September 25, 2014

Translation of “Liza Pentras Bildojn” By Persone

Here’s a quick translation of one of my favorite songs in Esperanto, Liza Pentras Bildojn.   Longe for de mia mond’ Mi portiĝis per etera ond’ Al loko stranga treFore de l’ amika rond’ Plene je demandoj sen respond’ Kaj motorpane’ Marso aŭ Aldebaran’ Stelo sen samidean’ Vere mankis ies akompan’ Liza ĉiam volis pentri bildojn Kaj ankaŭ mi, sed ne kun sama ĝu’ Kaj mia farbskatol’ Perdiĝis kun la vol’ Sed Liza pentras bildojn […]
August 31, 2014

Language Justice And Esperanto

Despite believing in Esperanto, I’ve hesitated to be an Esperanto activist so far. This is probably because I have other social justice topics I consider more important, such as trans issues and feminism. When large numbers of your trans friends have attempted suicide, and large numbers of your female* friends have been raped, language justice doesn’t seem so urgent. Perhaps that’s just me. I think I’m happy that there are Esperanto activists in the world. […]
February 26, 2014

Practical Uses I’ve Found For Esperanto

It’s strange how skeptical some people are about Esperanto when I talk to them about it – it’s somehow similar to polyamory and veganism, in that many seem rather invested in criticising these things, often without knowing much about them in actual practice. The difference from polyamory and veganism is that I’m not breaking any social taboos I can think of with Esperanto. So I don’t really understand why people are so intent on criticising […]