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July 9, 2013
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How To Connect With Your Power (Especially For Indigos)

flowerI have seen a certain type of people who I can only define as “powerful”. I mean this in an “energy” way; they are intense, for example in their emotions, desires, expressions, or simply the sense of “presence” which they give off. “Powerful” people have the potential to create what they desire in life with great force and efficacy. However, when someone hasn’t come to terms with their own power, it is just as likely to work against them.

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“Power” is not necessarily explosive in nature. I’ve seen some energies that are very gentle, very nurturing, but at the same time very Powerful. Think Mother Teresa*. So understand that I am using the word in a very specific way in this article, and it may not mean what you necessarily expect from this word.

*Some say Mother Teresa wasn’t so cool; I actually know very little about her, but I know what sort of a person she is in the public perception, and that sense is what I’m trying to communicate here.

I gave “power” as a defining trait of the indigo in How To Tell If You Are Indigo. All indigos have this power. However, I see it more strongly in some than others. So I think it makes sense to talk about it as a separate thing. 

My Power

Understanding “power” in the context of this writing as this energetic, etheric thing, I want to set out one point: I am extremely powerful. I say this not to brag (more on bragging later), but to make sure you know where I’m coming from.

One psychic called my energy, “Like a mack truck: huge, fast moving, and impossible to stop.”

Another read my energy as like a “supernova”.

And I feel it. In “How To Tell If You Are Indigo”, I said, “I feel like my body is a poor expression of the size I feel – I am MASSIVE. I can take on the world! There is nothing I can’t do!”

And this was before I learnt to control my power very much. Nowadays I am seeing vast shifts in my life due to this power. I believe that I can manifest pretty much anything I desire, and I’m seeing that happen. I’m seeing how I’ve achieved incredible shifts in my wellbeing in a few short years. Most other people would take decades to create these shifts, or they could never create them.

Do you hate me yet? Am I rubbing you the wrong way? If I am, I challenge you to reflect on that feeling.

Society Teaching Us To Be Powerless

I’ve seen is that society teaches us to punish each other for being powerful. So if someone makes a clear expression of their power like I have done – or even of their skill in one thing or another – other humans will almost automatically express disapproval and accuse them of being “arrogant”.

That affected me for the longest time. I was so scared of admitting my own power, so scared of seeing it, so scared of coming to terms with it. When I was told I was indigo, my first reaction was to reject the idea – I didn’t want to be somehow “better” than others!

But this is not serving us. We need to be able to see our own power to be able to use it. We need to be able to use our power to be able to serve the world. And if we don’t see our own power, it will almost inevitably rebound against us.

Power And The Law Of Attraction

I see this in those indigo souls who become so heartbreakingly lost. They get sick, hurt, struggle with depression, addictions, aimlessness. If only they knew that it was their own power that was creating this, and that that same power could recreate their lives just as fast!

Maybe this sounds like the Law of Attraction. I guess it is, but forgive me for not rehashing Abraham-Hicks here. I discovered this stuff through intuition and practice, and in some ways I find that the most common LOA frameworks are rather misleading, at least for me.

So in LOA terms, a “powerful” person is able to manifest more easily, and if they don’t control what they manifest, they manifest negative experiences.

I don’t advocate “controlling your thoughts” in order to manifest better. That has never felt right for me. For me, manifesting has been a matter of coming to terms with my power, and from there simply using it in the same instinctive, inexplicable way that you move your arm or bat your eyelids.

Rather than a lack of thought control, I see the problem with powerful people who manifest bad things being a lack of grounding, not being in their body, not being in their aura, not being in their power. If they are not in their power, that power will fly out of them unchecked, energising whatever it comes across.

Your Own Power Working Against You

As you can imagine, this creates rather a chaotic life. The wildly expressed energy manifests intense situations of all sorts, both good and bad, depending on what its focus becomes. I think it also attracts energy vampires – human or otherwise – who take the opportunity to feed off the energy which the powerful person is so kindly giving away.

Energy vampirisim can be in the form of attacks, put-downs, conflict. Think of what happens when someone annoys you and causes you to shout out at them. You’re sending all your energy at them. They are feeding off it.

A long term abusive relationship can be a form of energy slavery. The vampire with a large appetite will keep hurting their Powerful slave, feeding off the resultant negative energy. A Powerful slave requires a particularly strong negative energy to hold them down, so indigos and similar people can manifest unusually horrible situations like this. The only way out is to stop feeding the vampire and focus your energy on positive outcomes.

