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How Do I Know If I’m Really Indigo?

My most popular article on this site by far is How To Tell If You Are Indigo. Some people read that, though, and maybe some other articles on the topic, and are still not sure if they are indigo or not.

This is going to be a troubleshooting article. I’m going to try and explain some of the major reasons people feel unsure about whether they are indigo and tackle them.

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Thinking It’s All About The Psychic

A misconception is that all indigos are psychic. A lot of them are, and I’d go so far as to say they all have the potential to be if they trained for it. But not all of them manifest direct signs of being psychic.

Sometimes indigos are unsure whether they’re indigo because of this. They don’t feel very psychic and wonder if that disqualifies them. I say to them: being psychic is probably the least important part of what makes you an indigo. What makes you an indigo is your character, energy and spirit, not your flashy psychic superpowers.

Sometimes people think they are indigo because they are psychic. That’s even less likely to be true. I think there are a lot more gifted psychics out there than there are indigos. If you are psychic, consider your character, energy and spirit before getting too excited about the indigo label.

By the way, a lot of indigos who don’t consider themselves psychic DO have a strong gut feeling or ability to “read” people. They might say, “Oh, but that’s nothing special, that’s just…” …But actually, psychic abilities, especially when they haven’t been much awakened yet, are often like that. They just feel somehow normal, like parts of your subconscious or of your natural perceptive faculties. And, indeed, that’s kind of what they are.

Thinking That You Have To Have All The Traits

You don’t have to have all the traits to be indigo. I’d say 80% is a good number to be looking for.

You also want to feel a sense of resonance most of all. Like you’re not trying to kind of make yourself fit into the description – anyone can kind of just about fit in most of the description points – but like it’s a dead on, “Yeah, that’s me,” or otherwise, “Hey, that kind of seems to make sense somehow.”

Pay attention to your feelings – they are the strongest guide. If you feel nothing much except curiosity or maybe egoic craving while reading the words, I’m thinking you probably aren’t indigo. If you feel excited or perturbed or touched or dumbstruck or  pretty much anything else, it’s likely that something’s hitting the spot.

Thinking That It’s About Being Born In X Year

It isn’t about being born in X year. The year you were born doesn’t matter. I believe people had the indigo personality hundreds of years ago.

Some books would contradict this. I’d just say that the sort of indigo they are talking about is different from the sort of indigo I am talking about. It’s a bit confusing, but never mind.

…So What If I Wasn’t A Rebel At School?

Rebelliousness is one of the traits which most often give an indigo away. I can tell within a few minutes if someone is indigo if they have this intensity that says, “I’m not going to do such and such just because society/someone tells me to.”

Indigo rebelliousness is different from other sorts of rebelliousness because it’s based out of an instinctual disagreement with the concept of imposed authority and hierarchy in itself. It needs explanations for orders before they follow them, and for systems before they support them.

So this is very distinctive and can give an indigo away. I think if someone is a rebel for these reasons they don’t need to question much more about being indigo.

But what about the indigos who are a bit more low-key? I think there are those who will more or less pass under the radar in school and sometimes work. Or sometimes (very rarely) they are in such positive environments from the outset that they just don’t feel the need to rebel.

With the former, I think you can tell they are indigo when they match all/most of the other traits apart from rebelliousness. You might also notice a more subtle rebellion, such as supporting more active troublemakers or occasionally breaking the rules – when they know they won’t get caught – with absolutely no sense of remorse. Or they might just be so sure of themselves and what they believe that they simply don’t feel the need to prove it through indignant action. If you ask them, they would say, “Yes, I know all of this is BS, I’m just going through the motions.”

The latter, who are in positive environments, will still, I’m sure, display rebelliousness or indignation if someone tries to impose hierarchy on them. Perhaps they don’t know that part of themselves because they haven’t had to experience it yet. A lot of indigos have unrealistic expectations that the world is/should be as nice as them.

What If I Have A Problem With Labels?

Lots of indigos have a problem with labels and might not want to call themselves indigo because of that. Perhaps disliking the idea of seeming “better” than others, they feel uncomfortable with the concept of being indigo, and sometimes this can manifest as confusion or picking unnecessarily at elements of the definition.

Being indigo, of course, does not mean being “better” than anyone. Indigos may be gifted, but they are still just as valuable and beautiful as all beings.

Read this article for more, anyway, if you have a trouble with the indigo label: Indigos Who Don’t Want To Be Labelled Indigo

The Most Important Traits

I think the most important traits are:

– Feeling some sense that you are not “from here” (this can manifest in various ways; see the appropriate section in How To Tell If You Are Indigo).

– Strong need to do or be something meaningful; having a sense of purpose, or mission, or at least of trying to be a positive part of the world around yourself.

– Generally feeling lonely or misunderstood amongst “normal” people.

I’m wondering if the indigo energy should go in here, but I think it’s too easily misunderstood. A lot of indigos are sluggish because they have basically used their own energy against itself. But when they stick the batteries the right way around so to speak, the current stops blocking itself and starts flowing, and they can have a lot of intensity with their emotions and their actions.

As I said, that one isn’t always so easy to notice. Though I think most indigos would show some sign of it if you knew where to look.

Anyway, I think if you have the traits in the three bullet points above, and are generally in line with the rest of the traits, it’s pretty sure that you are an indigo. Conversely if you don’t have these key traits, I would say it’s very unlikely you are an indigo.

Knowing By Results

I think checking the results of a belief is a very underrated way of working out whether to believe something or not. As far as being indigo is concerned, I think if thinking of yourself as one helps you, then it’s probably true that you are one. And if it isn’t true then, does it even matter?

Knowing you’re indigo can help by giving you a sense of greater self understanding and self acceptance, by helping you find others like you, and by helping you come to terms with your own tendencies, potential and abilities.

Why not just take on the indigo identification tentatively and give it a trial run? If it feels good for you in the long run and helps, use it, and if it doesn’t, drop it.

Get An Indigo To Help You

If you find yourself thinking “I would LIKE to think I’m indigo, but I don’t know if I’m just fooling myself,” ask an indigo to help you.

Of course you will have to find a real indigo, which could be as hard as identifying yourself as one. But at least half of the people who go around calling themselves indigo on the internet are real indigos. So if you talk to several and get different viewpoints, you should get a good chance of a solid perspective. You can start by asking me 😉

Ultimately the most reliable indicator of being indigo is this sense of resonance which the concept should make inside of you. This is, of course, very subjective, which is where an outside perspective could help. Talk to someone who will get you, and see if saying the words aloud reveal you to be telling the truth of yourself, or if you’re lying, just trying to build yourself up.


