June 3, 2017

How To Not Think (Sort Of)

I’ve long been convinced about the value of Presence, a.k.a. mindfulness, and have worked to cultivate it in my life. Recently I had a breakthrough in my self work (which I may or may not write about in a future blog post, depending on inspiration) and I currently feel qualified to say a few things about the topic. In Presence and mindfulness teachings, as well as in some meditation teachings (which intend to cultivate mindfulness […]
January 16, 2017

Anger And Nonviolent Communication

I had a conversation about dealing with anger yesterday and found that my views on the topic have developed, or at least, I seem to be better at explaining them. Interestingly, though I still haven’t read the book Nonviolent Communication, I’ve been told that my philosophy seems to match its ideas closely. I’d like to read it, but I like the idea of writing down my ideas first, so that they are not influenced by […]
October 23, 2016

Ego Death On MDMA

About six weeks ago, I had an incredibly powerful growth experience. It is testament to the craziness of my life that I can say it wasn’t my most intense single growth experience, but it surely ranks up there with the best of them. It was instigated by the consumption of the drug MDMA. I’ve so far taken psychadelic drugs four times in my life; psilocybin mushrooms twice and MDMA twice now. The psilocybin was interesting, and I […]
September 27, 2013

Following Your Impulses In The Now

As I’ve dived into spiritual teachings and spiritual self-exploration in my life, I’ve often found that “spiritual” looks rather different than I expected it to. (Image Source) I wanted to explain with a small example from today. I was out shopping with my partner – or rather I was out with my partner while they were shopping. I wasn’t much interested in hardware stores. At one point I sat down and decided to let my […]