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How to Tell if You Are Indigo

Here is an in-depth article describing what traits to look for in determining if you or someone you know is an indigo child or adult.

When talking to people about indigos I often hear that the characteristics are not specific and practically anyone could consider themselves an indigo. Therefore in this article I’m going try to be as clear as possible in describing the things that make indigos DIFFERENT from other people.

In the first part of the article I’ll try to define indigos, and in the second part I’ll get into listing their particular characteristics.

This is now the second edition of this article, as it has been rewritten and expanded since 24/10/2011. I’ve evolved a lot as a person in this time and have tried to update some of the slightly negative attitudes that got into my writing back then. I’ve also added new insights about indigo children / adults from this time.

About The Term “Indigo”

The actual term “indigo” may have come from the colour of the sixth chakra (energy center) or third eye chakra. There’s a theory that indigos are largely governed by the third eye chakra which explains several of their traits. Personally I tend towards thinking that “indigo” has no special significance for us and is just a name.

Note that indigo in this context is not the colour of the aura. It has been called the “life colour”, which contrasts with the aura in that it’s supposedly the colour of a person’s deeper being and not simply their general state at this point in their life.

I don’t know how much meaning any of these ideas have but I’ve offered them for your consideration.

Indigo Children / Adults As A Spiritual Concept

The concept of indigo children or adults is tied to spirituality and I think there are some very good reasons for that; however I wanted to mention that if what I say conflicts with the way you understand the world, you always can take what works for you and leave the rest. The fact that there are people who have certain, unusual personalities is fact.  From there, you can work out what these personalities mean for you in the context of your worldview. On that note, if you want to read about this personality profile from a more scientific/atheistic/skeptical viewpoint, you may want to Google “gifted children”. They are the same thing, but the term doesn’t have any of the spiritual implications.

Now, what’s the point of knowing how to spot an indigo? Self understanding – which leads to self acceptance. Or, if the indigo in your life happens to be someone other than you, the goal is to understand her or him as best you can and again, be better equipped to accept them as they are.

Indigos have been called sick, falsely diagnosed with ADD and other things. They are not sick, they are special. They have been called supernatural. They are not supernatural, they are natural. They are very natural: super-natural, if you will. I think they are very special beings that are worth understanding, respecting, and taking care of.

What Is An Indigo?

What is an indigo? The non-spiritual version is just that indigo people (children and adults) are gifted souls. They have a lot of creativity, a lot of intelligence, and a sense of mission.

While we’re on the non spiritual version, we can also list all of their traits, which is what is going to happen in the next half of this article.

Aside from that, though, we can define indigos in a more exact way from a spiritual perspective.

The spiritual version, then, is that indigos are, in general, old souls or at least souls with great spiritual depth.

I think this definition is the most telling because an indigo is really defined by his or her soul and not necessarily how they express it. An indigo is born with a deep soul and will always have it, but, like other people, they can be connected or disconnected from that soul, and can express to a greater or lesser extent what they have inside. So sometimes you might get an indigo who doesn’t look like an indigo, or someone who isn’t an indigo who looks like one; but it’s what they have inside that truly defines them. The indigo who doesn’t look like an indigo will, deep down, have that wisdom, that depth, that power you expect from a normal indigo. It will come out in unexpected ways. Someone who looks like an indigo but isn’t will seem deep but when you look closer there won’t be so much substance to them. It’ll be a false depth — or maybe an authentic one, but just not so much of it.

So indigo people are considered to be “old souls”.

The standard depiction of spiritual evolution shows a soul starting out from a very basic, caveperson-like consciousness, and going through the horrible birthing pain centuries of confusion and war, eventually evolving into a modern human, eventually becoming enlightened or a saint. Being a saint in this case just means that they fully realise the fact that Love is their essence, and that Love is the only thing worth living for, and they become that. At this stage humanity doesn’t work as a collection of isolated fragments but becomes a single being with all its parts working together for the common wellbeing.

I think that evolution isn’t always as linear as that, but still, it seems that most souls do go through this kind of process. On Earth, then, a lot of souls have started out millenia ago as cavepeople and have evolved to where they are now.

Indigo souls started before that time, on other planets, and eventually came over to Earth to share what they have learned. In fact, most of the great visionaries or spiritual teachers were likely of this profile (indigo, crystal, or rainbow souls). They come to Earth with the special intention of helping with its spiritual development.

Other indigos may have originated from less linear evolution processes. They may have been angels or high-vibration spirits, not used to incarnating, before they decided to come down. Some may have also come from other dimensions. What distinguishes indigos, anyway, is the depth and power of their spirits. Given their special role here, they will also tend to have a very strong instinct that they are meant to help out in some way. More on that later.

Indigo Children/Adults And The Indigo Label

Indigos being somehow “more spiritual” than other people is a sensitive topic, which is why I’m rewriting this article to clarify this point.

I know that when I first heard about the indigo label, my first reaction was negative. I didn’t want to label myself, to start with, and I didn’t like the idea of being better or worse than other people. Out of pure principle, I disagreed with ideas of superiority and inferiority. I was also scared of the part of me that *wanted* to be better or worse than people.

This is pretty common in indigos. To underline where the error is in this, I should point out that there is a difference between thinking that you are better than someone and making a comparison purely for the sake of understanding.

Indigos do have wisdom and depth inside of them. They have great potential in their souls which, as time goes on, they will tap and bring into their current incarnation.

I think that this is not a reason to feel better or worse, but an opportunity to share.

Children don’t hate adults because they have more experience. The best way of dealing with adults is to make good use of their knowledge and depth.

In the same way, adults don’t usually look down on children and think how dumb they are. When they realise what the situation calls for, they instead ask themselves how they can share their gift of maturity with the children.

Indigo children and adults have a lot of gifts to share. Instead of thinking that they are better than others, or attempting to deny that they are different in any way, indigos should recognise that they are different and try to make the best use of the situation. Their gifts are much in demand, and it would be crazy to hold them back from the world.

Other people have plenty of gifts too. Indigos aren’t the only people who can help out. I think one of the things an indigo can do is show other people the huge power and brilliance that lies within their own souls. An indigo has learnt to be more of themselves; and they can show others how to be more of themselves, too.

So. One last question before we go into the list of indigo characteristics. Why do we need to have a word for indigo people as opposed to just spiritually advanced people? Apart from what we’ve already explained – including the fact that “indigo” refers more to the soul and the potential of a person, whereas the vaguer “spiritual” is normally used to talk about the external personality – I could say that the term is useful simply because you can look at a set of characteristics or traits and match people up to them. This is the really grounded, practical aspect of the concept. Whether or not you agree, disagree, or aren’t sure about the interpretations about what indigos are, you can still look at a person and say, “oh, she has the indigo traits.” Then you can work out what this means for you.

So without further ado, let me get into the various indigo adult / child traits.

1. Feeling like an alien.

First of all indigo people feel DIFFERENT. Not just different, but DIFFERENT.

Here’s a normal kid thinking he’s different:

“I wish I was cool like the other kids. Why do I get picked on like this? I’m so glad I’m better than all the other kids. No-one is as smart as I am.”

