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How To Find A Spiritual Teacher

Finding a spiritual teacher is hard and you are more likely to get mixed up with false teachers than truly spiritual people unless you are careful. Remember that spirituality is something that has to come from the inside, and that all life is spiritual, not just when you think you are being spiritual. That said, here are some pointers for finding a good teacher or mentor or at least avoiding bad teachers:

Spirituality is not about appearances; by its definition, it’s about what goes beyond appearances.

What’s inside can get expressed outside but not always.

And what is an expression of spirituality might not look like what you expect it to look like.

Do you look for your spiritual teacher in the guy who seems most peaceful, most loving, most wise?

Or do you look for your teacher in the person who is least interested in appearing so?

Do you want a teacher who knows better than you?

Or do you want a teacher who reminds you that you already know?

Can you be friends with your spiritual teacher? Can you teach him or her in return? Or do they already know everything they need to know about everything?

When looking for a teacher, keep a look out for how they make you feel. If you feel smaller and they bigger in any way, even just because they know more, then they are not your teacher… unless the Universe wants you to learn self-esteem like it did for me 😉


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  1. Some wise words here Sophia. There are a lot of spiritual teachers who’s motive seems to be more about feeding their ego rather than feeding their student’s hearts with wisdom, or even awakening the wisdom within their students.

    “Can you be friends with your spiritual teacher? Can you teach him or her in return? Or do they already know everything they need to know about everything?”

    For me, any teacher who can be honest enough with their students to be open to a friendship is a very good sign. It means that they see themselves as more of a mentor than some ethereal being that knows all. If a teacher is more concerned about a student obeying their rules and following strict traditions of honor and respect for the authoritative teacher, this could be a warning sign. Teachers on the other hand who are more concerned about reaching their student where they are and help point them in the right direction, are the ones to keep a look out for.

    This subject is of high interest to me as I run a website for finding spiritual teachers called Cafetruth – started because I found it difficult to find spiritual teachers locally who could really help me on my path.

    Great stuff and I’d love to repost your article on our blog if you would not object to it?



  2. Sophia Gubb says:

    I don’t often allow reposts but this time go ahead 🙂 Thanks a lot and I hope to see you around!

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