I guess you’re here because you’re interested in counselling that is not related to indigo or transgender issues.

I don’t have an official training as a counsellor, though I am a good listener and empathic. I truly believe that I’ve helped the people who I’ve counselled. That said, for my own peace of mind I want to point out that I might not be able to make my sessions look excessively professional or polished. A counselling session with me is basically a conversation.

Why have a counselling session with me? Basically if you want to talk about stuff with me; whether it be emotional issues or about topics of personal development or self discovery such as I’ve written about on my website.

Possible Topics

Such as:

– Fighting chronic illness

– Polyamory

– Feminism (Including what I call “self-help feminism”, where you work principally on breaking down gender-related issues in yourself, particularly for men)

– Veganism

– The search for meaning in life

Session Structure

The session is loosely structured as a conversation, where I get you talking, hear you out, and give my perspectives and advice when appropriate.

A session usually lasts for about an hour, but I often let it go on for a bit longer if necessary. The idea is to come to a place of resolution, or at the very least, a good ending point. Occasionally, the session might be shorter than an hour if both of us decide that we’ve covered everything we need to. The price, in this case, is still the same.


I have a sliding scale for pricing:

Normal price: 50€

Price for low-income people: 30€

Price for high-income people: 70€

“Low” and “high” income is rather subjective, but as a rule of thumb I would say low would be around 1000€ per month or lower, or if you have an unstable income; and high would be around 2000€ or higher, though that might be different if you’re the sole provider for a family with that money.

As of this writing 50€ is about 70 US dollars, or 40 British pounds. 1000€ is about 1370 US dollars, or 840 British pounds. You can find out the current values easily by Googling e.g. “50€ in $”.

At this time I don’t respond to requests for free counselling. I do very much want to help people, but I have found that giving away many free sessions leaves me feeling drained. This might change one day if my own financial situation becomes more comfortable.

Booking Form

If you’d like to order a session, just go to the booking form:


Booking Form