Feeling Divinity
November 25, 2017

A Clean Break

So, lately I’ve been going through some internal growth that is even more intense than usual. As a result of this growth, I’ve begun to feel differently about this blog. It feels not “me” anymore, or not completely resonant with what I want to do. Until such time as I can feel it resonate 100% to continue writing here, I’m going to leave it as it is, and it’s quite likely I’ll just leave it forever. Still, you can count on me continuing to do consciousness related work, and there will be new media from me – I’m just not sure what form that will take just yet. Possibly a new blog – a clean break. Possibly something else. I’ll (probably) update here with any news about that.

I suggest you check out my book about indigo people if you haven’t already. There’s also the archives, which probably have something of interest in them after 9 years of me writing about once a week. (Omg)

Thanks for those who have read my blog and supported me over the years.



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