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Changes After Two Weeks Of Hormone Therapy

I’m two weeks into hormone treatment for my MtF gender transition, and I just noticed my first unmistakable change today. This got me so excited I had to write a blog post about it! (It was that or write a Facebook post, but nowadays I’m making an effort to keep my writing here).

(Warning for this post: intimate descriptions of bodily functions).

Before today, I noticed changes but they were rather too subtle to be sure. For instance, quite quickly I thought I noticed a feeling of being a bit more… mellow is the best word for it. Relaxed, comfortable, unstressed.

Just a little bit more. I thought I was imagining it until my roommate made a similar observation from the outside looking in.

Apart from that, it seems like I need to masturbate less – I used to do it several times a day; now I do it pretty much just once. Also, I get the idea I could skip a day without becoming a horny sex monster the day after.

Not sure but I think so.

The one change that has been impossible to deny, though, was this one, which I discovered today:

I smell less – and different.

It’s been very hot today and yesterday and I’ve been sweating. Normally that would make me stink unless I used deodorant. Now it hasn’t. The change is really clear.

And what smell I do have, is different: definitely more feminine somehow; lighter, almost a little floral.

At one point today a weird feeling came over me because the smell reminded me of my sister. Everyone has a unique scent and my new smell is not totally unlike hers. I guess I’ll get used to it though.

My partner and roommate have enjoyed a day of me sniffing my armpits frequently and enthusing about the smell. For some reason, they weren’t as excited as I was. πŸ˜›

Because it’s kind of relevant, I’ll leave you with a comic from What’s Normal Anyway:



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