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November 4, 2017

Feeling Divinity

I had a vision of what one might call Divinity.

I’ve never felt very comfortable with the word God. It’s too associated with religion, and with absurd and horrible interpretations of what divinity could be. I’ve tried out different alternatives to this word, including the popular “The Universe”, but recently I settled on “Divinity”.

I like “Divinity” because it is an uncountable noun, where “God” is a countable noun. If God can be counted, if there is one God, it stands to reason there could be two, or three… Divinity, as an uncountable noun, does not imply a boundary. For all we know, it goes on and on.

In a difficult moment recently I called on True Divinity.
I called on Divinity, as that is the word I have chosen, and True Divinity, because I know how many times I’ve gone wrong with my attempts to channel. I’ve had negative spirits stand in for angels multiple times because I didn’t know where to look for angels, and only realised this in special moments when my perception was heightened and I could see through the facade. So I became skeptical of my own idea of Divinity. This time I called for True Divinity, and tried to connect with the feeling I had had in the moments where I had had authentic divine experiences.
This time, I broke through, and I found a field full of flowers, shone on by beautiful light, like sunlight but almost too bright to be real. This is the landscape I see in my most wholesome dreams, and it became the vision which I needed to symbolise True Divinity in my mind. A bright, open landscape. There, I heard the voice of my spirit guides, who I have had some connection to in the past.
Since then, I’ve sometimes stood at my altar and just tried to access the feeling of Divinity. It’s a joyful feeling, and not at all intimidating – they are my best friends, my equals, my family. Who are “they”? I suspect my spirit guides, though I don’t often get much more detail than that feeling. There is love there, the sort of love that feels like home to me, though I know I am an unusual creature to feel like a stranger in a world that doesn’t love, and to feel at home in a place of true, deep love.
It is easier for me to connect with “them” – my spirit guides and angels, my divine family – than one spirit who would represent all of Divinity. It occurred to me just now that maybe what we would call God is the field itself – a space, not an object. And my divine family exist in that space.


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