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How to Make an Energy Shield

An energy shield is a way of keeping vibrations that aren’t for you out of you.

Empathic people such as indigo and crystal adults and children are particularly susceptible to picking up energies from their environment, hence having a healthy energy shield is very important for them. .

The technique I use was passed on to me by Erin Pavlina when she read for me. As fate would have it, I’d made an energy shield only a couple of days before the reading to keep the energies from my house out. It was a standard bubble type shield with the stipulation that positive energies would pass through freely and negative energies would be blocked. Erin saw the shield on me and said it was funny, that a shield normally means cutting oneself off but I was letting in the light, haha! She said that it wasn’t the best way of keeping my energy clear and suggested a better sort of energy shield – in fact not quite a shield in the classical sense as you’ll see. By the way, I got permission to write this up from her 🙂

From the theory which I’ve read which feels most intuitively correct to me, I understand that the point is not to make a shield that blocks energy. This is a reactive approach which strengthens the “me vs. them” mindset and invites attack. I see a proper shield more as a form of “cell membrane”.

The “cell in the body” metaphor describes you as a cell in a greater body. This is what you are. You were not born to live for yourself, you are part of a greater organism. This concept is often referred to as “Oneness”. But notice that Oneness does not ask you to become a formless jelly and mix your energy with every other cell in the body to make a soup. How would the body benefit from that? How would you benefit from that? I think that approach to spirituality is horribly misguided at best, manipulative at worst.

So a healthy approach, while affirming that you are part of the same One, also doesn’t let everyone and everything into your individual cell. The energy shield, then, is like your cell’s membrane. A cell membrane is permeable and exchanges stuff with its environment, but it’s also selective about what it lets in and out. The cell is part of a greater organism, but it has an individual identity and an individual job to do too. This is what we’re going for here.

How to make an energy shield

The visualization goes like this.

Get into your sacred space – or get comfortable – and do whatever you do to get yourself in the zone.

Now you can prepare by cleansing your energy body by spinning your chakras one by one from the bottom to top. For more on this meditation, you can check this page of Erin’s.

When you have cleansed your entire energy body, you can visualize white light coming down through the top of your head and filling your entire body down to the first chakra to complete, and then visualize a RAIN comprised of WHITE LIGHT showering you from heaven or Source, coming down from above you.

This white light hits your body and bounces off. As it does so, it forms a cloud or shell that surrounds your whole body.

This is your energy shield.

I find it good to renew the energy shield a little bit every day. To begin with you need to put more work into the shield, then later you just need to maintain it with a few seconds or minutes of concentration every so often. I find there comes a point where I sense that there is no need to continue visualizing; I get a sensation that feels like the cloud around my body isn’t absorbing any more energy, it doesn’t need any more.

As I’m not a very disciplined person, more often than not I skip the preparation and just visualize the energy shield forming when and where I remember – walking in the street, on the bus, sitting in a café, wherever. It’s quite enjoyable and as an extra benefit, serves as a reminder that you are loved and looked after by Source.

The energy shield and hypersensitivity

This technique helps you keep what is not your energy out of your energy body and what is your energy in your energy body, both by focusing your energy and by reminding you symbolically of the mindset which is necessary for a true energy protection. Just try imagining rain coming down on you while in a panicky mindset – I bet you can’t. Try forcing the drops to fall faster. They won’t. Newton already worked out how fast things fall, and they’re not changing for you.

You’re not setting up walls. Really you’re nourishing yourself – nourishing your cell membrane, your NATURAL defenses and boundaries. That’s the name of the game.

Hypersensitivity to energy comes from two things. I believe sensitivity can come from a greater purity of body, mind and soul. This is what happens with indigos and crystals (indigo children, crystal children, and their adult counterparts). They are closer to their being, so they feel things more deeply, and energy, when they don’t have an adequate shield, has a stronger impact on them.

However when sensitivity becomes hypersensitivity I believe that it is not just external energy causing our reactions. I remember in some of my crazy times I rejected my parents totally and ran away from home. Clearly, my mindset was hardly that of Oneness. When I came back to my parents’ house with more experience and some emotional healing under my belt, I found bit by bit that I could be perfectly OK in their presence. Having a healthy shield, a healthy cell membrane helped a lot. The other thing that helped was the process (still ongoing) of bit by bit letting down my shield; my walls, judgements, superiority and rejection of them – and seeing their humanity.

They say fear energy is a funny creature that gets bigger when you avoid it but disappears when you look straight at it. If you fear fear, then fear grows. If the fear is in the other person, then they are affecting your energy. But this is because you have fear in your own energy body.

I hear from spiritual teachers that the more you raise your vibration, the less dark energy can affect you. I believe I can confirm this in my experience. 🙂


I found myself describing this shield technique to a lot of friends as it has been of real use to me and seems very much divinely inspired. So I wanted to put this down in an article I could direct people to.

Credit for channeling this meditation goes to Erin Pavlina of She is one of my favorite spiritual teachers out there and a wonderful person besides, I think her energy is really beautiful. If you end up booking a reading, tell her I sent you 😉

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  1. Jeff says:

    is this against any religions or anything?

  2. Riina says:

    Hi, it is very interesting that you wrote here. Thank you sharing it. However, I have a question is that safe to create this energy shield? I mean will I be still available to other people or will I be like in the bubble and nobody will not get near me? I have a such a problem that I mix with different people and many of my good friends they have some negative energy with them and when I am together with them this neg energy drags my energy down too. So I thought I wills shield my energy so this negative energy can’t get to me, however, I don’t want to be in the bubble when I’m going to meet my friends. I mean I don’t want to feel like they are one side and I am the other. Hope this makes sense. So please if you don’t mind maybe you could give me a little a bit advice.
    Kind regards & thank you for your time,

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      I’m not sure how to advise you. I’m no expert so I don’t know if my advice would be better than your own. I suggest trying it out and seeing how it feels and if you feel better or not. You can always revoke the shield later (you can even program it to be easily revoked while you are making it).

  3. Riina says:

    Thank you for your response. I will definitely try it 🙂

  4. Jacqueline Holowka says:

    Do you know how a person can create a energy feild that would keep all negative energy from affecting ones life . is there any information you can email me . Thank you .Jacqueline . I have been around an entire group of people that have some ow done this to me with nine years daily negative energy sent toward my life how ever can I stop this it is distroying my life several times over . thia is in Regina saskatchewan Canada

  5. Simon says:

    If you are deploying shield, isn’t that mean that you have fear or feel cautious?
    That mindset put one on the weaker side.

  6. jones says:

    But isnt a white aura a sign of death or confusion.

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