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April 19, 2010
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May 7, 2010

Drupal to WordPress

WordPress is so much better than Drupal it defies belief: I could practically write a poem about it. Besides a quick update for readers in the next section, this post will make a comparison of Drupal vs WordPress and later, for the so inclined, will briefly talk about how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress.

Drupal out, WordPress in

I’m just completing the process of migration from Drupal to WordPress. I’m currently in the process of redirecting all of the pages from my old site.

The feed is different for this new blog so please add me to your feed reader again for wisdom, stories, high consciousness community, stuff about indigo children and adults, and help and support for the path of the lightworker.

Drupal vs WordPress

I started my blog in Drupal because I had some tech friends at the time and they told me it was better than WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Foolishly maybe, I jumped right in. 🙂

CMS turned to PMS as I found that Drupal was constantly a struggle. CONSTANTLY. I had to work out how to do many different things which I later found to be totally intuitive in WordPress. And other things I could do equally easily in both Drupal and WordPress were QUICKER to do in WordPress. A few extra clicks here and a few extra clicks there on a regular basis makes for a lot of wasted time.

A long while after starting my Drupal website, I started up a free site at (The Spiritual Vegan, my hobby recipe site) and fell in love with WordPress.

WordPress has more plugins, and has the Thesis (aff link) theme which has been an absolute miracle so far in increasing my google rankings with no extra effort. In Drupal my last article How to Make an Energy Shield was number #4 in google when searching for its title. Now with Thesis in WordPress, the article has a number #1 rank. That is pretty awesome. 🙂

In Drupal I had to check every so often to see if a spam comment has gotten through. With the Akismet plugin a spam comment has never been published on The Spiritual Vegan and moderating comments in general is much faster and easier on WordPress.

There could be some grain of truth in that Drupal is more powerful or more configurable than WordPress… IF you are a tech person who loves to program. I made the mistake of listening to such a person’s opinion, who didn’t realise that some of us are mortally frightened by programming languages but aren’t actually that interested in that stuff anyway.

I’ve also lost one or two articles in my year of Drupal because writing into the text editor has no autosave. Sometimes I wrote in Word and then transferred the file, sometimes I just took the risk. WordPress beats both because of its autosave function.

And don’t forget the What You See Is What You Get editor, that saves you time from having to write html links and other formatting longhand.

It’s just easier, more attractive, more intuitive, faster, more fun, more comfortable, and more powerful.

Drupal, you have just been


How to migrate from Drupal to WordPress

Here’s a brief run down of how I did it for the interested.

After wasting a lot of time trying to do it with ninja programming tricks I asked my host to create a new database for a wordpress blog. There was now and I made the former the landing page for my site.

Then I basically just copied and pasted the old articles. It took me a few hours, but it was a lot faster than trying to be a programming ninja. At least for me, and my mother who is a computer programmer.

Now I’m redirecting all of my old Drupal pages to their corresponding WordPress pages using this PHP code which I googled randomly:

// Permanent redirection
header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

You just have to change the Location bit. This is a 301 redirect, which tells Google that the page is now found at the new address. This is important, because otherwise Google thinks that the page exists in two places, which it penalises. Until I made this redirect for my old page I had NO google ranking on EITHER blog, Drupal or WordPress. Seriously.

To get PHP working on Drupal you need to go to /drupal/admin/settings/filters and enable PHP. Then when you are writing a post you enable it in “Input Format”.

And then, to finish off this deceptively simple process, I wrote this blog post, partly to alert my readership that they had to add the site to their feed reader again, because the old site isn’t being updated anymore.

Readers: if you missed that you can add me to your feed reader here.

Love to you,

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  1. Jordi Cabot says:

    For programming ninjas, my open source Java program to migrate from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3 may be useful.

    For non-programming ninjas, I’d recommend the automatic migration service described in

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