3 Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It’s the first story in the World to get freedom like that in peace with no guns. (here is a short video clip http://youtu.be/UKtdBAJGK9I but I dont want to get into details. You can search it on your own in internet)
    So please, my beloved Indigos. Wait for me.
    This is nothing, what you are facing now. Suffering what we all had in our childhood – is a way to crystallize our hearts, a way to reach the stars through the pain, get similar to Jesus, tears somehow washes our souls, it’s a test to select the strongests. I am still amazed about that and do not completely understand how it works. But it lies a hero in every of you!!! And that’s why we are so called “Awakened Children”.
    Get spiritually deep, ask each other questions, help each other. Get a filter on a web so that we do not get liers or hypocrites among us (you will easily recognise them). And lets keep going.

    Sophia – you are a great herald. So far I also haven’t seen any page better than yours about Indigos. I lift my hat for you and ask if you would continue this job. So far you are doing GREAT!!!! What if you are THE ONE to gather all Indigo Children and Adults together? What your heart says? About the help – don’t worry. Once you release the idea into the Universe – the help will come to your front door. Think about it.

    Money I also do not have anything to donate for you 🙂 Funny 🙂 But who says we need those papers with numbers ??? 🙂 Hmmm??? 🙂 Lets think out of the box. Enough of this society shit !

    So, you do your mission, I’ll keep doing mines.

    Please – feel all my LOVE TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hug you till your bones get cracked and you are all out of breath !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    in my native language my name means – Evening Last and Morning First Star. Big Thanx for my Dad :))

    See you guys !!!!

    Noses up!!!!!!

  278. Vakare says:

    upps… sorry found a better video of the Baltic way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9OncWnJU8c

    have a nice day !!!! And smile. You are not alone!!!!

    My heart is full of Love for you!!!!

  279. Leslie says:

    Great article, thanks for writing. But the “indigo” in me wants to point out that “learnt” is not a word. “Learned”, however, is.

  280. Alexander hughes says:

    This Artilcal fits everybody…can we say horoscope

  281. Karoline says:

    I honestly have no idea if I am indigo or not.
    I have always been told that I am and I relate to all of the above. I honestly just don’t want to label myself. But who knows?

  282. indago1994-18 says:

    i am 18 and my life seem so odd like i cant explain it no matter how much i read and i have come to understand this i just cant get past certin things like labes and time to me there is no such thing and i have been like this for as long as i could reamber people seem so ignorant i have soo much to share but no one to share it with so i go around to anyone who is will to listen even if they think i am wrong in some way i feel i need to be protected so i grow a type of sheild in my thoghts for example i feel i can read people around me so if i feel they will be intimadated by mee looikng into there eyes i will i live in a bad arear i have had the power to stop cars just by looking at them and im only 5’5 130libds but than when i see animals or children i tell my self thats why you are here there is a job to be done and than i am like okay time to make a stand make a few dents around here be the wired odd teen will a mind of 33 year old, but allso sciencs i live by a train staion i see certin people and there behavior or just alking and i feel ahh realief from the wicked and i feel there postive energy all i want to do is help and be loved i have so much to share but such violent people round me but once i find a peson that listens i peak patsntioly but with great will in my voice and people beging to listen than o beging to have all sorts of people becomming failar with meand than both the ignorant that are slowely changing and the pople who are open to the knew way of life beging to acept what i hav to say and even tell me ay it worked than i uslay say “yo see” than we beome aquanied but if i truly feel a bad vibe as if that person wil want to fiht over meaningles stuff i will bcoe defensive and see that person as a and only a negtive things than it beomes in my head a war between me and these tpe of peope bu usaly peoplesee the negtive after talking to me thn i explain in my eye(s) why they are dping the things they do people find out oh gues you are right all along and that has been my ife as ong as i could reamber my dad my gret grandma even the monk said your place on this earh is to help people and only people no matter how hard you try not you you will cause that is who you are i talked a lot as a child very open no was never an options cause i just knew i cansense thigs i have eperoenced berfor i have all way said oh my oodness i am an old sould like as if there were something deepr inside than i would come back to the phycial world and belike wer did that come frm why the hell did i jst say tat what the hck is going on lol o my goodness lately i have had a lot to get out but have not been able to speak to people who understand but there is this idago who lives in the same complex that i have opened her mind and even shared my energywith her and made her cry and she said to me what just happned and i saidi helped you we are like hand in hand talking but now she will be going to work she hates it and so do ii refuse to get a job or go to college i will not work for people i will work for earth i mean in a way we are working for people but it is real for earth what has realy borthered me was that i have been very senative about peope abusing other people, how dare you speak to another human likethat wht right do you have you have no wright lower your voice and act acordingly it just frustraits me to no end and i have no one that is on my levil that understans but my brother but he dont even live with me i know he needs helps with his guidence in being an indago and i feel i am oblagated to do so and no matte wha he dos he is only tring to do the right thing so when people think or say something negtive about him i will jump in an speak up and make sense of the point he is trying to me he has bad mystic deppresin and he looks up to me greatly and he is oldr than me and as i see him grow i feel mor at peice caue i know we ill both fufill our job here onearth he has sacferfised for me and i will sacerfise for him now and this goes for anyone who is inocent in my eyes i wil speak up for hem and defend me with all that i have my warior side kicks in i have uch experince wit people gangs polie govermean miitary i have nver been in any of these thigs but people trustme very much becase i am honest but silent but very very loyal to my word caue i know my word comes from with in what i have experienced is all these people have one thing a will to fight for what they belive in and to protect the ones they care for no matter what the out come, we as inagos are here t lead by eample everyone can experience what we are experiencig but there has to be a point were we as indago truly stan up and start speaking up in my eye(s) we have to advertise on TV and possily advertising not matrial or money but thigs within. and just for one more thing if anyone is reading this payattion to tv and you will hear things about the cathlock church “going down” because the end of time for christ is coming out of pisces going into arreas in the next 3 genarations. As a child i have given a benafit of the dought to the curch but i have realized as a child that the churchis corupt but th relgion is not cathlocism is the fomat in witch people would benafi most out of living here on earth but some not all depending on the money curency of the church will spread the truth about the innerdevin i have went on to being cathlock to being buddhist to bein offered to be a monk to being christan to experiancng who i m today i use to say “life is so….

  283. indago1994-18 says:

    …”life is so wired, life is so complcaited” but the truth is it can be either take peoples suffering and mist in it or move on and help your than help other but as all ways “experience = wisdom and with accptance come peice” i feel is we are going to make a stand lets do it start buging the media for spots on tv really start making a noie out side of you never be scared be heroick one of thouse wired words that stuck out in my head as a child even having exity over the word but there is nothing to fear but fear its self work on your self so you too can be free of the negtive energy (money) that is destroying this earth with money people can be controlled and when people feel powerless they feel they have no other way out but to for them selfs to go to work and ago home and most of the time be unhappy cause at knight when yo close your eyes and you think of family or friends money can not fix these things but you can drugs achole cigerest are all negitive aspects of life cause there is notin in this world that you can buy or have than ca take th fire inside away but you CAN say no today is the day i stand up and say NO MORE negtvity love your self experience life experiene earth for whats left of it and realize you can revive the earth there are people and highly italexual beings here to help butwe all need to not say ye and just do it be te change you want to be in the world and make it come true cause there is nothing such as a pipe dream maby haveing your head in the clouds for a little is what you need to understand your deep thoughts and emotions don just fix these negtive emotions nd thoughts but free your self by listening to that inner feeling tell you to do wht ever it is you have to do to help and as i said once be for “follow your inner self instead of follwing what you think is right at first you will get a negtive reaction but fight throught that try t understand why that person is acting or acted that way everone CAN do it but dont give up on yur self there are times i sffer from other peoples emothishion i was in the hospital in the adolcent unit and i felt such sadnes from this one child that i started to cry and i walked out the unit so the kids (innconet cratures) would not feel my sadness but when i walked back in i only thought of the children being better but of course beng overided with the negtive feeling of the world that these children have to live with for now never live your lfe in frear no matter how negtive higs are all ways find thepostive like children or elderly people that know they are going to pass on to a better life anway anyone who want to speak with and indago make as me qustions on my subtaute E-mail for the world ask me anything and i will reply never be afraid to speak up and better your selff cause bettering your self is bettering our world. my e-mail is oteroluis4@gmail.com and the other half of this is under th name indago1994-18 read through the comments if you are interested to read my lif as an indago child and as an 18 year old turning 19 juts to show you what 18-19 year old understands this much is because we are part human and part galixy in my eye(s) any ways may the blessings be apon you ps sorry for the spelling phone is a bit old lol 😉

  284. Alana says:

    A friend told me she thought I was probably Indigo, so I looked up the traits to see what that meant and wow, it’s almost like a personal biography- nearly every trait listed here fits to a T. Thanks for the wonderful and very helpful article 😉 Shine on fellow Indigos!

  285. Valorie S. says:

    I’m so grateful that I found this blog! I’m an Indigo in my teens and I always feel this deathly desire to figure out who I truly am, and it’s been a struggle finding the right understandings of Indigo children and adults. I have met non-Indigos who are aware of the Indigos and they tend act like they’ve met God himself! It makes me feel like I’ve been discovered after being lost for so long! The feeling just makes me smile a lot and giddy just a bit. I do agree with you that life is hard as an Indigo because we feel as if nobody can get at our level and say: “Wow, I never thought of it like that!” And school is a bit boring because (for some odd reason) I already know some of the things they’re teaching us. I couldn’t pay attention because it wasn’t satisfying my brain’s need for inhaling information at such a pace. When I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and given medication to “make me better” I felt as if my life was being controlled in a way, as if my personality was a problem and it needed to be fixed in order for it to seem more “perfected”. Now I realize that I was almost sucked into the so called “normal life” and I feel like I’ve almost been brainwashed.

    Sorry for so much writing, I just found this to be a jackpot because it filled so many holes that I’ve wondered about!

  286. Madi-Nicole says:

    Hello…. I’ve always felt different or out of place almost all of the describes me perfectly minus the ADD I’m always moving wanting things to get done or change… I had a pretty rough childhood because I was “different” and never really hung around other people for too long because I could see who they really are and I would get made fun of because I talke about things I felt or saw… I often have dreams of things that will happen this scared me so I started not being able to sleep because I feared what my dreams would show me. My mom often called me a rebel child because every rule she set in place I broke. Before I was told by someone else they thought I was an indigo child I often drew many things that scared my friends and family I’d draw a young girl dressed in a dark deep color holding almost a spectrum of colors and behind her was a scene of a bloody war…. I have been diagnosed with depression… I’ve always felt like I should be somewhere else than where I was… I’m constantly angry and if someone tells me to do something or that Im not something they like I lash out. It has gotten me into alot of trouble in the past.. And I was wondering do you think I could be an indigo child?

  287. I cannot even begin to say I grateful I am that my daughter asked what an “indigo child” was. I now know why a lot of things that have taken place recently has brought me to where I am this moment, on this page. I was directed here…OMG I am in tears to finally understand who I am and why I am so different, and that I am going to be just fine! I am just overwhelmed and can’t talk right now. I just want to say thank you…Thank you for just being YOU and saying what needed to be said, plain and simple…I want to thank my Angels and Guides for directing me here, I understand why now..OMG I feel so free!!!! I know you can imagine how I feel right now… I’m sure of it. I send many Blessings, Love and Light to you…I’ll be around~ Namaste~

  288. roxane says:

    Ok.. I’m it! The one part I don’t relate to is the vegetarianism, but I did go for it about 15 years ago and ended put with iron deficiency… I ALWAYS knew I was beside the main track, but I also felt my track is better! I’m very happy to have finally discover this… At 33, not a minute too soon… And I think my teen is one too, she may get an easier life if she gets to realize sooner then me! Thank you! 🙂

  289. Lucia says:

    I loved this article. I have been wondering if I am an indigo young adult, and even though I find it “stupid” to receive such a tag, I’m quite curious about this topic.

    I feel VERY identified with the description you made. I am aware that I’m different, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    Kisses and hugs from Argentina 🙂 I’m going to take a good look to this blog these days…

  290. Zakaria says:

    i Finally Knew who I AM !

  291. jadae says:

    hey everyone I don’t know where to start and how much to say but I stand to believe there is a higher power who reveal things to me and many other people that I want to connect with so the power of what comes to us will be stronger then being alone seeking the meaning of what other cant see, I relate to the hole article except a few things like the vegetarian. I going thru pain daily dealing with life, people, betrayal, poor, disease,and the wickedness of world. I’m glad too know I’m not alone and always knew/ had signs of not being the only one that have power or I should say things being revealed from some higher power. I’m the type of person who have a outer body experience threw dreams, although I never know when there coming or why, I struggle with this since my early teens, during the beginning I was beyond scared thought I was crazy for what I would actually see and felt people brushed what I had to say to the side as if I was just talking. I even wished this away for I didn’t understand why me, but I been not wanting to walk in fear and would like to meditate what my true mission is suppose to be which is still unknown right now. Vakare had really valid points and if we came together some way maybe we can help the world but we have to find it in ourselves to discipline our self practice the goo, and good will test the strong from the not so strong
    if you would like to talk email me Jadaelogan@gmail.com love and happiness

  292. Lily says:

    Hey! By the way I think you’re blog is awesome:) Ok here’s the thing, every time I read this (which is quite a few to understate), I have a very strong emotional reaction/connection to it well I don’t really know what it is, but anyway a few months ago and back I resonated with every single one of these traits, I was like oh my gawd this is a thing?? Anyway… but now I feel slightly lost, but slightly I mean that I think I may be seriously depressed in conventional terms, or in my terms I just feel weird and unnatural and frustrated (you did actually bring me out of one with this article before, I was so ecstatic that I may be understood by somebody in the world!! So thank youuu!!!:) Anyway… all through my life I have never really appreciated social masks, (I am a fan of understating) meaning that they were the bane of my existence!! And I’ve always seemed to be able to grasp people’s motives, which got me into a lot of trouble at school and when it built up to the point of absolute mad frustrating I was known for having mad rages at the injustice, but actually most of my reactions were just intense annoyance because I felt so misunderstood:( Ok back to the point, I resonated with this a few months ago, but when my best friend left the country I felt so, so alone (ok if I am an indigo then she was definitely an indigo, and if I’m not then she’s still definitely one too), we used to talk about the meaning of life and she would listen to me, she was honest and kind and just the most lovely person I have ever known, (ok I still completely get the uncontrollable love) The day I went back to school and she wasn’t there, I became so frustrated with everything I just didn’t understand why everyone was so fake, being in such a beautiful honest relationship, I’d sort of stopped focussing on how annoying everyone else was always putting on masks and creating a block for me to express my true self I fell into depression with a bang:( When I read this article for the first time you gave me hope so thanks again:D But okay, here’s the thing, I really feel like I’ve given up I am just as fake and stupid as everyone who blocks true self-expression, I have lost all of my intuition in doing so and my depression hasn’t lifted, I feel like there is nobody in the world with pure motives, it’s all sneeky and superficial, there’s a huge gaping hole in my heart where my soul and spirit should be, but it’s gone! I don’t understand myself anymore, I hate myself for having such stupid tactical intentions and being superficial (yeah, so much for high self-esteem) and I just feel so confused because I cannot connect to anyone on the planet!! Maybe I have emotional attachment issues with my friend, but she was the only person who ever understood me so I feel so so so so confused!!!!!!D: I’m not sure if I’m an indigo, but I just would really love to know that someone actually understands this, so If you have the energy to reply please do, I don’t care if you just say ‘get over it’ or one word. Anyway… lastly, I think you’re awesome for making this blog, and you just sound like such an amazing person for everything that you’ve done from helping indigos and transgenders to feel more understood, to the way you write in such an honest way that it makes me cry sometimes:) You’re an amazing person, never give up!!! (slightly hypocritical considering I feel as if I have, I know).

