The Differences Between Genders
November 6, 2013
No Longer So Obsessed About My Gender Transition
November 29, 2013

A Short Note About My Absence

I haven’t been writing this last month because of an incredible low brought on from a combination of heartbreak – from losing my primary partner – and mild trauma. I have managed to write two posts which I’ll post in following (the second after a day). I don’t know if I will manage to write again for a while. I’m better than before, I suppose, but pain continues to pretty much dominate my life right now.

Positive vibes and well-wishes appreciated (though by no means obligatory).

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  1. Erdal says:

    Hey.. Maybe you could try the Spiritual Heart Meditation by Lincoln Gergar. I don’t have much consistent experience to back it up, but it seems to work with me to raise the spirits. This is the best way I could advice you to become happier.. Try 30 minutes in the morning to put your attention on your heart.. it would go everywhere but when you become aware put it there again. Check his website, to learn, he is the teacher, I am just a student. Cheers.

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