So, in general, not controlling one’s own power can cause huge problems.

Addictions And Other Outlets

Often, instead of creating such wild situations, a powerful person will protect themselves by dampening their power. This will usually be in the form of addictions. It can be anything; TV, internet, gaming, obsessions, food, even meditation. Anything, even a good thing, when abused, can be an addiction.

By getting so lost in such things, powerful people find an outlet for their power. It gets safely drained away, rather than exploding and causing damage.

Sometimes a powerful person can even find a constructive thing to discharge their power with. I recommend this, but even that can be an escape from truly knowing your full power and potential.

The Root Of Your Disconnect With Power

So, how do we solve all these issues? How does a powerful person come to terms with their power?

I mentioned grounding. I think this is incredibly important. You need to pull your sense of self downwards, into your body and aura, into the place where your power resides. You need to root it there, and stop it flying out at every opportunity. This will prevent power leaks, and allow most of your power to rest in your body, where it can keep you strong.

But grounding is not the root of the issue. I believe that problems with controlling power involve two things:

1. Being afraid of power; of what people will think if you admitted you were powerful. Afraid of feeling “better” than others. Afraid of wanting to feel “better” than others. Afraid of feeling, or being called, arrogant.

All of these things are aspects of the same issue: that society punishes you for being powerful and expressing power.

2. Not understanding power; believing or hoping or fearing that you are like everyone else. Not having a reference or a model for power. Simply having no way of interpreting it.

How To Connect With Your Power

So let me go into the solutions for these two things.

First, we have to learn to be not afraid of understanding ourselves as powerful.

A good start would be to admit your feelings to yourself. You know that your aura feels big, intense. You know that you have determination, intensity, a powerful will. You know that you could achieve whatever you set your mind to.

That feeling will be more or less clear depending on how well you have already come to terms with your power. Perhaps you only suspect you are powerful. Or perhaps you feel it a bit clearer, but are worried that it’s just ego or wishful thinking.

You’ll feel resistance, of course – but start with identifying the feeling. Take a moment to know you’re not fooling yourself. Take a moment to hear it from me that there are others like you. This is a real thing, and no, not everyone feels like this.

Now, we can start to close in on it.

Your resistance will have to do with fear of being arrogant, fear of being “better” than others, etc. Or perhaps the energy feels too big, bigger than your socially conditioned self image. You haven’t been brought up to see yourself that way.

As time goes by you’ll need to change that self image. You can do that by continuing to close in on your energy and allowing it to change your self image naturally. Get closer to your power and learn how it is a part of you. Let Power reshape your life and let your old identities fall away to accommodate that.

Dealing With The Fear Of Being Arrogant

But before then, tackle the fear of being arrogant.

My own approach when I was learning this was to be basically arrogant on purpose. In other words, I attempted to own my arrogance.

You can see this in some of my old posts, where I was basically struggling aloud with this issue. The public declarations of my persona helped provide support for its new form.

Really, I wasn’t being arrogant. But because at that time talking about my power felt like arrogance, I decided that I was going to just go ahead and be arrogant, if that’s what it took.

Being arrogant on purpose neutralises a lot of what society can do to pressure you into not expressing your power.

For example, normally you might say to someone, “I think I’m powerful”. They would likely shut you down: “Don’t you think you’re getting full of yourself? You’re not better than anyone else you know.”

Well, if you decide to own your arrogance, you could say, pretty much humourously, but still with truth in it, “I’m so frikkin powerful, I’m amazing.” They might try to shut you down, but they’d look dumb, because you’re being so obviously straight and exaggerated with it. If they do call you arrogant, you can say something like, “Yes, I am, so?”. Or else you can try and explain how owning your power doesn’t mean being arrogant, but either way, if you’re unapologetic, it’s pretty hard to affect you.

I struggled with my sort-of-arrogance for a while. Sometimes I would go back to denying my own power, and sometimes I’d overcompensate with true arrogance. But I decided I’d rather be arrogant and offend people than be overly humble and nullify myself. And with this priority in mind I swung the pendulum back and forth until I found an equilibrium.

Come To Terms With What Your Power Means

Do these things – come to perceive and acknowledge your power, and become less affected by the fear of being seen as arrogant. These two things will take you a long way.