Here’s an indigo thinking he is different:

“I don’t understand. Why is it that I’m the only one who can see the things I see? Am I crazy? Why is everyone so cruel and stupid in the way they live? Why doesn’t anyone love me like I can love them? Why are people wasting their lives so much? Why are they such sadomasochists? Why does everyone try and be better than everyone else and own each other like slaves? Shouldn’t it be obvious that we could all just get together, solve all our problems, and enjoy life? Am I the only person in the world who can see this??

“Why am I the only person who can’t put on a social mask? Why am I unable to be happy with the way things are? Why is it that I feel like no-one else is really happy, either, they just put up with it? Is there something going on here?

“Holy $%&@ – I’m an ALIEN!”

Indigos often feel strongly like they are from another planet or another dimension (see above) or at least just generally “out of place”. They might be travellers and live in different countries, subconsciously or consciously looking for the place they fit in. They’ll relocate to find family that feels like family and a place that feels like home. If they can’t find that, they are prone to depression – even suicide.

2. Anger

The power of the indigo lies in his or her soul, which lies underneath their external personality. This means they go through the same process of waking up to their essence as other people do, although generally at a more accelerated pace. During this time, they often go through some pretty rough times, and can fall into chronic negative emotion.

One of these (famously) is anger. Indigos have a very high self-esteem because they are POWERFUL – at least inside – and some part of their brain remembers a time in their soul’s past when they lived like kings. Guys, that’s what a Oneness world is like – everyone has a vast personal power. Weakness is not divine, it is an illness.

The self esteem is not a negative thing, but when subjected to the standard anti-self esteem processing of our industrial culture, where children are taught that they are powerless and dependent so that their energy can be sucked from them, indigos often react strongly. They know that they are worth more than that.

Here are some of my own thoughts from years ago, now happily transmuted into healthier energy:

You do NOT talk to me like I was shit. You do NOT talk down to me just because I am a child. I am NOT worth less. I am NOT less capable of deciding for myself how I will live. If you try and tell me what to do I will KILL you.

I wrote this a year and a half ago, in my first version of this article. I’ve since got to the point where it’s harder for me to bring back up those feelings and feel identified with them.

Note that in all the years of being possessed by anger and hatred, I never acted on those emotions. I also had an even more powerful underlying desire to do good and avoid causing harm.

Resuming some points:

3. High Self Esteem

Indigos, at least deep down, understand themselves to be powerful and highly valuable. They see through the lie that people are not that.

They can sometimes feel emotions like low self esteem, shame, self hatred and so on. But the proof is in the pudding – when it comes to the crunch, indigos are rarely willing to settle being talked down to or being made part of a machine.

Even if they are so incredibly destroyed that they stop fighting, they will still feel a sense in such situations that things are dreadfully wrong.

This instinct will never let them be at peace with themselves until they recognise it.

4. Resistence of Authority, Structure, and Hierarchy

Indigos, seeing through the lie of society, know that the normal concept of “authority” is an illusion. They often dislike or simply evade teachers, doctors and anyone else who seems to look down on them. It’s not like they can’t love those people as people, but they are not willing to accept anyone as “above” them (or “below” them for that matter). When forced to live under imposed authority, indigos usually get rebellious. This can take the form of explosive revolution or perhaps more quiet, passive rebellion depending on the indigo’s particular makeup.

I remember as a child pointedly refusing to do anything my father told me until he learnt not to state things in the form of an order. He eventually stopped trying to get me to do anything, as he couldn’t understand that I just wanted to be treated like a real person. In class, I did everything to make people laugh as I couldn’t stand living like a zombie. I occasionally did things to make a point that the teachers didn’t own my will.

I was one of the revolutionary ones.

Third Eye Chakra. Click image for source

5. Seeing Through Lies

Indigos see things as they really are. According to some, this would be because they are currently developing the energy centre of their third eye. Or maybe it’s just because they have enough spiritual depth, intuition and integrity to make deceptions useless on them.

They know society is a lie. They know there are more important things in life than what most people seem to chase after. They have powerful instincts guiding them in many areas of their life, and dismiss ideas or systems which conflict with their instincts. If they are brought up in religion or other dogmatic beliefs, they will eventually come to question them and break them down until they find something that withstands scrutiny.

The more indigos wake up, the more they question everything in their life. But even before the process their instinct to question is strong. As has been said about them in other places, they always say, “WHY?”

6. Breaking Down Structures

Because of this, indigos rarely accept anything that has not been explained to them. They don’t like to do things just because everyone else does or because someone else told them to. They ignore rules unless someone explains to them why they have been put in place, as well as structures, routines, disciplines, rituals, or decorum that doesn’t make sense to them. They often stand out like a sore thumb in society unless they’ve learnt to camouflage themselves. Their presence can often make other people rather nervous.

So most indigos REALLY don’t get on well in school. And without exception they find “normal” jobs very draining and stressful. If they try to live like everyone else lives, they will probably end up suicidal.

Because of this, when they grow up indigos are usually involved in some alternative means of living: entrepreneurship, writing blogs :), art, alternative therapies, freeganism, activism, etc. Because of their disposition they may have a lot of problems in finding their place in life, which can be a factor for depression.

When an indigo is presented a structure which does not serve an authentic purpose, her first reaction is to work to break it down. This of course puts her at odds with school, work and everything. Indigos therefore either work alone or as leaders – they are not willing to accept other people imposing their rules on them. They are rebels and revolutionaries, made to remake the world.

7. Radical Authenticity

Maybe again because of the energy of the third eye in their life which lets them see to the core of themselves and others, indigos have the compulsion to be authentic and express their true selves. Authenticity is not simply a desire for indigos, it’s practically a need. If an indigo can’t express him or herself as he really is, he generally keeps quiet, goes away, or gets really pissed off. :)

Indigos have some serious problems in school because of this, where life is all about putting on a social mask. Life generally gets better after school.

Because of this inability to have a social mask, and inability to really connect with people on the level of their social masks (people require of other people approval for their masks, which indigos are not willing to give), indigos feel a very strong desire to find other indigos, people with whom they will be able to express themselves truly and share love on the level of the heart and spirit, not the mask.

8. Love

There is no love like indigo love.

I have often found that the love I express or want to express with people, especially my lovers, is too strong for them. They either take it as coming on too strong, or as commitment and try to marry me. Neither is the case; most people just haven’t experienced such intense, unconditional love before, and they don’t know what to do with it.

When an indigo can’t find another indigo to pair up with, they’ll often be seen with older people who tend to be more sensitive and more capable of seeing the gem in the indigo’s soul. (In general indigos don’t have hang ups about age as they see people for what they are, not what their label is).

Indigos are warm people at heart and enjoy contact. This is because most humans have been infected by a cultural sickness. Indigos express themselves as all humans deep down want to express themselves but don’t have the clarity or bravery to do: lovingly. Touch, hug, kiss, “I love you”. They love for the god damn pleasure of it. And unlove is incomprehensible for them.

However, for the reasons previously described indigos are loners, so they may not actively express this trait.

9. Depression is Common

Kristen Finlayson says that the depression springs from a combination of not actualising their personal power and not connecting with other indigos. Oh, let’s talk about power.