Ultimately I think when people call themselves indigo in error, it’s almost always because of ego. They WANT to feel special, to have an extra label, to feel better, different. Many real indigos, on the other hand, are rather uncomfortable with feeling special or different.

So if the concept of indigo has been calling you for a while, and you don’t seem to be putting this on just as another label, another way to be special, I guess it’s quite likely you are indigo for real.

On the other hand, if you’ve taken on the label but it’s just useless, a bit of extra junk in your personality that doesn’t change anything about who you are, then maybe you’ve made a mistake.

“Knowing by results” and asking an indigo for an outside perspective can help you work out whether you’re fooling yourself or not.

Over To You

Did this help or are you still unsure? Throw your questions at me and I’ll add them to the page. If you want, get a counselling session with me and we can talk them over on Skype.



I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life challenges which they go through. I can help you find solutions in the realms of relationships, work, purpose, spirituality, health, and more. For more information, check out my counselling page: Indigo Child / Adult Counselling


If you got value out of this article, please consider making a donation.



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  1. Nathan Skye says:

    Hmm this makes me wonder again. From the original article I didn’t feel the psychic and the high self esteem parts true for me, but just about everything else fits…

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Self esteem is another that’s not so certain. I think the original writers of the traits used “self esteem” to mean just that they didn’t let themselves become victims of the system so easily. But plenty of indigos also can have self esteem issues.

  2. Marleen says:

    According to your first post, I ticked 80% of the boxes on the list, now closer to 95%.

    (This is also true for virtually everybody else I know, mind you.)

    I’m happy though because through reading this I learnt about the Forer effect and Barnum’s observation (fascinating) and then I got to see this, which is as enlightening as it is entertaining:

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      You’re not the first person to bring up the Forer effect. All I can say is that identifying as indigo has helped a heck of a lot of people turn their lives around. So – if you want my advice – don’t bash what you personally don’t get. For others it could be completely different.

  3. Sophia Gubb says:

    To pick at points, I don’t know many people at all who identify as having a feeling of “not from here” like indigos do, for example. I don’t just mean feeling a little left out, I mean feeling like an alien or the irrational conceit (common among indigos) that your parents must have adopted you, etc.

  4. Marleen says:

    Ah, Sophia, I’m not here to argue or even discuss whether or not I believe in indigo people. Because a) what do I know? And b) I strongly believe that everybody has the right to believe in whatever makes them happiest, no matter how ridiculous other people think it is. And c) I would make the same arguments (see below) if this was about ANY trait and ANY definition.

    (My “I’m happy” sentence from my first post, by the way, wasn’t meant to come across as bitchy; it was genuine.)

    I’m just saying you’re not necessarily doing anybody a favour by broadening the definition.

    Here’s why:

    Assuming indigo people exist, then there’s so and so many indigo people in a population. I’m sure you’ve done your own estimation. What would you say? One in a thousand people? Three in thousand? 400 in thousand? Let’s say A in thousand.

    Then there is people who would identify with your definition. Again, maybe one in thousand, maybe more. I think it is much more. You think it’s kind of rare. So, B in thousand.
    We may have different opinions on how many people would identify with your definition, but this number isn’t actually down to opinions as this can easily be tested (and similar studies have been done before, which is where Forer/Barnum/etc should be mentioned).

    If A > B, then your definition is too narrow.
    If B > A, then your definition is too broad.
    If B much A B, then your definition is much too broad.

    If 1% of people alive are indigos, but 50% identify with your definition, then that means that even when after reading they think they are indigos there is still only a 1 in 50 chance that it is true.

    So people come here looking for confirmation, and then this happens: “What if I wasn’t rebellious in school?” and you offer alternatives, softening up the definition – thus making “B” larger and further away from “A”. So then more people will tick all the boxes, but the more people do, the less it actually means in terms of their indigo “status”. Basic math.

    In other words, if the round peg doesn’t go in the square hole, then don’t go and carve the square hole into a round one, the peg may go through in the end but it doesn’t mean the peg is suddenly square.

    I just don’t think that this approach is as helpful as you think – at least if you look beyond purely affirming people. If this is your sole intention, then your article might just as well have read only this: “If you came here wanting to know if you are indigo: Yes, yes you are.”

    I hope this explains where I’m coming from.

  5. Sophia Gubb says:

    I both broaden things and make them narrower in this post. For instance, I mention that if you do not have the three most important traits, you can more or less give up on being indigo, no matter the rest of them.

    Your theories seem to make sense when taking the view of the indigo as some silly personality profiling idea. An indigo is a particular breed of person, not a personality profile. Humans didn’t create it; they just identify it. As such the broadness or narrowness doesn’t matter, just accuracy.

  6. Sophia Gubb says:

    I’ve added two sections to the end of the article which should help a little with the vagueness.

  7. Darkennzy says:

    How Can I tell If im an Indigo….? I have the three traits…. however I need more clues… May I have your gmail please? Or anything else? I would like to get in contact with you. if you want.

    -Greetings , you are a great writer keep it up 😀

  8. Shelby Lucas says:

    EVERYTHING practically screams at me. Thinking, ‘Well, maybe I’m not Indigo…’ makes me want to laugh a little. I know it sounds presumptuous, and I feel terrible for that, but…it just all fits. The seclusion, being of people but not apart of people, needing a life’s purpose to accomplish something great…the strange occurrences…I just can’t believe I’m the only one! It’s so amazing knowing that. If anyone would like to be friends, by all means please email me! 🙂 Like I said, I could be easily wrong, but…I don’t think I am. I really, honestly don’t. Thank you for the articles, Sophia!

  9. nevermind says:

    There was never a single person that could understand me, even my family. I was a problem child coz I always refused to do homeworks and followed orders (changed many schools). No one ever understands me and thinks i am crazy. To be honest, dont feel this stupid planet called idioticland is where I want to live and rise my kids ( in case there is a normal woman, which is questionable given the world we live in). I dont know what i am, i really dont know but if if i am what you are writing about isnt better to just quit this game forever? Everything seems useless, no hope for humans coz we are born naturally stupid.

