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September 26, 2009
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October 26, 2009

Common Sense

One of the ideas I went through when choosing a tagline for my blog was, “Common Sense for a Crazy World”. I feel that true common sense, the uncommon common sense which comes from being connected to reality and not to your judgements, distortions and fears, is all that we need to change the world.

The core message of this article can be summed up as:

“All real knowledge is common sense.”

I’ll explain this a bit better, though.

How do you learn?

Let’s look at how you learn what I consider real knowledge.

You read a book. According to this book, A, therefore, B, therefore C.

You already know A.

When you read “Therefore B”, it follows on from what you already understand about A. You accept it, because the fact is you pretty much already know it.

In the same way, when you read “Therefore, C”, you move in a very common sense way to a new realisation.

“A, therefore, C”, on the other hand, isn’t so common-sense. You might accept it, but it doesn’t feel like you really KNOW it.


If someone forced you to learn C, H, N, and Z just for the hell of it, you could. Basically what this means is becoming a Pavlov dog. When someone presents you with a cue, you produce a response. Good doggy. You pass your exams! Now you’re allowed to get a job and be even more domesticated. Isn’t that wonderful?

Plain memorising to produce a socially-approved correct answer on demand is not in alignment with the First Protocol of evaluating the accuracy and trustworthiness of the source who presents the information, nor the Second Protocol of believing what is demonstrated by your own experience, nor the Third Protocol of assuming the belief structure behind a procedure or skill that works for you, and finally it absolutely butchers the Fourth Protocol of trusting your intuition. It’s also SO TEAR-JERKINGLY BORING THAT IT MAKES YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF. You KNOW this! What are you doing?? I wish I could jump out of your internet connection and give you a slap right now!

Maybe I should present you with some real life examples. Science, for instance. I love science. But in school, children are made to memorise and regurgitate facts. Now wonder most children hate science. Where is the joy in that?

REAL scientific texts explain the story of science, how each discovery lead to the next. If they are really good, they don’t even make out the findings to be discoveries. They show the results of key experiments and let the common-sense conclusions form themselves in your mind of their own accord. Now that’s respect. You can continue believing whatever you want to believe, but if you can trust them to have presented their findings in a non-misleading way, then you’re allowed to take in new experiences from other perspectives and add them to your common-sense way of interacting with the world.

Because that’s what you do. You have your experience. You have the experiences which others communicate to you. And then you have common sense. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that you can learn which is not plain, obvious common sense.

Look at this article for example now. If you agree with what I say, have I told you anything that you didn’t actually know? To truly understand this article is to see how you already know what I have to say.

Energy in writing

There’s another factor in this which I explored in The role of energy in learning. This is energy. On leading you on my path of obvious ideas from A to B to C, I’m creating for you an experience which, if you choose to go along with it, will leave you changed. The ideas I use pass without a trace – you don’t remember them because they are common sense – but they serve their purpose.

In the end, I’m just resonating. When I see reality from a certain perspective and give energy to that, I resonate in a certain way. When I write this article, I invite you – just invite you – to do so too. If you choose to, then you will. If you choose not to, then no flashy argument will change things. This knowledge is just a resonance, just a way of interacting with the world.

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To see what pure common sense can do to you, I suggest you check out the awesome influence of “The Power of Now“. A review of this book is coming up soon.

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