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February 4, 2010
How to Tell if You Are Indigo
February 19, 2010

5 Myths About Indigo Children

In the 1970s there was a big phad about these “new kids” – indigo children – that were coming along to change the world. Apparently they were going to bring about a spiritual revolution which would bring heaven on earth by 2012.

Most of what you find on the internet about indigos is pretty confused. Most of the people who write about indigos are not indigos. Some of them are decent channelers, and they at least can channel some decent information, but they often make a good few mistakes while they’re about it. Doreen Virtue – we’re looking at you. Other people are neither indigo nor channelers, and their only source is second-hand, third-hand, fourth-hand…. and we have a set of Chinese whispers that cross the world and before you know it, indigos are unspeakably strong or we’re magical superbeings that can walk on water or God knows what.

Indigos are pretty special creatures. But we’re not Jesus. And we’re not every child, either. Let’s debunk some myths.

Writing is Sophia Gubb, indigo, for your enlightenment 🙂

Myth #1: all children of a certain age are indigos.

I’ve heard this theory that all children born after 1992 are indigo. Actually I’ve just done a search on google and I hear this same rumour for many different dates ranging between 1984 and 2000. Seemingly the indigo revolution is just on the horizon, and will happen as soon as these children are grown up. Also, they are always children.

Nothing could be further from the truth, people. Indigos have existed for thousands and thousands of years. They are simply high-level souls that incarnate here to push the world forward in its spiritual evolution. This world is still at a stage where indigos are made to be leaders and are rare, influential people; they are not about to become the whole population.

And if they were, you’d know it. Indigos don’t keep quiet. If every schoolchild was indigo, there wouldn’t be any conventional schools any more – they would have been blown up long ago*.

*OK, maybe the schools would have been taken down by peaceful resistance. But I enjoyed that fantasy when I wrote the first draft of this article.

Myth #2: indigos are all of a certain age; they didn’t exist on this planet before a certain date.

Not my experience at all. I’ve known or heard of indigos up to 50 years old; in fact, one lady of 40 or so, who was inexplicably wiser than her vibration seemed to reflect, told me about her dead father who seemed to have all the traits.

I believe myself, in fact, to have been indigo and incarnated on Earth for quite some lifetimes.

I think it could well be that we are getting more indigos now. Makes sense. The

world in general is going through a really rapid spiritual evolution. We need leaders at this point. So I won’t say no to that.

Myth #3: indigos are all psychic.

I WILL say that indigos are all intuitive to some degree, though not all indigos realise their capacity to talk to spirits, channel angels, see the future and other cool things. I say “realise” this capacity because everyone has it to some degree, it’s just a case of whether you cultivate it or not. Think of it like sporting ability or artistic ability or whatever else. There’s talent, and then there’s training.

So some indigos basically find themselves seeing spirits from day 1, remember their past lives, and all that. Some don’t. I haven’t grown up talking to spirits personally, though I’m often told by other psychics that I have a lot of ability.

There are some psychics who are very good at channeling messages and have natural ability but are not indigo. You can tell because they channel wisdom but they don’t necessarily live it 🙂

Indigos have in general what I call “natural intuition”. They’re generally very sensitive and connected, and when they need to know something, they generally know it, in their gut, in their actions, in the things they are drawn to. Contrast this with certain psychics I’ve met who channel everything they can except what they need to know to help themselves 🙂

Myth #4: All indigos are lightworkers

Hmm, I think all indigos have lightworker potential. A lot of them get stuck in resistance and bitterness though. I’m sorry to say it but a lot of the stuff that goes on in this world is damn hard to forgive – and many non-indigos know this, but they often don’t know the half of it. Indigos feel injustice very strongly, and it’s everywhere. They can get tied up in hate and never get out.

Any indigos reading this, though: work on it, because this life is just a dream and we’re meant to be happy, OK? 🙂

Myth #5: All indigos are spiritual masters

Yes and no. An indigo’s soul is a brilliant light, a sight to behold. However, sometimes the soul isn’t expressed by the incarnation. On the other hand, some incarnations of less experienced people (I hate to say less evolved, because… I just don’t like to think of this as a scale, OK?) are so deeply connected with their spirits, through meditation, introspection and serious dedication to personal growth, that they incarnate greater wisdom than some indigos will. I think Steve Pavlina may be one of these people. Apart from his solitude as a child, he didn’t seem to exhibit the characteristics of an indigo at that point. Not to say I wouldn’t really enjoy having a conversation with this guy. I think he’s wiser than I currently am, or at least he writes better self-help advice.