  10. leah says:

    This all resonates – feeling disconnected, rebelling (not turning in homework I had finished, getting into arguments with teachers about ideas),being overly sensitive (or totally unfeeling, it seems like once I hit the too much point, I shut it down), being diagnosed and medicated .. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you :-).

  11. Nikol says:

    Dear Sophia!

    I also would like to get in contact with you. Can I?
    All these ‘indigo things’ make me feel crazy (:
    I’ve always felt I’m different and I thought something was very wrong with me. Then, I’ve met 2 persons in my life and everything has changed in my mind.

  12. JaneScriv says:

    I wondering if there are any correlations between Indigos and what are sometimes called Reptilians. For example, I have virtually all of the generally mentioned Indigo traits. I’m also O-negative, quite psychic, prone to interfer with electrical fields when upset. Definitely feel alien. Can’t find anywhere I belong. It’s really getting old. I wish some well-funded person would create a rest home for stranded and alone Indigos. Only just joking a little bit. The frustration of having all these interesting and potentially useful traits and not being able to find a way to make a living through them is only intensifying as I get older. Depression and mood swings undermine all efforts to create a consistent and balanced life.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      I actually have thought of that idea, and I’d like to implement it if I become wealthy enough. (Or just have a spare room in my house which I give for free to a needy indigo).

      What I do do, is bring indigos together. There was an alone indigo who I managed to encourage to come live in my city and who is now my flatmate. The changes he went through were amazing.

      Keep working at it. I know it’s hard. I wish I could give advice – except perhaps, trust the Universe, and work with Her! She will work to co-create the life you want, but it is a very two-sided process. I should write an article about that, actually.

  13. Zoe says:

    A long ago, I’ve been told I am an Indigo (I’m 22 now). I never felt the need to search different labels and tag myself, but I looked it up back then and yes it totally described me, I took it only as a possible definition though. I shared it with my parents, so they could try and understand me better, and they partly believed there is a phenomena for all that I am. They ofc knew I was “special” – a highly intelligent child with the great potential; I developed self-awareness at a very young age, as a 3-year-old I already had a memory of an elephant, knowing hundreds of fairy tales, songs, speaking English and Spansh by myself (my mother tongue is Serbian, I grew up in Serbia and everybody around me spoke only Serbian) etc. I was fearless and extremely curious; later on got involved into wide spectrum of things – art, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, music – channeling all the energy, but at the same time the need for peace, isolation and meditation were the part of a circle.

    Middle and high school were pure terror, I’m just glad it’s all over. I avoided school as much as I could due to constant headaches caused by dealing with negative people and senseless subjects; it felt like going backwards, dumbing myself down, I became depressed.
    On the first day of high school after taking an IQ test, they welcomed me to the principal’s office where a few psychologists and teachers asked me to do another test in front of them. Long story short, they thought I was cheating, cause the results were mindblowing. The second test I took proved them wrong, and they congradulated me with an apology, calling me a genious saying they never met anyone with their IQ that high. The school psychologist told me how hard it will be to fit in and that I should keep it cool, and come hang with her anytime, calling herself “my only friend at school”. Sadly, she was quite right. Kids were jealous of me. I never put myself in front of anyone, but the inferiority complex works that way. For example, I always had my own unique style, expressing myself, and it turned out to be very outstanding even trendsetting, where everyone should be/feel the same. I was surrended by crazy people in their puberty stages, when mine was very different and already over. Add to that all those old school professors that were tripping they’re Gods, yet most of their area studies are just a waste of time.

    Severe migraine headaches couldn’t be explained after all the tests done. Everything seemed alright with my head. Besides that, I’ve always known something was “wrong” with me. Million questions, the matrix, space and stars, feelings of being tied down here at the wrong place and time, recollecting memories of weird places and events that never happened, deja vues, sleep disorders, lucid/day dreams, parallel universe “dreams”, high intuition, reading people, selective attention, and much more. I had a few good friends though (people, actually, generally really like me very much – at my best I’m fun to be around, but my circle is reserved for special ones only, so maybe I even push them away somehow). Finishing the high school was a salvation, but I developed chronic depression and ED. That’s when I was told about the Indigo thing, by a psychologist who was a yoga instructor, spending most of his time in the Far East. Like I said, I totally fit the description, he actually told me a lot about Indigos and gave me some insights to cherish my chakras etc, but I wasn’t much fascinated with it. I know what relaxes me. My own space and peace. And I can balance good.

    I’m on my third year of university now, what I study inspires me (media arts/journalism/production) but there are still many things to deal with. People who can hear me know what I mean. Awakened people in general. There is a lot. The social mask you have to put on. Or rather a role you play. All these blogs/forums/comments, people being all hyped about this makes me wonder if those texts can make you think you are something you actually are not – simply the feeling of belonging? Living in this world and being able to see through things feels like a burden, a double-edged sword. Cracking people when everyone is fake, is more exhausting than fullfiling. I am still skeptical about these definitions, though.
    Anyway, the real reason why I’m on this blog, oh my God, it took me an essay to get to the point, lol, sorry guys, if you’re still following me, thanks.
    How come I looked up all this Indigo mess again? 😀 I was researching about things I recently started to experience in a different way than before – like everything just became amplified, sort of. In this certain context – could I be going through the transition to the Crystal? If you know what I’m talking about, I became hypersensitive like never before, my senses are insane; I never liked open spaces and crowded places, but they now seem like a nightmare, I can even say it’s turning to agoraphobia at some point. I predict things more than before, my intuition is insane, just insane, I started reading people instantly, I have psychic/lucid dreams more often, and the weirdest thing – I’m having those huge waves of false memory. It feels like somebody blocked/deleted my memory leaving only the emotions, that lead me to feel so familiar to different things that may or may not be here. All this was happening to me before, but like I said, it just became more intense. I use telepathy to communicate with my dog, if I just focus I can see everything, know everything, feel everything it’s actually scary and I can’t explain it. Food wise – I’m a vegeterian for 5 years now, but being on a clean, raw diet makes me feel the best. I can’t deal with all those smells of cooked food, and many other smells since I became even more sentient. So, my final question: Are you bored? Lol, jk. xD

    To sum up: Is it possible to switch to Crystal from Indigo, or be both at the same time, I’ve read somewhere that it is, but there aren’t many words on that? Those who were patient enough to read this, thank you and I apologize, I went with the flow. Can anyone relate?