10. A Sense of Mission

Indigos have come here to make a change, and deep in their soul, they feel that. They have huge energy and huge creativity, as well as intelligence – and these things want to be expressed. When they feel trapped in by the limits of this world, or too lost to work out what to do, this can result in some serious depression.

As indigos see the state that the world is really in, they feel an urgency to get things moving around here. They feel things are NOT alright just as they are. (Paradoxically they may be able to see the beauty and perfection in all existence, but that doesn’t make them passive Buddhist monks).

I don’t know where I heard this bit of advice but it rings very true to me – indigos should have an outlet for their creativity while they are waiting to know what their mission is in life. Our energy is strong and will find an outlet whether we want it to or not – and this could be in negative forms such as obsessive thinking or worrying as well as addictions or even excessive spirituality.

11. Power, Creativity and Energy

As I said, indigos have huge energy. Whatever they do, they do intensely. They are often geniuses – or called that – in part I think because of their capability of single-minded focus on what interests them. On the other hand, if something does not interest them they are very good at NOT focusing on it. I’ve seen a pattern of high grades in class followed by low as indigos learn very easily but end up getting uninspired by schoolwork :)

Indigos are often classified Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I would like to take the opportunity to flip the bird now to conventional psychiatrists everywhere: we are special, not sick! If anyone gives anyone Ritalin for this “illness”, please shoot them. Or make sure that the patient in question is indigo, and if they are, shoot the perpetrator twice.

(I no longer feel the intensity of frustration as I did when I wrote the last paragraph, but I’ve kept it because it’s funny).

Indigos are usually multitalented. Their interests lie in anything creative, anything that expresses personal power, anything that expresses joy (particularly humour), healing, communication, spirituality and personal growth.

An indigo’s energy can be chanelled into love (see above), pure unconditional joy, intense focused learning or action, personal growth and spirituality, as well as hatred, intense depression, addictions, and drama (“little old me” syndrome). Whatever they do, they do intensely. An indigo isn’t half of anything. Even when they’re living like a zombie, they zombie HARD. No-one has ever been dead inside like an indigo who doesn’t know who she is. They practically vanish from this earth, leaving behind an empty shell.

Indigos are very, very powerful and probably at some level feel this. I know I do. I feel like my body is a poor expression of the size I feel – I am MASSIVE. I can take on the world! There is nothing I can’t do! I’ve also felt the opposite at times when I was zombieing, though. We’ve been brought into a world that trains people to be powerless. I also wonder if any spiritual beings or even non-spiritual beings have a vested interest in keeping indigos down. I never felt like I was particularly targeted, but I have heard from some active indigos that there is this anti-indigo conspiracy, involving implants, energetic manipulation, etc. No idea if that is the case. I’ve definitely seen some pretty destroyed indigos. But in any case when you remember you are powerful – and all it takes is to remember – NOTHING can stop you. You are the one and only creator of your own experience. I recommend all indigos I meet who are having trouble with power read up on the law of attraction. We tend to be especially good at manifesting once we get into the flow of it.

12. Intuition

What with the whole third eye chakra thing it shouldn’t be a surprise that indigo children and adults are intuitive. They are capable of guiding themselves easily by their ability to “just kind of know” what to do, their gut feeling, etc. Whether this perception goes into the supernatural I think is often to do with whether they were brought up to believe in such things or not.

When they are lucky enough not to have shut down their third eye ability, indigos are basically just what the hype about them obsesses about – psychic kids. They see spirits, other planes, talk to angels and spirit guides, and see the future.

Not all indigos are at this level. But they all have the potential, as is evidenced by their strong intuition and their ability to see through to the essence of things.

It might not feel that special to you if you’re an indigo – that’s because it’s so natural. You might say, “Oh, I see how people are inside, but that’s not psychic, that’s just being perceptive, picking up on cues, etc!”

Well, being supernatural IS natural. It’s the zombies who aren’t natural. :)

13. Loners

The subject of loner-hood has been touched upon but it needed its own bullet point for emphasis. Indigos, when they don’t find other indigos to be with, are usually loners. They get frustrated by not feeling recognised by others and dislike trying to relate at the relatively superficial level that most non-indigos demand. They tend to have few relationships and prefer one-on-one relationships rather than groups, when they are socialising with non-indigos.

14. Sensitivity

I’m going to wrap this up with one last important trait of indigos. Indigos are highly sensitive. This is part of the reason they are such loners; they see inside people and perceive all the suffering and inauthenticity they’re filled with, and it isn’t pretty. Indigos can get very uncomfortable in crowds and large groups, noisy places, and especially energetically charged atmospheres such as conventional parties.

As I said, indigos feel things more powerfully. Their sensitivity is part of this. In general they FEEL more – more pain and more pleasure – because they are closer to their being.

This is also a part of the reason why they act the way they do. People, deep down, feel the same things indigos do. They often percieve the lie of society to a greater or lesser extent. But indigos really FEEL that. Not acting differently would be like voluntarily impaling themselves. They are just NOT able to do something which is discordant with their being, because they feel it, and damn do they FEEL it.

This is a strength though it can appear a weakness. Don’t listen to people who tell you you have a problem. If you can’t stay in a party because the energy is too heavy, that’s because the poison is in the PARTY, not in you. Other people can’t feel the poison so they just keep on wallowing in it – they become one and the same as the other people – so that’s their strength for them. Have some self-acceptance and don’t do anything your being tells you is not for you – your being is right, even if everyone else in the whole world tells you different. They don’t know what it’s like to be indigo. You are special, child of God.

Other Indigo Child / Adult Traits

Are there any other indigo child / adult traits I can add for the second edition of this article?

There are a lot of small cues you can pick up on for identifying an indigo child or adult. I’ve noticed that indigos often have a strong connection to children and animals, for instance. Or that they defy age classification. They can look like they are thirty when they are twenty (those deep, learned eyes) or they can look twenty when they are thirty (young, playful disposition). In general they age slower on an external level than other people.

They have a tendency towards vegetarianism and often become vegans when they read articles like my Spiritual Perspective On Veganism. I think about 50% of the awake indigos I’ve met have become vegan, especially those who are skilled with finding things out on the Internet. Even when they’re not “officially” vegetarian or vegan, they’ll usually just not like meat much or otherwise not feel attracted to eating much of it. (I was an exception to this as a kid mind – heavy foods were my way of medicating my pain).

They respond strongly to toxins in general and a healthy diet is more important than usual for them.

Indigos have a faster internal rhythm than normal people. This has often been diagnosed as “Attention Deficit Disorder”, although it is not actually a negative thing, just different.

This causes them to be impatient and want to have their desires faster, faster, always faster. They can’t believe how slow life moves.

I think this is because of them coming from worlds where matter is “softer” and the mind has more sway over things. So in those worlds it’s possible to manifest your desires very fast if not instantly, as well as fly, move things with your mind, etc etc. On Earth an indigo does have greater power to manifest their desires than other people and is often also good at telekinesis and so on; however, they still feel inside that they have greater power to create change and they find this world frustrating.

Indigos have very steady gazes. Actually this is one of my favourite measures for an indigo because it’s the hardest to fake. Sometimes they might avoid someone’s gaze because of whatever reason, but their natural tendency if left unhindered will be to look someone very straight, very unwaveringly in the eyes. When two indigos look in each others’ eyes, it’s not unusual for them to end up gazing for minutes at a stretch. It’s in their eyes that you can see that deep down, they have nothing they really wish to hide.