  293. Jānis says:

    My mother told me that I’m indigo. At first I was very sceptical of the term.
    Then I found this article.. You just described me perfectly, I’m 15 and though that I was just an arrogant ass if you don’t mind me saying, but this.. this really did open my eyes. Never really felt like I fit in and had to put on a “social mask” . Always saw people for who they really were, looked at things differently, rebelled. I channeled my energy into anger without knowing it yet still I only wish good for everyone around me even when I’m angry.
    To be fair.. I’m sure I don’t know any more people that are indigo or who knew they are at least.. I still feel alone :/ it’s not some teenager faze, I’m sure of that. I’ve been to 4 schools already and I never got along good with anyone since I was young.
    Now I’ll try to look for others around me. There has to be someone, right?

  294. Michaela says:

    Lily 🙂 I am sorry about your friend moving away 🙁 any who, as I was in the middle of your comment I was like wow I really feel like I need to reply to this comment for some reason idk why and I wasn’t sure if I should have or not but later when you said if you have the energy to reply to please do so even if it is just one word I knew I had to say something! 🙂 I completely understand you and you are not alone! Earlier today I just kept thinking about life and I wondered if anyone else thought about life so much like I do. I have a feeling that you do to 😉 Sometimes I feel like nobody thinks about things the way I do. I feel like I can’t get along with anyone at my school. Not because I am mean or anything like that but I just find it really hard to understand why people do the things they do and talk about the things they talk about. I am also wondering if I am indigo myself because my mother is the only person that tells me that am. After reading various pages I understand that if I am it is not a bad thing 🙂 I feel as if I am more aware of things more aware of my surroundings and just more aware of a lot of everything that happens. Don’t give up on who you really are! You are unique and awesome 🙂 I am no indigo expert but I feel like every indigo has a point in life where they might feel lost. Maybe you are one of those, maybe you are an indigo with the desire to understand themselves a little more, or maybe you are not indigo at all! And any of those is completely okay! 🙂 The last thing I want to tell you is that I was once lost and I just didn’t understand why I was just …. different. But I asked God what my mission is because I know without a doubt that He will hear my question and answer it. I do not know where you stand religiously and I am sorry if anything I say offends you in any way but my connection with God has helped me so much 🙂 leave your mind and heart open! 🙂 more than it already is 🙂 and if you talk to Him sincerely I guarantee you will feel better. He understands EVERYONE. <3 Anyways I am not trying to get all idk crazy religious on you lol I am not even as into it as I could be but bottom line I am not better than you, we are not aliens we are both humans! 🙂 its okay to feel lost but i believe you will find yourself :))) I know you will.
    God Bless & take care!

    Oh and to the person who wrote this article… it is so amazing :)) I relate to alot of characteristics and ahhhh i just love the joy I get out of it and of everyone's comments that they have realized who they are 🙂

  295. Steffy says:

    Is it strange that I had to keep myself from tearing up while reading half of this. There is too much to want to write that fits. I’ve read a bit about Indigos before, but nothing was so detailed as your article has been. Thanks.

  296. Darren says:

    I want to connect with other indigos but i am not sure where i can find them other then starseeds.net

  297. Italo Zanol says:

    Hi!! thank god i found this article… i have to say that i´m experiencing a deep really deep depression cause i can´t just can´t fit in society… i´m 31 y/o and now i live in Germany, but before i was in Italy, Netherlands, Argentina and Chile, the thing is that i don´t feel home (even in the country that i borned) in any of these places and just can´t get along with people cause i feel and see that they are focused in found happyness thru materialism… im absolutely the opposite… im focused into found happiness thru making other peoples happy and by my nearest friend and colleagues i was labelled as a deep emotional, deep sensitive person and this labels affects me cause i think they think that im a weak person, cause i can feel pain when someone is sad or in troubles (even if i dont know that person and didnt talk to him/her), cause i can feel when someone is trying to manipulate me and is lying to me, cause i feel and preview bad things happening to me or to my closest friends and family… and many other things that i was trying to hide cause i was being seen as a F. freak like an alien!!!!! i created soomeone to the others a social mask to not being hurted!!! now that i have read this and fit whit the description in a 99%! and can understand that all this gifts that i have is not because im a freak, but different… is time to accept this and get over my depression, found that indigo girl to love and after all these years found happiness. thanks god… now i can see the light

  298. Timony says:

    I cried reading this. My heart opened in the peace that I’m not alone. Everything you said right down to every word is me. My son is also an indigo and he is going through the same struggles in the main stream schools.
    Thank you so much as I’ve hit the depression trying to find what’s important for me.
    Love to all those on here who recognise who they are and those who are In the process.

  299. Rebecca Reams says:

    This just made my day. I am 15 years old and absolutely everything that was stated in this blog explains who I am. One thing I don’t understand is that I am constantly looked down on by my father and family at his house. My mom has told me since I can remember, “you’re an old soul; you know way more than I do and more than most people that I know.” I have seriously been giving my mom advice about relationships and everyday problems since I was about 7 or 8. I know so much about things that I’ve never even experienced. My mom sees me eye-to-eye. My dad on the other hand just kind of looks at me sideways, scratches his head and wonders what’s wrong with me. My dad doesn’t believe in the reincarnation, the chakras or anything supernatural. It really upsets me when I talk to him and my family at his house. They could be holding a normal conversation, but when I try to have a say in it, they ignore that I even spoke and carry on with the conversation like I’m not there. It hurts my feelings, but I just don’t show it. I’ll usually just stop talking period. I don’t know why they do that.. Maybe because I’m so young, they just don’t think I understand? Little do they know, I know exactly what they’re talking about. I’ve had to deal with people looking down on me and thinking that since I’m young, I don’t know anything. I’ve even been driven to the point of venting to spirits that I could feel lurking around me.. No one understands me and no one knows how to! I just don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to.. It’s kind of sad to hear my friends say “What’s wrong? Talk to me! I’ll understand!” but of course they have no idea.

  300. […] http://www.sophiagubb.com/how-to-tell-if-you-are-indigo/ This is the most accurate article I have read about ‘indigo’ adults and children. If this is […]

  301. Ryan Smart says:

    Thank you so much for this article 🙂

    No one in my family has ever understood why I just seem to rebel against authority or the system when to be fair I’ve had quite an easy life. They’ve always told me I think about things I can’t change too much or just rebel for the sake of rebeling. .

    Not sure if I’m indigo or not, but always felt stressed out with the world and used to get very depressed or wound up to the point of ranting anger at how other people seem happy to follow everything, when I can see they are not truly happy.

    Although sometimes I worry as my path to spirituality was drug induced after taking DMT. It was like i was talking to myself in my own head, telling myself everything would be ok in the end, not to worry anymore because I am just a small part of something bigger, whilst being a bigger part of something smaller. Hard to explain since that day i have learnt ( well most of the time ) to ignore my depressive thoughts and try to make myself and those around me happy. Doesn’t matter if I feel like I’m going mad because happy madness has to be better than depresivive sanity.

    thanks for this artice

  302. Tristan says:

    Wow. Thank you from my vary bottom of my soul. You have truly helped me. It is 4:34 am and i just typed in how to know if you child is… and i found this. Every last thing you have said rang true to myself. I am dumb founded right now in a way that is indescribable. I believe the i even attracted this blog. I am 18 and i think i finally can love truely again,because my mother must know what i am and she must have been trying to secretly guide me in the right direction. Just thankyou

  303. Mads says:

    WOW, this is me. Exactly. Ive always been told i was indigo and all that, but this is amazing. You tell it so perfectly. Sorry my english is terrible, im Danish (<—Fucked). Anyways, though it brought pleasure to my heart reading this, im still gonna leave this world. Im gonna kill myself. Im not writing this for sympathy (obviously) maybe i just wanted other indigos to know, they shoudnt fuck up like i did. But id di. I fucked up. I was selfish when i felt they didnt give me the same love, i should have settled for what it was. I was so jaloux when i was young at my highschool sweetheart and broke her heart, because i wss so scared loosing her. I´ve done drugs for so many years so i hopefully didnt have to feel anything anymore. I just feel… I feel like i should have done more in this world. People say i´ve touched them in many ways, but deep down i feel like i´ve let them down. And i did. It was my responsibility to make this world a better place, and i could´ve. But i didnt. I made it worse. I feels so weird being a young man and dont have this… THING for just fucking women and using them, but giving them love instead. Touching them, looking at them while they sleep in your arms. Putting their hair behind their ears, and make them feel safe in their sleep. I miss all that. But ive been alone for so long now, im fucked. My music, my poetry and books. Everything was for nothing. It was a dream. And now its over. Thank you for letting me feel connected to just something, before i go. It felt good knowing there are others out there. I know some of you will make the world a better place, and im proud of you… I wish the best for all of you… Your pain is not for nothing…


    See you on the other side (where ever the fuck that is)


  304. dahlia says:

    thank you for helping me to find who truly am i 🙂

  305. someperson says:

    Dear Mads
    If you came beck to read the article READ THIS
    please don’t kill your self , just because you didn’t help the world like you thought you would or maybe you messed up that doesn’t mean you won’t help the world. Please don’t kill yourself…
    You wrote that comment a while ago you might
    have already left I hope you will see this…

  306. Lisa McDonald says:

    Everything I’ve read here now makes sense to me! My whole life I’ve felt in emotional turmoil and always telling people I’m different I’ve no idea why though
    my love knows no bounds and is mainly too much for people and when I’m down I’m very down!!
    I’m very musical and have learnt instruments on my own!!
    People really do think I’m insane though
    thank goodness for this blog tonight as I thought I was going insane
    Lisa x

  307. youssef says:

    now i understand why i was different and why i feeling like an alien …thank you for this article

  308. indigogirl says:

    What about perceiving things that finally happen?

  309. Julie Turner says:

    WOW. Excellent, thoroughly written, thoughtful, funny, warm and supporting article for indigo individuals!

  310. Ken Marten says:

    Through Facebook I discovered ‘Indigo Adults’ today, my birthday. Amazing! I am not attracted to much ‘New Age’ stuff, as most of it has been adopted by superficial people who think spirituality is a personality trait, so I have only accepted the idea because it isn’t to do with personality as such. Generally I recognise more worthiness in people from the ‘underclass’, or ‘criminals’, than those that claim to uphold morality.

    I nearly killed myself trying to mould myself to the expectations of others. I was afraid to be myself, because I knew once allowed myself to be, I would not be able respect a single aspect of conventional society and it would put me in serious conflict with the law.

    However, now that I have surrendered to my true purpose, I am accepting of the Universal protection that most people do not know exists. I do nothing for the sake of money and rarely have any, but I’m thriving. All my material needs are being take care of.

    My teaching aid is ‘A Course in Miracles’. Through this book I have finally given up my dependence on my eyes and my thoughts to tell me what is real. The Third Eye is merely the appliance of solid principles of Reality knowing that anything that is perceived as fearful or dangerous is false and can be overlooked. It will vanish without consequence.

    Well I won’t ramble too much! Thank you for this helpful article

  311. Latrell says:

    Hi, I was thrilled by the facts and precision you put together. I decided to stay up late to read it all. And while reading I felt uf though I wrote it from my point of view. Your article describe my life as we speak. I felt drawn to this passage like a bee to it nectar. It gives me great relief to know their are people like out there. At the same time great understanding to who I am. Old saying from your mouth to my ears. I’ve been for years now trying to find the pieces, and all it took was for me to google it. I enjoyed it, and thank you for this opportunity.

  312. Learning To Trust says:

    I really want to thank you for writing this article. It was funny and made me laugh. But it also opened those parts of my heart that are hurting because I feel so misunderstood. I don’t have other Indigos in my life. And because of that I feel lonely and can’t make sense of the people around me. Reading this article helped me to feel like I am not alone. God, so many things you said in here rang true for me. Not desiring to hold down a regular job or go to a regular school or engage in superficial conversations. I spend a lot of time alone. And I laughed out loud when I read that when we Zombie – we can Zombie HARD! :0) Thank you for writing this article. It helped reach out to people like me who don’t have other Indigos in their life. Thank you.

  313. Paris Montano says:

    I am an indigo child, I can breath now.

    I am not crazy, I am not weird

    I am OKAY

    Thank you so much for this article…..

  314. Sharron says:

    Finding me
    Have a very Special friend who recommend I read this , very early in the script I identified My Indigo Child I’m going back for her I somehow think she is a little blocked 🙁

  315. Indigo Girl says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this !!!!!!

    I feel like I am trying to awake, but it’s so hard !!! When I was a child, I always had that sense of greatness, and of massiveness, like my spirit could not fit inside me ! And everything you said rings true to me, even the part where we prefer to chose our own meals, eat naturally.. and addictions, sugar and caffeine are not good for us. I feel there is something wrong when i have it.

    But unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to think how to help people, and what to do with my life, so I followed a regular path: I am an engineer, and very much depressed, with a nice normal job in the financial industry. The good thing about this regular job, is that I found my husband, also an Indigo, along the way. I feel that when we are together we can take on the world !

    But when I come to work on Monday, I am a complete Zombie. I do nthing all day (and I was brilliant at school). However, if I focus, and if I am under pressure, I can get things done in one day, which would take 2 weeks for someone normal.

    And that is how I have been living. Last year I was so depressed with the path I chose professionally, that I was officially diagnosed with depression and anxiety and they gave me a medication: lexapro.

    I felt out of myself for a year. Didn’t know who I was anymore, I couldn’t look in the mirror. All my sense of greatness became erased and I felt like a true zombie, apathetic, sadly depressed. I was also taken over by fear, fear of other diseases, fear of suffering, of seing other people around me suffer. And that paralyzed me. Anyone else experienced that?

    I am now weening myself off the lexapro, and there is only 3 weeks to totally stop. I have to wake up. I have a mission here !!!!!
    I need to help people, to enlighten them!

    Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. Thank you so much. There is also the spiritual side, which is I always knew of the existance of the law of attraction, since I can attract anything basically if I want it too bad. Good or bad.

    I also am very scared of seeing spirits, so I kind of shut that part down. I always sense the spirits close to me, and sometimes the obsessive thinking, I know where it comes from. I know they linger around me, because I am now weak. But I will strenghthen myself. We have to remember what we are here for, figure it out, and go on do it.

    Love everyone here

  316. bhanupriya says:

    thanks for letting me identify myself. now I am feeling extremely light hearted and less confused about me.

