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October 22, 2011
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Change Of Seasons

Has anyone else noticed changes going on everywhere with this change of seasons?

A couple of weeks ago me and my girlfriend experienced the first cold day since spring. There was something wierd about that day. Like the sky had a funny light to it, the air a funny feeling, some sort of electricity in the atmosphere. In short, you knew winter was coming.

Since then I’m living in a new apartment and I’m single X).

I’ve seen people all around me go through some big change in their life during this time. I’ve heard of a lot of break ups, not least my own, spiritual shifts, house moves, as well as other things that seem to fit into the general pattern of change.

— I don’t feel like making too big a deal about the breakup by the way; I’ve already talked a little about it on the Steve Pavlina forums, but in short, it was about incompatibility. We still have a lot of love for each other, but it wasn’t to be. Anyway, let’s continue with what I was saying. —

With the change in relationship and my new apartment, I’ve felt a change in my life’s flow.

I’ve felt myself held in the hands of the Universe. With a sense of increasing dedication to serving the highest good of all has come a different way in which life seems to be unfolding.

Steve Pavlina wrote about how this happens in his blog. (See: Waking Up). I read it not long ago, and soon after I was seeing it happen in my life.

The gist is that the more you give your personal goals up in order to live in service, the more the Universe tends to support you, and the more life seems effortless, rather than like swimming against the tide.

For instance, I’ve always had the idea that money was a goal to achieve. Not because I particularly loved it, but because I could see that it was necessary and I had better play the game well if I was going to play at all.

However, recently, I’ve come to think less about different goals for money making for myself, and come to release this more into the hands of the Universe.

When I’m trying to access my genius and really create something, a flow of energy starts moving through me. But if I then try to get money for myself, it’s another flow of energy, an energy that looks more like fear. These two flows seem to block each other and neither get anywhere.

This contradiction is being resolved in myself more these days by realising what Steve was saying. If I release the personal goal for taking care of my own needs and attempt to align myself with work oriented to the highest good of all, the Universe will almost automatically choose to send resources my way.

While that doesn’t mean I can just do anything, it’s safe to say I’ll need to think about money a lot less and spend a lot less effort to get my needs met.

This isn’t a sort of karma. It’s simply a case of the Universe doing what’s best for itself in the widest sense. Those people who take up roles that serve the highest good of all will make a better use of resources than those that focus only on personal goals. It just makes sense to keep them happy and thriving, because that means they can do more work to serve the highest good of all.

So I’ve reached a point of wanting to really give myself to service to the Universe. Well, I’ve wanted this for some time – as I’ve written about before – but it’s still been a case of peeling back onion layers to get rid of all of the blocks to this flow of energy.

So I’ve unblocked this flow further, have really affirmed my contract with the Universe to serve it. And as I’ve done so, I’ve felt a lifting of a lot of the stresses I had before when my life was more survival and gratification oriented.

For one thing, money is flowing much easier than before. I’ve raised my financial vibration in that I’m no longer taking or borrowing money from friends and family to stay above water, and am no longer feeling stressed about all my bills — even though the amount I’m earning is not much more than before.

What’s particularly interesting, though, is that I’m enjoying the classes I’m doing to earn money more, and there isn’t a conflict in me about doing them. With this block out of the way, I can see the path is clear for me to expand my business until I’m earning a really comfortable income.

I even feel like I may be to some extent fulfilling my higher purpose with this business, as I can help people with my vibe and my sense of caring. One of my English students actually said that class with me was like a therapy session 🙂

With relationships, I won’t go into details but I also feel like that I’m being held in the Universe’s hands. Some pretty amazing sychronicities have happened and pieces have been moved so that I won’t feel lonely or disconnected now that I’m living alone. It’s so wonderful seeing how this has happened. 🙂

I’ve connected more deeply with my desire to serve the Universe, and I’ve found that the Universe can support me so I can serve it. With this release of blocks, I feel more energised and full of motivation to work on my mission.

I have to say that before this feeling I struggled with the occasional slight to moderate depression caused by a feeling of purposelessness or dismotivation with what I was doing, but I think that this feeling won’t happen again if I stay connected with the energy flow of my desire to serve the Universe.

This is a really exciting time for me, a new beginning. I can’t wait to see how this new level of energy unfolds in my life.

In what ways have your lives shifted with the change of seasons?

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  1. Fred Tracy says:

    This is a very aptly timed post. I’ve had some crazy syncronicities and such going on lately too.

    For example, there’s the Phoenix stuff that keeps happening. Yesterday I had a dream about a Phoenix that kept turning into ash and being reborn. Then I found myself driving behind a van with the company name “Phoenix”, then I heard a commercial for the University of Phoenix. I think there is something else too. It’s just crazy.

    Also, and this is really interesting, I’ve been seeing 11:11 a lot lately, which has become sort of typical, but I was seeing it a LOT one week, and so I decided to call my friend who was thinking of moving out soon. I told her she should go talk to the office at the apartments she wants to move into. She said she didn’t have time because of work.

    To cut a long story short, the system ended up being down at her work so they let her out early. She was actually able to go talk to the office. Her move-in date is 11/11/11. Ironically, the exact date I’ll get my second check from my new job that I’ve really been shooting for.

    Friggin’ sweet.

  2. Andrew Gubb says:

    Awesome 😀 Synchronicities rock.

    I had two dreams recently about sharks and they seem to keep popping up in my reality now. I would like to know what sharks are supposed to signify.

  3. Jack Christopher says:

    I feel “unfocus” accutely. Now actually. But I like it. It “refocuses” me. Though chronic unfocus’ld be a problem.

    But it doesn’t compare to years ago. I refocus quicker now. I see it as *part* of life flow, not against it.

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