As well as this, just come to terms with what your power means. Realise that you’re not going to have a “normal” life. Realise that you are destined for something intense, whether it is conventional “greatness” or a more low-key (but important!) role in serving the world. Realise that your life is never going to be insignificant. It’s either going to be a massive help to the evolution of the world, or a massive loss.

Realise that your life is not entirely your own. You came to this planet with a mission, with gifts to share. Not to share them would be negligent.

So let some of your old dreams – those not in line with this understanding – fall away. If you were planning on being a high school teacher, probably you’ll need to rethink that. If you were planning on being a construction worker, that dream is set to die.

Think bigger. Think not just about what would be good or even great, but what would be best. How best can I serve the world? What goal would be a proper outlet for all my power?

For people brought up thinking they were not powerful, the tendency is to set the bar too low. In my case, at least, I repeatedly found myself resetting the bar a little higher, a little higher. At first I just wanted to be financially free. A big enough goal for a normal person. But my Power needed more than that.

Then I wanted to express my creativity. A good plan too, except I could do more than that. So that goal eventually feel away, or at least became subordinate to my larger goal.

Finally I found an outlet – writing – which gave me practically unlimited room for expansion. And it has been enough to occupy my power for some time.

In the future I expect I will expand even beyond that. But for now this is keeping me in quite a nice space where I can engage all of my Power without needing other outlets for it. (Well, I have the intense work that is a gender transition on the side, too. The combination of these things seems to be occupying me well enough).

By all of this I mean – let your Power reshape your life. As you come to terms with it, learn how your life must change and flow with that. Work out what it really means to be a Powerful person.

Power Is A Gift

In time, after a long process, I came to be in control of my power. Nowadays my aura is mostly contained in my body, rather than flying in all directions outside of it. I normally attract positive social situations and feel incredibly confident in my ability to manifest what I want in my life.

This power is such a gift. Though society would attack me for saying it, I proudly uphold that I believe I am special. I believe that I have a gift, one which I feel strongly drawn to share with others. I believe I have the power to make my life mean something in the course of the awakening of this world.

That’s an inspiring feeling. It’s also scary. But I’d rather face up to this challenge, than waste the power which I was given to share with the world.

In fact, the choice is kind of an illusion. Think about how I “chose” to live as a woman. At the time it seemed a choice. But looking back, there were only two options: be myself, or suffer. And when things are that clear, there doesn’t seem to be a choice at all.

In the same way, embracing your power is not really a “choice”. If you have it, you have it. Either you will continue to ignore it and continue to suffer; or you will embrace it, learn to control it, and use it in your purpose to serve the world.

Hard And Liberating

It’s such a hard thing for me to tell you. It’s such a hard thing to accept. You either have to suffer or become great. (I don’t mean great as in better than others, but great as in large and influential).

Perhaps you want to go back to sleep. Perhaps you think, “Why me?” and just wish you could be a normal person. But you can’t. If you go back to sleep, you’ll keep getting shaken up until you are forced to awaken. If you try to be a normal person, you will fail, and depression and failure in all areas of your life will be your reward.

It does seem hard. But it’s also liberating when you see things this way. You don’t have to struggle with yourself anymore. Once you have clarity, just take the path you need to take. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Powerful people have the ability to help the world so much. I feel such huge senses of loss when I intuit the power of someone who is lost and seems never to be able to get unlost. The world needs them. They are diamonds in the rough.

Most powerful people, I think, never come to terms with their power, and thus never truly give the world their gift. Society scares them away from feeling powerful, and they have no framework for understanding their power in the first place.

We need to learn to break free of society. We need to learn to understand this power and what it means to us.

Find Others Like You

As a final tip, I suggest finding others like you. This will help awaken your power through recognition. Show them this article, and work through your connection with your power together. With social support, perhaps this can be easier.

In closing, I’ll leave you with my article, How To Get Grounded. If you’re powerful, getting grounded will draw you closer to your power. This will help you feel it and give you a chance to come to terms with it.

At last, being grounded and being in control of your power are inseparable. You can’t have one without the other. So you can work on both sides of this equation simultaneously, and hopefully this way you can make some serious shifts in your energy.

If you need more help with this, try getting a counselling session with me. Good luck!



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  1. Hani says:

    This article had me nodding and going “yes!” 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. Vaughan says:

    THANK you, a thousand times thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear/read right now.