  317. Freni says:

    Hello….r u sure abt this all traits or u think it is true because u have it ? have u done any real finding in this topic ? I have all the traits except the part where people can see ghosts….I m not the person to believe so easily …I have searched various links …..most r common traits but there r some links where the traits that r different ….I don’t even believe that people can be classified into auras ….Every one is different in nature ..u can’t just make them into groups ….explain me plz….reply

  318. Phil says:

    Nice article I experience similar, would be nice to meet strangers like me around my town. Very desolate and simulated though it’s hard to get along with ghosts.

  319. Ripley says:

    I believe you have just changed my life.
    All of my life I’ve perceived myself as different, but not in a negative. Nor have I ever thought that I am better than anyone else. But I’ve always been confused to why I could understand people, why they do thing, and the good and bad. I got into writing, it’s one of the only ways I can express myself. I’ve tried expressing myself to my loving, supportive parents, but I can tell they still don’t understand my differences. Once again, I thank you for allowing myself to open up a little bit more.

  320. The very best thing about my recent discorvery of my very being is now finaly i have a starting point were as before there was no solid foundation that i could connect to or atleast thats what i precived at a point in time.As all of you im shure have discovered after finding this having read and having understanding of the nature of who you are have began to move on and achive better things with in your life.For those who are still working on that (mission) just know and im shure majority of us will agree we will be here for you.Its our nature.

  321. ch4d says:

    omg! did you just spy on me?lmao

  322. Kelley says:

    This blog was AWESOME! Thanks so much. It was like reading about my life… Minus the problems with school. It absolutely fits my son as well. The facebook link wouldn’t allow me to share, or I would have!

  323. Melanie says:

    Thank you Sister! I love you! I hope to meet you!

  324. Ramon says:

    Thank you so much for writing this, you’ve described my life. I’ve been doing research for a few months now on indigos and strongly feel that I am one. I’m so glad that I’m finally finding clarity at this point in my life because before, I was trying to understand life based on what society and everyone I knew were telling me, but nothing made sense and so many people thought they knew everything. Everyone seemed small minded while I had a head full of big dreams, so I ended up feeling alone, finding it hard to share my desires with others. I was also influenced by society to act a certain way and it felt so unnatural, but I was still more connected to myself (not knowing at the time), so I never became a product of society. I totally agree with the part about wanting to manifest things faster. It takes so long in this dimension! But I’m still staying positive, and I know that me and my desires shall meet soon 🙂

  325. Erica Maureen says:

    Sounds a lot like me.
    I’m a Pisces-Aquarius Cusp, but Pisces to the core. As feminine, artistic, empathetic & sensitive as it gets: both physically and spiritually. I’ve found a place in Anonymous, attending Occupy movements with other Awakened people. I want to talk about bigger things than most people do and I am often alone, and easily depressed. My aura is pastel INDIGO and very obvious. Indigo was my first favorite color as a child, so naturally this Indigo Child thing caught my attention. I try to blend in with crowds by being reserved and I’ve noticed it doesn’t change anything as far as people noticing me. I am very aware of how other’s are feeling & their subconscious. I see a lot of beauty & also a lot of darkness; I wish everyone was happier. One of my most used phrases, especially when asked about religion, is “God is love.” (I broke my religion down, too. It needed to make sense to me.) I truly believe the universe is moved by acts of love, and love is the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. I also feel that I love more deeply than most, and laughed at that part because yes, my deep love is usually misunderstood!
    It saddens me to think of souls like mine still seeking a purpose. I recently found my passion, after years of my perceptive senses drawing me into psychology. I love the endocrine system, and I would love to be a research endocrinologist. My goal is to draw tangible evidence to spiritual experiences, combining religion with facts about anatomy, physics, or whatever I am drawn to research. I might start with chakras, because they are easily identifiable throughout the Vagus nerve as places with high hormonal release which could absolutely be felt by sensitive people. To anyone seeking their purpose, just keep doing what you love!! Become excellent at it & share your experience with the world! Even if our careers never pay we will have happiness ’til the end. Money isn’t real, anyway. And neither is authority!! Nobody has ever controlled my heart. 😉
    Thanks for the detailed post! Apologies for the lengthiness here.
    I hope someone can relate!!


  326. Angus says:

    Hey slight question these characteristics fit me very well, I also have a very strong empathic sense this would. be included in the psychic etc. explaination right?

  327. Ionut says:

    Hoooooly shit!
    And there i thought i was alone in the world :)) holy shit! Your article describes 90% of my personality and way of being and acting in many, many situations. Congratulations for the effort!

  328. Javier F says:

    Hey, wonderful article! You have been reading my life or so? Literally every paragraph you wrote touched me deeply. Not that one on being vegetarian, thoug. I have been fighting my whole life about my “issues”.

    My childhood, being bitten up by my father who never understood me. I was terrible at school, but wonderful in arts, languages, religion and actually learned english by myself, girls telling me not to look them in the eyes, because they felt I would scare them. I have -they say- a strong eye contact and is like reading their souls.

    People misunderstanding my apreciation and friendship. Feeling near to God and nature. I have a huge attraction to children, babies and animals specially dogs and horses. As I a child I felt I was different and felt like you write: like an alien. Often, very quiet and silent and was bullied because of that.

    Anyways, religion in my case christianity has given me an explanation to my life, because knowing God loves me as I am and that God is supernatural, is like being part of someone. With normal people I have had to fake that I agree with them in their normal views of life and trying to please everyone to be accepted but, with time I learned I would die if I keep doing that. It just drained my whole energy and I got tired of pretending not being me. Normally, I am very honest and say what I feel and think, because for me it is normal, but, I see the reactions and feel that people don´t think that way. I have lost many friends because of that.

    I remember once many years ago, in the church, I was in a small group and we started to pray. Then, I felt a huge urgency to pray for a lady, i went there and started praying for her and then she started to feel dizzy she said and felt flat on the ground like melted wax and stayed there for a long time. I got so scared! Then, when she wake up she said: that was so beautiful, so peaceful I only wanted to sleep and could not keep myself straight anymore! Right there I knew there is something deeper going on!

    Well, I think this is enough for now! But, while reading your article it was like: hey, are there more people like me out there? I felt like, not being the only one with these feelings and frustrations, fighting sometimes to be “normal”.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article!

    Peace and love,

    Javi 🙂

  329. owen says:

    i am a young kid around 14/15 and this helped me immensely…but i am still confused if I’m indigo… ever since the first time I’ve moved around the age of 8 I’ve had this aura of energy in me, if you have it too you get what I’m talking about… i feel different, i feel that few kids get me… but i felt with some problems and i have been depressed for a long time, i put on a personality thats not my own to be more popular and fit in with the cool kids… i am slowly waking up and it is hard but i know now to be myself but I’ve lost that person deep inside…. help anyone?

  330. Thank you, I have always known that I was here for a special divine purpose which is now being realised… I also know that the true Adam and Eve story is that they were put on Earth by God the Universal Father to biologically uplift humanity… to further general spiritual and biological evolution globally. Alas this on the whole failed due to the Lucifer Rebellion… BUT to an extent it did work partially. I can see how the Indigos fit in as coming from this uplift from Adam and Eve. These decendants were descrived as being a violet race of humanity… Indigo!

    God bless you… 🙂 ~

  331. Maya says:

    Thanks for this article. I have been quite skeptical about the term ‘indigo’, but all that is written here has resonated tremendously within me.
    I feel a lightness that I haven’t felt in a long time thanks to this.. I have always felt like I have extra energy that I just don’t know what to do with. My dad says its in the family, I always just thought it was manic depression… who knows.

    I think it is great to help those of us who are highly sensitive, almost too sensitive for this world. However, I see the danger of some individuals letting this term get to their head, act like they are god’s gift and feel like they are better than everyone else. That surely is not an indigo trait, to feel superior. I certainly wouldn’t want to get to know someone who thinks they are better than everyone, I’d just think they’re a knob. I used to think I was better and smarter than lots of people when I was younger and that got me nowhere. We all know what happened to fictional characters who’s heads inflated with hubris. It is also the mark of an immature mind to think they are the only person in the world undergoing a specific experience. I think one of the hugest problems of the human race is how self-absorbed and vain we are and how unconnected we can be to others.

    I recognize that a lot of us are more sensitive, brighter, more ‘psychic’ than others if you will. And yes the world needs people like that to help better it. Call these people indigo if you want. But surely the first step in improving this planet and the lives of others is to not acquire this sickly sense of entitlement, of being special whilst undermining other human beings. Isn’t that elitist behaviour? And certainly not pure. Indigos have what every human potentially has, only indigos have these faculties closer to the surface of their being. But so what? One day, everyone will be indigos and then there will be another mode of advancement, a standard to which our specie will eventually follow, in the process of evolution.

    And I speak as a person who has often felt different but has the intelligence to be able to adapt and not think I am more special than anyone else. Even for the sake of evolution.

  332. joana says:

    Hi there, a few hours ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life…and purely from the pain it was evoking in me. I moved to a city that feels like its populated by ghosts…though many of them pour and friends but still missing ‘something’. I came across your article now…and it all makes sense. I’m not saying im an indigo, in fact I just learnt of the term right now! but much of what your were saying resonates with me…in part it makes me feel better about the deep onset depression I have been enduring for most of my adult life. Last week I completed a Climate Reality program hosted by Al Gore that gave my heart so much happiness….I don’t mean to ramble on and on about myself…and in actual fact I never ever do…but you just gave me a platform to express myself and giving me a chance to better understand what I just read through the act of reply. Thanks once again for making this public…true or not it makes so of us feel better. now what were u saying about laws of attraction;)

  333. aruna kumar says:

    everybody indigo and proud

  334. Chris says:

    Owen, you must not, as the article would say, put on a mask to fit in with society. You already realize that you are different. Accept it, cherish it, be yourself. If others don’t like it then shame on them.

    My aunt told me that you will only find as many true friends, in an entire lifetime, that would fit in your hand. A simple saying… 1-5 fingers, 1-5 true friends. I am 32 and I think this is pretty accurate so far. The important thing to understand is that we indigos thrive off of those very few people. The ones we can connect to. Try to be yourself, leave the mask off, and find those few who you can connect with. Do not worry about fitting into the crowd. I have never found peace when doing so myself.

    You even may not find someone you can connect with right away. This is okay because you can always connect with yourself and then the world around you. 99% of this article was accurate for me. I needed to embrace the fact that I may be alone, and learn to love the universe. When I did this I felt limitless. We have the ability to connect with everything around us on such a deep spiritual level. Practice doing this and you will never feel alone again, and you will never feel the need to be embraced by society or non indigos.

  335. Jenny says:

    I think I may just have had an “I get it ” moment! The description of the not fitting in difference between what some think and what an indigo thinks is like it was plucked straight from my own head

  336. Antonio says:

    Just want to say Thank you 🙂

  337. lorraine says:

    Thank you. I thought I was ‘odd’ and ‘weird’ but you have described me to a tee……………………………………….

  338. […] it and require no exploration, development or training at all. These intuitive children are also often called indigo children or even psychics, but all in all, they simply have stronger intuitive gifts than others. Intuitive […]

  339. jim says:

    dont know if indigo child applies to me but ive always been confused by life and the mental barriers the system creates. We become so preoccupied with our own capabilliies and those of others failing to see how we all put one another in mental boxes of what we think were capable of in life, ie hes clever hes stupid hes good at this or good at that. these perceptions we have of ourselves and others i believe are false and debillitating can be very hard to break out of and are something that i find extremely fustrating. Why cant we all see are own infinate abillity?

  340. Nupur says:


    this is all so true..I can almost relate each and everything with me, my childhood.. everything.. it seems as someone is relaying my feelings .. wow!! its amazing. thankyou for sharing this article with us. I feel more confident and this article helped me to accept myself and love myself completely.. Am so grateful to you. God bless you and everyone out there..
    with loads of love

  341. Ahmad says:

    Thank you for this amazing article

  342. Sophie says:

    This is really interesting thanks! I guess I could be indigo but it’s hard to tell of course, probably not 🙂 . People usually mould themselves to labels.

  343. stefan says:

    If there was a poster child for indigos i would deffinatly be one…and I know when I am in contact with others like us. We are not special but we are special…its crazy to think about but we have a purpose in life. We are not sick, we are amazing!

  344. Miriam says:

    Hello Sophia:
    I just read your information on Indigo adults/children. I can realte to quite alot of what you discussed but I was not born in the 70’s or 1978 as some have stated Indigo’s began coming into this earth at this time. I was born in the 60’s. I have a friend born in the late 50’s that posesses alot of the traits you dicussed. Would we be considered Indigo’s?

    Thank you,

  345. Stevo says:

    You really made me see things in an different way I thought of my depression I was different I some way but I’m not I’m just me thx

  346. Adam27 says:

    Wow!!! Makes sense!! Bless you

  347. Karl says:

    I hesitate to be simplistic, but it sounds like Indigos might be described as highly intelligent individuals who are complicated by also having Asperger’s Syndrome

  348. Alekha says:

    Yes thank-you in-fact i came to this blog after going through some depression, now i am very much confident to my-self. Still struggling with career, but this time with some change may be. I am working with law of attraction and visualization techniques very much, yet some practice is needed, as you told, knowingly or unknowingly i still preferring a bit risky career or life subjects, but with pure intention, hoping everything is fine. As no one is perfect and still i don’t prefer my-self as above others but at-least with some special feelings i-am just improving my-self, no doubt to help or support others, here i usually get distracted, but meditation and positive affirmation improving everything in me. Thank-you with regards.

  349. gc says:

    Hey thanks I just was looking up on what exactly an indigo child is and I started out reading this from a viewpoint where I would try to prove that I’m not one but everything is me from the rebelliousness, sense of mission, sensitivity, the love thing, the seeing past the superficial, even down to the vegetarianism. Not one thing in this article didn’t describe me. I really want to meet another its funny because I always try to explain to people who I want to meet but I can never describe the type of person so I always just say someone who can see honestly how I see and easily think in different perspectives and what not.

  350. tana says:

    you forgot to mention how much we love words, not just avid readers. we love words, read dictionaries for fun

  351. Razill says:

    Thank you for writing this blog! I think I just found the ‘real’ me. I can relate(really FEEL) to all of the traits except I’m not a vegan. My childhood was a nightmare but things started went ok. I got some really good friends but the thing is, I can’t be myself with them. Even we know each other since years ago because they CAN’T understand me. I get really lonely sometimes and I’m desperatly searching for a listener right now. Sorry for broken language, English is not my first language. Thanks again and God bless you all. 🙂

  352. Nick says:

    Thanks for posting this, i was skeptical at first even reading this entire article but the similarity between my life and this article is really surprising. It has confirmed some things which i had previously not realized, thank you, and to all the other indigo’s out there: You’re not alone.

