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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides


Some years ago, I got a reading from the psychic Erin Pavlina which changed my life. In the aftermath of that, I became understandably very interested in developing my own psychic abilities. I wanted to be able to connect with my spirit guides like she could, and get the information I most needed for my life’s path.

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Well, right now I’m in a funny situation. I think I succeeded in getting what I wanted. But not quite in getting what I thought I wanted.

Because in my head I assumed that all forms of being psychic were the same. That being able to connect with my spirit guides was the same power that would let me guess lottery numbers or read someone’s mind.

I have gotten no better at those latter things. And, I guess, because of that, I thought I was still not connected to my spirit guides. But suddenly, a little by surprise, I realised that I really was connected to them.

In retrospect, the change I’ve made in this regard is breathtaking. I went from feeling disconnected and intensely lost, to what I feel now: an almost unshakable sense that I am protected, accompanied and guided. And this, more than anything else, was just what I was longing for.

Information The Soul Needs

But I thought I was also looking for awesome psychic abilities that would make me seem superhuman. For the most part, I haven’t found those.

Really, I’ve found that I get the information my soul needs. But if my soul doesn’t need me to know something — if I want to know in order to show off or for other relatively shallow reasons — trying to channel fails.

I don’t know if this is the same for everyone. But I think, at least, it’s the case for a lot of people.

So, if you’re trying to connect with your spirit guides, my advice would not be to start with those psychic symbol cards or trying to predict the outcome of a horse race. If you’re like me, you’ll get the same results I got.

Connecting With Your Intuition

Instead, I suggest learning to connect with your instinct, gut feeling, intuition, or inner sense of “knowing”. Use it whenever you make a decision which, big or small, your soul might care about. So you can do that when trying to work out whether to go to university or to start your own business. Or when you’re trying to work out which blender to buy in the shop. So long as you have an honest, harmonious, grounded reason to know something, your connection to your guidance should be working fine.

It will take some time to learn this skill, of course. You won’t always be right in the beginning. What worked for me was to just go ahead and use my intuition even though I didn’t know if it would work or not.

So just check in on your feelings and make a note of what you think your intuition is saying. Then make a decision about whether or not to follow your intuition. Whether you follow it or not, in retrospect you should be able to tell if the intuition was right.

Your Spiritual Guidence Is Your Intuition

It helped me a lot to realise that my spiritual guidance was this, my intuition. I had been learning to identify and trust my intuition in all this time I was trying to build my psychic abilities. But somehow I thought that psychic abilities were also something different from that, something flashier. Because of this, I often missed or downplayed the subtle knowing that I already had access to.

I had what felt like a breakthrough by just sitting down one day and consulting my intuition. I basically went to that “place” in myself where I go to make some sort of life decision, a sort of centred groundedness in my gut area. Then, I just stayed there for longer than I usually did, asking questions. This was one of the first times that I managed to have an actual full-blown conversation with my spirit guides and the first time I so clearly felt them as a presence beyond just the information they sent me.

I realised that every time I had tried to go “outside” myself to get information, I had lost my connection and tended to only get answers from my imagination. But when I stayed “inside” myself and kept to what I felt were my natural abilities, I had full access to my intuition.

Being Connected With Your Spirit Guides Is Natural

Being connected with your spirit guides IS natural. Everyone is to some extent.

The trouble is that spirit guides communicate in thoughts and feelings, and aren’t very substantial themselves, making it relatively hard to perceive them and easy to mistake their thoughts for yours.

This why I didn’t think I was making progress with my psychic abilities for a long time. I expected to have a conversation with an entity, but didn’t understand that I was already having those conversations without realising it. So I was looking outwards for a connection with a new entity, rather than inwards for a connection I’d always had.

And ironically, that day was the first time where plain intuition turned into a spirit guide conversation. When I realised that I was already having conversations with my guides, I was better equipped to perceive the subtle originators of those thoughts.

When Fear Blocks Spirit Guide Connection

Another thing I’d like to mention: when I have unconscious “issues” around a topic, getting my intuition on the matter is usually a bit harder. Fear or other distortions can be “noisy” and make it hard to hear the subtler voice of guidance.

In these cases, I find giving the question time helps. Just leave the question hanging there. Hold yourself in that dissonance of not knowing and wanting to know, without trying to find refuge in pretending to know or pretending not to care.

Then, going for a walk can help. Seeing as you are trying to get an intuitive feeling, don’t think too much – try to just feel and remain grounded. Walking and just experiencing the environment around you can help with that.

Or, leave the question on the backburner and do other things. Await its answer to appear in your life, whether through gradual dawning, sudden inspiration, or the synchronistic appearance of guidance in the form of a book, website, or conversation.

In this time the fear which stops you reaching your guidance can gradually dissolve, and the knowing which you already held inside becomes slowly more and more obvious.

In general, I find that thoughts and fears are relatively volatile, but true intuitive knowing is very constant. I liken it to sight. If you want to see, do you strain to channel something into your field of vision? No, you just move your eyes and the sight is already there.

In the same way, you just need to move your inner perception to the right place and what you need to know is already there. And while fears and thoughts may come and go, your knowing remains. Because of this, the more time passes, the easier it can become to identify your intuitive knowing.

Vibration Helps Connection

Apart from that, I’ve found I get clearer, more obvious communications from my guides when I’m in a high vibration, i.e. feeling good and at peace or having just meditated.

Note that you can feel good but not at peace, e.g. euphoric and disconnected. Because of this I like to focus on both feeling good and at peace. I am currently rather enjoying the gentle reminder to myself: “Everything is okay.” Feeling the truth of these words, I can guide myself into a deep acceptance of reality. I guess it’s not a coincidence that my recent clear conversation with my guides came after a couple of days of this practice.

Spirit Guide Connection As A Way Of Being

In general, becoming connected with my spirit guides has been a change in my way of being. It’s how I feel; connected rather than disconnected, accompanied rather than alone. It’s trust; trust in the Universe to do its part, trust in the flow of life.

It’s rather subtle. You’d think that psychic abilities would be something like: you get a vision one day and know that you must go to a city in Germany where someone is going to give you a marvellous opportunity. Instead, synchronicities seem to push you there, your feelings all agree, and you just follow the flow of life, not really knowing what will happen, but knowing for sure that you’re where you need to be and you’re going to get what you need.

Then, when you get your chance, you seize it, not thinking too much, just trusting. And it works out.

It always seems to work out. The more connected you are with your spiritual guidance, the more things just seem to go your way. That’s how it feels for me.



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  1. Nathan Skye says:

    <3 Great piece

  2. Gabby says:

    Hmm. I believe what you are talking about is called your Higher Self, although I suppose spirit guide would be just as accurate. However, from what I do know of this type of thing, the difference is mainly that your Higher Self is what the term entails: a higher, closer to Spirit/Universe/Source/God/etc (hence the word higher) part of yourself. This may be why you get your thoughts confused with theirs; they are, boiled down, the same thing. And you may feel it is different, maybe even sorta separate, because its on a higher level. I do the same thing. And a spirit guide, from what I know, is an entity or spirit completely outside of yourself who helps guide you. Dunno. Not trying to nitpick, just trying to help. Great post though Sophie. 🙂

  3. ryan says:

    i had a yogi in a dream wrap his arm around me for support point between my eyes and tell me my blue’s out.
    interpretations? should i pursue this? start meditating.
    thanks again

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