Hi! I’m Sophia.

I’m a person who was very lost and who searched for answers. In many ways, I have found them, though I continue this process and blog about it as I go.

There’s a lot of weirdness involved in the term but I have a very Google-successful article about indigo people, which I would say I am one of. Basically this means that I have a strong spiritual sense of having come from “somewhere else” and perhaps this alien perspective might be interesting to readers. I also wrote a book on the topic.

Did I mention I’m transgender? I’m transgender. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t a big deal but it does seem to influence the way I see the world a lot.

About This Blog

I was inspired to start a blog by Steve Pavlina and in some ways you could call this a Personal Development blog too. However, I’m conscious of avoiding the clichés of the genre and I think this blog has a wider scope than that. My intention is to help people develop how they see themselves and the world.

This blog is for you if you’re interested in:

– Questioning society and the dominant paradigm

– Questioning your beliefs

– Improving yourself, your habits and lifestyle

– Improving your impact on the world.

If you want to know more, I recommend you just start reading. Here are some representative posts:

Feminism Without Abolishing Gender – How being trans lets me see gender in a very different way.

A Spiritual Perspective On Veganism – Why I’m vegan.

Self Love – About one of my biggest projects in personal development.

Life After Death – Exploring the concept of life after death, in particular how I came to my current beliefs.

How To Get Girls (Without Being Sexist) – A guide to uh, “picking up chicks”. (Not quite).

What It Feels Like To Be Transgender – Explaining this rather unusual side of me and advocating for trans rights.

Inaction Is Action – A call to making a difference in the way you live.

Connect With Sophia

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My email is sophiagubb.blog AT gmail DOT com.

Comment Policy

I’m a bit gung-ho about deleting comments, which may result in the occasional injustice. In which case, sorry about being unjust.

I basically delete any comment that feels disrespectful. I don’t mind differing opinions to my own, in fact I often enjoy them, but if you imply I’m crazy or stupid or if you say transphobic stuff I’ll delete you.

Maybe sometimes I misread someone’s tone and delete when I shouldn’t have. So, um………….. sorry about that.