  353. Emily says:

    As a child, I was incredibly lost and alone. I always seemed different than everyone else; I would prefer to sit in my room and write poetry than socialize with others. I was diagnosed with ADHD-Inattentive Type when I was thirteen, and depression when I was fourteen. I love unconditionally (probably too much), and I’ve always believed that I’m here to help others – I was in Girl Scouts from the time I was 5 all the way up till 18 in order to help people in need, and all I want to do with my life is help other children, so I’m studying to be a Child Psychologist. My mom always told me that I have an “old soul”. Sometimes, I’m too deep even for my closest friends. Sometimes, all I want to do is cry for the world and the direction it’s heading. It seems as though I might have been (or still am) an Indigo Child… I’m so glad you posted this. Now I know I’m not alone.

  354. dee sauter says:

    I don’t think indigos go vegetarian or vegan. We evolved on some meat to support our brain functioning and many people who go vegan cannot sustain it for longer than 5-6 years before the health adversities begin to show up. Just my take on that statement. Also, i don’t believe indigos are better than anyone. Different yes. But EVERYONE is intuitive and everyone has the ability to bring their awareness to the indigo level just like indigos have the ability to bring their awareness to a level beyond.

  355. Christina Raquel says:

    Great article! This is especially great for indigo’s that still are questioning if they’re an indigo, or those still asleep in this programmed world. Time to wake up my friends because things are definitely changing in this world…that is why we’re here!

  356. Sabi says:

    I was amazed when I came across indigo children , I didn’t know that this thing exist !!! it just answered many questions in my life, I have been having this feelings that I don’t belong here at all ! which I just could not understand why ?!! it felt weird & different and I use to ask myself do everyone else feel the same or it is just me ?!!!

    I felt very good after reading about Indigo children – I felt so special & gifted , and am so grateful for this unique soul that god granted me ( different from others )

    I went through spiritual awakening more than 10 years ago, & I could not understand why me I had to go through that …. but I think may be every Indigo go through spiritual awakening ! is that true if anyone has an answer to that …

    thank you Sophia for the blog 🙂

    love u

  357. Sara G. says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for writing this. I think I have always known I was “different” and since I was a child, I felt out of place, and as though I was truly an alien or from a different world/era. Your thoughts and feelings are almost exactly like my own, that I could have wrote this blog myself! I think I will share this with a couple of very close people in my life. Perhaps it will help them to understand why I am the way I am, and give them a little bit of insight, without me trying to explain it myself and just becoming frustrated, when they still seem clueless and confused. I have such a strong need and desire to meet and become friends with people like you and me. And yes, as far back as I remember (as a child), I have known that I have a “special mission” in this life/world that I need to accomplish. A strong sense of justice and need to help the weak, helpless, victims of abuse. Currently stuck in a crossroads though. Not sure where to start or which way to go in order to start with the correct path to get that going as quickly as possible. It is very frustrating! I see into the future, but it doesn’t help because the blank in between the present and the future is driving me nuts.

  358. Indigo_Child says:

    you have just described me in a way i thought was so indescribable! i seriously get these thoughts sometimes that maybe something really is wrong with me if i can blend in with society etc etc! yes i do know the world is crazy but sometimes really cant help but think that maybe it;s you who is a little screwed in the head you know?! thank god for this! i love you! keep posting babe! you’re awesome!

  359. Saad says:

    Although I don’t agree with everything in the article, like, for instance

    i don’t believe indigo, or I, am from a different world,
    I do believe that we are just normal humans,
    and all humans have what we do,
    ( just, less or more, different or the same, used or not, awakened or not, embracing it or rejecting it and assimilating,) I believe that we are just genetically better and able to learn faster, thicker neurons, more spiritual and look for a broader meaning to existence)
    I dont agree with what the law of attraction books have to say
    I dont agree that we are all “pure”, nor is “eternal love” best
    I believe that vegetarianism is stupid and irrational, and i see peace in the chaos and violence of nature ( nature, the god-made, not the human-made…oceans and the wild, not GMO’s and citys…)
    I believe humans are animals, but MUCH higher…
    I dont beleive in ooeyy guuushy positivity and beleive in rationality of emotions and prespectives, negative and positive…equilibrium…

    ( IF you term me “not-indigo” or “stupid” or “dont belong on this site, get back to the crowd” ) for my disagreements, you have missed the whole point and concept of Indigo … not the colour, the chakra, but the fucking abstract point…

    The rest, all the traits, rough childhood, abstract thinking, hate of authority, intellectual offtopic discussions with the teacher in class, being deemed dumb and such, depression, anxiety, existential crisis, hate of the “fakeness” and consumeristic capitalistic modern enviroment, the “why” is the first question, the feeling differt thought process, it was as if this lady here took my mind and dissected it for as long as ive been alive…15years…

    I do believe in one god and creator though, agnostic, if you will….

    There is imminent knowledge, and then there is transcendential knowledge…beyond human experience…and that, God has explained….religious scriptures verify it….Abrahamic Religions…the Vedic Scriptures..Mahabharata, the original Upanishads… Arthur Schopenhauer… sometimes it makes me cry…and then i realize that it is just my opinion and prespective, and i am alone in my mind, cuz morality is subjective, not objective…But, the relief from this article, that Im not alone….thank-you!

  360. Indigo Star says:

    This article is SO me. 🙂 I thoroughly empathize with it and when I really think about it, a lot of my closest friends are indigos too, even if they may not fully express it. 🙂 I look for that soul connection to guide me to make friends and the more we resonate, the deeper the friendship becomes. I love people for their energies, personalities, and souls. 🙂

    I resonate with the color indigo (My birthstone AND favorite stone ever is the sapphire! Dark blue booyah! My favorite color too!), and the word itself so much I even changed from my birth name that I never liked, into a name that started with Indigo as my first name, with Indi as a nickname. 🙂 Now the most common question my mom and I get (when she talks about me) is “Is he/are you an Indigo child?” XD Yup I am!

    I fully changed my name, first middle and last, from my birth name into one that I felt could capture more of WHO I AM~ and something I could feel proud of and “own” in a way. 🙂 The meaning of my old name was “Pure, Bitter, Freeman.” O.e This current one is “Dark blue, Star, A promise of new beginnings” with the last name actually being my last name in the home world of my soul. 🙂 <3 I took that on to always remind me of where my soul comes from, and to give me more connection to my spirit family so that I do not have to feel alone in this world. 🙂

    Nothing else to say other than you painted a perfect picture of me with your article and thank you for your links! 🙂

    Oh and I have long known I wasn't from Earth, and am so comfortable with the spirits and spirit plane that I remarked to my earth-based spiritual mentor that she was coming from primarily grounded in Earth and trying to have spiritual experiences, whereas I was anchored in the spirit plane and was more trying to have an Earth experience. XD To her, dealing with Earth and the physical reality is very easy and she goes most of her days without thinking about spirits and stuff and has to work at getting beyond her Earthly perceptions. For me, I live my days always aware of my spirit friends, guardians, guides, family, and friends, and am never alone and always aware of their voices in my mind, their soft touches on my shoulders, their soothing presences, and interact with them as individual people to laugh and joke with and have inside jokes and comments as well. I instead have to work to really pay attention to the "earth-based" things like driving, careers, jobs, money, society, etc. and usually stymied by how WEIRD it all is and how often it hits up against my inner knowing of other ways to do things and what is really true for me instead.

    Even the book I'm writing now (and planning others to come) all take place in my homeworld with the permission of the spirits whose memories I am crafting a story out of. 🙂 Not many authors can say that LOL! It certainly makes me pay more attention to detail and want to make sure I do THEM and their memories justice and our world justice, rather than sloppily jotting down what I "think is right" and sending that mess in for publication. Sure the final result might be a bit above some people's understanding and perceptions, but I will be satisfied knowing I wrote the TRUTH as I and the spirits had experienced it. 🙂

    Namaste and have a good day/night! 🙂

  361. Avalon K. says:

    About six months ago I first came across this article. I was at a coffee shop when I started reading this and as soon as I read the first trait, “feeling like an alien”, I was in tears. You KNEW me, when NOBODY else did. I kept reading, tears streaming down my face. I was floored, suddenly my whole life made sense. I was in a really, really, REALLY horrible place in my life at the time and this article seriously changed my life. I was zombieing very hard and this woke me up and instilled the idea in me that I DO need to change the world and nothing will stop me. I am realizing my power, I am waking up, I am waking up others, I am unstoppable, we are unstoppable. Many, many thanks for writing this, I have referenced it again and again since I first read it, and it is my go-to article to share with those that I strongly suspect to be indigo. Much love! <3

  362. This EXPLAINS me the best . I think I’m not ACTING that I am one of it , because THE ARTICLE best describe me . This was great that my question has been answered of why I am feeling like this .. ? ,, Im not the only one , we are INDIGOS , be PROUD , not to be SHAMED , just ENJOY 😀


  364. JBM III says:

    I have never heard of an indigo child till only a few months ago and by just reading about indigos it has opened my eyes and has deff saved my life and I know would save a lost, depressed indigo child’s life! I was always happy growing up. I started to have anxiety and my first glempse of depression prob around 19 or 20. And I’ve honestly been lost since! If you are an indigo, then, like me its easy to find yourself in a deep depression when you get old enough that its time to figure just where the Hell ur supposed to start your only career that was always meant for you… Ha! The truth that I am now accepting is that I know ill end up where I was always meant to be. I am way too hard on myself and I know as an indigo, that life would have been easier knowing how to deal with your problems and I wasn’t crazy, knowing the negative traits I would be facing could be avoided just by knowing the steps that will prevent any and start working on what your facing in the future. I know I am different than pretty much every person I’ve ever met. This has opened my eyes so much and I feel like I now have a guide to turn to when life gets tuff.. that’s such a blessing and a life tool that only we can understand and learn more about why we feel different than others and just by me learning even more about why I’ve always felt that I was put here for a reason and Def what somebody said up top…. That they had feelings like they could take on the world!! I feel like this all the time and eventually found myself ignorning that awesome natural high like it never happened or just letting stuff “be”… I know as an indigo that when it comes to just letting stuff “be” and ignoring yourself cause ur unsure of how to treat this God given gift is just a waste of true god given traits.. just by me being interduced to this and by me knowing this, I know will bring me or show me a little more about what my purpose is in this crazy ass life lol.what god has put me here to do and for me to learn what it is that God wants me to fulfil while I’m alive. I’ll stop there.. I’m excited I have found what seems to be something that was meant for me to find. Thank god for my newest friend I met like 3 months ago that opened my eyes to indigo children. He is the only person I have ever met that reminds me so much of myself. I’ve known him for no more than 4 months and I’ve never clicked or opened up to somebody this fast. He will no doubt be a life long friend! I am sure now that if you are an indigo child and you have to think about it instead of all these facts hitting you like a missing puzzle piece that you’ve been looking for since you knew you were different then you are not an indigo child. Cause thats what I felt after reading not even two mins of indigo facts.. I have always known everything I’ve recently came across about indigos but just reeding about others that are like me is life changing. Call me crazy but reading all this stuff has changed my way of dealing with depression or any other negative traits thst I can now teach myself to just avoid the negative things that life brings me. You can teach your mind things if you’re strong enough. I’ve seen what Im capable of when I’m head strong and I know what I’m capable of when I’m down and lost. Uphill know what I mean when ur on the very top of your game… For me its always felt like I was freakin hulk and nothing or nobody could hold me back from my goals. My mental strength has never felt more like I was thinking clearer or that I was more in tune with my powers that God gave me than when my head is clear and I’m not messed up on anything. I’ve always known that nobody will find there purpose in life if theyre altering they’re mind. Sorry for going on and on about this, but just reading facts about who I am and how I’ve been at the peak of depression.. That only untill today, I can finally see the light at the end of this and ive found a sense of perpose again that I lost because I’ve been laying around with just my thoughts for about 4 months!! I’ve been way to hard on myself for screwing up an awesome job that I haven’t had not one urge to snap out of my own self pitty and make something happen. I would Def say that this is one of an indigos downfalls. We need a little special help after we knock ourselves down. So I will now work on forgiving myself.. I’m done now lol.

  365. Lis says:

    Thank you so much for writing this.
    I never knew I wasn’t alone, or that there was a term for who I am.
    I have never felt more exposed as I did reading this – every single point, EVERY point to a T, described me.
    I, who never cry, burst into tears after I read this, finally finding understanding and acceptance somewhere in a world where I usually feel displaced, alien.
    I will look up more information on Indigos, and hopefully I’ll be able to focus in my energies and find others like me.

  366. Sophia says:

    Thank you for this informative read. What you have described as an indigo is a description of me. I have suffered and am going through the healing/ realization process and I am now inspired to be the change I want to be in my surroundings. I know that I will always be dealing with my past but I will be able to help heal others by doing so. You are doing that and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and it has inspired me 🙂

  367. laci says:

    thank you Sophia for this wonderful article! Your article helped me to notice, I am an indigo child. Never heard about indigo children, but now I know for sure, I am one! Your description fitted me from word to word!
    thank you once more!


  368. Sumalee Griffiths says:

    Hi , this is Sumalee , I was born December 1966, so call the fire-horse !
    I did not know how I got to your blog ,but here I am ! I always knew something is not right in my head !
    I dreams a lots meaning some came true ! The most people who knew me all said that I am a freak !
    I always looking the answer for all my dreams .

  369. Keylin says:

    Wow I cried when I was reading this. I thought I was alone and that I was a lost soul. I am happy to understand myself better. My family thinks I am crazy cause I look at things so differently. Thank you 🙂

  370. Kelly says:

    I realized I am many of these traits, although I am not completely sure that I am an Indigo. I don’t understand why, but, I feel like I’m not very special, and that I just want to be an Indigo so I am just rationalizing with myself and thinking I act this way. I do feel different but, not. Does that make sense? I really don’t know. I have to go now. Namaste.

  371. Angela says:

    I have always felt this way. I am a Scorpio. I am extremely emphathic/empathetic. I have always been able to read other people’s emotions and sometimes even feel exactly what they are feeling. I also have seen spirits many times throughout my life – good and bad ones. But I have never been afraid of them.
    I have been dealing with a lot of unexplained physical pain here lately…my whole body hurts as if I’m recovering from a car accident every single day. I’m wondering if it’s not from taking on so many emotions and burdens of others.
    I have three children and my middle child is displaying all of the same traits. She has pain daily, but her’s is always in her stomach. She has also seen spirits & has a hard time sleeping & falling asleep because of this. I feel that they seek her out…just like they did me.
    Thank you for this article. Much love

  372. nicole bachman says:

    This is the best article i have read about the topic yet. Very specific and to the point. You are right!!!The most important thing for an indigo child/adult, is self understanding and acceptance!!!AFTER THAT THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!GOD BLESS AND PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL!

  373. Heather says:

    I’ve been an outsider since the day I was born. When I first heard about indigos I was told I couldn’t be one because there weren’t any until 1978. Really!

  374. Susan Barrett says:

    Thank You….for letting me know I’m really not a freak, nor are my children. Your article explains a lot.