    Nice blog btw.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Re: crystal,

      I’m afraid I don’t know much. I have heard you can be both at the same time. Some have told me I seem to be in between or closer to crystal than indigo but to be honest I don’t really make the distinction much in my head. I generally use “indigo” as shorthand in my head for “indigo and crystal”.

      I guess if you feel like you’re going through an evolution process, you can be sure of that at least, whatever you call it 🙂

      You sound like a pretty spectacular person, I wish I could meet you. (Well, do tell me if you pass thru Berlin!)


  14. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the reply and yeah, I agree. I’ve read that the so-called “transition” is basically embracing some of the Crystal characteristics, hence you’re both but not a Cusp – they are born like that, I guess.

    That’s nice of you and same here, I will follow you on Twitter. 🙂


  15. Sandra says:

    I am older,born in 1956. I have felt for my entire life that something was wrong with me and I did not belong anywhere . I’ve tried religions, education, and all sorts of other groups and hit a brick wall. I have explored being Indigo a few times and dismissed it as it is so far removed from anything I was ever taught and I had been punished for being me for a long time. Even people outside my family have noticed that I have very strong intuition. I even had a boss bring it to my attention in a performance evaluation that I could tell something was wrong with a patient when I would simply walk into their room. A few recent events that you possibly could classify as psychic or at least too much of a coincidence have me wondering again. I also see traits in all three of my children and grandchildren. I still feel funny to even be thinking about this, but I feel it is a possibility. I’m not sure where to go from here, but at least I have food for thought. I’ve enjoyed your articles,thank you.

  16. Lily says:

    Hmmm… I like this artical, I read the first one about 10 billion times because I thought it was really nice that someone is not grouping, by that I mean like when people say ‘I am spiritual, I am an indigo child’ It frustrates the hell out of me!! (I’m not sure if that made sense) Anyway.. what I really wanted to say was I think you’re amazing! A breath of fresh air in corrupt spiritualism, (ok I’m not saying all spiritualism is corrupt, I think it’s really interesting, but there’s just so many liars out there who write stuff about it with ego-smothering motives and closed-mindedness, that I have grown immensely skeptical of it, I know the core principles are good, it’s just so many people misinterpret them and use it to make themselves seem better than others, I hate this whole ‘I am better than all the bad evil materialistic bankers, I am going to save the world with my psychic divine gifts’ (this is probably what I meant before) and it’s just stupid!!! AHHHH!!! Anyway back to the point, I love you:) I don’t care if I’m not an indigo child, but it just makes me feel better knowing that there are people out there like you who accept people, and that’s the most important thing in the world:)
    (Sorry if that comment made no sense:P)

  17. Ed says:

    If your Still avle in reading this, Author of the post, I would like it if you would email me, Im just
    Confuse in knowing who i am, Or suppose to be, Just my reason being here

  18. Stacy says:

    Dear Sophia,
    Let me just begin by saying that I have never heard of the indigo person or their traits until I ran across an article on Facebook which, in turn, led me here. After reading through the personality traits of indigos, it turns out that most of them fit me to a tee!! Am I ready to go around proclaiming I am an indigo? Not hardly. However, I will say that I have always been so different from everyone else, early childhood to present. Physically, I have always been a very androgynous looking girl who has been teased, ridiculed, stared at, harassed, etc. I am who God made me to be and have never let anyone dictate how I should look or behave according to what’s accepted by society. I have always had friends who accepted me the way I am, but have never fit into any one group and I absolutely abore cliches!! Unlike, many indigos in some articles, I knew from the age of about 3 or 4 that I wanted to be a horse trainer. I have always gotten along with all animals, but horses have always been my passion!! I have a gift for being able to train and communicate with the abused and difficult horses from the very beginning. I am intelligent and made good grades in school, not because I liked it, but because my dad threatened to not allow me to ride if I didn’t keep up my grades. From then on I was on the honor role every year and graduated 2nd in my class. I went to college and earned a degree in Biology/ore-vet with the intention of going to vet school, but only if I didn’t get to make a living training horses. My parents always drove home the importance of education. I conformed to their wishes and paid my own way through school. However, I never liked school much and couldn’t wait to graduate and start training horses. I never have felt like I belong anywhere else except with them. I have always known I was suppose to work with horses. I don’t know how I’ve always known, but it’s something I have always been certain about. No one in my family had or rode horses. I have had and still have many friends, but I’m not always sure they understand me all the time. When I am near people or talking to them, I can read them like a book most of the time, almost as well as I read horses. I can literally feel what other people are feeling, again, as well as I can feel what the horses are feeling. My intuitions are very strong, I am a very deep thinking, very spiritual, very passionate person. I have a tendency to keep up my guard until I know I can trust a person because I get hurt easily. I’m not saying I’m a doormat by any sense of the word, but I feel it more deeply than I think I should. I’m more sensitive, but I wish I could shut off negative/hurt feelings without a care, like some of my friends. I’ve tried hard, but I’m not wired that way. I am independent, mostly confident, comfortable in my own skin, determined, and mostly positive. I do have that tendency to crawl into my shell and isolate myself when something is not right or I feel alone. Those are also times when I have bouts of depression and feeling like I don’t belong. I know that I am a Cancer/Leo cusp and I have the traits of both signs. Whenever I go out in public, I am always getting lingering stares, especially from kids no matter how many people are around. I almost forgot, i have seen and lived with ghosts and heard them call my name.Does this make me an indigo, not really sure I’m ready to say that about myself, but I am most definitely not the norm, nor do I ever aspire to be. I just know I’m different from everyone else and I always have been. Any insight you might have will be greatly appreciated!!

  19. Stacy says:

    For got to tell you, I named my horse Indigo when she was born 12 years ago. Maybe there’s no real meaning there, but I do find that interesting, considering this is the first I have heard of indigos.

  20. Jay says:

    Over the years I’ve always seen the world in what people evidently consider a “unique” way, I’ve also always been very self aware and since reading your blogs I have confirmed I am Indigo. I started smoking weed in my late teans which has quelled the Indigo traits (need to do important things, confidence ect.) and I am very aware I am addicted. I have just stopped smoking at 21 and since I decided to start tackling issues that fed my smoking habit in preparation for my quit day felt more in touch with myself but I’m concerned it could cause some permanent losses to pieces of myself.
    Any thoughts?