Steve Pavlina, come to think of it, says that he directly experiences Being (Oneness) 80% of the time (in one old post; I imagine he experiences it more now). I’ve only had this experience in short glimpses fairly recently. So we’re not born enlightened or anything like that. If you work hard you can be more spiritual than an indigo. Some of us get lazy, or addicted to drama. Some of us die bitter. We might be perceptive, but we’re not always high-vibrational. Free will or the choice between fear and love exists on all levels. (Or if there is some level in which it does not exist, I haven’t been there yet to be able to report back).

Indigos like feedback on their blogs

So let’s wrap this up. Indigos aren’t supermen, aren’t X-men, we don’t run about with our pants outside our trousers. We’re not going to change the world in one fell swoop though if you listen to us we can be pretty effective in helping out to a certain extent. We’re not everywhere and we’re not nowhere. We are what we are. Om 🙂

We often have some pretty cool superpowers, but so do you. I couldn’t conclude an article about indigos without reminding you this: whatever we have, YOU have. The principle of Oneness reminds us that all things contain the essence of all other things. A rock has excitement in some microscopic quantity. A bird has intelligence. Pigs have decorum. The Pope has a tiny drop of love in his heart. Jesus had some hatred in him. And whatever the essence of the indigo is – perception, power, energy, genius, whatever it is – you have it too. Not even that far away. Work on your growth, and you can be a master. You’re limited by your potential but not how much you choose to live up to it – and most people never come close to their potential.

More writing about indigos is coming up. By the way, if you are wondering about indigos and want to know if you are one, check out my popular article: How To Tell If You Are Indigo.


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How To Tell If You Are Indigo

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  1. Baker says:

    I enjoyed reading your insights on the topic of indigo children. What percentage of the population in the world today, would you say consist of indigos?

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Thanks Baker. I believe about 0.1% of people are indigos in the world today. This is in line with the rough guesses I’ve made considering the people I’ve met, and is also mentioned in “The Law of One”, where indigos seem to be referred to as “Wanderers”.

      Some places have more and some have less; Indonesia and the developed world has the most, while poorer countries generally have less.

  2. “Bitterness is the outcome of a wrong mental movement – the attempt to force external events to conform to internal fantasy. The cure is to see fantasy as fantasy, which will reveal it as neither necessary nor rewarding.” /Vernon Howard

    “Happiness and positivity is the outcome of right mental movement – Letting external events happen and perceive them as they are. The cure for unhappiness is to see reality as it is and deal with it with a positive creative mindset.” /Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

  3. shining_shadow says:

    Hey there. I just have one doubt because everywhere i look i am called an indigo and i have all the usual traits except for leadership and being fearless. That may be because i was severely bullied in elementary but then again an indigo would have not been pushed around in the first place, right? Also could be that im not and i enherited something from my dad who is fully and absolutely indigo.

    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Being indigo runs in families. It’s totally normal for indigos to have been bullied in school, they stand out, don’t conform, yeah, they’re the worst sort of person to be in elementary school. (And the best sort of person in Real Life).

      Those two traits you mentioned don’t sound like they are absolutely necessary. Indigos aren’t fearless, though they are usually *relatively* fearless. I do have an indigo friend who is really very timid though. There are different sorts of personalities, it’s not like we’re all the same.

      With leadership, you’re probably a leader in some ways, e.g. you do things differently and would rather not follow anyone who did things in a way you don’t agree with, though maybe again because you have a more shy sort of personality you don’t go out and act as a leader actively for others.

  4. JP says:

    maybe the awakened indigos can found a group, uniting our forces for the better

  5. Adrian says:

    I live in the US, and i am an indigo. I realized i was because of you, thank you for that! 😀 Theres not many indigos where I live that i know of, so it wouldve been pretty hard to figure out I was one myself lol. I find that I was very psychic when I was a little kid, not so much now. But im working on it!

  6. holly says:

    Hello, I recently have been reading up on Indigos and who they are, and I feel I am one. I think my largest trait is the feeling of never being home. I’ve felt it since childhood and it’s quite a lonely feeling. I have plenty of other amazing traits and experiences too many to type out here actually but, one thing about all this talk I hear that burns me is this “vegan” conformity. I eat everything raw, including meat, and it agitates me when I see these “supposed” indigos bashing these amazing people because they aren’t vegan. What’s your take on it? I would love to chat more in fact share my stories, and feel alittle peace for once..thanks so much

  7. Sophia Gubb says:

    hey holly, i know one indigo who is quite a staunch defender of her right to eat meat. i think there’s a strong tendency for indigos to be vegan and i think it’s in their nature to care about and want to avoid unnecessary animal suffering. but i don’t think being vegan or not can define you as indigo. also, whatever you are, bashing someone for their diet is immature – we can state our opinions but to judge someone for their opinions is not helpful at all.

