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October 5, 2011
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October 23, 2011

A New Manifesto For Sophiagubb.com

I’m kind of embarrassed about the number of posts that I’ve written about what this site is about. If I am truly honest with myself, these posts are the result of me struggling with the fact that I didn’t really know what this site is about.

I’d like to take a different approach and embrace that now. Well, I’ve been in the process of embracing it, and now I’d like to embrace it even more.

So, it’s okay that I don’t know what my site is about! So long as people come to it, they’re enjoying something.

Better said, I think I do know what my site is about. But it’s more undefined than defined. To be exact, this site is my medium of expression to an audience who is in a similar vibration to me.

If you need clarification on that, “vibration” just means something like “vibe” or “attitude”. It gets a little bit more technical when we relate it to a New Age style world view, but to keep it simple you can just say that I’m expressing to an audience that more or less vibes the way I do or “gets” what I’m saying.

Anyway, so that is what my site is about. Writing for my audience. Expressing myself.

Expressing what exactly?

Just… myself :p

Having A Niche For Your Blog

I know there’s such a big deal about having a niche for your blog nowadays. People say that if you want to go professional with your blog it’s what you have to do.

But I didn’t choose a niche for this blog when I started – I was inspired by Steve Pavlina and kind of just wanted to make it up as I went along. And now I can’t look back and say I really have a niche. I think it would be just too forced, and too fake, to attempt to give it one now.

I’ve got to reconnect with the love of writing and stop doing what I think I “need” to do to be successful. In the end if this blog was never successful financially but I enjoyed writing it, that’d be enough. It’s clear that I’ve got something to say and there are people who want to hear it. I don’t need to try to fix what isn’t broken. Or turn a river into an aqueduct.

What I’ve seen generally ties my posts together is that they are about things I think are important. Not important as in prestigious, but important as in, important for life. Important, in my view, for the things that really matter.

For instance I know there are blogs which are about politics, or about fashions, or about celebrities. These in general would be examples of what for me is not important. They are usually ways of wasting time,  of covering up a sense of inner void with meaningless noise.

The Important Things

For me personal growth, authentic spirituality, applicable philosophy, activism, and alternative ways of doing things in life are important. They actually affect the way you live your life and give you a chance to improve your wellbeing, or that of others, or both.

For me the important things are those that make you feel alive.

The important things need bravery. The bravery to speak out or to stand out or to be different. The bravery to move out of a sense of security or the familiar.

In the end, it’s the bravery to be and express who you really are at the deepest level. Not just when talking with people, but express in its fullest sense, so to live life entirely according to who you truly are.

That’s my niche. Important things, for people who agree with me that they’re important.

This website is me, an extension of me, nothing more, nothing less. Other websites I make in the future can be focused on certain things. You come *here*, though, if you want some Sophia Gubb.

Sounds like a good niche to me. I have a practical monopoly on it 😉

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  1. Fred Tracy says:

    LOL. “That’s my niche. Important things, for people who agree with me that they’re important.” I love it.

    You could just call your website personal development if you wanted to. That’s what I call mine, and it’s pretty much about anything that I think is important and even remotely related to bettering yourself.

  2. Andrew Gubb says:

    I guess I don’t want to be “just another” personal development blogger! Like I want to set myself apart somehow.

    Actually apart from that I don’t feel like it’s such a good fit. Personal development is one thing, but I’m also pretty philosophical sometimes (information which isn’t DIRECTLY related to growth) and I like to write about saving the world.

    I put it better in the “About” page I rewrote after making this article. Two words: “deep stuff”. I think that pretty well defines my niche.

  3. Jack Christopher says:

    I almost did a site. But I knew it’d never be “niche”. So I named it after me. But I aborted. I wanted collaboration instead of individuation.

    I think a blog is *your* space; it’s an extension of it. Of course you can kludge it into being more collaborative, like a blog/zine coop.

    I hope that doesn’t sound trite. I mean “your space” as Caplot does. But there should be a social space too. Some stuff should be common pooled. Where to put what depends on your preference. But I see knowledge, info, ideas and insights as a commons.

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