Passing As A Woman
September 25, 2013
“I’m A Man And I’m With A Trans Woman, Does That Make Me Gay Or Straight?” (“Or Bi?”)
October 1, 2013

Following Your Impulses In The Now

FlowerAs I’ve dived into spiritual teachings and spiritual self-exploration in my life, I’ve often found that “spiritual” looks rather different than I expected it to.

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I wanted to explain with a small example from today.

I was out shopping with my partner – or rather I was out with my partner while they were shopping. I wasn’t much interested in hardware stores.

At one point I sat down and decided to let my partner do their stuff. I waited idly for about ten minutes. After a while, I noticed how pointless it was to think about what I was thinking – a hypothetical scenario that was meaningless to my life. This realisation gave me to opportunity to try and break the pattern of such compulsive thinking, and try and get more into the present moment.

So I meditated – by which I mean, I used my breathing and the sensations of my body as tools to get closer to physical reality, as Eckhart Tolle describes in The Power Of Now.

After really only a few seconds, I noticed a pull drawing me to get up, find my partner, and then go home. If I were to put that impulse into words, I’d say that I was feeling bored and energetically drained by this big shop and didn’t feel like spending however much time there that my partner was going to spend.

But at the time, practiced as I am at following my impulses, I didn’t put it into words. It just felt right, so I got up and went.

What does this tell you? Well, I think it says that being in the moment sometimes doesn’t mean sitting in a perfect lotus position for hours on end. Being in the moment can mean taking action. In fact it often does, because it connects you to a deeper level of sensitivity and gut-level wisdom.



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