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May 5, 2011
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June 28, 2011

Football As A Tool Of Manipulation

It’s a football night tonight and everyone’s out on the streets.

Barça, the local team here in Barcelona, has won the current championship, and everyone’s going nuts about it.

Looking on at all the ruckus from the relative comfort of a night bus, me and my girlfriend observed: “If everyone chose to spend this energy on rising up and demanding their rights, they’d really achieve something.”

It seems so clear to me that football is a tool for manipulating the masses.

In childhood, we’re taught not to be boistrous, not to have fun, make noise, dance or express ourselves. Our teachers need it to be this way so that they have a controllable class that doesn’t make life hell for them. In turn, their jobs put them in this situation because The Powers That Be (TM) want children to be taught to be controllable.

In the end we have people who have associated limitless joy and self expression with shame and just don’t “let it all go” in normal situations. They keep their energy contained.

This energy needs an outlet, and The Powers That Be (TM) sure as hell don’t want that outlet to be any sort of uprising, demanding their rights, etc. So they make boistrous, loud expression acceptable in a controlled, harmless context. Football.

Football is largely a tool of manipulation. Nothing more than a blanket covered over your eyes. So are many other forms of “entertainment” and occupation. They are ways of containing your energy in a safe way.

Take your energy back and channel it into something that isn’t so safe. Channel it into being free.

Why don’t you quit your job and search for a way of earning money without a boss, with the same fervour as a football fan?

Why don’t you use the time you gain by creating your own prosperity, and meditate and contemplate and free your mind, with the same fervour as a football fan?

Why don’t you improve yourself by reading and exploring and growing, with the same fervour as a football fan?

And once you’ve done all this, why don’t you create something different? Something new? Why don’t you make a revolution? Why don’t you help people see the chains that are around them, or create new alternatives for them? Why don’t you clear the way for others like you?

Improve the world. Get moving. Don’t waste your fucking time. We’ve got a world to save here.

Love to you,


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  1. I agree 100$. Although I wouldn’t say the world needs to be saved perse, just improved and evolved to become a much better place than already is, for everyone.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      thanks man. about the saving the world thing, I can see that the world could concievably stop being habitable if we keep going as we have been. hence the “save” part. like, we don’t have infinite time to keep making the same mistakes.

  2. james says:

    I think you are missing one part of that equation. The planet does NOT need to be saved. What you want, is to keep the world as you know it, the same, so that your way of living stays the same and you continue to be comfortable. The planet will always be habitable, for someone or at least something. Whether we will be that something, has nothing to do with it. The planet is billions of years old, and has gone through so many shifts, that to pretend like you are trying to save it, is nothing more then a cop-out to what you really want from the planet. The planet doesn’t care if you live or die, or how comfortable you are.

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      I’m currently preparing a blog post to answer that very objection, as lots of people have it.

      I could say to you: “When did I say the world ‘needs’ to be saved? Maybe I meant we *want* to save it?”

      It makes a lot of sense to me to prevent the world becoming inhabitable for humans. Even if you don’t care about humans, such an event will destroy a heck of a lot of other life, too.

      But actually a lot of people do care about humans, me among them. I think it’s worth saving the world.

      You can have your own point of view, of course 😀

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