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Fluoride Causing Crohn’s Disease (And Just Being A Horrible Poison Generally)

I gave up flouride a long time ago, I think about the same time I went vegan (4 years ago).

I didn’t think much about it after, but I’ve noticed something.

After giving up gluten I stopped having episodes of Crohn’s disease – pretty much ever, except when I ate some gluten or…

Well, there were a couple of exceptions. Usually single-day flare-ups, nothing major. I put it down to gluten I might have accidentally eaten or possibly sickness related to emotional upheavals.

The latter I decided because I always got sick during or after a visit to my parents’ house. It seemed natural to think it was emotionally related, as I have lots of issues with them to sort through (less now than before but probably still some).

So, I got sick a month ago. This time, it was hard to pin it to emotional problems or gluten. But the one thing that had changed recently – apart from my sex but you don’t eat that – was that I’d started using flouride toothpaste and mouthwash.

I’ve stopped and that flare-up hasn’t come back.

Now, I’m thinking of going to visit my parents, so I did some research on my hunch.

It turns out that the tap water is NOT fluoridated in pretty much all of Spain– EXCEPT in the Basque Country, where my parents live.

So, like, pause for frikkin’ effect.

Because of my senstive makeup I’ve been getting sick all my life partly because of a chemical which the government imposes on our regional tap water.

I can’t even get a cup of tea in a bar now in the Basque Country (the sort of pain I’d go through in a flare up is *so* not worth it). I think I couldn’t consider living there, considering the risks I’d be taking in accidentally consuming fluoride at some point.

Way to go, government.


Addition: for the reasons why I gave up fluoride in the first place, this link dug up in a quick googling session will more than suffice. It’s a horror story, seriously.



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  1. Jimmy says:

    You are so on target.I have literally told hundreds of people to stop ingesting
    this poison all my family and only one person listed.My
    brother.Two of my family members are totally
    incapacitated by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.The two with the
    disease laugh and purposely ingest more.Totally sick.It makes me cry.
    These are people with 140IQ and 165IQ.This is very scary what up
    with intelligence?

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