I’m a user of Audible and I think they’re a really good company.

Audible is a part of Amazon.com and they focus on selling audiobooks.

The audiobooks are cheap, especially with the generous discounts you can get from them, and are quite worth the money. This is for someone who often pirates video or music. I feel that Audible is accessible to me and I’m happy to pay for their audiobooks, something which isn’t always the case for me in a world where information can be replicated infinitely at practically no cost.

Audiobooks are a great discovery for me. They let me absorb a book passively while I’m walking in the street sticking up posters, in the metro, or washing the dishes. It’s like I’ve gotten a benefit out of time which I otherwise would have let disappear.

It is also great for me and people like me because I’m indigo – and we tend to have short attention spans. This means we often can’t concentrate on reading normal books. But listening to an audiobook while multitasking – or just lying back in bed and zoning out – is easy.

Audible is great in particular because it has a wide selection of books, including self help books, and because the books are often narrated by the author. It was pretty nice listening to “The Law of Attraction” by Esther Hicks in her own voice, and I’m downloading The Power of Now at this very moment.

I’d recommend Audible for anyone who wants to have an alternative way of absorbing information, and especially for impatient multitaskers. I can’t really think of a negative side of it. Except perhaps that one or two books I wanted to try weren’t available as audiobooks, but that’s only to be expected. And the number of audiobooks they have is expanding every day.

So here’s my affiliate link. I’ll get a commission if you sign up through this link, so this is a win-win-win deal. I feel very good about recommending this product to you. I feel so confident about it that if you sign up through this link and end up thinking I’ve lead you astray, I’ll send you back whatever money you’ve lost. Not as a gimmick – because I don’t want to earn money through bad sales.

All that said, here is the link.

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