  8. holly says:

    Well, see that’s my issue about it, just because I eat meat doesn’t mean I enjoy harming animals, I NEED meat to live, that’s a FACT. I just get so frustrated that we are told to go vegan to cleanse but to me, cleansing isn’t always about not eating meat or dairy. It’s these same “Indigos” who say this as we are told we are non conforming. Do you know of any place for adult indigos to perhaps meet others and expand their abilities? I find myself unable to sit and meditate, my mind wanders too much to focus and I could use the help. Thanks so much

  9. Sophia Gubb says:

    So you don’t respond well to a vegan diet?

    I don’t know about such a place, there may be one or two in the world but I think perhaps now is the time for us to create such places. I personally found my place by surrounding myself with indigo friends from my city (and elsewhere). It’s a good thing to try to do, just ask the Universe to help you. <3

  10. holly says:

    No, I actually have a vitamin defiency and I saw a native American doctor and he recomended me to eat raw, even meat, and I now function so much better. I am actually starting to eat raw cow heart for my Retinitis pigmentosa, they say it can cure it. I have a large respect for the animals I consume, if it weren’t for them I’d die. As they are for their prey. Yeah, it really is unfortunate there isn’t any place like that, and with the population of indigos being as rare as they are, I can’t imagine any being here. Tis a shame,

  11. BMS says:

    Ok so I was introduced to this indigo stuff primarily from researching psychedelics because my friends were into them. Me and a buddy of mine seem to have more profound experiences with psychs then most of the other people I know who take them. My buddy who i tripped with twice (my only two times) we end up having crazy profound conversations and self realizations. i used to be very art minded when i was smaller, but when my parents changed to a certain militant christian church my life changed, not in a good way either :/. I still struggle with my parents views on the bible and stuff. and I’m about 85% sure they are in a christian cult. I bought into it for quite a few years as well. So anyway the longer i went to this church the more and more it was difficult to express myself because my parents are very judgmental people. I’m now trying to gain that part of me back, but it is hard and a slow process. sometimes I feel like I’m just a lazy fool, but it is where my heart is at. I think I am an indigo, my tastes are different than most peoples and I’m very sensitive to my environment, VERY sensitive. it was to the point where I stopped dreaming at night an I have insomnia pretty bad. this has been going on for about 4 years give or take now. but lately ive been having more and more dreams since i have practiced meditation and trying to open my root, heart, and ajna chakras. my dreams are also very vivid now. almost to the point where it takes me a few moments after i wake up to tell that it was just a dream. I was born in 1992 and I’m a Gemini (ive read those two things can be big determinants in whether or not you are an indigo).

  12. catherine says:

    I totally agree. I am part of a few indigo groups online and its amazing how many clearly are not indigo. I think this doesn’t help with the mix up! I have incarnated on this earth for a long time yet know i am also an indigo. Since i was small i have suffered majorly with injustice and also dishonesty. It got me into trouble because my volume was heard over my words, that however was a good lesson to learn to communicate better, rather than with rage lol! I find it hard to quieten my mind, it goes off analyzing every situation, i discovered so much though all sat in my subconcious. I’ve always been the shoulder to cry on yet never had a shoulder to cry on until my adult life where my mother has helped, i believe she too is an Indigo. I have many friends but none on a deep level, i feel pretty alone in my thinking sometimes. I do a lot of soul searching. I suffer with ADD also but luckily I run my own creative business so keeps my mind busy as the work is always different. I am very independent also I don’t easily trust others I do have quite a guard when it comes to the opposite sex. Id like to know about my soul family more, my origns. I did find some info about the feline / lion people and wondered if this is the Indigos soul origns? 🙂 Catherine

  13. I’ve always known that I was different from those around me. I’ve only recently come to know how powerful I am. I know now that I am an Indigo and one who has struggled greatly because of the sensitivity I possess. I am a performer and I find acting the easiest thing in the world because I’ve felt the need to hide who I am from everyone for my whole life. I am not bitter. I am no longer hiding. I want to the world to know who I am and that I am full of love.
    I recently me another Indigo and she’s never been in love. I in fact agreed to meet with her to tell her that I wasn’t interested. All it took was one look in her eyes and I knew I’d found my home.
    I believe that more Indigos need to find each other. We have the power to move the world. We are a family. I’m open to any others who’d like to reach out.

  14. Misha says:

    Hey Sophia!
    Thanks a lot for the article.

    BTW, I really want to meet more people like us. And to be honest very scared 😀

  15. Lily says:

    This is amazing!!!!!:D This is the most amazingly awesome blog I’ve ever read in my entire life:) FINALLY!! Someone who actually has the capacity to accept people and not be prejudice and discriminate and write about spiritualism!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!:D

  16. Zakiyya says:

    Just finished reading your article, literally the entire thing and I still feel unsure to call myself an indigo. The traits are very relatable to a T that it’s almost scary, it made me reflect on some things as a child and things as I’ve gotten older. As a child I could see spirits, people thought I was crazy or lying. It wasn’t that serious to me, they were kind of just always around me. I lost that ability getting older. Also as a child I was super quiet, so I wouldn’t call myself rebellious. I mean I did what I wanted just quietly, and I was always assumed to be shy because how quiet and laid-back I am but honestly I just watch people. I can’t help it, I don’t usually interact because it doesn’t feel genuine so I just watch every thing in the classroom. I notice things I probably shouldn’t, I can see behind people’s social mask and I hate it, I don’t think of it as someone being “fake” or whatever people say, I actually find it hurtful and disrespectful that you would pretend to be someone you’re not especially around someone so accepting. I have a hard time in school socially and academically. There’s a lot of things from this article that I’d say connect me with the indigo community, I felt a bit excited and comfortable reading it like “wow so that’s why I did things a certain way,” or ” I really relate to this,” It felt right. I always wanted to know why I was such a loner, the black sheep in my family, and whatever else. I guess I just don’t want to claim something that finally makes sense only to be fooling myself. What do you think?

  17. Wendy says:

    I am highly evolved I know who I am and I get treated badly every day of my life.I Am at the stage now where I’m too far gone into hate and I hate humans eternally and that is my truth. It’s true some things do become unforgivable and thats where I am. Humans are the absolute worst. They are the dumbest species ever to have been. They know absolutely nothing except how to be nasty and judgemental. I know more than them all but they never know this. Humans are a waste of time trying to even help. No one can ever touch my soul and I’m not part of them.

  18. Nataly says:

    I’ve just found out that it is pretty possible im an indigo! But i totally agree with u that its impossible that up to 95% are indigos! My adhd is real and fucking up my adult life, i was hyperactive for real as a kid, till i was about 10-11! I ALWAYS had problems concentrating is school! My mind is sooo fast, ugh.. I hate tasks, everything that even requires slight concentration, i tend to leave it for last or not do it al all lol! Im working on this tho! But even when doing things i love, like cooking, i try to do everything quickly, ugh.. Also i seem to concentrate better when doing more than one task at the time! I’ve had a f*cked up life and f*ucked up parents.. Ive always felt different and lonely.. At nine when i discovered what ufos are thru my uncle, i always had a great interest in the universe & ufos! Im pretty sure i’ve seen some ufos as well! I’ve never seen any spirit! But latley ive had many

  19. Nataly says:

    Ughh.. I pressed submit by mistake, while my phone was going crazy, now i cnt see anymore where i started! Please dont public the half comment! Lol
    I will write another time, as it is interrsting what u wrote now! But my adhd paicence has gone for now to re-write everything 😳

  20. Angela A. says:

    Thanks for the onsite full article. I am a indigo adult. (36) I am not aware of my psychic or paranormal abilities yet, but I have loads of intuition! I am working on my powers though with a master, and hope I can also get control of my tendency to fry electronics with his help, because computers and phones are expensive!!

  21. Encarnacion born says:

    Hi first of all beaing an indigo it sucks ok first of all we don’t reincarnated at all we only live ones everyone Including indigos. Since indigo is born it can see strange stuff it always feel u don’t belong u, u don’t obey that mans law and u question everything ur gut feeling always boter u even can make u throw up and if u are strong u can see the whole world energy. And to but things straight there’s 70 indigos in the whole world indigos are here to guide the human population. If one indigo dies the same day another one is born it will always going to be 70 only don’t be foolish about Mis information and don’t email me god have stop looking. And if an indigo is reading this always follow ur gut bye

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