Indigos have a tendency to have harsh childhoods. I think this is because of their sensitivity and simply the shock of adapting to this world which wasn’t made for them. This pain can be lessened by growing up with indigo parents or parents that are otherwise highly conscious.

Indigos often also suffer from some great disability, illness, or other handicap which causes them a lot of anguish; especially, again, in childhood. I don’t know why this is. Maybe they have some spiritual purpose for doing so, or maybe their pain from other sources just manifests itself in this way. I think my own 10-year illness was a manifestation of the emotional turmoil that came from events in my childhood, for instance.

If you are currently going through horrible suffering, I can tell you: it gets better. You just need to harness your incredible indigo power to change your life situation. For that, just read up on the law of attraction and get applying it to your life. Also be aware of your needs (see: Depression Is Common) and don’t fall in the trap of trying to live like a normal person. You are bigger than that and that’s a good thing, OK?


While going over every major point about the indigo’s character, I tried to paint a picture without necessarily being constrained by talking about only that specific point. The article is a little all over the place, but I think quite complete and useful. I hope you enjoy it, and do share with your indigo friends or anyone who you think might be indigo. Self understanding can be enough to save an indigo’s life – I’ve seen it happen before.

We’re meant to be happy, wherever we live. Don’t fall victim to the pain. Refuse to be a victim. We are pure, unadulterated love – indigos and non indigos – though maybe indigos see that a little more clearly. There is nothing of us that the darkness can touch. Be happy and come save the world with me! :)

I so love you.

Sophia Gubb, 16 Febuary 2010. [Updated 24/10/2011].

2316530206_449de8130d_oNote: Counselling

I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life challenges which they go through. I can help you find solutions in the realms of relationships, work, purpose, spirituality, health, and more. For more information, check out my counselling page: Indigo Child / Adult Counselling

If you enjoyed this article, please consider making a donation.

Appendix: Resources For Indigos

Indigos need three things especially in life. Self-understanding, which I hope I’ve just given you. Connection with people who understand and accept them for who they are (mostly other indigos). And actualisation of their personal power, feeling like they are making a difference in life. I’ll provide you with some resources for each of these in turn.

Don’t forget my Indigo Child / Adult Counselling, which is a powerful resource to help with a lot of issues indigos go through.


Kristen Finlayson provides two good articles on indigos: one, her version of the indigo adult characteristics, good for a different perspective on the same, and two, her Q&A for newly identified indigos which you may find useful.

Indigosociety.com is good for meeting new indigos, but also has two particular threads with info I think you might find useful: another page about indigo child / adult traits, and a useful “indigo starter kit“.

If you’ve been diagnosed with any mental illness at all, it’s worth reading this article: Why Anti-Authoritarians Are Diagnosed As Mentally Ill

Also, I wrote an article called How Do I Know If I’m Really Indigo? which could be useful if you’re still unsure after reading his one.


Indigo Society is quite a good forum. There are some nut jobs there but plenty of authentic indigos too who can help you out.

Indigo Adults Moderated is one of the richer forums in terms of civil and interesting discussion.

There are also plenty of interesting groups for indigos on Facebook. Just search for the term “indigo”, “indigo children”, “indigo adults” and maybe “indigo [your city or country]” and see what comes up.

You might also have some success putting up an ad to meet indigos in your area on your local version of craigslist (a website for online classified type ads). It’s worked for me. Just make an eye-catching title and list the characteristics – or link to this article 😉

Even better if you can find something on Meetup.com. It was no good for Barcelona, though.


Read Steve Pavlina’s blog from back to front if you want to become the best you can be in pretty much every area of your life. Also, read my blog :)

I also find a psychic reading with a person on the same wavelength as you can really give an awakening soul a kick in the ass for their growth. I recommend Erin Pavlina, Chris Liaguno, Rosine Caplot, Peter Huetz, Caren Knox, Becky Walsh, and/or Rei Williams. All of these are indigo except I think Erin, who is nevertheless the sort of person an indigo would strongly vibe with, and Rei, who is crystal, a kind of upgrade of indigo. Pretty awesome people all. I think just one of these people in the right place could turn someone’s life around.

I hear good things about The Da Vinci Method. It’s a bit markety, mind, but the content is good. I get a commission if you buy through that link. If you’re low on funds, you can probably pirate the book easily enough, too.

Apart from that I’ll leave you with Ask And It Is Given, the definitive book on the Law of Attraction. There are a million things an indigo will want to read about in his or her journey (mostly all of them on Steve Pavlina’s blog), but the Law of Attraction is enough to make sure everything else gets taken care of easily.

Actually Steve Pavlina wrote some great posts about the Law of Attraction too. His method for Placing An Order With The Universe is actually my preferred style.

I hope this all helps. Good luck!


If you enjoyed this article, please consider making a donation.

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    All I can say after reading this article is this: I just read a description of myself. By the time I readhed the last trait, my heart was racing and it still is. (Sounds kinda corny after i type it, I’m just honest). I will continue to do my research, this article has help me find the right direction to take. Thank you

  • Maria José Barillas April 11, 2015, 6:49 am

    Hola, quiero decirte que me sentí muy identificada con el articulo, de pequeña siempre me senti diferente, de hecho me molestaba conmigo misma el no ser tan niña como las demás, a veces me enojaba no disfrutar las cosas como lo hacían los demás, yo quería experimentar cosas mas intensas, los juegos de niños para mi eran aburridos.
    Por otro lado creo que te ha faltado investigar un poco acerca de algo que creo que tiene mucha relación con las personas indigas, yo no se si soy una de ellas, pero si lo fuera hay una característica importante que vale la pena destacar y es la justicia. Soy una persona que no soporta la injusticia y creo que otras personas que encajan con tus características de indigo, comparten esa necesidad de justicia tanto como yo. Es solo un comentario que tal ves ayude a completar tu estudio. Saludos cordiales.

  • Scarlett whisper April 21, 2015, 2:16 pm

    I am amazed by what i have just read. Ive been trying to figure out myself and my sister who just recently committed suicide.. please send me an email back if you can find the time.. i wpuld greatly appreciate it.. more than you could understand. Thank you for your time..

  • jo April 29, 2015, 10:49 am

    love you too! I’m still holding hope, that we could save the lives, more than the world.

  • Michelle May 17, 2015, 9:37 pm

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this blog post. I have just recently been told by a palm reader that I was an Indigo Child. Not knowing this for the past 17 years of my life, I hadn’t a clew what I was or where to start. I have done light re-search on what to look for in an Indigo Child and everything relates perfectly to me (almost). I finally felt liked I belonged somewhere ^-^ Reading this post has made it that much more clearer to me even with the depression. I am open about it now since I have gone to see the palm reader. For the fist time in my life I felt like I belonged somewhere because now I know what to do with these gifts. How long it will take? I do not know, but how long will it last is something more to worry about. However, their are most people in this world that I have taken the time to observe, and now knowing that they wouldn’t even take a glace at what I might prepare for them to see. I might just be wasting my time. But I’ll deal with that when the time comes. This doesn’t seem real to me at all. Knowing that their is much more to me that: me being a loner, depressed and unable to cope with normal routine and tests in schools that all the others who would be able to cope with all that useless knowledge and such has made it all much more clearer for me to cope with. At least I know that its not a lie. Because I can do this!

