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September 10, 2011
September 24, 2011

Healing A Dream

I’ve noticed that the landscape in my dreams reflect on a general vibrational state, either of me, or whatever governs the dream itself. For instance, nightmare dreams seem to be dark and cramped into close spaces, without much sense of distance. The most beautiful dreams I’ve had, however, were absolutely full of bright daylight and contained beautiful views into the far distance. It seems to be very symbolic of negative energy states vs. positive energy states.

Today the heat in Barcelona was making me very uncomfortable, thirsty and restless at night, which manifested as a nightmare. The view was dark and even outside the houses and buildings seemed to cramp in and block out most of the sky.

After having woken up from that, I stayed awake a little while on the edge between dream and waking. I kept some awareness in my body à la Eckhart Tolle, which stopped me sinking into oblivion and let me manipulate the dreamscape a little as it tried to emerge to engulf my consciousness.

I also kept looking at my hand in the dream world – a funny thing because I was also conscious of my hand in the physical world. This is a lucid dreamer’s trick. If you can see your hand in a dream, you are shocked into conscious dreaming (or in my case, staying conscious in the dream). When you are thus lucid dreaming, you can control your surroundings as well as yourself.

Seeing that the dream was so dark, I decided to fill it up with light and in this way “heal the dream“. I created a big portal roundabout where I was standing, on the border of the dream, to make loads of light shone through. With my awareness I also pumped light directly into the whole landscape, rather as if I were doing reiki on it.

Finally I furnished myself with a red button which would wake me up (or so I hoped) if the dream started going bad. With these preparations done, I let myself fall asleep.

Unfortunately I didn’t stay lucid during the dream, but it wasn’t needed. Having done the dream healing, I spent the rest of the night happily nightmare-free.

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