  375. Jay says:

    If I’d read about indigo earlier,maybe I’d feel different about this blog…. Instead after years of looking for answers I came across (& settled with self diagnosed) BPD.
    I’m always open to learning new things, but I need to start with facts based on evidence, if I am to form belief.
    If I didn’t question what I read about indigos, it would be very easy to say “yep, I’m an indigo” I have been able to lucid dream as far back into childhood as I can remember, I’m now in late 30’s &pretty much select a dream like they’re on the jukebox. I have always had what I describe as the same adult mind that I have now since about 10, as life experiences required deeper thinking.
    I often feel as though I can project myself into others, and see through their eyes and know what they are thinking, feeling, and about to say. I no longer tell people what I can see as if it doesn’t freak them out, I end up feeling like the freak.
    I’ve recently started having different experiences to dreaming, where I find myself half awake half asleep and it’s as though I’m having visions or communicated with. Visions are sped up like the video on fast forward, speech is fast and garbled and I have to pick a sound and silence everything else around it.
    I could go on and share all of the other traits you have described, another time maybe. I ran out of steam and motivation when wondering if my post would be read….

  376. jay prevett says:

    I’ve heard of indigo children before, and wasn’t sure how real it was… It all applied perfectly to me; although I was a little sceptical.

    Upon finding a second article that has an outstanding relevance towards me, I think this is more than coincidence.

    I don’t know if this has been researched, but I often find that when speaking to very specific people (maybe 1 in 1000) that I have a deep, spiritual connection with them. Even with people I haven’t met! Could this be one indigo ‘sensing’ another, perhaps through some vast inter-dimensional knowledge?

    Thank you

  377. Cat says:

    I love this article. It is so nice to put a term on what I feel and know to be true, Even thosugh that is a little paradoxical because I hate boxes and getting defined! But for the sake of words and growth I enjoyed this and glad to see you had the courage to write about it!!

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  379. Kelli Lynn says:

    I can’t believe how accurate this was. I went here merely on curiosity from a Michael Tsarion video. I couldn’t help but cry and laugh. I also got a little depressed. No wonder my life has been so hard yet wondrous. Thank you.

  380. Anna Marie says:

    Wow. Before I even saw any comments I was going to say I started bawling while reading this, like Keylin said. I have never heard the term Indigo relating to people, only to the chakra. I am dumbfounded right now because it sounds exactly like me. I feel so insane and alone, I wish I knew other Indigos.

  381. Anna says:

    I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds exactly like me. I started to cry while reading this post and the comments. I still feel insane and alone though. I wish I knew other Indigos.

  382. Oli says:

    I dont really know, but it seems like so many people will be able to relate to this. So does that mean all of them are indigo?

  383. Ericka Vogel says:

    you described me perfectly, everything fits!!! This is the best definition of me i have ever seen! i feel like crying right now. it’s pretty overwhelming, not because i had no idea, but because i always felt so different and didn’t know how to handled some situations I also always thought i was crazy because but deep down I felt it in my heart and soul that i was right. So good that I always payed attention to my intuition.
    thank you so much!

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  385. Natascha says:

    Wow.. Apart from the bit about how slow life moves.. (Though I can be impatient I have always felt that life and the world and society are moving way faster than I am and I have struggled to try an keep up.. Nowadays I accept I live at a different pace though) I recognise pretty much everything..

  386. Lalu says:

    I was told to read up on Indigo children and I have delayed for a while. Now I know why – I didn’t think it would apply to me. How wrong I was. Now it doesn’t matter that I don’t fit in – there is nothing wrong with me. My life tonow makes sense.

    Thank you for posting this blog

  387. Elisa says:

    This has so much deja vu.. Reading this makes me want to laugh sarcastically at life & cry ..so full of different emotions..
    ~ ( zodiac is scorpio)Its scary how this list applies to me. I need help. My parents are abusive & manipulative on my unshakable integrity & my incapability to hold grudges because of love.The fact of being sensitive towards spirits.Also Ive been nicknamed ‘Little Red’ for befriending a wolf out in the open, and animals seem to be attracted.I was stargazing one day & decided to go for a long walk, a stray came up close and rubbed up against my leg..Animals are my life. :).My intuition is nearly spot on. My predictions happen, & some things are terrible & Id rather not even know..Ive also been bullied all my life for my wisdom for the things this blog describes.Im self consious because of some minor deformities.Ive also aced all my tests but I lose intrest in easy school work leading to a couple F’s.There is So Much more than this.. 🙂 Its clear now.
    Feeling like an alien since forever, feeling metaphyisical and feeling both overjoyed that I’m not a simple person but the again feeling that what I am is wrong for not being the same.Also I’ve had suicidal tendencies since I was seven, just for the heck of it..but a couple days ago I had this sickness of not being able to hate because i love,I contradict myself and I attempted.I failed..& I am glad..The last few thoughts before passing out were ..’What if. I want to leave a part of mine own essense in hopes to help people going through the same.I cant stand to be useless and impotent during situations. I want to live. Not for me, I still despise & like myself, but for the things I have potential in.Oh WELL shit.’ XD i am getting sick of using all these ‘i statements’ they sound annoying and narcissistic .-.
    Its the only thing left to hold on..faith & hope.
    (Srry about the blabber :p just reflecting, hee )
    Thank you 🙂 This gosh dang blog has changed my self doubt forever & it will never be forgotten.
    Haha I dont know any of the people that comment but *hugs* stay strong, Blessed be. Anybody that is struggling with depression.. stay strong. And those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing push yourself to do something. Easier said than done. Listen to your heart. Oh by the way we may be strangers but I love you for all you are and have endured. ^.^ again, blessed be.

  388. Segun Oloro says:

    As a child, I always wondered why I was so powerful yet vulnerable, so intelligent yet never excelled @ school. But after reading this article I now totally understand everything. I have the knowledge beyond my age & i know things, I even sometimes see myself in another time frame (especially in the past). This article has really been a blessing to me. Thanks a lot 🙂 you shall be greatly rewarded.

  389. Mina says:

    nicely said. But the easiest way to know whether someone is indigo or not is to be seen by a seer.
    These days everybody feel like they are different because they want to be different because this is a fashion these days, but behind that it is completely different and empty – zombie story and personality.
    But whatever it is and who we are, we have to save this planet, humanity and animality. Animals are also sentient beings (including bugs and worms), don’t forget that.

  390. lorena says:

    Wao….this is interesting…im.not adhd or anything like that….but this does sound like me…I cannot fit in with my family at all…. I live alone with my kids…and I am good at seeing how people feel and just by talking w them 5 min…I can explain how they r as a person… I feel to love to much…is there an indigo facebook page?? Lol

  391. Carol says:

    Hi, I loved this site, and I see I’ve got tons of reading to do.
    When I was having my children (5, between 1984 – 2003), I knew about the Indigos. The thing I want to know about is the seeming ‘restriction’ on the birth years. I feel and have felt I’m indigo even tho I was born in 1963. Now that I’m older, and have read this, I feel even stronger about this. I know there’s considered to be a group that follows the indigos which are the Crystals. I’d like to know if there’s a ‘specifically named’ group prior to the Indigos. If not, then I’m most definitely an indigo. No two ways about it. 😉 🙂
    Ah, yes, I see just below about Light workers. I bough Louise Hays Lightworker book years ago – and have managed to effectively ‘stray’ from that over the years… :S I’ll read up on this again… and go find my book!! 😀

  392. Astrid Castillo says:

    Dear Sophia, thank you for this article. You mentioned it was written all over the place which I find not to be the case. The flow of it was really easy for me to grasp; just like I grasped the concept of why I’ve always felt different. I’m understanding now why things happen in life and I guess I wasn’t prepared to take on many responsibilities indigos have. I’ve had a rough childhood and married young thinking I was escaping a reality and life got better for a while but then those feelings submerged again. I have two children and I wish I would have had the knowledge I have now when they were growing up but I still have time to share my gifts and passions with them. I thank you so much for the informative article. For once I know who I am and what my path should be. Blessings!! Astrid

  393. Andrew says:

    I need to say, like the commenter below me, I cried at a few different points while reading this.

    I have never read something that has supported and encouraged these traits. I have been made clearly aware to me these past couple years that the way I see the world is different than those around me, but I had always tried to suppress it for the sake of living that “normal life”. The first time I was encouraged directly in pursuing and embracing this passionate and mindful identity was just 6 months ago (I’m 23). This article is the second.

    “You’re not using your full potential” was used a lot on me in school.
    I’ve always felt distracted by the bigger picture – the method and rhyme to the madness.

    I will definitely be looking into your listed other resources. Somehow I already feel more understood and accepted than I’ve ever felt before. There really is more to this world than meets the eye, everything has beauty, and all I want to do is see it. Thanks for showing me more and pointing me in the right direction!

  394. Sandra says:

    I resonate so much with this article. All the above comments explain exactly how I feel. I’m a baby boomer and never thought I could be an indigo thinking they were from a later decade to now……but from childhood to now I’ve always felt like an alien in many, many ambience. I know that I’m an “old soul” and have been told so by many experts in the field. Have gone through many difficulties in my life, always “alone” with no support from family or friends……with many years of questioning why, why, why Im not like the others. I have awakened to self understanding and acceptance of late….. …….thanks for confirming my TRUTH

  395. Abigail says:

    Wow.. My friend sent me this link as we were having a discussion on what defines an indigo! Thank you for such accuracy! Of course, a 40 year old indigo myself who has been through all of the above, I now live away from the ‘real’ world, a holistic lifestyle surrounded by other obvious indigos… So it’s a pleasure to see someone has taken so much time to show that no indigos are alone… Things are shifting slowly… Thank you again Sophia. Fantastic read

  396. Jen says:

    I have to say that this might be the most well-written AND accurate description of an indigo I’ve ever read. Like you, I’ve avoided trying to label myself as anything in particular (I usually use the term “lightworker,” since that is the truest essence of everything I do), but yes, I’m an indigo. I can identify very strongly with ever trait you’ve listed and as I get older I’m learning more how to use my abilities to help myself and others ascend. I’m on the verge of starting a healing arts business and do my own kind of healing energy I’ve been told is unlike anything that’s been on the Earth plane before…a Reiki master who I did a session with told me the word that kept coming to mind for this healing in our session was “Indigo” healing…! I somehow knew she was right…
    Thank you for writing this really wonderful article – love and light to you!

  397. Indigo... says:

    Thank you for this read. If you knew me a year ago, I was trying so hard to fit in, and never could. I always knew I was different, but couldn’t place why. I don’t know how to be fake. I suck at social masks. Last year in September I woke up. I realized it was ok to be different. Knowing I was different, and knowing it was ok changed everything for me. I discovered I had a future sight of sorts. I feel as though I’ve lived this life many times. It’s given me the opportunity to be the best me possible. And what is possible, is love. Love is the most important thing in the world. Love has the power to break the hands that feed society. Love has the power to overcome that which is impossible. I can love, and hate the same thing and it’s ok! Having these strange powers were initially scary. I didn’t know what to do. I found another Indigo, a long time friend who’s been with me on the journey. I don’t think he know’s hes an Indigo but that is ok. The conversations we’ve had grounded me in reality and made me realize everything is ok. I stopped asking how. Trying to describe the world around me just answers what and how it is, and now WHY it is. It’s ok if you don’t know why immediately. It’s very likely you won’t be able to describe why in the limited language that has been imposed on us.

    For any other Indigo’s out there questioning themselves and the world around them… please love yourself. It’s the first step to realizing your potential. You’ll find so much energy. Find and seek out people who love you, for you! I found these people and now have lifelong friends that I consider to be “brothers”. If you’re worried about fitting in, you can always be yourself, you can dislike something and still do it. It’s ok not to fit in. In terms of motivation… find a reason to do it. Further yourself to get to your goal. If you have trouble, find your passions, create a purpose, make the motivation. Once you stumble down a path and open a few doors, your true purpose will reveal itself.

    Contrary to this article, I believe that medication is ok. It’s not a good thing, but it helps me through that which I cannot usually focus on due to my severe dislike of focusing on that topic.

  398. Jess says:

    I was terrified my entire childhood. I’m just now coming to terms with my different-Ness, if you will. I love so hard and and get so angry at everyone everyday. Just someone throwing a plastic bag in the garbage instead of recycling it Damn near makes me cry. Sorry I’m all over the place!! Fuckin ADD, right…but really I didn’t know I wasn’t alone…

  399. I just really connect to all of these points. I’ve always felt alien in comparison to my friends, which makes me so angry. At dinner the other day a stranger told me to research indigo children, and ever since then I’ve felt so much more at peace knowing there are others like me. I teared up today after reading this. Thank you so much.

  400. Harper says:

    This really opened up my eyes! I’m 20 years old and have been always questioning my being and why I feel so different in this world. I have all the traits of an indigo child and also have a strong need to change the world in a positive way. I felt like I was crazy because I could never relate to talk to anyone about this and have them truly understand what I was saying. As for relationships, I am a bit of a loner and will only really want to share friendships with people I have a meaningful and spiritual connection with. Thanks for this amazing article! And for allowing me to learn and understand more about myself and my purpose on this Earth.

  401. Kaly says:

    I cried so hard reading this. I’m in shock. I never thought everything as I knew it would be summed up and thrown in my face ever. It was always so surreal to me. Like I would never know the answers. And now I have a purpose. And answers. It feels invigorating.

  402. Nice writing! You ask “Are there any other indigo child / adult traits I can add for the second edition of this article?” Off the top of me head, I come up with, a deep connection with nature. Or really, that which nature stems from. Going off into the forest, or the ocean, I connect through nature to the place nature comes from, where we all come from and really are still there and always will be. This connection when understood bridges the gap between being all alone and totally connected with everyone and everything. It is the source of my greatest insights and strengths, and to explain this to any “normal” person, would be a joke for sure!!!
    Keep up the great work my friend, endlessly!!

  403. Alvin says:

    I’ve met all of the categories above, even more deep than it seems you’ve felt them however I figured out something we can do … Teach non indigos how to become like us

  404. Natalia says:

    People have a strong need to belong; to find people of their own category and to understand (even unconsciously) the whys of the things.
    Life could be EASIER but people make it complicated how? trying to label themselves and complaining.
    Just be happy and do what you like and LEARN.
    The world is a box full of surprises. There is a life outside of this industrializes society where everyone thinks that is better and more evolved than the rest of the world a.k.a not industrialized society and all other living things.
    Ever since we left the gathering and hunting behind we have had too much time to think and these are the results. Take it easy.
    The constant feeling of humans as being toxic and always someone to be blame for the melting of an ice cube near some cold place have led them to victimized themselves in a fancy way and then take for granted the grandiosity of their minds to create beautiful things.
    Understand that you are part of a life cycle, STOP taking yourself out of the equation. Control that NEED to feel special and live and work with what you have.
    Every living thing is important and key to everything going on in this earth from good to bad and in between. You are not an outsider but part of this beautiful cycle that is LIFE.
    Death is also beautiful because it brings about an end to a beautiful lived journey (if you chose to) and beginning to a beautiful about to live journey be it for a few days just in the womb or 120yrs of living.
    Nothing is wasted and nothing is misplaced. EVERYTHING has a purposed even if you feel like you don’t or that it doesn’t (Including good and bad).
    I also think mental “problems” are types of personalities that the general population is unable to understand yet as well as the individual possessing it. It is something we need to work towards and medication is a way to reject it. However, let us not be so fool and try to have a universal informed opinion of things and help this people by making their experience as pleasant as possible.
    How this article discouraged me?
    Vegans- did you know that plants have feelings as well? If we were to judge ourselves based on plants being living things being a vegan would put you in the same place as someone that eats meat. Nobody is more special than anybody the more you think that way the harder your empty episodes will be.