  • Nona May 19, 2015, 11:43 am

    Thank you! I thought I was going crazy 😀

  • Charlene Thrash June 4, 2015, 2:47 am

    I’m need to know more some what in shock. Everyone of these describe me. I have always known something deep down but I didn’t know this even existed! I need to know more! Please contact me if possible.

  • Jay June 7, 2015, 3:17 pm

    I love this, it is so amazing. So of which made me laugh reading it.

    I am an indigo, and even though i have always known it the awakening is happing now and has got even strong after 2012. It is the new cycle which i love.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love, peace and integrity.


  • Jill June 10, 2015, 8:38 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing! Your article has really helped and inspired me :) Love, Jill

  • ahmed indigo June 30, 2015, 6:50 pm

    thank you for this topic

    ahmed from egypt (indigo :))

  • Elizabeth Welsh July 12, 2015, 5:05 am

    Impressive! I can say I’ve previously read each and every one of these traits as being indications of being an old soul or as description of master numbers in numerology (which would be more likely in an older soul). However, I do see a distinction between a soul that has incarnated as a human being multiple times on Earth and souls that have surpassed incarnating into this 3D dimension or are otherwise not from around here. I believe I am the former. Though I’m not sure I believe in Indigos and I don’t even like labeling myself as “old soul”. Nevertheless…
    I’ve relocated and lived in a 3rd world country for 3 yrs, was a recluse for 2 yrs and didn’t leave my house, “zombied hard”, laughed at the staring thing (very true), always had problems with any authority/hierarchy (even parents) on the grounds that we are all EQUAL, never had any friends as a small child because I was into being loving and talking about human nature/philosophy (I thought everyone was so senselessly cruel), had strong intuition & supernatural experiences, I freaked my Sunday school teachers when I would ask questions like who made God and was insulted when they gave me a picture book that explained nothing, I keep hoping if I just move to Norway or Tibet or any far flung place I’ll stop feeling like a foreign species. I’ve always known this isn’t home and I miss home so much it’s hard to be here even though I don’t know what I mean by home and can’t remember it. So whether this is “Indigo”, “old soul”, “crystal” etc. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thank you for writing this! Blessings con mucho cariño Elizabeth.

  • ask July 16, 2015, 10:57 am

    I believe that is among the most significant information for me.
    And i am satisfied reading your article. But want to remark on some normal issues, The web
    site taste is great, the articles is truly excellent
    : D. Excellent process, cheers

  • Sher Fulton July 22, 2015, 5:00 pm

    like so many, I believe I just got the answers to questions I have held onto since as far back as I can remember. To a very young child. To remembering looking at my mother and telling her I believed I was from another planet. No, have no idea why I said it. But I recall saying it to her. I read my story here on so many levels. It is heartwarming to know I am not nuts. Sometimes you just wonder why you FEEL things so passionately and your anger is so timelessly huge at the injustices.

  • I am Indigo July 24, 2015, 11:45 pm

    We’re not magic. We’re just an odd spectrum of behavior. That’s it. Sorry.

  • Elleisse July 25, 2015, 10:35 pm

    I recently came across a film about Indigo Children that peaked my interest on the subject. ( That’s what eventually led me here). The film didn’t quite give me the idea that I was an Indigo, it merely focused on a few subjects that were Indigo. These children were extremely talented, wise and well-spoken, with big eyes, and a visually apparent innocence. I noticed that most of the children had blue eyes, blond hair. However, I am of the belief that this was a biased view of Indigo children and do not represent the vast visual differences that exist in Indigos, although I know quite a few blond hair, blue eyed Indigos, now that I am studying the subject. I am convinced I am an Indigo (as a child I did have blond hair and big green eyes.) But again I think it is merely coincidence. Just my opinion though.
    After reading many articles about Indigos, I noticed that the articles seemed to be spun off of what someone else had written. It’s like me sharing my knowledge that is based off of what I have read or heard someone else say about the subject but it lacks the same conviction of the person I am spinning off of. I am of the belief that in depth knowledge in any field, and it would seem to me to also hold true for the topic of Indigo Children and Indigo Adults, that the subject shouldn’t be a simple canned response about what one has heard or read, and it certainly should have a very strong sense of authenticity that holds it’s own merit, and is convincing because it is written with first hand conviction. (In other words to write a topic on Indigo, one must be Indigo or have been influenced so much so by an Indigo that the topic cannot be ignored. I also feel compelled to say that those who write articles on the subject of Indigo Children and Adults, should do so with great care, because they are influencing mindsets, both of Indigos and non Indigos

    So ~

    I came across your article! That is when I realized that I am probably an Indigo. In fact I’m certain I am! That is startling news to me. But also relieving. I am actually considered normal in a group of people? I actual do belong, although I only recognize Indigos in my family, not my group of friends. Why? Not so sure why? Maybe there aren’t enough Indigos in my area. I wish there were because my life would actually be a bit more social.

    As far as why I am here on your page~
    My search began as a simple curiosity by accident. But something kept nagging me to check it out until I had exhausted every doubt. I can say that many people who have covered this subject have covered it in a way that doesn’t do justice for the Indigo. Being Indigo it would seem to me, should not be spiritualized to the point it is worshipped, but others should come to recognize themselves or others to be Indigo for better understanding and acceptance. I think you covered some wonderful points on this very thing.

    From my frame of reference with my own personal experiences in mind:
    It isn’t easy being an Indigo. Being Indigo there are struggles with depression and fitting in to the bigger world view of things. I am an entreprenuer. I never fit in anywhere. I struggled in school. I barely graduated elementary, but middle school was a breeze as I was an Honor Student, and High school was a nightmare! I didn’t fit in at all. I always struggled to find my way. My income was always without degrees, with certification and training, and I have always made a very good living. I think it’s a part of being highly evolved that has afforded me this unconventional route. However, having said that I am returning to college ( I have 12 units so far) to pursue a journalism career. I would like to write my own magazine. I have wanted to write since I was about 5 years old. In fact I told my dad when I was about 9, I was going to be a writer someday. But my unconventional route hasn’t supported that without education, so I had to decide to just try to do things the conventional way, which is like pulling teeth, really! Very frightening as I have to step into the world where other rules exist to determine my success. I hate that! That’s why I have always lived to create my own because the politics of surviving in a job are merely based upon who’s at the top. The person at the top is typically only interested in their own advancement, not yours, unless it benefits them to some degree. Therefore, they will never acknowledge your worth. You work for a system. And that for me is just too heavy! Hence my choice to work for me.

    I said all of that to say this, I didn’t realize that my difference wasn’t madness!!! It was being Indigo! And Indigo is amazing because I feel more alive and real to my core, even if I am not accepted as normal or conventional amongst the majority, and even if I feel awkwardly vulnerable or exposed when I am amongst large groups of people who wear these ugly social masks, I don’t have to be ashamed for just being the way I am and refusing to put on a social mask, as you say. I like the way I am. And I wouldn’t change it. It has been a journey to this point riddled with intense pain and unhelpful criticism.

