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This website is largely supported by donations.

This and related projects are a very large part of what motivates me in life. I want to make sure I can have a positive impact on many people as possible.

However, I also need to earn a living, and this often sidetracks me from being able to dedicate myself to this project fully.

This is where you come in. With just a small monthly donation, or an occasional larger donation, you’ll help me a lot. After all, I have a lot of readers, and small donations add up.

If SophiaGubb.com was a magazine, how much would you pay to keep reading it? Probably at least a euro or two per month.

And quite possibly more: PC Gamer magazine costs about 8€ (9£, 10$) a month, for example. I use this example just because it’s one I used to buy. If you can invest 8€ a month in gaming advice, or beauty advice, or a newspaper, I’m thinking you can probably invest that much money in a consciousness-raising website.

Bottom line is – if SophiaGubb.com is a part of your life, please consider supporting it like you support any other business that is a part of your life.

Thanks so much.


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