  405. Joseph Lee Townley says:

    My goodness, can’t believe this. I really fit the bill. Are there others like me that want to talk or meet up? 🙂

  406. Kyle Hamwey says:

    I have four duis i accuired before 18 been to prison call my mom all the time and tell her I was meant for great things….. she thinks she has dreams and sees future events….. I could only get a 6th grade education becuase of getting into trouble with authority but in prison, which I went at the age of 17, I learned all of high school, graduated on the deans list through a community college with a high school diploma before I was released becuase we were locked downc 16 hours a day and I could learn, and am currently about to graduate college with an I.T. dagree to become a programmer which ibasically learned on myself… this article explains me perfectly… ialso hgave a girlfriend who helps me and says she is being told by a higher power to help me along my path…. I constantly daydream about saving the world and have plans to escape to Ireland……. children in grocery stores stare at me and stop crying……depression is severe and Ive been diagnosed with ADHD but hid the pills in my mouth becuase I hate manmade materials and this statred in 5th grtade I dont eat pork or red meat or starches…………. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AS THE DEPPRESSION IS GEETTING OVERWHELMING ANFD IM ABOUT TO GRADUATE WHICH IS THE ONLY GOAL KEEPING THE DEPPRESSION FROM CONSUMMING ME…..excuse my spelling as Im extremely freaked and cant type fast enough…. help me please hamweykyle@ymail.com

  407. Kyle Hamwey says:

    I love nature and am moving to ireland to get closer to it……….. pleae help me I need another to talk to immediatley to confirm

  408. star says:


  409. I’m 32, and I just know that I’m indigo, we should make a special web site for all indigo kids around the world, btw I’m from Indonesia (Yogyakarta).
    Thanks for the article

  410. indigo gyspylady 1967 says:

    There’s way more than 14 “traits” of the earthling indigo soul of souls… keep reading fellow indigo’s.. it’s OK to feel scared about this. Believe me, it actually drove my own mother away from me & insane..
    Government & medicine & pharmaceuticals will tell u, ur Fucking crazy” take this pill & monthly check & good luck. Its truly a genocide against all the good souls to die & evil souls steal everything we have Bc in the end, we, “the different ” indigo’s. Know that this world has a lot of wrong going on.

    Not in one bit do I rely on any one religion, I see most e same, even magic, both black & white…
    I for one wish not to b a “gifted soul” ..
    Gifts u can give back…
    Peace Out.. PooF

  411. Aaron says:

    thank you deeply for this. much love <3

  412. kentaro harriet says:

    Ave always asked myself so many question why sometimes i behave so different,but after i reading this article,i came to know who realy i am..i got a dream me being an indigo and stright googled.just got shocked to discover the whole truth about my being..wow

  413. Gabby says:

    Hi my name is gabby I’m a teenager. I can relate to this because I think I have woken up. I always feel like I can’t be accepted into today’s society, I can’t stand the social media and I am very sensitive to people’s energies even my friends say I’m different and one of them call me an alien or I look like one because she says I look so different and mystical. Idk that’s what she said lol but I do feel different like I said. My mom and I are spiritualists I find it very cool. I meditate everyday and I know how to channel and astral project. But then again I feel I want to share it with people and the people around me don’t believe in this kinda stuff, even my boyfriend because he’s Christian. I feel trapped in a way and I think I was put on this planet for a reason like I have some sort of mission to do. I am also a vegetarian, I used to love meat but 2 years ago I felt the energy and I got very depressed after I ate meat. Another things you should I also watch spirit science. Has anyone heard of them? Their pretty great the info they share is so amazing and I believe everything Cuz it makes sense. This was a very beautiful article I am glad I found it.

  414. rebecca says:

    This is a pure, raw, amazing article. I have to say, I met someone for the first time today, an older woman, and she told me I was an Indigo Child, she had such wise eyes, and so full of passion, we talked for awhile and this is the article I pulled up to read once I got home. It couldn’t have made better sense to me. It is like THIS is the missing piece of my puzzle I have been working on, and it has re-lit my internal flame! I am so excited. Thank you so much for this article, it is helping more people than you know


  415. Anthony Randall says:

    I just cried reading this too…lately feeling like wanting to give up on life because of the love problem, scaring all my lovers away, otherwise a bit of a loner, suffering tinnitus, diagnosed adhd 18 months ago at age 40, but not taking meds for twelve months, anger, genius label, high energy. I need an indigo partner. I was 11 weeks premature, and have suffered a hard up bringing, many horrors, abuse, bullying. Very sensitive, high achieving, often seeing the future, significant dejavu at key times. Weird life, law of attraction! Thank you. I feel better and happier. I always felt different, and speacial, and loved to sing as a child. I’m going to start singin again. I don’t care what other people think anymore. Love!

  416. I just created this facebook for indigos to connect https://www.facebook.com/thirdeyepeople

  417. emily says:

    I also started crying once reading this, I have always always felt like an outsider my entire life have always been diff & very very rarely have found anyone who can understandt the depth behind everything I do or think or feel. U get labelled as crazy for feeling such intense emotion, iI can’t get along well with people if I can see that they are fake, I can’t stand it!! This article has just made such an impact on my life because I really feel as if u are talking about me without even knowing me, all the way from the traumatic childhood, the rebelliousness, the way we can love unconditionally. I can’t get over it right now I really can’t I am completely overwhelmed

  418. Zoey says:

    This may have just saved my life. Thank you.

  419. Judy White says:

    I am not alone then. I am of the rebellious, I have conformed to conventional ideas enough to stay out of trouble.:However compliance is in my own terms. When I was in school or at home, I spent many many hours with my nose planted in the corner because when something didn’t go the way I felt it should I would stare unblinking at the teacher or anyone who thought they knew better. I have still been accused of being confrontational because I look into the eyes of those to whom I speak. For all my life I have had others seek advice from me….I mean strangers even. I have felt myself to be a magnet. ..I feel or see thi b go as to what lies in the future..short and long term. I recognize that it is a path I have been down and that I can change the outcome for the better…no one gets hurt even though it may be at my cost…I keep peace.i want my world in harmony. Anyone that tells me to something…I do it my own way or not at all…I ha end been able to control that yet.

  420. […] How to Tell if You Are Indigo […]

  421. Steak says:

    Sorry all,
    I am too impatient to read all of your messages…
    I find myself in most of the description…
    I don’t think I see spirit, or maybe I do, but don’t notice it… ^^
    Yes I feel powerful, but I don’t really know how to use that power…
    I feel out of place. I don’t understand why people most of the time cannot do or think about simple think…
    And yes, I am suffocating my wife with my unconditional love…
    When I learn something, I am excited, then when I know I can do it, it becomes suddenly less attractive…
    A lot of things are the same…
    Now I need to find one in my region…

  422. alee says:

    First of all hiiii ☺️

    Thank God you wrote this. And thank YOU for finding the way to explain exactly how we all feel! This is amazing!!!!

  423. Domionna says:

    This is VERY interesting… I’m a 12-year-old Indigo child. 😀

  424. Karoline says:

    I cried while reading this.
    My mother always told me i was different, and as a child i was classified as ‘indigo’. Growing up i didn’t research it or in any way think search for people similar to me. I was always a leader in anything i did growing up and i was always told how easily fascinated people became by my presence, both by strangers and my peers.
    When reaching the end of my teenage years i was forced to reevaluate my life as it came crumbling down with my parents splitting up and other traumatic experiences happening. I was forced to open the eyes i had kept blinded for so long and i saw all the pain and the hurt in the world. I fell into a state of confusion and longing for a place i could no longer find and guidance from people, but no one could see or understand what i was talking about. No adults, no docters, no one. Until i found my best friend, who turned out to be indigo too – and furthermore a soul from my past life. She has truly saved me.
    For years i lived without as much as thinking about being indigo, i just felt lost, without meaning and like life was too big for me. Like i had already lived it – so why was i still here?
    Then i sat down, and read this article, and i can honestly say i feel at home again.
    Thank you.

  425. Simon says:

    I did not read this entire article to be quiet honest.. I did skim over it, but for myself it makes so much sense.

    I think I echo the feelings of a few of the other commenters on here. I cried. I couldn’t help it.

    I have never been able to completely ignore the spiritual side of myself. Over the last couple of years in particular, I had learned much about psychology, in an effort to try and understand myself better from a measured, rational point of view, and while that still makes sense to me, reading this encompasses the whole of the dilemma of my life.
    Yet, to also read it, and know that others out there are like this, like me, I do feel a sense of not being alone… I cannot, and I am not a drop of oil atop of a sea that is alone.. I am only separate from others like me, and I know now that I will find you all.

  426. sashank says:

    No more to say… tears in my eyes… such well written article… It feels so great to connect with similar minded people… Most of the characteristics resonate with me.

    Thank you

  427. Kiyano says:

    My mom or mother told me that i was an indigo child. I don’t know if i’am, but i do question a lot o thing’s :P. I’m learning a lot from other people on the internet and starting to develop my own style upon life and socializing. Every one is unique on developing there own traits and styles and not everyone speaks in the same tones. People portray there words differently but that what makes it so unique!
    I may have a few grammar mistakes then and there but if you are reading this not many people would have said that and again that’s what makes it unique. I think i proven my point.
    I’m not very social face to face, but you can probably tell why. Just come up with your own hypothesis because i’m an indigo child!

  428. brandi says:

    Thank you, I seriously think you just saved my life

  429. Marcus says:

    This is fantastic. I was a very hyper sensitive child and have had bouts of chronic depression. On the other hand I have such an overwhelming amount of energy to give that is being suppressed day in day out. For me, playing instruments and writing music is an incredibly pure way to harness this energy. Also I believe that acting could be a gift for Indigos. If we view social masks from a higher perspective, what a perfect place from which to emulate and harness those masks..

  430. Rooq says:

    I recently discovered that I am an Indigo Soul. I have always thought that there was something wrong with me but now I know. Thank you for writing this.

  431. fifi says:

    THANK YOU A LOT…4 SAVING IN ME WHAT I HAVE…what i posses…i am living in a environment that is totally not acceptable to my presence in this world … i want to change it … change the people …their wicked negative thoughts…see every one live happy together… its sooooo difficult for me to find happiness or a way out of such a controversial society.i cant find anyone to understand me …value my words..it makes me feel just not influential…..i dont have my own personal room..just because of stupid bad decision of my grand father.while the construction process …..boo hoo !!!! whatever !! but its getting on me ….dude!!i am15!! and still sleep with my PARENTS!!!! thats so getting on me..i feel the indego inside me is dying ……i wanted to have a fabulous happy teenage…than my moms always criticizing me ….NO one listens ..no one UNDERSTANDS … i want the bad of this world to change!!!! i dont want depression to hunt me down!!!! things have to change I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT NOW!!!! i feel like to just seperate my self from these unhappy people who dont know HOW TO LIVE!!!! and live happy!!! this is not IT!!! there s plenty more disasters !!! i just need an indego to talk tooo.i look around and ask myself WHY????? BUT NO !!! I AM BIG I CAN HANDLE THIS !!! I CAN NOT LET THE SPIRIT IN ME TO DIE !!!!! NO !!! BE STRONG !!! DONT LET AL OF THIS TO GET TO ME !!!! FIGHT BACK !!! BUT HOW???

  432. fifi says:


  433. fifi says:


  434. halo says:

    Since I was a child I knew something was wrong, as humans we are blinded from truth, I long for a place far away yet never been there, i shut my senses so as to lessen all the pain, the truth is at the core of all that is, the oneness is the collective mind, to be in harmony is to flow, and know we are here for a reason we need to awaken humanity….love always

  435. Deanna says:

    I have had an extremely unusual and supernatural existence since I was 5. somehow I could always feel God and that he wants me especially close because I am special extremely special only I wasn’t ready until just about now to know what my greater purpose is. as I get older it seems to happen unexpectedly sometimes changing of the seasons but I seem to develop even yet another supernatural ability and also enhance some others. this is such to the extreme that I am embarrassed if as a medium or a channeler something slips out in conversation because when its natural you don’t always see it coming and all of a sudden people are shocked and spooked. I know I can do this anyone I do this to or with or say absolutely is shocked at how correct I am didn’t know why this started to happen about 7 years ago although I had at least five witnesses that I could prove this to whenever I wanted to I still could not fathom it I went to a very well known psychologist to ask them to please text me so I can prove it there and shocked they kept me for an hour and a half and they begged me to come back so soon I was so happy and this has been documented I’m so thankful I knew I wasn’t crazy . I am so close now closer than ever but so it’s so much to even live with. so I practice on anyone who will let me and I am always right I guess names I see spirits I can describe personalities I can remember special moments for this person doing their life with the spirit I can prove to people that I am close to only that I can actually hear their thoughts some days of course much stronger than usual. if anyone ever asks me for advice or even a question I just naturally seem to know what is correct for me to say strangely enough this person is an eye because it fits perfectly and it makes sense to then and even

  436. Mark says:

    Thank you, Love you aswell x

  437. Howard says:

    i loe youuuuu! i am 27yrs old, and have looking for my true being, first you savede the burden of being afraid that am an alien, wondered why i live with all these,kind of nightmares. I am relaxed that i now understand y kales and other greens are my favourite, why i understand without much effort in school, why all these kinds of unexplainable dreams, people thought i was crazy!, n i was being disturbed by the appearance of gd friends from i dont know where, who helped me much, also i am dying for love for the whole world, all the above is the whole of who i am! and my fellow friends of my kind… thanks, thanks a lot! You saved me, it was three days ago i downloaded the book for the law of attraction, i will now go further with it Very well…

  438. Patti says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I really appreciate it. I always knew I was “different”, and your article explains indigos so much better than anything I’ve read so far. Thank you.

  439. josh says:

    Dear editior,
    (not my real email i wish just to remain as anonamouse as possible)
    I wish to state that i am an indigo child maybe.

    Over the past term i experienced viral encefilitis and a various other amount of synptoms to thins so called “desiese” i believe that i have several abilities which include extreme sensations (taste, hearing, the learning ability of someone that would be much older than me) i wish for you to get back to me but at the same time i am curiouse would you call yourself an indigo child and i am not autistic or any of those things i just find it extremmly odd because i know how to exploit people and do things a normal 15 year old boy wouldnt be able to do thank you please try to text me stating who you are and why i should trust you.


  440. Logan Tarno says:

    This was exactly what i needed to hear! You have touched my broken heart <3 & helped clear the storm that lays over my path. An open my eyes again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this you have touch my soul & cleared my mind. Now its time for me to end this never ending pain / depression. An truly move on with my life an add to the greater picture. Thank you so much again!!! Endless love an positive energy i send your way my friend!!