    I want to thank you for your very concise and well-written article. It is by far the clearest, and best piece on Indigo that I was able to come across. As such I will be making a contribution to your site. I appreciate your experteise on the subject and that you have expressed it in such a way that revealed why I feel as I do. I hope to understand more about being Indigo and how to make my way in the world. I liked your point you made about not fitting in to the point that sometimes Indigos don’t find their right path. I am just finding mine. I’m glad I found this website. It has been very clarifying and helpful.

  • Anna August 8, 2015, 6:18 am

    You characterized here a highly sensitive person (HSP), which I am. It is nice to have a more beautiful name for this genetic trait. Finding myself as HSP or indigo has really changed my life and I am learning still how my sensitivity is my greatest power. Love to all of you people and love yourselves as you are, truly beatiful. <3

  • Chris Leonard August 18, 2015, 1:48 am

    WOW! Such a wonderful piece to read if you’re an Indigo or if you love and care for an Indigo. We’re going to pull this planet into pure indigo star light so that all may walk in beauty here.

  • Mariel August 18, 2015, 2:16 am

    Thank you..! I spend 9 years of my live under a psychologist control and finally I figure myself out! I just find out about Indigo Child and now I recover my strength. I just feel lonley and caged into a web of represion. Now, I feel like a ball of fire and I am not going to give up on the figth. How long this felling is going to last? I don´t know, but so glad that i don´t feel alone anymore!

  • nathan August 21, 2015, 6:44 am

    It can be quite hard and lonely being and indigo child. They can be a target for sociopaths and people narcissistic traits. Follow your first intuitive thought, it is correct.

  • Julie August 30, 2015, 7:48 pm

    my heart expresses so much more than words can say,so i express with much gratitude. . thank you for sharing what so many of us feel and experience , yet who tend to live it feeling alone when truly we are not. Much love to you all for being who you are.Gaia needs us now to wake up remember who we are to help her and our human family ascend .It’s not been an easy task i truly understand this,its been a long journey and so many of us are tired and want to go home ,i too am homesick and felt so compelled to just go home,but my inner core reminds me i will be back to do the job i asked to do in this life and that is that we are all specialists of compassion. this world is in dire need of love. In my darkest moments all i wanted to feel was that comfort of home that peace and harmony which is love truly a reflection of our collective consciousness seeking that too . All of us here are asking for that simple yet powerful truth self empowerment which translates to self love ,to remeber who we are and if we have anything left to give from our tired bones..its the never ending source of love and compassion to complete the mission ,giving up and going home is ever so tempting, yet the satisfaction of preserving and doing a job well done is an amazing accomplishment to reminisce with family when you have made it back to the comfort of home.
    Much love to you all i send you love and thanks

  • Becky Walsh September 2, 2015, 7:10 am

    Lovely article! Thank you for the mention 😉 If you haven’t read my book ‘You Do Know’ can I send it to you as a gift? Big love xxx


  • Aura September 15, 2015, 6:17 pm

    I love you too.
    Thank you for this entry, for the description. It’s one of the best I’ve read and it’s almost as if I had written it myself 😛
    It’s easy to understand, especially by other people who don’t experience what we do. I’ll share it.
    Thank you.
    Wishing you the best of luck and strength,

  • Estelle September 17, 2015, 9:17 am

    This was a great read, although I do have one burning question. How do you NOT live like a “normal” person? I don’t see any other way to live apart from the “white picket fence lifestyle” without having to deal with consequences like financial instability, consequences which can be damaging to health. Right now I feel I am living like a “normal” person and I am incredibly unsatisfied. I see this as temporary, and if it continues my desire to CHANGE will get deeper! I most definitely feel like a zombie on the outside with a fire inside of me, burning to get out. I don’t know how. Modern society, it’s got me trapped, huh? And many others too. Hope you reply to this, I would love to hear some insight on this issue. Thanks :)

  • Etaja September 17, 2015, 3:29 pm

    Greetings Everyone;

    I can’t explain what i felt while reading this Article.
    But this one and another helped me prove and discover myself so many things that needed to be clear so so much time.
    Incl. the funny “Vegan Part” and so many more. I didn’t turn into Vegan. But i did change what i eat. (Not a choice. Just Happened after realizing several things).
    After discovering what i needed to urgently discover and understand at this moment; i seem to be a literally “Dying Alone” Indigo.
    I’m in that position where i’m striving for something. Yes i could say i do have tons of solutions to this world. I’ve been called crazy, and offended in many while trying to Open people’s minds. I mean.. It is COMPLETELY like you say…
    Either ways it feels pointless to do any of these (Again agreeing with the Society Mask which i can never use without killing my interior):
    – Show Love, Teach, Help.

    Help sometimes goes in the way (feels great). Still… Some people are so mean.

    I make all the questions. I do teach everyone to “QUESTION WHY” — It helps so much in the way. Specially helping you to free yourself from whatever controls people.

    I’ve heard about Indigo Children before, was recognized by one person who practices Meditation, Reiki, Yoga so on… she said that i was “Different”. That i should get some spiritual guide.
    While living (now 32 Years Old) i’ve passed several “special experiences” and lots of suffering.
    Lost these abilities completely when my Mother died (almost 10 years ago)…
    About 2 years after she passed by, i started to get “new experiences” way different from the previous…
    Lets say: I was lost, brought down to have nothing and no one. (still there but i’m very different now. I’ll try to explain further).
    I then started reading more, Gods, Ressurrection, Hinduism, Buddhism, Technology, Moral, etc…
    Yes. I DO have the URGE of Every Single Thing mentioned by Mrs. Sophia Gubb. (And some more websites i’ve been looking in these 2 days).
    There’s a couple of things that change slightly, yet leading to the same point. Ok… I never believed in that “Indigo” stuff…
    Funny part 2 Weeks ago i tried a new Meditation. (Just Curiosity – I’m not Religious person and i used to find that bogus – Now i know that i was like i was before because i was “Formatted” with that).
    Either way i don’t know if this matters at some point. Overall i do feel (again and better than in my childhood) that something is providing me knowledge.
    This specific Meditation was Called: “Kundalini Awakening”.
    On the several days that followed untill today: I feel some weird picture, air, colors.
    Like on my left side i have some “tunnel” casting intense while light (but doesn’t hurt my eyes or mind..) and a fresh / tempered breeze.
    I don’t feel smarter. But i did got new understanding of so much things… A completely new Perspective was added to what i was already developing inside.
    Some Old “Abstract Elements” in my mind became clear. I don’t know if this makes any sense to any of you.
    But this is not the reason i am writing. I’m writing because i need help. (“Straight and Clear”).
    Everything said by Mrs Sophia is a perfect match.
    I never met another Indigo before… and yes i was brought down to my limits.
    ..I do wish this life to end… I REALLY don’t belong here (at least what i feel).
    …I’m striving for myself at this point. i hereby humbly ask is there someone who can help me or even better.. “Us” (Indigo).
    Someone who can reunite Indigos? Someone i could meet, talk and share knowledge with?
    If we are meant to be together (as Mrs. Sophia and Me agree so)… Why don’t we start to do something about it?
    In the end i Strongly believe that must be the starting point of our (and mine) purpose(s)…
    Anyone willing to go forward, please let me know (fast if possible).