  21. Divineangel35 says:

    Wow! This is really like coming home!all the information about my past experiences are like similar to all you awesome people.Now let me also share my experience of being the awesome indigo self!As for me, it’s been like a mixture of everything human and divine..the indigo self just feels like a bridge between being human and being divine..I could feel my connection to earth n sat hours in gardens lol how refreshing so it felt like an incredible gift ! my soul which is the real me was sent to earth because it chose to incarnate here for the time of change requires this energy of transmutation,all the change happens at the soul level so even though our false self identity forms an earth personality and manifests into our indigo traits to the external society our soul aspect works constantly with our angels at the soul level manifestation of reality which is a reflection of our thought word and deed in the physical world. So I am not surprised at all the comments speaking of the psychic experiences which to me look like the soul awakening at this time.
    For anyone wondering what is happening.the process is called ascension.there is ascension archangel king louie on youtube with a lot of free ascension frequency videos which are pretty good ..i really liked them especially the solfeggio harmonics. try it. for free spiritual healing there a site its by alexander wilon ..lots of nice healing audio tracks free. i had a emotional problem from a traumas from childhood and i got cured with higher self miracle was like a healing from a healer.that place is amazing.there is another site i was guided there too and a light being healed me in my sleep he came with the light codes that were on the kryonschool site to prove to me in a gentle way that was quite healing if anyone wants to know ask me!there is a galactic federation of light too and alot of stuff goes on the earth and the higher dimensions up there points to the sky.i felt inspired to comment here today,usually i just read through ur blog sophia but i felt strongly to just write it up.You are an inspiration! God Bless You!

  22. Diego Rios says:

    I always felt connected to space, I was and am antisocial, I’m not so rebellious but I often have thoughts . It about it. It seems as if i’m in the process of finding my indigo child. Please e-mail me I want to find out more .

  23. Arina Lakhanda says:

    Well…Hi Sophia! Actually…(I am jumping straight to the point…) I kinda needed some help from you…

    Well, your articles are awesome! They are perfect, and I don’t know how, but I think that it can take others out of their confusions on this point. Still somehow, I got more confused.

    I am just 13, so nothing much has happened till now. Most of the points are true…and well, I kinda fit into the description. Part of me tells me that I am fooling myself, and the other part…I personally don’t know what the other part feels.

    The last year had been really tough for me. I was low in self esteem at that time, and I had lost all of my self respect till then. I hated myself for every small mistake, and thought very negatively of myself. I really don’t know if that would be called depression or not (somehow ‘depression’ makes me think that if I am using this then I am giving it more ‘extremeness’ then needed), but I somehow found myself having suicidal thoughts, and…lets just say that it had been real tough. And I was randomly surfing around in the Internet and found a StumbleUpon post about the Indigo children…and kinda…this revelation just saved me from doing it someday.

    The moment I found out about this was the time I thought I found my purpose of life, and since then I don’t have any of those thoughts. That is a positive thing, and since then I am trying to verify that on which level of sensitivity are the websites talking about.

    Thing is…at that time, I was doubting everyone. I don’t know how the ‘doubt others’ came to my mind, and because of that I was subconsciously pushing others away as to figure out whom can I tell what I think. Well, I haven’t found someone to whom I can express my needs freely without the fear of them judging, misunderstanding, or leaving me yet. I already had lost most of my friends, because of them misunderstanding me, so I now keep all of my thoughts to myself.

    I really don’t think that I could not belong here…or maybe because I have learnt to suppress my spiritual needs. I haven’t yet found someone whom I can trust, unfortunately (and as I mentioned above), and so…well, my parents don’t even know about those thoughts. Now, I have kinda suppressed my emotions too, so you can say that I don’t feel any strong emotion now, and sometimes…it just scares me. (I do laugh and smile, of course)

    Well, all of these…just for one question. Most of the traits are true to me, in my case, but I haven’t had any paranormal experience till now. If I might have, in the past, then I probably don’t remember them, considering that I forgot most of my memories. I usually feel different, most like the thoughts you have presented in the ‘How to Tell if You Are Indigo’ article, and I am sometimes angry as the second point you’ve mentioned. It is rarely not for the reasons, and I kinda hate almost everyone around me for this, though the feeling’s passive, and same goes for the anger on the rules of society. This, and other traits fit, but I’m not a pure vegetarian. I used to like non-veg, but because its summer here, so I am kinda disliking it. I am sensitive, but not like ‘Indigo’ people are supposed to be (I guess that comes with being a little crazy). I am not that highly intuitive, but I still rely greatly on intuition, and I take most of my decisions through intuition.

    I have been truly honest here, and while I had an egotistical craving that ‘Yeah, that’s me’ and…y’know, when I first read your articles, I still have it a bit–not much–but I have been entirely honest and truthful here, I ensure. I just want to know…Am I really an Indigo? I’m not sure if I am late, but I decided to post this now…or ever.

    Looking forward to a reply,
    Goodbye and take care!

  24. Beckie says:

    Hiya most of that sounds like me but I am still unsure.

  25. Beckie says:

    I have low self esteem I did lose all my confidence but I am building it back up I am also very negative I do try and think positive but it is very hard to.i can feel sprits around me and I no they are there I can sense things I no when something don’t feel right I can’t sleep at night and I also get very bad anxiety I find it hard to socialise with people and always think differently to people and I also see the word differently to I had a few weird exsperiances one was when I was 17 I was walking back to where I used to live and everything looked fake you couldn’t touch anything I still get that now and I am 22 years old I see spirits in my dreams I also have some messed up ones dose this have anything to do with being an indigo I still not sure.

  26. Hannah Haveron says:

    After reading your article I cried this is so me I have heard and read about idigos before and my friend said she thought I might be but had a strange therapy session earlier and the therapist said I had evolved for some reason this struck me so I began researching and come across your article ….. Thanks for sharing I know there are people who feel like me x

  27. ryan says:

    so lost and frustrated, any suggestions? any mentors available?
    Thanks for your time.

  28. sue says:

    I’ve always known I was different. Having read your article, I think I kno how I’m different. Thank you. I also have spiritual beliefs and am working on my psychic abilities. I have been told I have healing hands, all my animals (2 dogs, 2 parrots and a thrush) are rescues. Thank you for confirming things for me

  29. Joey Garnett says:

    Thank You so much, this article has helped me finally understand things, I heard the term “indigo child/adult before and always felt a connection but never was able to find information untill now, once i started reading I finally began to understand myself. Thank You again

  30. Patti says:

    Thank you.

    This explains a lot.

