January 22, 2010
February 2, 2010

How To Respond To Thanks

I used to write journal-style entries in this blog, which I have cut down on mostly, except where inspirational and interesting. So you might have heard of the guys who I used to call my “teachers”. Out of embarrassment I deleted that from some of my prominent posts, because the fact is I don’t know what I was smoking but it was strong stuff! Those teachers were silly, manipulative bastards who just happened to believe their own lies so strongly that it drew other people in. I hope you don’t think I’m not qualified to write a website about finding truth then – I think this may make me more qualified, as it taught me one important lesson – “Don’t be a guru”.

There was one lesson however which they accidentally gave me that I haven’t tried to clear out of my head; whatever book they stole it from had been a good one. When they replied to the word “thankyou” they would say “thanks to you” instead of “don’t worry about it” or anything like that. I took the essence of it – I don’t say “thanks to you” but I really like the idea of not negating the other person’s sincere thanks.

I think so because an expression of gratitude is quite a sacred thing. They say that apart from “love” itself, there is hardly a word of higher vibration than “thankyou”. Those two words are those that created the most beautiful ice crystals in Masaru Emoto’s famous vibrational experiments.

So I don’t like the standard replies for “thankyou” – “it’s nothing”, “don’t mention it”, “no problem”. That’s like saying, “Don’t thank me!!” I don’t want to ask people not to express something so beautiful – and not for me, for them. I feel like negating their gratitude is a dishonour for them, a denial of the preciousness of what they have said.

“You’re welcome” isn’t bad. For variety I like to say instead or as well something which not only accepts the good feelings but returns it to the other:

“It’s a pleasure”, for instance. “I’m glad” or “It makes me happy that you have enjoyed it/gained benefit from my service/etc” also works well. If I am feeling particularly overwhelmed, I might bow (yes, I bow) and say “It’s an honour that I have been of such service, I’m so happy to have touched your life in some way.” I like to have a fresh answer every time someone thanks me, to make sure it doesn’t become rote or ritual or expected.

Did you like this post? Go ahead – thank me 😀 I will endeavour to show you what I mean 🙂

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  1. Hansa says:

    I ALWAYS say “nah, its okay!”. But truly I like being thanked 😀

    Great article Andrew, thank you for writing about it! 🙂

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