  441. Alyssa says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! It’s so refreshing to hear from an understanding perspective and know I’m not the only indigo trying to deal in the world… not so dramatic lol, but you know what I mean. 😉 The life I chose for this incarnation has not always been the easiest, but hey, we had to be wired differently in order to change things… I have been working with a Reiki worker on balancing my chakras and overcoming barriers I put up when I was younger. Slowly but surely I am on my way… Hope you’re well! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! Namaste. 🙂

  442. lytefm says:

    Thank you very much, now I’m sure that I’m an Indigo (20y) 🙂
    Here some advice which helped me to awaken and to connect to my soul:
    – falling in love & getting over it (must go outside and meet people, I know it’s hard)
    – believing in Jesus Christ (no need for any rules though. It’s the easiest way to connect to infinite love.)
    – eating raw vegan & body weight exercising. This gave me so much energy and more self-love 🙂
    – meditating & creative works like drawing. I loved being creative as a child but school basically killed my creativity. now I’m rediscovering it & it feels awesome.
    – read self-help books & APPLY the knowledge. You can learn to do anything. It’s important to be able to get along with other people unless you want to live in a monastery 😀 This world & how people behave IS strange – but you can learn to be social without having to put on a mask. Being genuine is very powerful. I’ve really read books like ‘how to talk to anyone’ and just gave it a try 😉
    – If you are mentally stable and want to free your mind: Learn about what’s really going on in this world. I’m sure now that there is a conspiracy at work to inhibit people from awakening. Just research New World Order/ Illuminati / satanic mind control. It’s pretty evil. When I researched this, I felt completely sick for 2 weeks. Then I decided to stop, to clean up and to fast for 7 days – and suddenly I felt this infinite love flowing through me. It was undescribeable, I felt like born again.
    -massage for your soul (at least it was for mine):
    …and of course the gospel of ‘John’ (= Mary Magdalene)
    God bless you, fellow Indigo souls 🙂 Let’s do a worldwide peaceful anarchy revolution ^^

  443. Robin Hakim says:

    Wow you are amazing. Thankyou. I never knew it was so many of me out here. This is amazing. The world will definitely be cleansed now. I have tremendous hope

  444. Waqia Austin says:

    Touched my heart so strongly to understand how I was as a child to be so enlighten to so many things I never understood thank god for you and your teachings off understanding!

  445. Fatima says:

    Glad to know that there are others who feel the same and understand the concept of being an Indigo. The feeling is so special and powerful..Initially in life you thrive and struggle to learn how to act in a way which is largely acceptable but after sometime when you start recognizing yourself as an old soul, you stop bothering about gelling in with the vast majority and that is when you find peace and absolute stillness within yourself.
    May all INDIGOs find peace as it is the sole purpose of life and their biggest challenge /mission on earth. Because earth is the only place where they can feel so miserable to the extent that they get to learn the greatest lesson of their lives.

  446. Ari says:

    Oh my God. From the first descriptor, I got chills. Is there a community for this? I’d really like to meet other people who feel this way…it’s very lonely.

  447. […] How to Tell if You Are Indigo @Jinsei It's not a tactic, it's a description. And a very valuable one that leads to self awareness, acceptance, and progress. If I were special, how would you ever know? Only by my actions which are driven by my spirituality. Reply With Quote […]

  448. johnny says:

    nice article!! thank you

  449. As a child I went through many psychic experiences ( out of body experiences, premonitions, a weirdly strong intuition) etc… there are many stories I can tell but over the years I had fewer premonitions and at age 11 I began to see what I now call “Energy”, simply because I see these very bright strings(or beads) of light that surround people and float out of electronics and people. They are all over the place and they sometimes seem like millions. Most of the time I forget they’re even there because I’ve grown accustomed to them. Any who, I was 7 when I had my first experience and it scared the hell out of my mother. So for the next 2 years I went on to see various Psychiatrists/Therapists/Ministers. The overly religious ones made it clear that I was possessed by a demon or some sort of ridiculous jargon. Finally at the age of 9 a very spiritual Psychiatrist told my parents that I was an Indigo child and I remember just saying to myself….. what? Regardless we shrugged it off and never really read much into it. It wasn’t until now (age 18) that I decided to look it up since I’ve been feeling so lost and I can relate to roughly everything that was stated here. I actually cried while shouting “This is me.” I picked up the phone and immediately called my mom. I can honestly it’s almost as if I wrote this article myself. Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this article has touched my soul.

  450. I wish you could just read my mind because telepathic connections are SO much easier but long story short Im already in love with you and your blog… This is the first post Ive ever read that I found while researching indigos, but I see your soul and I love it.
    Thank you SO much for writing such an in depth description, I feel what you went through growing up; I went through something similar and the indigos Ive found so far have extremely similar cases.
    I don’t want to disclose too much over a comment or the Internet for that matter.. Obvious reasons, but I would be so grateful if we could be in touch. I have a few questions and I keep running into other Indios, I now understand it is part of my mission to find and unite us all. (While not getting captured or psychologically changed or any of that good stuff :p)

    A final message to any Indigo who might be reading this: we will all find our way back together I’m certain; embrace your differences and understand the world has catching up to do, you just be the torch bearer and NEVER dim your light to let anyone else shine brighter. Be confident in your soul, your truth, your ABILITIES, and give the “mental bird” to anyone who you feel has called you crazy (or thought it, if you hear thoughts like me)
    You’re a freaking rockstar!

  451. Jessica says:


    Yesterday I went to see a clairvoyant who told me towards the end of my reading that I was an indigo child. Im interested in spirituality, astrology and that kind of thing but my knowledge is limited so I didnt know what she meant!? So today iv been researching… I read up a little bit before finding your article and felt excited and relieved as I could notice the traits and way of thinking mentioned in myself. Anyway, I just wanted to let you now that it was very helpful and things make a lot more sense to me now (especially from my childhood and teenage years) Also if you don’t mind me asking how did you know you were an indigo child?

    Thanks Jess

  452. Earl Bartel says:

    I don’t know how real all this is but it hit a nerve with me. Every point. But it didn’t make me feel better, in fact I had tears in my eyes some of the time with no explanation why. How do I know if this is my problem? Is it a problem? If so, how can I fix it?
    Does any of this even make sense? Maybe it’s just me spouting off, if it is I’m sorry. But I’ve had a lot of these experiences for a long time. Your article is to the point and makes me wonder. Thank you.

  453. Jay says:

    Thank you for this xx

  454. bencook says:

    I just realized im a indigo and I believe our only outlet to find our mission is meditating, gaining energy from it, practice astral projecting and let our spiritual souls test our conscious after all not many people know this but a long libg time ago people on earth used to live in a mixed dimension of the 3rd abd 4th dimensions based on inner consciousness and they could use there spiritual energy but its hard for a lot of people to do this because of the corruption of are world, beings of a higher conscious universe sent the indigos to earth for are generation to change earth back to it original spiritual state. FOR me thats my purpose here to find something I can contribute and change.

  455. abhay says:

    these characteristics of indigo children’s may be related to people who are left handed and/or who are scorpion by birth.

  456. um says:

    Where’s The comments?

  457. Katie says:

    I wanted to post something but something stopped me from posting what I was going to… anyway… this sounds 100% like me… But I’ve been very scared to look up this stuff and i don’t know why… It’s me in a mirror that shows more than just my skin…

  458. Katie says:

    I continued reading this when I read “But in any case when you remember you are powerful – and all it takes is to remember – NOTHING can stop you.” When I was nearly asleep, a couple years back (and I sleep on my sides) I heard and FELT something whisper in my ear “Remember.” it was airy and wispy, and a beautiful feminine voice. Needless to say when I realized it wasn’t just the memory blips I hear in my head on the edge of sleep, I freaked out. So now I can’t sleep without my cover over my ear. I always tried to figure out what that meant… And then I read that. And, i don’t know if this has anything to do with being indigo or not, but I used to have dreams about someone (I used to call him Soul Keeper, but then I researched demons and he matched Duke Dantalion perfectly.) I kept having dreams of him saying that my soul belonged to him. And each time I said “NO.” In a voice more powerful than my person voice can muster. So, if that really was a demon duke and if I really am an indigo (everything matches completely but I’ve been pretty destroyed by humans… so i have doubts about it being true, even though I know I’m special) but if I AM an indigo that would prove how strong we are, if that was a real demon.

  459. Adil says:

    Everything is right about this EXCEPT #14. 🙂
    I love energetically charged places. It just a thing with me
    Good job tho

  460. Oliver Ramirez Jewell says:

    Nice article. I can relate to a lot of this which has surprised me a bit. Particularly about zombieing out hard when we feel like it.

    I felt in the past that this subject was interesting but also felt it was a bit thuddy-duddieand sometimes poorly explained. But no matter the scepticism I feel that If there are a group of human beings that work with the term and can understand it within and amongst themselves then it gains its own validity and credibility within its own right.

    When I’ve been down in the past Psychiatrists suggested that I might have low self esteem but I rebelled so strongly to that; if anything I have an extremely high self esteem(at least in truth).

  461. Cherokee says:

    Hi. So my counselor told me that I sounded a lot like an indigo child when I was explaining to her how I see the world and myself. I realized that aa lot of this (if not all) applies to. I was just wondering if there was any way you could email me so that I could learn more about it. It really fascinates me. Thanks for your time. Peace 🙂

  462. Isabel says:

    I have read many articles describing many things , but your article brought me to tears. Not that those tears were unhappy ones, but on the contrary of them , you brought a sense of relief in me I cannot explain. Thank you.

  463. ronda brooks says:

    hi. loved the indigo article, very informative. I have if not all of the traits, when I read it felt as though someone just opened me up. I have been aware for a long time and it is very frustrating navigating through this horrible society being an adult indigo. I have had a lot of experiences throughout my life and I know that I have a huge job to do for god. would like feed back if possible hope the site is still good, giving it a shot reaching out never have done this until know. im always open to talking to indigos like myself.

    Love you and god bless you, looking forward TO HEARING FROM YOU.

  464. Stacy F says:

    My 21 year old daughter has mystified me from the day she was born. I knew when I laid eyes on her she was “different” in a spiritual sense. Being an empath myself, I tried for years to figure her out to better understand her. She asked me at 6 yrs old if I saw ghosts! That wasn’t a question, it was a statement about what she saw and she was looking for affirmation. During those years she was head strong beyond her years… “Oh that child” I’d say to myself often. I knew that she wasn’t a medium by definition nor was she an empath like her mom and it’s been one of life’s mysteries for 21 years….until tonight. It was as though I was reading an articlle titled “All About K—-“. I wish I could have discovered this information years ago as it would have made her growing up easier on us both, because I would have understood her. Looking ahead, I now get it, get her and I hope to help her on her journey as she discovers what that higher purpose her life has exactly that she’s been telling me about for a very long time. She’s been on a deep personal journey since she was about 16 to discover her purpose and she’s alwsys known she would be a leader, game changer in some way. Thank you for this article. I FINALLY UNDERSTAND MY LITTLE GIRL =)

  465. Janeen Watling says:

    You nailed that Sophia. Excellent job! 🙂

    Love 1 Indy to another

  466. Indigo Rae says:

    Truthfully I was born this way, never wanted to be here and frankly still don’t. Have tons of anger also, this describes me to a T

  467. Hi, I’m interested in finding out if you might know of any Indigo meeting groups such as an Indigo retreat? I am really interested in meeting up with other so-called Indigos such as I believe myself to be.
    Thankyou, John.

  468. meryan says:

    Wow your article left me speechless. I’ve been researching about this specific topic because I came across an article and it related to me way too much to just be a coincidence. Thank you for your information. Love to you.

  469. Milcah Mila Gurshumova says:

    Thank You.
    Honestly and sincerely I want to thank you for this. This was VERY accurate for me and I haven’t really met someone who explained my life before. I’ve been feeling very alone lately, I’m in college now but in high school I was a drama major and it was a performing arts high school so there where more people I had connections with. A lot of my classmates, or my friends at least, were true to themselves and very real and different and I belonged. Now I’m going to a community college full of “normal” people (not saying they’re bad I just can’t be around them to long, I can associate with them but I can’t be friends with them, they don’t think big or deep enough for me) and I’ve been feeling very alone and misunderstood, by family as well. So thank you for this, for helping me see why and for letting me know and feel that someone out there actually understands, a real person and not just someone i come up with to make myself feel better.
    Sending lots of love your way, thank you again. <3
    Many blessings,
    Milcah 🙂

  470. Thom says:

    Is it a strange thing I feel like crying now?

  471. okeanos says:

    i am autistic and i think i am indigo. i cant look people in the eye at all because of this. thoughts?

  472. Indigo baby says:

    Thanks so much for writing this.
    My favorite was at the end of your conclusion..whrn you wrote: Be happy and come save the world with me! 

    I so love you. …i love you too.

  473. Grisel says:

    All I can say after reading this article is this: I just read a description of myself. By the time I readhed the last trait, my heart was racing and it still is. (Sounds kinda corny after i type it, I’m just honest). I will continue to do my research, this article has help me find the right direction to take. Thank you

  474. Maria José Barillas says:

    Hola, quiero decirte que me sentí muy identificada con el articulo, de pequeña siempre me senti diferente, de hecho me molestaba conmigo misma el no ser tan niña como las demás, a veces me enojaba no disfrutar las cosas como lo hacían los demás, yo quería experimentar cosas mas intensas, los juegos de niños para mi eran aburridos.
    Por otro lado creo que te ha faltado investigar un poco acerca de algo que creo que tiene mucha relación con las personas indigas, yo no se si soy una de ellas, pero si lo fuera hay una característica importante que vale la pena destacar y es la justicia. Soy una persona que no soporta la injusticia y creo que otras personas que encajan con tus características de indigo, comparten esa necesidad de justicia tanto como yo. Es solo un comentario que tal ves ayude a completar tu estudio. Saludos cordiales.

  475. I am amazed by what i have just read. Ive been trying to figure out myself and my sister who just recently committed suicide.. please send me an email back if you can find the time.. i wpuld greatly appreciate it.. more than you could understand. Thank you for your time..

  476. jo says:

    love you too! I’m still holding hope, that we could save the lives, more than the world.

  477. Michelle says:

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this blog post. I have just recently been told by a palm reader that I was an Indigo Child. Not knowing this for the past 17 years of my life, I hadn’t a clew what I was or where to start. I have done light re-search on what to look for in an Indigo Child and everything relates perfectly to me (almost). I finally felt liked I belonged somewhere ^-^ Reading this post has made it that much more clearer to me even with the depression. I am open about it now since I have gone to see the palm reader. For the fist time in my life I felt like I belonged somewhere because now I know what to do with these gifts. How long it will take? I do not know, but how long will it last is something more to worry about. However, their are most people in this world that I have taken the time to observe, and now knowing that they wouldn’t even take a glace at what I might prepare for them to see. I might just be wasting my time. But I’ll deal with that when the time comes. This doesn’t seem real to me at all. Knowing that their is much more to me that: me being a loner, depressed and unable to cope with normal routine and tests in schools that all the others who would be able to cope with all that useless knowledge and such has made it all much more clearer for me to cope with. At least I know that its not a lie. Because I can do this!

