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April 2, 2012
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April 17, 2012

Experiences In The UK

I had an amazing trip to the UK this Easter week.

I’d decided to go to the UK already last year, though I also had an extra push given to me when a romantic friend / sometime lover of mine, went to live there a few months back.

I stayed with her in Cambridge, which was very nice. Asides from seeing her, I managed to cram my schedule full of meetings with old friends, most of them who I’d last seen 8 years before.

It was amazing how they’d almost all seemed to have changed for the better. They’d become very interesting people and I now vibed with several of them a lot more than I had vibed with them when I first knew them.

I suppose this is also a product of having opened up socially since then, and learning to appreciate people more. Either way (pretty sure it was a bit of both things), this change was nice to see.

It was cool to see my birthplace, Cambridge, looking practically the same as when I’d left it, and yet different. Being such a different person as I was before, it felt in a way like an entirely different town. At the same time every little corner of it brought up some memory or another. It was like having a town in my memory superimposed over a town I had never been to. If that makes any sense.

Cambridge is such a sleepy town. It’s basically one massive University campus. I think Barcelona has changed more in the 3 years I’ve been there than Cambridge has changed in these 8. I went to the café I’d used to go to, and the lady behind the bar was still saying “What would you like?” with the exact same accent and intonation as before. Like being in a time warp.

But seeing as I’d changed, there were new things to experience that I would have overlooked 8 years ago. I went to Cambridge’s only vegetarian restaurant, the Rainbow Café, which I have to say produces nothing less than culinary art. I tried their “Shephardess Pie”, which I described as what Picasso would have made if he’d tried to do Shephard’s Pie. Seeing as this was, in fact, nothing like actual Shephard’s Pie, I was inspired to make a real (veggie) version in my host’s house, partly to show to her Spanish sensibility this relic of English cuisine — which was very fun.

After Cambridge, I hopped between three other towns, and had an amazing experience in one of them with a friend who introduced me to the drug MDMA. That deserves, and will get, an entire post.

I managed to meet two people in the course of the trip who I’d only previously known over the internet – which was wonderful. I also had a random date from OKCupid, which was very cool, too. 🙂

Of the towns I visited, Leicester was forgettable, very big and urban, but worth it for the incredible experiences I had there. (What’s so special about a town anyway? It’s the people that make the experience). London was big and stressful and I basically took shelter in a friend’s house and had some amazing chats about life. And then Brighton was absolutely beautiful; I’d love to visit again and spend some more time there. Such an alternative city. It can’t be bigger than Cambridge but it’s got lots of veggie restaurants, tarot professionals, LGBT scenes and other interesting alternative stuff. I’d love to live there, especially as an accepting place to try out switching genders, though I’m not sure whether it’ll really seem worth it to move.

I went to an overpriced (but good) veggie restaurant there and had two tarot readings, both accurate. One of them auguried positive things in my near future, which really vibed for me (not just because I’d like to believe it). I think it was particuarly pointing to material gains in this case. So, we will see how that unfolds.

The other tarot reader kept insisting I needed to write, so you have her to thank for this post. 🙂

I was looking forward to finishing the trip by the end of the week, as I was absolutely exhausted. Yet, when I got to Barcelona, everything looked so — familiar! Suddenly being in a fixed house feels like a prison. I enjoyed so much the feeling of — flying, of having no fixed place to hold me down. In just a day of realising that, I think my priorities have changed a lot. I’m very motivated now to get money to travel, and particularly to make that location-independent if possible. Life has suddenly become quite a lot more exciting. 🙂


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  1. Other Mother says:

    I would love to visit your hometown! From the perspective of a girl growing up in Suburban Utah, United States, Cambridge is literally a dream for me. Let alone Spain. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday.

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