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June 14, 2010
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July 8, 2010

A New Leadership

I think as the world opens up to a higher consciousness we will be seeking out more and more a new leadership to follow.

Leaders who inspire, rather than control. Whose followers follow willingly and in full possession of the facts, because they volunteer to let these leaders represent them and take initiative on decisions. Who would gladly become their own leaders (and do) if at any point the leadership they find is inadequate.

The leadership or better said tyranny which is the norm in this world is set to slowly fade away or be transformed. Most of all I suspect it will fade away as more and more people wake up and decide not to keep giving away their energy to vampires —  rather live their lives just as they want them to be. When the vampires can no longer feed, they will starve and be forced to go elsewhere.

A New Leadership

I am a leader at heart, so I often think about these things. What sort of initiatives would we undertake in a country of awakened people?

I had the thought of suggesting, as a truly democratic leader of this hypothetical country, that a village or town should undertake a zero-waste year. In that year no waste would be allowed to exit the perimeter of the town and the farm land around it. We could make a TV documentary about it that would be aired once a week during this whole year. Can you imagine? I think it would be very eye opening, both for highlighting in a graphic way the sort of things that we would we put of mind just because they are thrown on a pile we can’t see and for the sake of the innovative solutions the villagers came up with to reuse old waste.

Of course, the ultimate solution would be a zero-waste country, which I do believe is very possible. In nature there is no such thing as waste, for everything is recycled. Humanity is the only creature that prefers to imagine that there are parts of it that it can disown and pretend no longer exist, which then turn against them and cause huge destruction.

True Leadership

I think a lot about these sorts of things. How to make a better world. Initiatives to make a better life here. How good leadership could work as the part of a whole.

Leadership doesn’t change anything. Leadership isn’t above or outside those it works with. No-one is subject to true leadership without being able at any point to deny leadership its power (though they may still be affected by it indirectly). Tyranny demands people to follow; leadership invites them. Tyranny thinks itself the ambition of all people; leadership is just another way of service in a world of infinite possibilities.

Self Leadership

Of course, we are all our own leaders. Leadership is a skill and I feel like compartmentalisation of skills is quite unnatural. It’s good for each of us to focus on our strengths but not for us to give up our other skills so that we can focus on them. In the new one no-one will identify only as a “marketer” or a “doctor” but will know themselves first and foremost as human beings. And so there will be human beings with talent who take up the role of moving energy, moving people, and creating change. They will be human beings, beloved brothers and sisters, and they will be also called leaders.

And as well as these focused human beings, all people will take up the role of leader at some time or another. One day someone might come up with an idea to a local problem. They will send the idea around their local community and in days it will be integrated in every corner of the place. That’s leadership on a small scale.

And just living your life the way you want to is leadership. Rather than taking the path of least resistance and allowing others to define how you live, you can expose yourself to both resistance, criticism, praise and gratitude by making a new you. Maybe one day out of the blue you will go raw vegan. No-one else in your community is doing that. In one fell swoop, you’ve become a leader with a single person following – you. And like all true leaders, you demand no-one follow, but with your example you do invite them to follow. Perhaps your example will shine so bright that one day you will be writing books about raw foodism, talking in public and catalysing masses of converts. But it all starts with the one-person following, and I think in its essence this is what all true leadership is about.

Lightworkers and Leadership

So I guess this is what I think about leadership. Nevertheless we as highly conscious people must realise we live in a world of mostly sleepers who would rather follow a vampire than a true leader. In a situation like this leaders are lightworkers — those who choose to lead the way by choosing light for their one-person following, whether or not anyone else will follow.

The internet is a great place for true leadership to unfold, and it’s happening at this very moment. The vampires’ grip is becoming less strong over us, and it’s time to break it further and jam our footholds into this planet. Do it where you can. To me, the internet is the future.

I’d love to see us demand more freedom to create in the area of business and education too, to name a few things. I think this will happen when the lightworkers’ grip gets stronger on this planet. For now we are strongest when we are together, and seeing as we are so haphazardly sown throughout this planet the internet is the best way of connecting us.

I love you.

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  1. Cado says:

    Don’t forget my side of the equation; we ultimately walk the same road. Where we need to push I will push; where there is no hope I will light a fire. Tyranny frees no one, it betters nothing-even the rulers are enslaved. I will tear it down piece by piece, I will raze the broken structures of thought and deed which have trapped myself and others and upon that ground something new will be born.

    This is my destiny. All who share it can count on my help.

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