Poems by Indigo Children: God… The One And Only True Love by Graha Ramadhan
February 20, 2010
Poems by Indigo Children: The Journey of The Great Heart Warriors by Graha Ramadhan
February 28, 2010

Poems by indigo children: Dear God… by Graha Ramadhan

Today I’m posting another poem with the indigo child spirit by the amazing indigo adult Graha Ramadhan of the indigo child / adult / lightworker’s organisation, I-Nesia (Indigo Indonesia).

Poems by indigo children: Dear God…

Dear God..
Tonight I want to feel the loneliness that scatters in my brain..
I want to free the boundless dreams that never been seen..
I want to unlock the immortal hearts…
I just want to feel it…
Just…just for a while..

I remembered when the first time, I remembered things in this world..
I cried a lot..
I cried, because I see many babies are born without hands..
They are desperately needed people’s helps…
But no one wanted to help..

It broke my heart when I see people dying without foods..
seeing people crying without hopes..
seeing people are suffering from unhealed diseases…
I just can’t see them in pain..

Dear God..
Can You let them happy?
I just feel so sad..
I can’t control myself..

I hardly walk..
My feet were petrified…
I just want to blind my eyes..
I can’t stop this tears..
Seeing them made me broken heart real bad..

Dear God…
Please let us be the sun that helps those who in needs.
through the unity of love…
the love that never dies..

Through the moon and the sky that gathers in the perfect rhythm..
and through the hands that could heal..
through the thousand nights of hopes…
brings us peace to every heart of people…

To make them help…
to make them free from the greed of unseen evils…
to make this a hope for everyone…
to let this dream comes true…
to love You with the remaining hearts that we have..
to make this world in a peace…
that everyone wants…


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