  3. Charla says:

    By far, one of the BEST posts I’ve ever read! Perhaps THE best!!

    As Vaughan said – precisely what I needed right here and right now. Yet I feel that I’m going to be benefitting from this for a long time. I will certainly read it again..and again.

    Sophia, I LOVE the way that you think and express yourself!! You should write and publish a book! No…a series of them!!! 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing this priceless wisdom. xxx

  4. maliah says:

    Definitely! Thanks for sharing your power! Your writing is just what I needed! You’re such a sweet heart xx

  5. Charles says:

    I would like to say…over last few days I’ve been doing some reading on indigos and for so long I’ve been running from myself feeling lonely,depressed,and afraid of my special abilities. I am LOVE,PEACE, AND HAPPINESS. The first time I realized that it was Special about me I was in my late teens my dreams where vivid…and they would come true or it would happen. So for a long time I was living in fear. By my mother passing when I was 12 and my father working 16 to 18 hour days it left me getting involved with the wrong crowd. If it wasn’t for GOD leading me in the right places,and placing around some good people…I would have been a waste of gifts. But over the last few days I’ve learned so much about myself that it has changed me. I have two children (daughter 10)&son7) and they are VERY SPECIAL. And doing my research has opened my on how to encourage them to embrace who they are. I would like to meet people who are indigo like myself. If you would to contact..countrytime15@gmail.come. ILOVEUGUYS.

  6. Joshua says:

    I am in need of help. The situation is hard to fully explain but the basis of it is that during a very negative and alchohal related moment of weakness, directly related to my love for a certain incredible woman who I can not describe accurately enough with words, and is Still here helping me,. Our love was endless and I without a clear intention or understanding and very much misplaced and unjustified hurt, wished it would stop, those words rang clear in my mind, Make it stop, and without a second to think I heard and felt a pop in the front right side of my head and fell asleep, or passed out, and everything that was me and all my “power” and feelings were gone, the situation before had aswell as the totality of who I was and what power and love I felt is indescribable and seemingly endless, but it has all since dissapeared and while my doctors which I had rarely seen before this event, believe I am entering schizophrenia, which with my understanding I had of the world and self and universe I do not believe to be true in the slightest, nor do those closest to me even though I had never before spoke to anyone about the way I felt inside or the things I had accomplished with my energies which I had been cultivating for roughly ten years before always with the intent and understand that I was here to do some great good I could not yet understand, I have since lost massive weight, stopped growing and healing, and things have gotten very out of control and my mind can no longer focus enough to feel anything around me or even express speech or words appropriately, this happened a month ago and I feel as though every passing day I am loosing touch with who I was before and who I am now is no longer the same person, this was not an awakening of some sort it has become enirely negative and has been affecting all those who I previously helped and linked myself with in indescribable ways, I have ideas of what has happened but need help understanding how to undo the damage to my brain and reconnect with whatever I disconnected from, I hope I have explained this properly. Walking and talking aswell as explaining simple concepts has become almost impossible and it all started wth this accidental forceful disconnection that I was by aware could even happen untill it was too late, please any ideas would be helpful as I have the odd feeling if I don’t fix this immidiately I will never regain my former self, which is vital as whoever I am now is not a good person and does not share the same ideals or views as before and is completely self serving and unloving, almost the complete opposite of who I was just over a month ago. I belive I inderstand what I did but do not know how k fix it and am not unable to express anything to the woman I love more then myself and felt like was part of my purpose, much more to the situation but this is all I have the energy to explain. Sorry this was so long and confusing. Thank you for listening.

  7. Harry says:

    One thing I found helped myself awaken was knowing that all indigos and all people’s souls chose to be here on earth, and we all have a reason to be here, which is to help our world in our own way. That is why we all have different talents, because we need each other’s talents in order to truly help the world.

  8. Leette Loeffers says:

    From the time I was a small child I frighten people with my understanding of spiritual world. I often feel more connected to the spiritual world then this one.i am still trying to learn how to use my abilities and I’m looking 4 understanding. But since the birth of my son who is now 7 it has become more importan.he has this power aswell and i need to understand it to be able to teach him how to use it.i want him to grow to his full potential.but if i don’t reach mine i can’t teach him how to do i am looking for help to do this.

  9. Korey Cross says:

    I can feel your power while reading and trying to harness my own. It makes me feel like Indigos working together can really take on the good fight and win.

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