  31. Sophia says:

    Okay so every sign literally pertains to me but the thing that I’m still at doubt about is the fact that being an indigo doesn’t surprise me. When I found out I have all the traits of an indigo the first thing that went through my head was “wow that’s pretty cool”. But then lately it doesn’t surprise me because I’m a weird person anyways. Also, why the name indigo? Is it because when we try to heal ourselves we pretend a bluish light comes into us and makes us feel alive? Or is that just me being weird again?

  32. nadia says:

    I am so unsure if im an indigo i read this article but im still unsure , is there anyway (aside from Skype because i dont have one), that we could talk about this , i just would really like to know instead of assuming an putting a false label

  33. shannon says:

    I can’t wait to read all of your posts, I’ve researched and read a zillion different things on being an indigo lately, but I truly appreciate that someone else understands what it’s like to feel trapped under your parents as if you’ll never get away.

  34. i really hope you replay to this.
    Let me start from the begininng my name is Jimena Carrillo, I am sixteen years old. For my entire life I have felt like I was a alien, when I was a child i had a very undefined personality from tomboy to the pinkyest girly girl on earth, at school the teachers would say my head would be in the clouds, my classmates would bully me because I was you know a freak, my grades were horrible, and well lets just say lots of things have happened in my life…but the point is a always felt different and for some weird reason I have real vivid memories as a baby I remember things that are insanely weird or i can remember what the person was wearing the first day i met them, i have a pretty sick memory…I always knew I never fit the mold and I always have a gut feeling that something is very wrong with the world, people say i’m different, but maybe it’s all in my head i know of 3 people who are indigo and well i don’t know what’s wrong with me…..i have been looking for answers to what’s wrong with me and i never get answers……maybe it’s all in my head, maybe i secretly want to be a indigo and making myself fit the criteria to be a indigo…idk please answer back i really need help figuring this out… my friends i am very cold and don’t show much love but most people see me as different urggggg my ideas are all over the place again

  35. Ashley says:

    Hey, how can I have a private conversation with you? I want to ask you questions and talk if you’re okay with that.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      I wish I could, but I get too many such requests. That was why I set up my counselling service, that way if you REALLY want to talk with me, you can.

      • Kelly says:

        I believe in Indigo, but I think it means something different then what you are trying to make of it. It is not something someone else or a test can tell you, I think there is a lot more of an abstract and long process in identifying with what makes you different and how your positivity and energy should be used to empower and lift others. I agree with all of the traits and there are some things that I think are different then how you have defined them. For example, psychic abilities which I lost more of as a child and almost completely after being medicated for ADHD, but I think it varies for each individual. I think you have the wrong idea by encouraging people to label them self as this or buy into your “service/expertise”. Someone who is truely Indigo will reach out and help anyone because they believe in humanity and being that positive difference they want to see in the world. It seems to me that well you do have accurate information on Indigos, your coming at it from a linear framework and that your lack of helping others unless they purchase your service should be a red flag to everyone that you are not Indigo. I don’t know you personally, but I must say that the way in which you are presented makes it sound like a cult. The various values that indigos represent and stand for, you don’t follow. The best advice that I can give to anyone who thinks they are Indigo is listen to your heart, and question how you have felt from your earliest memories on. Have you always been wise, intuitive, sensitive, etc. but most importantly do you use your energy and spirit to focus on how to improve humanity and the quality of how life relates to other forms of life. Also, there are infinite possibilities so don’t limit yourself to how someone else says you fit into a label/category; let yourself define your happiness, potential and efforts and do everything you can to positively shape society making this world a better place. Even if you are not Indigo I think you can aspire to be. Learning and gaining insight will allow you to reflect on your journey, and if you truely are Indigo you will know because it means something to you.

  36. Aimée says:

    I love that, when I’m reading your articles, I can even identify with your words. I use the same words to describe myself.

  37. Arana says:

    Hi, I’ve just read your article saying that if we have some doubts about if we can be indigos we can ask you.
    So, I am asking you 🙂
    Anyway, I got here looking for crystal souls. I had something similar as a reminiscence…a memory, I don’t know…I saw my spiritual form and it was like a white light in the center and a halo made by all the colors of the rainbow. Something similar to a crystal, as when light goes through a crystal it refracts and the rainbow appears.
    I also…well, maybe you can think this information is not true or that it could be something I imaginated, but Ii consider this experience one of the most important things I experienced in my life.
    It was like if I could understand and see clearly something I’ve always knew but I could not be totally concious of. It was that my soul, my spirit, myself was not human, I mean, normally earth souls use to embody earth bodies many times, most of people in Earth have lives their soul experiences here for a long time. But not me. I was with my people who they were not from here. They seemed to be from somewhere, now I can say physically far from here, though there we were in a kind of spiritual stage, no distance though. They told me to go with them back. But I refused. I was sad, I felt so sad. I looked at the Earth, I felt love, compassion, and I said “I can not leave them”. So I came back here.
    That is the….insight I had…
    Could you please help me?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  38. Nokomis says:

    I fully believe that I am an Indigo Child. I have experienced many strange things since I was a child, and was never aware of what it could mean. There was this woman in a little shop, and she was very spiritual and sold many items regarding witchcraft, blessing and so on.
    She told me of the Indigo children when I had confided in her about some experiences that take place around me and these feelings I get. I never truly researched the idea until now. I am about to turn 18, and the experiences get stronger in some areas. Especially as of lately.
    I think it’s unique, and this article really pin-points me straight on.

  39. REMI says:

    This thing i dont queit know how i feel about it, more importantly i dont know how i feel lately its as if things just happen and my mind dosent react i mean both of my parents are out of the country on business and i dont know how i feel abot that. I guesse you could call me a loner and the people i hang out with i never really considered them to be my friends or more importantly on my side the reason i looked this up up is becase my mom does yoga and meditatuon and she said since i was small i was alwsys the odd one out so she lookrd this up and saw traits thay i carry im really confused and slightly irritated i think its becase i just used a phone to type this out and for some strange reason im still typing.

  40. george says:

    im a fellow indigo, follow me on twitter @BlastMyself or email me

  41. Nuke says:

    Dear Sophia, it is now 00.57 am in my country (Indonesia). Few hours ago, I just came back from a unique spot in a mountain, introduced by someone I acknowledged as Indigo young man (26 y.o). I met this guy 2 days ago. And we started have a talk. At first, based on my own searching about “who am i, what is my purpose in here, how to see the truth behind all these seen in eyes, etc..” I thought he is just simply the answer of my prayer (I asked God to be sent a guide in this journey and confusion i’ve in). He is to me like a walking example of what i know as someone who have “awake” in a sense i thought “that’s what more awake” means. What i means is: spiritual ability and psychic ability.