    Last Thing: Astra Projections, Knowledge and way way way… Really… Waaaay more.. Is 100% moved by Love.
    – I Fell in Love (Lots of Astral Projections, Knowledge, things Working Perfectly, “I AM Unstopable”, Everything is “Achievable”)
    – I Knew my Mother was going to die. Returned to my country to have some inconscient “last moments”. I could say “forgive me”, and somehow farewell.
    On Her last Week i had a Crow following me everywhere, a “Death / Empty Feeling Choking me”, everything i pay attention at meant “Death”. Even on the TV! I swapped channels.. and Dammit everything about Death!?
    Also to tip you out with Buddhism:
    “If your most Loved Pet Dies, be aware it is a preparation for a Worse loss in your Life”
    ME: I’ve noticed not only from my own, that this is a fact. People loose someone the Love after a couple of years.
    On the night before she passed i dreamed something wrong and abstract. Like a “Zombie in Automatic Mode” I simply woke up, took the car, drove insanely (Almost Crashed some times as far i can recall) to get to her. When i got there i received the sad news… She passed moments ago.
    All this without knowing what was going on…
    – I lost my “Love” (Mother Died) (Lost everything)
    – Started Meditating; Reading; knowing Myself again (cuz i was lost). “On Acid 5D Pictures” came up, a voice helping me came out. Creativity returned.
    My brain felt “Boosted” again.
    Althout the “video” visions, and the “Choking” feelings disapeared.
    …There’s so MUCH to talk, but no one to talk to…

    Best Regards, Wishes and Love to Everyone.

  • Tucker September 19, 2015, 3:01 am

    I believe this article depicts me quite well. Do other indigo’s have a burning intuition not to reproduce? I can’t imagine having a kid, just because this place is a dump. Is this common?

  • Ella September 19, 2015, 11:34 pm

    Thank you for this article. I am surprised yet equally not surprised about how much of this syncs with myself. I read about indigo children before but kind of dismissed it as just wanting to be special but now I’ve come back to it realising that it aligns with me. Particularly feelings of suicide, anger and going against authority and having an on point bs detector!
    I also believe I met my twin flame, he is most likely an indigo too. We stared into each others eyes for an unknown amount of time and in normal circumstances this would be creepy. But in this situation I told myself ‘It’s ok – let him look’. I was slightly tipsy but normally I would never maintain eye contact with someone for minutes on end even if they were highly attractive – in fact that would make me turn away. In this circumstance I was happy for him to look at me and for us to communicate. I felt like he was knowing me and already knew me. I know that when the time is right we will be together again.
    Recently I have been struggling so much with my purpose in life. I have reached out to some people and accessed my Akashic Records too and everyone said the same thing. “Be patient.” It’s just sooo hard to be patient. I’m still working on/struggling with the ‘law of attraction’. I read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill at the start of the year and I’m still seemingly incapable of attracting what I desire most despite having a definiteness of purpose and a clear plan of action – it’s all very frustrating.
    Thank you for providing insight into my struggles – it makes me feel less useless.
    And finally I would like to add that one of my greatest upsets is being or feeling weak! Which is one of the points you touched up on. If I cry because I am annoyed or frustrated I end up crying more because I am being weak. How ridiculous!

  • Cozy Loc September 26, 2015, 12:09 am

    This opened my eyes so much i just feel happiness knowing alot of my questions are answered, I use to feel like an outkast since i can remember and even asked my mom when i was 6 why i could see out only my eyes and why only i could see the world and always felt like i was fron a different planet, even to this day ive written about the world needing a worldwide revolution for the better, it really is hard to talk to other people with the materialism and fakeness in society so feel free to contact me if other indigos need to talk, united we can change the world

  • Adrian October 13, 2015, 3:39 pm

    For some that are parents you are looking for a way to understand your children, looking for the best way to raise them and give them every opportunity. For others it is about trying to find themselves and understand who and what they are, where they fit into the world.
    Don’t just question why, but also how, what and any other word phrase or thing you can think of. Too often we want there to be more, a higher meaning or level in our lives.
    We forget that life, despite the incredible complexities in it, is simple.
    We are animals by origin with a sense of self and sentience that is unique on our world. We evolved but despite our increased intelligence and self awareness there are still limitations because of our origins.
    Asking who we are and what we are and then seeing in generalised statements elements of ourselves and feeling that that has described “me” is a fuzzy thinking. Doing the same when we consider children or loved ones has the same problem. We are rarely objective about ourselves or those we care for.
    There is enough beauty in the world and wonder in our daily lives without needing to find a super or supra natural reason.
    We are the products of the genetic mingling of material from our male and female progenitors, mixed with environmental factors in our development and then emotional stimuli all this produces one adult who is unique in they why their physical, emotional and intellectual attributes have come together. This makes each person special but not “Special”. Some (few) will be great most average and it is the acceptance of that and striving to advance science, research, knowledge that will help us stretch the bounds and break the bonds that tie us to this single planet.
    we can be ordinary without it being a curse and work together to make the world and those who follow better than who and what we were.

  • Andrea Cunningham October 15, 2015, 2:46 pm

    I was born June 4 1970 yes am finally home at last free, I thank you for writing this blog it really open my eyes wide for over a year now i learned about indigo .But i never really get to it much until about a week now base up on other articles that others write and i must tell you that yours is the most understanding of the ones i came across so far. Well i definitely can say i resonates with all these characteristic and traits of an indigo . I always felt different from other children in school . I felt this longing to belong somewhere i can be myself . I am known as a loner i hate to be in crowds for a long period on time . I knew in my heart there was something about me and it have to do with the world i love peace and hope to see every one live in peace love and harmony. I never for one to be order around to be told to do anything at all . What this knowledge does for me now of finding out am an indigo it will to help me with my project that i been working on it is my charity where i use all my gifted talents to cultivates my skills in music,dance writhing ,arts, drawing etc so the funds could go to help poor people and children in this world. My friends and family say am crazy mad and that am not in my right mind to walk off my job to stay home doing this. I felt the calling of God he led me to do this for the world. So far i am still home working on it and expecting the help to come to set things off for me . I wrote books for little children on how they are to grow with respect manners and learn to face their fears and believing in them selves etc wow i never knew i was an indigo ,hell i never knew there was a name for me when i started my project .

