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Coining The Acronym “I-C” For Indigo And Crystal Children And Adults

Seeing as I talk about Indigo/Crystal Child/Adult issues quite often in this blog, I decided to create a short acronym to identify the particular group I talk about.

It’s nothing fancy – “I-C” or “ICQ”.

I-C just means Indigo-Crystal. The hyphen suggests that people can be both, either, or possibly undefined between the two. I thought it was better than a forward slash “/” because that seems to indicate an either-or relationship.

“ICQ” indicates “Indigo-Crystal, and/or Questioning”.

I thought adding Questioning to this acronym makes it more inclusive because it is open for people who find some measure of use in the I-C identification but are either unsure about how they define themselves or reticent about going by it fully.

I prefer to use I-C or ICQ when I write about these topics because in my mind indigos and crystals have a lot more in common with each other than either have with non-ICQ. Sometimes they are hard to tell apart and sometimes it just doesn’t matter to tell them apart.

For instance, some people have said that I seem more crystal than indigo and these days I tend to think I might be. But I’m still not sure about that – and actually seeing as most of the ICQ people I talk with are indigos, and I feel very identified with them, I’d prefer to use a term which didn’t set me apart from them over a fairly minor difference. Also, I definitely used to be indigo, and if I still am partly, I definitely used to be more indigo than I am now.

This acronym as you can guess is somewhat inspired by the LGBTQ acronym. While joining several separate identities into one has its own problems, it can often be very useful to define a group which shares quite a few common characteristics, issues, and motivations.

Modifications Of I-C

Just like LGBTQ, which gets as short as LGBT and as long as QUILTBAG, I expect that if the I-C term ever picks off there will be thousands of reiterations and adjustments of it.

The one modification I was thinking could be useful would be adding S for Starseed/Starchild – so ICSQ, which has a nice ring to it.

Starseeds are different from I-C because while all I-C are Starseeds, not all Starseeds are I-C. But the word’s often used interchangeably, and tends to be quite a close fit. Also it would be helpful for those who find it easy to accept that their soul originated from another planet but are unsure about calling themselves I-C. And finally it could have its uses when we actually just want to talk about a wider group which includes Starseeds as well as indigos and crystals.

Other possible terms to add to the letter soup:

HSP which is already an acronym – meaning Highly Sensitive Person – again all I-C are HSP but not all HSP are I-C.

G for Gifted Children/Adults – this is a term used by some people to refer to the same patterns as I-C children/adults have, without giving the traits a spiritually-explained context.

R for Rainbow – said to be the next stage in I-C evolution – they are supposed to enter the world only as the child of two crystal parents and they are so rare I’ve never met one.

W for Wanderers – a different name for I-C from the Ra Channellings. I think W actually includes both I and C. Ra talks about different dimensional levels of Wanderers, which could be how they define the difference between what we call I and C.

And then there are all the other terms for various “special” children and adults*, too numerous to name here, including moon children, diamond children, golden children, violet children, etc etc. I disagree with the use of most of these terms, which I think came from a lot of ungrounded or fake channellers and writers. Either they are BS or are just talking about the same thing.

— *Note: I use the awkward “children and adults” because most of these terms are appended with “children” unless you specifically point out that these children then become adults. E.g. indigo children, rainbow children, special children etc. —

For now I’ll go with I-C, ICQ, or ICSQ. I’m sure if the acronym takes off people will mangle it further as they see fit :)



2316530206_449de8130d_oNote: Counselling

I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life challenges which they go through. I can help you find solutions in the realms of relationships, work, purpose, spirituality, health, and more. For more information, check out my counselling page: Indigo Child / Adult Counselling



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