    There are a lot he can do in psychic term. And I just labelled him right away with Indigo (he never heard that term, he’s not an educated person). He gained his “knowledge” and “power” through a technique which I identify as meditative state (which he didnt realize that is the name for what he innertly able to do), and that’s make me feel soooo low at beginning compare to him (in a term that spiritually i feel that become a person like that means more advance spiritually; something that i am craving for)

    But then, I started having something in me that made me somehow not satisfy with superficial meaning of why this person coming in front of me. I feel:”there’s something more”

    So tonite, after i followed him to the mountain, a place where he could find a lot of gold (well, i cant tell u further about this, but i had seen proof), I was back home feeling: me and him, both have advantage by this “meeting” and that’s to give more clue about who we are, the question we both had asked for entire life.

    So “I got lead” to search on the net on indigo, and now somehow i feel sooooo overwhelmed to know i am myself also indigo! No wonder I just knew about this guy, at seems like i can read people personality, their motives, when they are faking without notice, etc etc although all this time i just thought it was just due to my analytical and intuition only. And I do easily can learn psychic ability but only to know that i am able to do it, but never did more training to master it, and i kept saying to others: we all can do it, i am a living proof of learning not an innert ability. Something like clairvoyant, hypnosis, mind reading, etc etc. I just sometime follow my gut just to expel something about my “analytical thinking” and from experience mostly if i believe it to be true then it indeed true.

    All, if not some of the characters u mentioned did resemble myself. And I never labelled myself as indigo other than just being: unique (as many people refers me to), rebellios, into deep thinking, spiritualist, etc etc.

    Now adays i live in “exile” with my 8 y.o son (i am single mom, bisexual, had ex gf that i pursued up to this place -out of true love i said, but i realized she was probably didnt feel as deep as me in connection; and 37 y.o next feb). What i means by “exile” i am now leaving my family back home, friends, job, and now in the city i never been before, living in a small rented room. I didnt even know what am i going to do, other than I just feel my journey will continue, and I havent yet feel i found a place to settle (i never did! and i have been moving around in quite different cities); only becoz of one reason: i got more and more disconnected with all of them. I feel like i am in different “dimension” than them, something that i continously said to them as:”I just see the world different than all of you”

    So in short, yes i am indigo. And now i wanna search for more of indigo like me, because we do have mission in this life. And i am one of you, now i know. I am now in the state that I feel more spiritually developed than before, though still clueless of everything. My goal is to find the truth. The truth of our existence and all, and I do believe in God and we all one. I just believe it, but i dont feel that I am able to feel it yet.

    I wanna be fully awaked. and i know a lot of you have been discovered a lot of think that in me still a big question mark. So I wanna make friends with you, out there. And esp Sophia, I hope you can have time to email me if you reading this to share your opinion, because frankly speaking I can not use your consultation program for it still considered expensive for me. Funny though, I am MD in educational background, been in situation as somewhat succesful achiever, but now here i am, jobless and no more desire to live like others. I just feel that world is not something to pursue anymore. There is more grandeur purpose of why we are here. So discussion like this in forum among indigos will be important value.


  42. Alexandra Miha says:

    I am an indigo before reading this site because i have an ability and i dont feel like i belong here but when i read the article i was 100% that i was because it was all that i was written there and i do want to meet new indigos hope that this world will change it just needs some love and more open minded people and someone to do all that and help the others i am positive in this

  43. Rachelle says:

    I don’t know how old this article is, but can you email me to talk too? I think I’m indigo but would like to be more certain, I have nearly all the traits described. Thanks 😊

  44. Andrew says:

    Hello Sophia .

    Could you please tell me if I’m truly an indigo?
    I fit most of the traits. but don’t know if I fit them because I want to fit them or if I actually do. Thank you

  45. Vania Toledo says:

    Hello I have been told I am an indigo. I am writeing a book on my angel of sorts teachings. I cant find anyone to message me about the matter. I guess the blogs are to old? I heard one reporter say he doesn’t know where it is in peoples interest anymore. Basicly meaning if its not a hot topic he wasnt interested in helping. I wrote this book years ago but have a death in the family that devistated us and a brutal divorce it got put towards the back burner. I now want to finish it. I am being told its great but change it. I cant as much as I tri to put it in mediphores so not to be picked on by the religious communitys I have decided to bravely say it how is was taught . But I need advice on how to go about this. Do I work with another writer. One who is more educated in the matter or bravely self publish my work.

  46. Viplove Vyas says:

    Hello Sophia, I have been going through almost every article of yours to be sure, if what i’m feeling is right. I am surprised to see a picture of me being painted through your words, as if you were describing me. I am so very calmed down to know there are many more like me out there, and it is very reassuring. From my childhood I have always considered the Sun as my father and the earth as my mother and had an awareness that I was sent here to save mother earth. Also there was always a very young female spirit with me always whom i liked to call ‘Rose’. I used to think she was my imagination but once i heard her whisper my name in my ear. It was so real, but once i began to grow more and began to get negatively affected with this very solid and immobile world, then slowly i believe i began to lose touch with her. Even now i feel her presence sometimes, as if i am being observed, but there is no contact yet,. I wanted to know from you sophia, is this really real or my imagination or i am getting mad. Cause i am in no way a normal child right from school. My school principal sent to psychologists to counsel me and get to know me more. They always presented reports of exceptionally above average IQ’s and hence i was not medicated but was always closely monitored by my teachers. Another thing is that I am extremely sensitive to the any environmental or surroundings change and take a lot of time to adapt. In fact i cannot stand being separated from my parents or home, cause I am extremely emotional and very spiritual. My psychologist in school had diagnosed me with the highest possible emotional level of human beings and in fact mentioned this as a negative trait. I want to know whether this is really bad. I am extremely easily affected by any sadness or pain around of others and i feel it like my own to the extent that i might begin to cry with the sadness or pain. Is this normal.
    Dear Sophia , i would be extremely grateful if i recieve some acknowledgement from you as a mail or a reply and i will be more happy than and normal person can just imagine. My mail id :
    Also if any other indigos wish to talk i would be more than happy to be friends and brothers in arms.

