March 12, 2016

Self Forgiveness

In the life-changing intuitive reading Erin Pavlina gave me, she told me, “It’s all about self-love and self forgiveness. All of it.” I’ve been working on self-love for some time now, as you can see in my blog archives. But it took me a bit longer to get around to self forgiveness. Interestingly, I seemed to discover the topic in a similar way to how I came across self love: first I felt no resonance […]
October 3, 2015

A Healing Experience On Magic Mushrooms

As you might know I’ve been pretty stressed out recently. This stress led me to taking a holiday, which happened to be in Amsterdam. Being in Amsterdam led me to taking magic mushrooms. (Obviously). I am mostly interested in drugs for their potential for giving me new perspectives on consciousness and new ways to grow as a person. Though I have always been cautious about drugs, I’m slowly waking up to the fact that they […]
August 18, 2014

How Do You Define A Partner? Polyamory And The Blurred Lines Between Partners And Non-Partners

It’s a common observation that when you’re polyamorous or otherwise non-monogamous, the lines become blurred between friends and more-than-friends. I personally have a lot of people in my life that wouldn’t quite fit into the mono-normative definition of “just friends”. However, not all of them are exactly partners either. They seem to fit on a spectrum of friendship, love, romance, cuddliness, and sex, with some being very close to “just friends” and others being closer […]
February 19, 2010

How to Tell if You Are Indigo

Here is an in-depth article describing what traits to look for in determining if you or someone you know is an indigo child or adult. When talking to people about indigos I often hear that the characteristics are not specific and practically anyone could consider themselves an indigo. Therefore in this article I’m going try to be as clear as possible in describing the things that make indigos DIFFERENT from other people. In the first […]
January 27, 2009

Where to Start on Your Path of Personal Growth

You’re on the path of personal growth. There are so many things to improve, so many leads. How do you start? What’s most important? How do you avoid overwhelm? The universe is an infinitely complex place. Your mind wants to understand it so that it can feel safe. In fact, what it can’t understand, it would generally prefer just not to look at. To begin growing, though, you need to move outside the comfortable area […]