    I was puzzle but it never stop me from going after what i felt in my heart i vision seeing myself in the world making i difference in it i see far i meditate a lot i study the bible and get really spiritual i am connected with my angels and God i communicate with them daily they help me with my project they been with me all the time . This project is unconventional as normal things and situation bores me. My mission for the world surround this project and i also found out i have a twin flame who will share this mission with me we found each other on line 3yrs now we have not reunite as yet in the flesh as we both have to go through the healing process first ,this past weekend i send him videos to share with him about indigo for him to see if he is also an indigo ,because this mission for the world will be even more powerful when two twin flame is also an indigo wow. I cannot stand government and how they all for themselves and have no love and compassion for humanity. The rich is just as bad they hold back on what God has bless them with and not share . I have a heart of giving and i can say am here to help shine light on who we are a indigo and i am not afraid to say whats on my mind when it comes to government and people who living out side of integrity and moral values , God is setting things in place to wipe out the old leaders ,old system so that the leaders with love and compassion can come and share it all with the nation. I also started writing a book on how government should lead from a place of love compassion ,integrity and with moral values ,i also share parts of it on a blog post . But for some reason i did not get why i am so against government, leaders why i pick on them and write about them and talk against them on videos i do motivational speaking by the way my videos not out yet either it’s apart of my project when this project comes out so will the books and the other things am working on am doing this behind the scenes while God is preparing me to be strong and build my confidence level way up God is also healing me from old hurts from child wood because i was tease and bullied in school so much to share but all it is in this project of mine so now am glad to see where and who my audience will be and it is with you my indigo family as we can relate with each other . Founding out about indigo and realize i am one it makes more sense to me why i am the way i am passionate about my cause i am bold ,fearless and am here to do God’s will and nothing or no one should get in my way i hate lack of integrity and morals in people as a young girl i wonder why people having manners have to do with me . Now i know with this blog along with others i am more confidence to go out and face the world even more fearless than i was before look out world here i come! and by the way am from Jamaica and am sure my people here probably have no idea what indigo is and one day when my project is ready they will learn and because i will be reaching out to find indigo in my country mostly with children to help the parents to understand why their kids are different . Once again thanks Sophia, blessed be.

  • franz October 17, 2015, 3:11 am

    Thank You

  • Tiffany Jade Holland November 1, 2015, 11:58 pm

    I cried the minute you mentioned depression and suicide being a result of the misplacement we feel- Not only because of all the lives lost, but because these last few months have had me close to being one of them.
    Thankyou for bringing me home x

  • Jerome November 5, 2015, 1:52 pm

    I’ve been feeling this way. Right now I’m being pushed to do something I found really none sense and it’s killing me. I just want to just give it up but I think I can’t. I been looking also for someone who can understand the way I understand things. I really felt that I can’t fit in and alone. Sometimes, I felt that animals would understand me better and one of my best comforter is being with nature. I don’t know it gives me the peace I needed. Right now I can’t find someone who thinks like me. Some people even think I’m too deep and can’t get what I want to express. And when I tried to share about my out of body experiences no one believes. Are we really for real? Does this make me an indigo? What am I suppose to do if I am an indigo?

  • Perry Power November 7, 2015, 11:25 am

    So many people are desperate to be different in a crowded place that they invent tags to make themselves feel special whilst struggling with the desire to fit it.
    It is sad really because there is so much to be done by every one of us.
    It is the little things we do every day that define us not the search for the grand plan or cure that we dream about but never realise. Stop trying to fix the world. Lots of it does not want you to fix it or have your vision imposed on it. Instead do a good deed everyday. Then you will truly make a difference.

  • Zynn November 19, 2015, 2:39 am

    Ive been told Im indigo, Ive felt exactly like pretty much all the things here. Im even woohoo fucking transgendered. Ive been so spiritually wrapped up in myself at times, and the universe, and what the fuck Im doing here.. Ive followed indigo stuff for many many years, Ive gone on epic vision quests, sweet lodges, etc etc….. My life began to crumble in my early 30s, I had to do something that I never thought I could even do… I had to leave someone I loved deeply, and still, do…. but it had to be done for both of us, our relationship was poison…….. After a major depressive & suicidal episode, I find myself born again, far more aware then I already was.. It appears I can even predict myself and others actions. I am more and more aware of my subconcious.. and you know what saved me? Stopping believing in all this indigo/spiritual/woowoo crap, releasing there is nothing spiritual at all, in fact, a return to the truth I knew as a child, which I would often repeat over and over in my head instead of `praying` … id say “god is dumb god is dumb god is dumb”. Theres nothing spiritual about the evolution of the mind, it is our destined progress, to escape a physical body, and all would exist in some form of information. Especially once we tap into our deeper thoughts.. For all my tramatic pain… transitioning at 19, being raped, being hated most of my life… There is only one thing that couldnt be taken from me… Love… as I am an evolved being (alien feeling?), I continue to evolv my body and mind…Im not spiritual, Im not some child of a make believe god (ps I never believed in god, although at times have been spiritual)… our only purpose? Hedonism. Hedonism is the true state of the human body, which I am trapped in, so I might as well enjoy this fucking dead end meat bag. Bring me all the earthly pleasures and take your righteous spiritual warrrior nonsense and flush it down the drain. Indigos are nobody, the spirit is empty.. Earthly Pleasures are my delight.. and although my love can never be taken from me no matter how much pain I go through. I do not have much fatih in humanity, and I have stopped caring about anyones fate. All I am going to do is forge my own path, and take delights.. take my delights in earthly pleasures, my raw hedonism. As I fuck my lover in the ass and do a line of blow off her back raising my fist, screaming Hail Satan! Anyways, the indigo truth, is yes you are different, yes maybe your more emotionally mentally and physically modified and evolved, but you aint no child of god, and there is no spiritual force guiding the universe or anybody, only the spiritual farce being guided by people forgetting to shed one last thing in their ultimate evolution of these meat bags… the belief in spirituality. Its death, I welcome in a sort of ethical Hedonism.. Please do not confuse my Hedonism with anything that would hurt anyone or take advantage of others. I share my wealth, and my pleasures, I love, and I would never hurt other beings for my enjoyment of Hedonism. However… uhm… excause me….excuse me….sir/ma`am … sir/ma`am….. HEY GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY…… you, are standing in the way of my delights!

    Trapped on this planet of fools, I only seek my fellow evolutionaries to partake in Delights.

  • seastorm November 27, 2015, 10:54 pm

    I was wondering about something. Why it is so hard to find other indigo people around?

  • tammy November 29, 2015, 8:03 am

    omg this is so fabulous……….for the first time i feel that yes, i really can identify myself, and although a lifetime loner, im not alone

  • brand December 6, 2015, 11:36 am

    im reading my life and i understand how empty peoples lifes are they are all living in a box or matrix as i understand it .im really happy that i read this article and i am happy that i have other indigos that i can share my thoughts.we all have the same characteristics but each and every one of us has special ideas ,imagine if we could all get the together we could form our non perfect universal construct of things.

  • Rachelle January 5, 2016, 10:01 am

    I was quite surprised reading this, I never considered I could be indigo but this whole article describes me, I am still recovering from depression too and just discovered manifestation with crystal use the other day, strange coincidence! Ive always liked too how I was born on June 21 which I just found out is the ‘cusp of magic’ as well as the solstice so hopefully the crystal use might work and help

  • icysurfer January 12, 2016, 2:43 am

    Thank You so much – I feel very energized to go find others like myself now. I feel like I was given several solutions by the article.

    Much LOVE and warmth. Now, I understand a lot more about why I feel cast out of normal society. SPOT ON… How did you do that..?

  • Michael Ferguson January 15, 2016, 5:36 am

    This is by far the most perceptive article I have ever read pertaining to Indigo’s thank you soo much for Sharing .

  • Sanda January 19, 2016, 7:18 pm

    Wow I was smiling through the whole artile…I understand myself so much better now!

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