  47. Emily says:

    Im pretty sure I am indigo, I fit into most of the traits, I just recently realized it, and it’s just kind of hard to believe, like it seems almost unrealistic that out of all the people in the world, I am an indigo but I just figured that that’s just part of processing the whole thing.

    The one thing I was kind of confused about was the feeling like an alien… As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to travel. I wanted to get out of my home town and go somewhere different and discover new places… I feel “stuck” staying in one place and there are times when I feel an actual need to go travel… almost like homesickness? Does this sound at all like what you were describing in the “feeling like you’re not from here” bullet point?

  48. manon says:

    never was sure I was an indigo cause born in the 60’s (school) I never seemed to fit in, didn’t mind went cause I had to go. I was a loner more or less had a couple of friends. found school dol nothing creative or to simulate the creativity of the mind. was grateful for my dog and my horse had lots of fun with them animals are true they understand you more then humains can. have a great ability to understand people and their emotions, they don’t seem to understand me. When in social gatherings have trouble with the energy of everyone at once. Don’t like being told what to do and how to do it cause people don’t really know me so I tell myself who are they to tell me what and how. Have the ability to predict and to feel things. so yes I’m sure I am an indigo or a person with a gift. Thank you

  49. Ess says:

    When I was younger, I was at a festival with my mom, and a woman who was working at a booth focused on auras, chakras, etc. caught sight of me and immediately came over and told us that I was an indigo child. After that, I looked into it more and felt that I fit a lot of the common signs of one, then let it be. Recently I was reminded of indigo children again and wanted to reassess if I thought I was one, or if it was just the wishful thinking of a child. I still feel like I fit nearly all of the markers, probably more than I did when I was younger, but I still dont know if it is just wishful thinking, me wanting to be a “special snowflake”. Is there a way you’d be able to help me tell if I really am or not?
    If so, thanks, and if not, thank you for your time anyway. 🙂

  50. Katrina says:

    I just need an explanation for why all is the way im viewing it to be..maybe thats the anwer. I feel like i need a mentor something like a monk. I dont know what to do next. Its so much i cant explain and it makes me feel sick in my stomach. I feel like for my being, from a child being the only abused of 3..pushed away feeling strongly disconnected from humanity no one seemed to have sympathy for me but im always the strong back for a ride. I grew up in many different foster homes, never good enough “crazy” “bypolar”, words i still cant escape. Ik i understand me ik my beliefs are real but since a child i have been rejected and labled..i spent alot of my childhood in dys (a child prison) an Aquarius feb 12 so i figure its just my nature to object to certain mind controlling systems..i feel like i dont trust anyone and that keeps me alone..i feel like negatives in life are puzzles to figure out and that keeps me surrounded by the wrong people and i cant escape the constant abuse of my whole feeling drained.. i need to know if this is why i feel like i cannot connect spiritually (not religion) or mentally

  51. Lexi says:

    This article is very interesting. I have had some accurences in my recent life that started to draw me near to this subject. At first I thought maybe I was a crystal child, but now I feel I am an indigo. I feel weird, can this be true? It feels alleviating, explains alot about my life. As much as I have tried, I never quite fit in with everyone. And I have a huge gift but people have told me Im weird, hateful, full of **t, because I can assess a person and what will happen in a situation. People do not like that at all. I never understood why, because I felt I was just sharing my thoughts as a story. But, my predictions ALWAYS are right. I can not predict the future, I am not clairvoyant, so I have never entertained this thought at all, because what if I am not “special”. I have deja vu on a regular basis. It used to scare me and terrify me like I was crazy. But now, I am not afraid. I have no idea what it means. Ive been researching, but I am careful who I tell, because I dont want to be labeled as crazy, as I have been in the past:( I am very creative, artful, pray alot to God to protect me, and I love animals and I have always wanted to save them. Any posituve thoughts would be great to hear. And if you feel I am not apart of this then that would be great to know as well. Thank you.

  52. Lexi says:

    This article is very interesting. I have had some accurences in my recent life that started to draw me near to this subject. At first I thought maybe I was a crystal child, but now I feel I am an indigo. I feel weird, can this be true? It feels alleviating, explains alot about my life. As much as I have tried, I never quite fit in with everyone. And I have a huge gift but people have told me Im weird, hateful, full of **t, because I can assess a person and what will happen in a situation. People do not like that at all. I never understood why, because I felt I was just sharing my thoughts as a story. But, my predictions ALWAYS are right. I can not predict the future, I am not clairvoyant, so I have never entertained this thought at all, because what if I am not “special”. I have deja vu on a regular basis. It used to scare me and terrify me like I was crazy. But now, I am not afraid. I have no idea what it means. Ive been researching, but I am careful who I tell, because I dont want to be labeled as crazy, as I have been in the past. I am very creative, artful, pray alot to God to protect me, and I love animals and I have always wanted to save them. Any positive thoughts would be great to hear. And if you feel I am not apart of this then that would be great to know as well. Thank you.

  53. Isabelle Riplisi says:

    Hi Sophia,
    I want to thank you for your article. You perfectly described me to a tee. I guess I’m writing this because you said we could reach out to you for further confirmation of what we are, and how to navigate through life as an Indigo. I couldn’t be more sure that I am an Indigo, and I’ve known for quite a while now. Every article I have ever read about Indigos, and also some characteristics of Crystals, has deeply resonated with me. I like that you mentioned that not all Indigos have to follow that specific age range of which year they were born (although I do fall into the category). My mother was once told many years ago that her energy healing friend did a reading for her and said that I came into this world as a warrior, as an indigo, on a specific mission. I thought it was silly when I heard it then, as I had no idea of the attributes, but later in life after some research, I was dumbfounded. Finally there was a name for how I have always felt. I feel uncomfortable labeling myself as such, as it can come off as a sense of superiority to others, (although it shouldn’t), but any time you say you are different, people will laugh in your face and tell you otherwise. I would love to connect with you to speak about this on a more personal level. Although I agree with what you say about labels, the label of Indigo gives meaning to me and I cherish it as I finally have a sense of belonging and knowing, which will help me stay true to my life’s divine purpose.

    Thank you again!

  54. George says:

    At some point you say that in order for someone to know if they are indigo of if they are just fooling themselves they could ask another indigo for his/her/their opinion. You recommend asking you because there are many people that say that are indigo but they are not. So, can you tell me if i am an indigo ?

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