September 29, 2017

What A Relationship Is

A relationship is not an object, it is an experience. It cannot be held, gained or lost, just as you cannot hold a song. A song begins when it begins, and ends when it ends. It is valuable, but has no substance. It is made of moments. Related The Journey Of The Great Heart Warriors
January 28, 2016

Fear of Being Alone

In a recent post, I detailed a revelation I’d had about my fear of being alone: …my crying stopped suddenly as I had a little revelation. I thought about what I was actually crying about. What I realised was that my reaction was disproportionate to just being upset about being alone. Sure, being alone hurts, but I always get through it. Inevitably there’s a period of being lonely before eventually I find someone(s) to fill the gap […]
October 18, 2014

How To Share Chores In A Flatshare

I worked out a pretty nice system for sharing chores in my flatshare recently. Simply, instead of having rigid times in which such and such a person should do a particular chore, we have a piece of paper on the fridge. Whenever one of us does a chore, we write down what we did. That’s it, basically. The beauty of this is that it appeals to our sense of community rather than resorting to guilt […]
August 18, 2014

How Do You Define A Partner? Polyamory And The Blurred Lines Between Partners And Non-Partners

It’s a common observation that when you’re polyamorous or otherwise non-monogamous, the lines become blurred between friends and more-than-friends. I personally have a lot of people in my life that wouldn’t quite fit into the mono-normative definition of “just friends”. However, not all of them are exactly partners either. They seem to fit on a spectrum of friendship, love, romance, cuddliness, and sex, with some being very close to “just friends” and others being closer […]