  478. Nona says:

    Thank you! I thought I was going crazy 😀

  479. Charlene Thrash says:

    I’m need to know more some what in shock. Everyone of these describe me. I have always known something deep down but I didn’t know this even existed! I need to know more! Please contact me if possible.

  480. Jay says:

    I love this, it is so amazing. So of which made me laugh reading it.

    I am an indigo, and even though i have always known it the awakening is happing now and has got even strong after 2012. It is the new cycle which i love.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love, peace and integrity.


  481. Jill says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Your article has really helped and inspired me 🙂 Love, Jill

  482. ahmed indigo says:

    thank you for this topic

    ahmed from egypt (indigo :))

  483. Elizabeth Welsh says:

    Impressive! I can say I’ve previously read each and every one of these traits as being indications of being an old soul or as description of master numbers in numerology (which would be more likely in an older soul). However, I do see a distinction between a soul that has incarnated as a human being multiple times on Earth and souls that have surpassed incarnating into this 3D dimension or are otherwise not from around here. I believe I am the former. Though I’m not sure I believe in Indigos and I don’t even like labeling myself as “old soul”. Nevertheless…
    I’ve relocated and lived in a 3rd world country for 3 yrs, was a recluse for 2 yrs and didn’t leave my house, “zombied hard”, laughed at the staring thing (very true), always had problems with any authority/hierarchy (even parents) on the grounds that we are all EQUAL, never had any friends as a small child because I was into being loving and talking about human nature/philosophy (I thought everyone was so senselessly cruel), had strong intuition & supernatural experiences, I freaked my Sunday school teachers when I would ask questions like who made God and was insulted when they gave me a picture book that explained nothing, I keep hoping if I just move to Norway or Tibet or any far flung place I’ll stop feeling like a foreign species. I’ve always known this isn’t home and I miss home so much it’s hard to be here even though I don’t know what I mean by home and can’t remember it. So whether this is “Indigo”, “old soul”, “crystal” etc. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thank you for writing this! Blessings con mucho cariño Elizabeth.

  484. ask says:

    I believe that is among the most significant information for me.
    And i am satisfied reading your article. But want to remark on some normal issues, The web
    site taste is great, the articles is truly excellent
    : D. Excellent process, cheers

  485. Sher Fulton says:

    like so many, I believe I just got the answers to questions I have held onto since as far back as I can remember. To a very young child. To remembering looking at my mother and telling her I believed I was from another planet. No, have no idea why I said it. But I recall saying it to her. I read my story here on so many levels. It is heartwarming to know I am not nuts. Sometimes you just wonder why you FEEL things so passionately and your anger is so timelessly huge at the injustices.

  486. I am Indigo says:

    We’re not magic. We’re just an odd spectrum of behavior. That’s it. Sorry.

  487. Elleisse says:

    I recently came across a film about Indigo Children that peaked my interest on the subject. ( That’s what eventually led me here). The film didn’t quite give me the idea that I was an Indigo, it merely focused on a few subjects that were Indigo. These children were extremely talented, wise and well-spoken, with big eyes, and a visually apparent innocence. I noticed that most of the children had blue eyes, blond hair. However, I am of the belief that this was a biased view of Indigo children and do not represent the vast visual differences that exist in Indigos, although I know quite a few blond hair, blue eyed Indigos, now that I am studying the subject. I am convinced I am an Indigo (as a child I did have blond hair and big green eyes.) But again I think it is merely coincidence. Just my opinion though.
    After reading many articles about Indigos, I noticed that the articles seemed to be spun off of what someone else had written. It’s like me sharing my knowledge that is based off of what I have read or heard someone else say about the subject but it lacks the same conviction of the person I am spinning off of. I am of the belief that in depth knowledge in any field, and it would seem to me to also hold true for the topic of Indigo Children and Indigo Adults, that the subject shouldn’t be a simple canned response about what one has heard or read, and it certainly should have a very strong sense of authenticity that holds it’s own merit, and is convincing because it is written with first hand conviction. (In other words to write a topic on Indigo, one must be Indigo or have been influenced so much so by an Indigo that the topic cannot be ignored. I also feel compelled to say that those who write articles on the subject of Indigo Children and Adults, should do so with great care, because they are influencing mindsets, both of Indigos and non Indigos

    So ~

    I came across your article! That is when I realized that I am probably an Indigo. In fact I’m certain I am! That is startling news to me. But also relieving. I am actually considered normal in a group of people? I actual do belong, although I only recognize Indigos in my family, not my group of friends. Why? Not so sure why? Maybe there aren’t enough Indigos in my area. I wish there were because my life would actually be a bit more social.

    As far as why I am here on your page~
    My search began as a simple curiosity by accident. But something kept nagging me to check it out until I had exhausted every doubt. I can say that many people who have covered this subject have covered it in a way that doesn’t do justice for the Indigo. Being Indigo it would seem to me, should not be spiritualized to the point it is worshipped, but others should come to recognize themselves or others to be Indigo for better understanding and acceptance. I think you covered some wonderful points on this very thing.

    From my frame of reference with my own personal experiences in mind:
    It isn’t easy being an Indigo. Being Indigo there are struggles with depression and fitting in to the bigger world view of things. I am an entreprenuer. I never fit in anywhere. I struggled in school. I barely graduated elementary, but middle school was a breeze as I was an Honor Student, and High school was a nightmare! I didn’t fit in at all. I always struggled to find my way. My income was always without degrees, with certification and training, and I have always made a very good living. I think it’s a part of being highly evolved that has afforded me this unconventional route. However, having said that I am returning to college ( I have 12 units so far) to pursue a journalism career. I would like to write my own magazine. I have wanted to write since I was about 5 years old. In fact I told my dad when I was about 9, I was going to be a writer someday. But my unconventional route hasn’t supported that without education, so I had to decide to just try to do things the conventional way, which is like pulling teeth, really! Very frightening as I have to step into the world where other rules exist to determine my success. I hate that! That’s why I have always lived to create my own because the politics of surviving in a job are merely based upon who’s at the top. The person at the top is typically only interested in their own advancement, not yours, unless it benefits them to some degree. Therefore, they will never acknowledge your worth. You work for a system. And that for me is just too heavy! Hence my choice to work for me.

    I said all of that to say this, I didn’t realize that my difference wasn’t madness!!! It was being Indigo! And Indigo is amazing because I feel more alive and real to my core, even if I am not accepted as normal or conventional amongst the majority, and even if I feel awkwardly vulnerable or exposed when I am amongst large groups of people who wear these ugly social masks, I don’t have to be ashamed for just being the way I am and refusing to put on a social mask, as you say. I like the way I am. And I wouldn’t change it. It has been a journey to this point riddled with intense pain and unhelpful criticism.

    I want to thank you for your very concise and well-written article. It is by far the clearest, and best piece on Indigo that I was able to come across. As such I will be making a contribution to your site. I appreciate your experteise on the subject and that you have expressed it in such a way that revealed why I feel as I do. I hope to understand more about being Indigo and how to make my way in the world. I liked your point you made about not fitting in to the point that sometimes Indigos don’t find their right path. I am just finding mine. I’m glad I found this website. It has been very clarifying and helpful.

  488. Anna says:

    You characterized here a highly sensitive person (HSP), which I am. It is nice to have a more beautiful name for this genetic trait. Finding myself as HSP or indigo has really changed my life and I am learning still how my sensitivity is my greatest power. Love to all of you people and love yourselves as you are, truly beatiful. <3

  489. Chris Leonard says:

    WOW! Such a wonderful piece to read if you’re an Indigo or if you love and care for an Indigo. We’re going to pull this planet into pure indigo star light so that all may walk in beauty here.

  490. Mariel says:

    Thank you..! I spend 9 years of my live under a psychologist control and finally I figure myself out! I just find out about Indigo Child and now I recover my strength. I just feel lonley and caged into a web of represion. Now, I feel like a ball of fire and I am not going to give up on the figth. How long this felling is going to last? I don´t know, but so glad that i don´t feel alone anymore!

  491. nathan says:

    It can be quite hard and lonely being and indigo child. They can be a target for sociopaths and people narcissistic traits. Follow your first intuitive thought, it is correct.

  492. Julie says:

    my heart expresses so much more than words can say,so i express with much gratitude. . thank you for sharing what so many of us feel and experience , yet who tend to live it feeling alone when truly we are not. Much love to you all for being who you are.Gaia needs us now to wake up remember who we are to help her and our human family ascend .It’s not been an easy task i truly understand this,its been a long journey and so many of us are tired and want to go home ,i too am homesick and felt so compelled to just go home,but my inner core reminds me i will be back to do the job i asked to do in this life and that is that we are all specialists of compassion. this world is in dire need of love. In my darkest moments all i wanted to feel was that comfort of home that peace and harmony which is love truly a reflection of our collective consciousness seeking that too . All of us here are asking for that simple yet powerful truth self empowerment which translates to self love ,to remeber who we are and if we have anything left to give from our tired bones..its the never ending source of love and compassion to complete the mission ,giving up and going home is ever so tempting, yet the satisfaction of preserving and doing a job well done is an amazing accomplishment to reminisce with family when you have made it back to the comfort of home.
    Much love to you all i send you love and thanks

  493. Becky Walsh says:

    Lovely article! Thank you for the mention 😉 If you haven’t read my book ‘You Do Know’ can I send it to you as a gift? Big love xxx


  494. […] How to Tell if You Are Indigo – Sophia … – Note: Counselling. I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life … […]

  495. Aura says:

    I love you too.
    Thank you for this entry, for the description. It’s one of the best I’ve read and it’s almost as if I had written it myself 😛
    It’s easy to understand, especially by other people who don’t experience what we do. I’ll share it.
    Thank you.
    Wishing you the best of luck and strength,

  496. Estelle says:

    This was a great read, although I do have one burning question. How do you NOT live like a “normal” person? I don’t see any other way to live apart from the “white picket fence lifestyle” without having to deal with consequences like financial instability, consequences which can be damaging to health. Right now I feel I am living like a “normal” person and I am incredibly unsatisfied. I see this as temporary, and if it continues my desire to CHANGE will get deeper! I most definitely feel like a zombie on the outside with a fire inside of me, burning to get out. I don’t know how. Modern society, it’s got me trapped, huh? And many others too. Hope you reply to this, I would love to hear some insight on this issue. Thanks 🙂

  497. Etaja says:

    Greetings Everyone;

    I can’t explain what i felt while reading this Article.
    But this one and another helped me prove and discover myself so many things that needed to be clear so so much time.
    Incl. the funny “Vegan Part” and so many more. I didn’t turn into Vegan. But i did change what i eat. (Not a choice. Just Happened after realizing several things).
    After discovering what i needed to urgently discover and understand at this moment; i seem to be a literally “Dying Alone” Indigo.
    I’m in that position where i’m striving for something. Yes i could say i do have tons of solutions to this world. I’ve been called crazy, and offended in many while trying to Open people’s minds. I mean.. It is COMPLETELY like you say…
    Either ways it feels pointless to do any of these (Again agreeing with the Society Mask which i can never use without killing my interior):
    – Show Love, Teach, Help.

    Help sometimes goes in the way (feels great). Still… Some people are so mean.

    I make all the questions. I do teach everyone to “QUESTION WHY” — It helps so much in the way. Specially helping you to free yourself from whatever controls people.

    I’ve heard about Indigo Children before, was recognized by one person who practices Meditation, Reiki, Yoga so on… she said that i was “Different”. That i should get some spiritual guide.
    While living (now 32 Years Old) i’ve passed several “special experiences” and lots of suffering.
    Lost these abilities completely when my Mother died (almost 10 years ago)…
    About 2 years after she passed by, i started to get “new experiences” way different from the previous…
    Lets say: I was lost, brought down to have nothing and no one. (still there but i’m very different now. I’ll try to explain further).
    I then started reading more, Gods, Ressurrection, Hinduism, Buddhism, Technology, Moral, etc…
    Yes. I DO have the URGE of Every Single Thing mentioned by Mrs. Sophia Gubb. (And some more websites i’ve been looking in these 2 days).
    There’s a couple of things that change slightly, yet leading to the same point. Ok… I never believed in that “Indigo” stuff…
    Funny part 2 Weeks ago i tried a new Meditation. (Just Curiosity – I’m not Religious person and i used to find that bogus – Now i know that i was like i was before because i was “Formatted” with that).
    Either way i don’t know if this matters at some point. Overall i do feel (again and better than in my childhood) that something is providing me knowledge.
    This specific Meditation was Called: “Kundalini Awakening”.
    On the several days that followed untill today: I feel some weird picture, air, colors.
    Like on my left side i have some “tunnel” casting intense while light (but doesn’t hurt my eyes or mind..) and a fresh / tempered breeze.
    I don’t feel smarter. But i did got new understanding of so much things… A completely new Perspective was added to what i was already developing inside.
    Some Old “Abstract Elements” in my mind became clear. I don’t know if this makes any sense to any of you.
    But this is not the reason i am writing. I’m writing because i need help. (“Straight and Clear”).
    Everything said by Mrs Sophia is a perfect match.
    I never met another Indigo before… and yes i was brought down to my limits.
    ..I do wish this life to end… I REALLY don’t belong here (at least what i feel).
    …I’m striving for myself at this point. i hereby humbly ask is there someone who can help me or even better.. “Us” (Indigo).
    Someone who can reunite Indigos? Someone i could meet, talk and share knowledge with?
    If we are meant to be together (as Mrs. Sophia and Me agree so)… Why don’t we start to do something about it?
    In the end i Strongly believe that must be the starting point of our (and mine) purpose(s)…
    Anyone willing to go forward, please let me know (fast if possible).

    Last Thing: Astra Projections, Knowledge and way way way… Really… Waaaay more.. Is 100% moved by Love.
    – I Fell in Love (Lots of Astral Projections, Knowledge, things Working Perfectly, “I AM Unstopable”, Everything is “Achievable”)
    – I Knew my Mother was going to die. Returned to my country to have some inconscient “last moments”. I could say “forgive me”, and somehow farewell.
    On Her last Week i had a Crow following me everywhere, a “Death / Empty Feeling Choking me”, everything i pay attention at meant “Death”. Even on the TV! I swapped channels.. and Dammit everything about Death!?
    Also to tip you out with Buddhism:
    “If your most Loved Pet Dies, be aware it is a preparation for a Worse loss in your Life”
    ME: I’ve noticed not only from my own, that this is a fact. People loose someone the Love after a couple of years.
    On the night before she passed i dreamed something wrong and abstract. Like a “Zombie in Automatic Mode” I simply woke up, took the car, drove insanely (Almost Crashed some times as far i can recall) to get to her. When i got there i received the sad news… She passed moments ago.
    All this without knowing what was going on…
    – I lost my “Love” (Mother Died) (Lost everything)
    – Started Meditating; Reading; knowing Myself again (cuz i was lost). “On Acid 5D Pictures” came up, a voice helping me came out. Creativity returned.
    My brain felt “Boosted” again.
    Althout the “video” visions, and the “Choking” feelings disapeared.
    …There’s so MUCH to talk, but no one to talk to…

    Best Regards, Wishes and Love to Everyone.

  498. Tucker says: