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January 12, 2014
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222 (Synchronistic Numbers)

colourful flowersOnce upon a time, my biggest influence, Steve Pavlina, wrote about 11:11.

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If you are unaware of this concept, I suggest you check out that article. To be honest, I can’t really beat it. But I felt I had something to add to the discussion; my own experiences mainly. So that’s what this article is going to be about.

In case you don’t read that article / haven’t yet, I’ll summarise briefly.

11:11 is a number – specifically, a time on the clock. Some people start seeing the number 11 everywhere for no apparent reason: on clocks of course, and then maybe on car license plates, on the number of comments on a blog article, on shopping receipts, on nutritional labels, and so on. This becomes so common that it starts to become unreasonable to think that it’s a coincidence.

Why does this happen? Well, I think there are two possible reasons.

The first is when someone is a hardcore skeptic and refuses to believe that the Universe could work in any other way than pure subatomic clockwork. The Universe would like to open that person to new experiences, so it/she/he/they create this pattern in order to open their mind. This pattern respects free will, as there is always the option of just denying that the experience has any other meaning than pure chance. However, for those who feel ready, it can act as a door to seeing things in a new way.

The other reason is in order to provide a kind of communication system between a person and the Universe. This happens when a person already accepts that the Universe has some kind of guiding intelligence behind it. The numbers provide confirmation to reinforce what that person already knows; a kind of comforting “we are here” message; and occasionally other information. For instance, when an important life event happens for me, I usually get flooded by my number. This provides a message along the lines of, “YES, this is important!”, or “YES, we were behind this!”

If “we” confuses you, by the way, I’ll explain: I’m using the word to refer to my spirit guides and angels, as well as God. These beings act together in concert, and because of that I usually find it makes more sense to refer to all of them (e.g. as “my divine posse” or just “them“) rather than one alone.

How Number Synchronicities Happened For Me

I didn’t get 11:11 as a way of waking me up to a new way of seeing things. Steve Pavlina mostly did that, by explaining how he went from hardcore skeptic to a believer in the paranormal, breaking down the steps in his evolution so well that I could feel identified with him and make the same progressions of logic. If you’re interested, by the way, my article Life After Death is my own attempt at guiding my readers through such a progression. (And if you want to read Steve’s articles, I link to them there, too).

11:11 happened to me basically because I asked for it. I read Steve’s article on the topic and then decided that I wanted to experience the same; I guess because I wanted some kind of confirmation and personal experience that would help me emotionally accept the existence of the metaphysical, beyond just accepting it rationally. So I just addressed the Universe, and asked for it to bring me these synchronicities.

To begin with, 11:11 happened erratically, and never so frequently that I really found myself forced to agree that it was a paranormal experience. I think I pushed it a bit, which wasn’t helpful. After all, if you’re looking for 11s, that kind of defeats the point, doesn’t it?

Sometime during this process, I decided to add another number: 22. Initially, I had the idea that it would have a special meaning, and that the Universe could use it when it wanted to communicate that meaning to me. That meaning was connection, in the widest definition of the word, and particularly connection between people.

Somehow, this is the number that really started happening for me. Soon, I stopped having 11s altogether, but 22s began to happen frequently enough to be really interesting. They often appeared in a way that signalled “connection”; for instance, I might meet a cool person, and then be thinking to myself, “What a cool person”, and in that very instant a 22 would appear as if in answer to my thought. And then, they would also appear a lot in the way 11:11 was supposed to; as a kind of wink or acknowledgement from the Universe, not at all like the original intention I had for the number.

Interestingly, too, I would rarely if ever get 22:22 on my clock. (In Spain and Germany, the two places I have lived since then, we use the 24 hour clock, so 22:22 is possible). Instead, the Universe insisted on sending me 20:22s and 22:20s. When I saw the numbers on places other than clocks, I’d also see lots of 22s and particularly 222s, but rarely 2222s. I have no idea why the Universe found that particular detail so important, but it’s somehow comforting in a way; the fact that things are happening not exactly as I intended them to, makes it easier to believe that a force outside of myself is causing them to happen.

I found all this seemed to happen as I kind of took myself out of the equation and just let the Universe do its job. If I was subconsciously or consciously trying to get it to happen, it didn’t work. And why would it work, anyway? It’s supposed to be a confirmation from the Universe, not from your own self.

At the beginning, I was more uncertain, kind of secretly fearing that what I believed wasn’t true and that I had just been fooling myself all along. Because of this fear, I was tempted to somehow try and get the numbers to happen.

It was only when I kind of emotionally let go, and let it happen, that it happened. You could say I developed faith. Faith is kind of the opposite of fear, because fear makes you want to control and to have things be easily understandable on your terms. Faith is letting go of that, and not needing to control; trusting the Universe to do their part. When I developed that far enough, the Universe began to be able to communicate with me through 222.

Number Synchronicities Coming In Waves

From then on, I frequently felt the comforting presence of the Universe through my number synchronicities. 222 would tend to come and go in waves, with some months where I experienced few or none, and then with other periods of time when I saw so many it became kind of trippy. I think that the times where I saw more 222s corresponded with times when reality was somehow more malleable in my life, or when I was more closely aligned with the Divine, or perhaps when my divine posse was more actively involved in steering and guiding my life.

222 also appeared more often when I was less skeptical. Obviously, 222 helped me not be skeptical, but it was my ability to bypass my skepticism in the first place that, I think, helped the number appear. In this case, I don’t really mean skepticism in the sense of rationally critiquing ideas, but more in the sense of fear. Fear of accepting certain ideas, fear of the Universe being alive and caring and a part of you. Letting go of that fear is not the same as being gullible. It’s actually a kind of strength.

So, my fear ebbed and flowed, often corresponding to my general emotional state at the time, and in concord with that, 222 appeared more or less often in my life.

When a certain person made an offer to give me some money so I could work full time on my writing, I told them I had to think it over a little. That day, I had a wash of 222s like I hadn’t seen before for a long time. It was like the Universe was saying, “yes, yes, yes!”

Or, when I started up an English speaking meetup group for trans* people in Berlin, I think I got a lot of 222s as a confirmation for this path.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot of these instances, which is why I say I only “think” this happened, and don’t have so many older stories to tell. 222s have just become such a common fixture in my life that I don’t always make a note of them; they are just normal to me. (I’m thinking that I should perhaps make more of a note of them in future though, perhaps for the sake of getting more benefit out of this confirmation, and also so that I could share my experiences with others).

A Recent Experience

I can share a more recent experience, which I haven’t forgotten yet, though.

This last Saturday, I ended up at my girlfriend’s house after getting thrown out of a train while trying to do a longer trip. (Yes, I am a very spiritual person, who gets thrown out of trains. You can read more about that here). When reflecting on my mishap, I had the thought, “Well, at least I get to see my girlfriend.” Pretty much right after that, I decided to calculate how much the train ticket had cost, in comparison to what I’d normally pay to go see my girlfriend. I divided the 44€ ticket, which served as a return ticket, in two, so as to compare it with the single tickets I’d normally get. And so, I had, hanging in my mind, the numbers 22 + 22.

The timing of that, immediately after I had thought about the fact that I got to see my girlfriend, was what made the 22 + 22 so shocking. It was such a clear message of connection and perhaps a Universal, we are here, we were involved in this. 

It’s very often the timing which makes 222 so interesting for me. It often appears just after I have had a certain, important thought which the Universe wants to underline or confirm for me. Or it might happen just as something synchronistic or significant is happening.

Well, in the evening, I decided to tell my girlfriend about 222. Then, not much later, she asked me the time. I checked my phone, and then showed it to her. 20:22.

And the very next time I checked the time again, on the train back home, it was 22:20. I stared at that number, smiling, feeling the presence of them behind the numerals. Spontaneously, I said with my mind, “I love you.”

Then, this morning, as I seem to be currently having a spate of 22s, I read an article which I found particularly inspiring; at the bottom of the page were big letters saying that the article had 22 “likes” and 22 comments. I stared at the numbers for a little while, feeling almost like I was hallucinating or in a dream.

Make It So

So, if you’re interested in experiencing the same, just ask the Universe to make it so. You could try working out a number which you personally prefer. Or you could just see what the Universe wants to throw your way.

Perhaps learning to allow the Universe to bring you these numbers could be a good exercise to learn to allow the Universe to bring you other things, too. I think just trusting in the Universe and letting things come on their schedule, not on yours, could be applicable to both number synchronicities and other things you ask for.

So, give it a go, and perhaps this way you can start making your life more of a two-way conversation between the divine and yourself. I personally find it very fulfilling.


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  1. Ben16 says:

    After reading this i went to seek some information about the Gubb´s last name:

    Look in the part where it says “Number of Gubb families”

  2. Chris says:

    I have been aware of 222’s in my life for around 16 years now and always knew (gut feeling) that the 222 and 2222’s were the universe trying to tell me something or guide me.

    What also blew my mind is I was surfing Instagram, and noticed 222, that led me to go Google 222 – incidentally this is the first time I have ever searched to try to make sense of this, or even if what I was seeing, experiencing and knowing inside made any sense, and as I was reading through the websites on my phone I looked up and it was 22:22pm (mind blown).

    What I now know is that I am not alone and also my gut feeling and instincts were basically what I read on every page.

    I somehow just knew the significance and meaning of this and know I am to trust my signs even more moving forward. I am also seeing 222 repeatedly on a daily basis (222 mainly and 2222 less often), it’s actually very active for me.

    My mind is totally blown that I just knew and also others are also experiencing the same thing as well.

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